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  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all

    A glorious morning here and I did a recce of another section of the 1066 route Brambles, nettles and waist high rye grass were the delights today!). Some people are going to find it very challenging if they aren't used to running on this type of footpath through crops/wood/streams etc! 8 miles today and yesterday I took MIke with me and we did a 7.5 mile walk on a different section.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.
  • Evening all,

    It's been a lovely day here too, Red. Well done continuing with your recce of the 1066 route. You will have an amazing advantage over many of the runners who haven't done the race before.

    I ran 7.3 miles in the forest this morning with Helen. We took it easy as it was very warm, but good training for the New Forest 10 miles which is on 7th July, and starts at 11.15. It's always hot for that race. We tried crossing a rather wide deep ditch, which was about 3/4 mile from the end of the run, and I ended up knee deep in mud. Helen crossed a bit further along and only got her feet wet. She had visions of trying to pull me out, and of us both being stuck :anguished:
    I'm having a rest day tomorrow, and running the Solent Half Marathon route on Monday with Sarah H, and possibly some others. Sarah H is at Glastonbury at the moment, and is looking forward to watching Kylie.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Hunkering down ahead of the thunderstorms predicted.

    TE, sorry but I did chuckle at your exploits in the mud! Hope you don't get caught in bad weather when you're doing your run today.

    Yesterday was the 3 Castle 50k which I did with the 2 ladies I'll be running with in the 100 miler. It was apparent straightway that pace would need attention as 1 of us set off at 10:30mm which would be fine for a marathon but certainly not for a long ultra! Whilst I was able to keep up with her, my other chum could not and this morning we've been having a full and frank discussion about our pacing strategy for the event. Going off too fast at the start of a 100+ miler is a big No-No. Anyway, we seem to have worked it out between us now :smile:
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    HS - strange that Windows update took so long to come through but then, who are we to argue with Microsoft. We're waiting to see if the bungalow has been sold to buyers or a developer (it's a big plot so there's a possibility it may be knocked down and two built in it's place). Well done re beating that young lady in the 1K race and your recent runs.

    Exhausted - I haven't run either (well, not for a week but planning to run tomorrow).

    Red - do you take a machete on these off-road runs of yours? Let's hope you've agreed on a pacing strategy - otherwise, go off at the pace you can manage and overtake the speedy one later on!

    Not a lot to report here as my last run was on Tue. However, I have been busy as I've been maintaining our shed. On Wed I cut back the laurel hedge to allow easier access, on Thu I fitted some new roofing felt then after a break to play golf on Fri, I gave the shed a coat of creocote (like creosote but not - apparently) on Saturday. It looks good as new now! :)

    As mentioned above, planning to run tomorrow and again on Thu. Meanwhile, off out for afternoon tea today with friends (my golfing mate Alan and his partner Diana). We usually try very hard not to mention g**f while we're there as Margaret and Diana find it immensely boring ..

  • Morning all,

    Red, in my previous post, I said that Sarah H was at Glastonbury. I got mixed up, It's this weekend when she's going.
    Well done for your 50k with two lady friends, and for seriously debating the pace needed for your 100 miler. I've never run an ultra, but would definitely start off very steadily, walking hills etc. and seeing how it goes. I wouldn't think that runners would get quicker in the latter stages, but I suppose it all depends on how they managed the earlier miles. I'm sure that you will do very well, whatever pace you run at.

    WtnMel, it will be interesting to see how the sale of the bungalow develops.
    Thanks, I was pleased with my spin "races," as I'm better at the hill work than flat road sprints.
    On the subject of hedge cutting, I had "2 cowboys" knock on the door a month or so ago, telling me that my hedge was dying and they would dig it up for me. I said it wasn't and please go away. They started arguing, so eventually I told them to "go forth and multiply!" :angry:
    Hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea with friends. I know what you mean about trying to keep off the subject of golf. Many years ago I went to the local golf club with my parents for a meal. All the other customers were talking about their performances on the green. Very boring to non golfers. It made me realise how boring us runners must sound to non runners, whilst we are discussing training, races we have done PB's etc.

    It was very humid yesterday, and Sara H and I ran 13.6 miles, the last mile or so on roads. We did that to bring our total to 13+. 

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    I ran this afternoon but it was very hard work and I had to cut it short - only managed 3.5mls and even had to walk at one point! (well, felt I had to walk if you know what I mean). Fetch helpfully told me that was my 8th fastest run of 8 runs on that route ;)

    HS - removal men were at the bungalow across the road this morning. But it was a bit bizarre watching them load up the van to trundle two doors down the road and start unloading. Surely would have been easier to just walk everything round there or use trolleys to move heavier items??

    Afternoon Tea yesterday was very nice and we only mentioned golf when Margaret & Diana brought the subject up. We were at Bowood House - they have an 18 hole course there and it turns out the Mercedes dealership where Alan got his car has some sort of deal with Bowood where they can arrange for customers to have a free round (for up to four people). So once I've improved a bit, Alan is going to see if we can play there. Speaking of which, I went to book myself some golf lessons today .. first one is on Monday afternoon. I also 'bit the bullet' today and booked my car in for the aircon to be fixed (will cost approx. £500 - but one of my share schemes has just matured so that's what will be paying to fix the car).
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Popped back but no-one else has been here in the meantime .. ;)

    Discovered there is a 'lifetime guarantee' on some Craghoppers trousers I bought two years ago where the zip has started coming away on a zip-up hip pocket. I still have the receipt so have emailed to enquire if the broken zip is covered by that guarantee. 

    I do love Craghoppers - the trousers have been worn almost daily and still look good so it's a shame the zip has broken. Anyway, this problem hasn't put me off and I've just been on their website and treated myself to some new lightweight zip-off walking trousers (the previous ones are, I discovered, ten years old and although quite faded now, are still going strong but tend to see more action in the garden than out walking! 
  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, very bizaar, the removal men loading and unloading the van, to move just 2 doors away. Something to do with health and safety perhaps? 
    Good luck with your golf lessons, you will soon be playing like a professional :grin:
    I've never heard of Craghopper trousers!
    £500 for fixing the air con, sounds a lot. Presume that it entails more than just topping it up?

    Ran 10.8 miles in the forest this morning with Sarah F and Ann. Ann ran 6.7 miles with us, and was very pleased. It was very hot and humid, which was good for acclimatisation for Sunday weeks New Forest 10 mile race, which is always hot and starts at 11.15.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone, apologies for absence, I’ve just had a really busy couple of weeks and haven’t had time to catch up on here. 

    I’ll read back over everyone’s posts in the next day or so and follow up on them.

    I’ve not been running much because after the club training session a fortnight ago I developed a very sore right foot, or rather sore right sole. It felt as if I had stood on a sharp stone, so I had the physio check it out. It turns out the head of the metatarsals between the second and third toes were inflamed, possibly due to the plyometric nature of the drills at the training session, and/or the hills session immediately afterwards. I took the hills up on my toes running as fast as I could, and truth to tell I pushed harder than I normally would, due to a fellow runner encouraging me. The following day I ached all over so tried to stretch the aches out with a spot of yoga, and the next day I managed a 7 mile run, but my foot was so sore I realised a trip to the physio was in order. Fortunately she told me I didn’t need to take a break from running and rather to my surprise encouraged me to continue with drills, but to build up gradually to the ones that involve high skips and bounds (basically anything that involves coming down hard on one foot). By this Monday I felt my foot was ready for another run so did a hill session in the local park (minus the drills beforehand), a Pilates session yesterday and today had a very hot and tiring 6 mile run. My foot seems fine, so I’m hoping the inflammation has settled down now.

    Did anyone see the interesting article in Athletics Weekly (or AW as it renamed itself last week) about the importance of balance for older athletes/runners? AW interviewed some Masters runners who had been studying some recent research regarding balance and the older runner, and these Masters now incorporate Pilates twice a week into their training and also practice balancing on one foot. They all say they have noticed improvements in their performance. The research was carried out by Manchester university and was originally published in AW in April. I’ve attached a link to the original article (I have no idea whether this link will work, but here goes) it’s quite long, but really interesting -

    I’ll read back over everyone’s recent posts tomorrow hopefully. In the meantime I hope you’re all fit and well and no-one has been deluged by floods, or burnt to a crisp. What crazy unpredictable weather we’re experiencing at the moment!

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - I don't know why the 'two doors down' removal was done by van. Anyway, new people have been moving in today (which is a relief as when the bungalow was empty for a day or so, we wondered if a builder might have bought it to re-develop and weren't looking forward to a few months of disruption with builder's vans everywhere). I certainly hope these forthcoming lessons will solve whatever bad golf habits I've slipped into over the last year and will get me playing more like a professional ;) I guess you have to be a rambler/walker to have come across Craghoppers trousers? Yes, the £500 cost of sorting the aircon is because the compressor needs to be replaced. Well done re your 11ml run (see, I rounded it up for you).

    Aquarius - lovely to see you back here now you have a bit more free time. Sorry to hear about your foot problem. Glad to hear the problem was just some inflammation after that hills session. I don't ever see AW so hadn't seen that article. I just had a read of the article and it chimed with what the physio told me the last time I had ankle issues. At the time she had me doing strengthening/flexibility exercises including standing on one leg (and suggested I try doing them while brushing my teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil).

    I went to the club run this morning. I didn't think I was going to make it due to heavy traffic but parked up and had to run to get to the meeting point in time. A club member Fiona is trying to get qualified as a LIRF (leader in running fitness) and has organised a trail-running course. Everyone (approx. 18 people) apart from Lynne & myself decided to go off-road so Lynne and I ran around town by ourselves. One advantage was we got back to the pub earlier than the rest so didn't have to wait ages for our coffees. In fact, we had finished our drinks and headed off without seeing the others. 

    As the car is in the garage tomorrow and I'll be without transport, I'm heading off shortly to the driving range for some practise - so I am not completely rubbish for Monday's lesson :)

  • Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, good to hear from you again, but sorry to hear that you have been having problems with your foot. Glad that it seems to be ok now though.
    I used to be a regular reader of AW, and was a frequent poster on its forums. I don't know whether that is still going or not. I also used to post on Paula Radcliffe's and Kelly Holmes forums, but they finished years ago. I haven't bought AW mag for many years, but now buy RW and Trail Running mags.

    WtnMel, a good tactic doing a road run so that you and Lynne got to the pub first. I do hope that you join in with the trail running though, as I'm sure that you will find it beneficial, and more enjoyable than running round the streets.
    Good luck with the golf range practice.

    Very hot and windy for this mornings forest run. I just ran 6 miles, but pushed the pace. My average pace per mile was 9.46, which I think is the quickest since my injury in June 2017. :)
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭

    We’ve had really hot weather here today, far too hot to run. (Shouldn’t complain, I know)

    I finally got an appointment with a dietician to discuss what changes I can make to my diet to prevent my blood sugar readings tipping over from pre-diabetes (which they have been for the last few years) to full blown diabetes. It seems I’m already eating all the right things and avoiding all the wrong ones so the dietician really couldn’t suggest anything, other than to advise I eat more carbs and have lots of milky drinks, as I’m underweight and sometimes struggle with energy levels when training hard. She was very sympathetic, telling me about a friend of hers who is in his seventies, is stick thin and very active but is also pre-diabetic. Apparently we have the rather dubious consolation that if either he or I should ever develop diabetes it won’t be our fault. Hmm.

    Moan over for today, back to running matters.

    I see both Red and HS have been clocking up some impressive mileage as usual. I hope you are none the worse for your dip in the ditch HS. Good job it happened near the end of your run, it’s can be very uncomfortable running in wet squelchy shoes. I stopped buying RW a couple of years ago as I found some of their articles contradicted each other (whether advice on training, exercises or nutrition). I felt there was little editorial management of content. Also I complained about the dearth of articles about, or for, older runners and was promised future issues would remedy this, but as one year on things hadn’t improved I cancelled my subscription. AW was recently taken over by the Great Run company, so does tend to feature and promote their events, but still gives good coverage of other athletic events.

    Good idea Red to get consensus on pace strategy before doing the 100 miler. Have either of the other two ladies done that sort of distance before? If not I suppose it must be easy to set off too fast. It’s a good thing you have experience of ultras and can therefore give them good advice to prevent any misfortunes or DNFs on the day. (A very belated happy birthday to you x)

    WtnMel how odd to move house to just two doors away, but I suppose your neighbours must have had a good reason for doing so. I bet it causes some confusion when they notify the various authorities of their new address though! I wonder if the removal company gave them a special discounted rate? Great photo of your Summer Sizzler/Drizzler race, you’re looking very speedy. Hope the golf practice goes well, bit of luck finding out about that free round of golf at Bowood House. I would second HS’s recommendation of trail running in preference to road running. Give it a go, see what you think (I’m sure I heard it does wonders for golfing prowess  :))

    I’m hoping to get out for a run tomorrow morning if I can fit it in.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Just back from dropping off the car. A shock to the system though - as it's so 'early' in the morning I had to pay for my bus ticket rather than being able to use my bus pass ;)

    HS - Lynne and I didn't fancy running around on trails up and down hill in the warm weather which is why we decided to stick to a run around town. A lot of it was on the 'Honeybourne Line' (old railway line - now a path/cycle track) and through Pittville Park .. so not as bad as it sounds. Well done re your fast 6ml run.

    Aquarius - it sounds like you can't do much about the pre-diabetes condition other than follow the dietician's advice and see if that helps. I stopped buying RW after a year r so as the articles started repeating themselves .. because (in my opinion) there's only so much you can say about running. The neighbour who moved told me they originally 'downsized' but then built an extension so have downsized again (the new place has no room for any extensions!). As mentioned above, it was the hilly nature of the trails which I didn't fancy. I've also gone over on my ankle several times in the past when going 'off road' which is another reason I'm a bit hesitant to try again. The golf practise mostly went well and the problem areas were what I expected - so I have my 'hit list' of what areas I want Richard to concentrate on during my forthcoming lessons.

    I won't be able to do my usual weekend run - off to Leamington Spa to watch our grand-daughters in  adance show ..
  • Afternoon all,

    Aquarius, seems like you are doing all the right things re your pre-diabetes condition, so hopefully things will improve.
    I'll try to attach a photo of the ditch where I got stuck.
    I stopped buying RW for many years, but restarted several months ago. I find it much better now than in the past. I've never had it on subscription, preferring to buy on an as and when basis.
    Hope you managed to fit in a run today.

    WtnMel, glad to hear the golf practice went ok.
    Hope your grand daughters do well in the dance show.

    Today is a rest day, so I had a pub lunch with a running friend.
    The photo of the ditch follows, hopefully!

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    HS that looks quite a good sized boggy and unpleasant stretch, I’m not surprised you got caught out. Enjoy your rest day.

    WtnMel I can understand you being reluctant to go trail running if you’ve crocked your ankle in the past. I can vividly remember going over on mine on a couple of occasions (once stepping on a small branch hidden under a pile of leaves I foolishly ran through, the branch shot off sideways turning my ankle and I had to limp three miles home, and another time on the edge of a wobbly paving flag). After each of those experiences I ran very cautiously for some weeks.

    Thanks to you both for your comments about my diet and pre-diabetes.

    I did a fartlek session today, but it was so hot I had to take a couple of walk breaks after my last two fast sections. I’m in two minds about entering a trail 10k on Sunday, I think I’ll see what the weather’s doing before I decide as I’m no good in the heat.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Apologies for absnece - recce runs/walks and visiting a cat rescue centre where we found a lovely young lady we've named Shelley who will be joining us a week on Monday from the RSPCA. It's been very strange not havign any pets around in the last couple of months.

    TE, ditches are dangerous places arent' they as you can never really tell how deep the water/mud is! Good idea to have a nice pub lunch and a rest day.

    WtnMel, sounds as if you're doing OK with your running and golf. Hope your grand-daughters dance well for you.

    Aquarius, oh how frustrating to still be pre-diabetic when you're so slim and fit. I feel your pain as my cholesterol level just keeps getting higher no matter what I do. I think the weather is going to be hot both days so take care if you decided to run the 10k. I'll be out at 6am tomorrow to do another short recce then I'll be hiding indoors if the temperature rises as high as they predict! Oh, nearly forgot. Both Kirsty and I have done a 100 miler (she's done 3 actually but quite slowly) but the speedy one hasn't :wink:

    Have a lovely weekend everyone and stay well hydrated.
  • Evening all,

    Aquarius, you were right to take walk breaks because of the heat. I don't think Sunday will be as hot as today, which so far is the hottest day of theyear. See what it's like in the morning before making up your mind about the 10k trail race.

    Red, ditches are dangerous and I try to avoid them where possible, as I don't have the confidence to jump accross them any more.
    Hope Shelley soon becomes "one of the family."
    Hope you didn't find it too hot this morning for your short recce run.

    It was scorchio here :sunglasses: today, and still is. I set off for my forest run this morning at 8.15, and it was already unbearably hot. I applied plenty of sun lotion before setting off and made sure that I was wearing my cap. I struggled in the heat for the first couple of miles, but then must have adapted to it as I was able to increase my pace, achieving a negative split. I had only intended doing a short run, but ended up doing 8 miles. I'm now 4 miles short of 800.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    Fab running TE and with a negative split too! I was out at 5:30am for my short 4.5 mile recce then a couple of hours gardening before staying inside away from the searing heat. It's still scorchio now!
  • Afternoon all,

    Red, a good idea setting off at 5.30am. I couldn't do that, as I always eat breakfast before a morning run or race. 

    Ran 9 miles in the forest this morning with Sarah F and Jane. Sarah H is on the way back from Glastonbury.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - an innocuous looking ditch but like Aquarius, I'm looking at the boggy ground in front of it. Well done re your negative split on your 8ml forest run.

    Aquarius - having crocked my ankle several times, I'm cautious about running even when it's pavements.

    Red - I wonder if you and Kirsty will be able to persuade your 'speedy' friend to slow down for a 100 miler? 

    Our grand-daughters did well in their dance show on Sat afternoon - they did another performance on Sat evening and I hear they were worn out (no surprise there). Our older grand-daughter also danced on Sunday (we saw the afternoon performance). 

    Had my first golf lesson yesterday and for the first time, have been shown how to do a shot from a bunker. I have several more lessons to book as and when, to work on bunker shots as well as other areas of the game. Let's hope I see a result in lower scores when I start playing my mate Alan!

    Just cooling off after a 4.5ml run - it was warm work and I should have got out earlier!

    Craghoppers update: they've said they'll replace the trousers with the broken zip on the pocket (so the 'lifetime guarantee' really does work in practise) and it was free to return them (they've sent a pre-paid label for Hermes). I ordered two pairs of new walking trousers but one design was too small despite being the same size/length as the other that fitted perfectly. However, they've sent me another pre-paid label to exchange the trousers for a larger size.

  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, glad to hear that your grand-daughters did well in their dance show.
    Hope you don't need to use the expertise for getting out of a bunker very often lol.
    Well done for running later in the day, whilst it was warmer.
    The manufacturers of Craghoppers must be very confident in the quality and durability of their products, to give "lifetime guarantees."  
    For some unknown reason, the spelling corrector is no longer working. It must have somehow been disabled, and I don't know how to reinstate it :anguished: I've sorted it now, I right clicked and a panel came up with basic and advanced spell check listed. I ticked "basic" and it worked. I don't know what difference the advanced spell check would make.

    I did a shorter forest run this morning of just 5.27 miles, but ran it hard. My average pace was 9.26 minute miling, my quickest since my injury in June 2017. Looking hopeful for the New Forest 10 mile on Sunday. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    HS - because they always put bunkers where you're likely to play into them (on the fairway where your drive will land or in front of the green), if I can master the art of playing out of a bunker it will prove invaluable and will save me a few shots each round. I had a bit of a headache yesterday evening - think that was due to being dehydrated after my run in the sunshine. I'm guessing Craghoppers rely on very few people being organised like me and keeping their receipts (like my partner Margaret for instance!) so they can claim later if needs be. They do make very durable clothing so I think I was just unfortunate to have a duff pair of trousers. Well done re your 5ml forest run yesterday and good luck in advance for Sunday's race.

    Heading into town shortly. I've got some Waterstones vouchers to spend and have a (gasp!) cheque to pay in to the bank ;)
  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, it must be very frustrating stuck in a bunker, and taking several attempts to hit out of it. Dehydration was probably the cause of your headache. 
    Any idea what book you are likely to buy with your vouchers from Waterstones? I had a voucher for my birthday last year, and bought "Paula, My Story So Far." I think I still have about £2.00 left on it, so next time I buy a book, I will be able to put the voucher towards it. The one in Southampton has a very nice cafe, with a good choice of beverages and food.

    Today is a rest day and tomorrow I'm running again with Ann, who wants me to help her with her running. That will be my last run until Sunday, so that I will have "fresh legs." I will be racing with Sarah F again, who I have run two Oakhaven Half Marathons with, and hope to pace her to another pb.
    Went for a haircut this morning, and washed  the car on my return home. I have checked tyre pressures, oil, washer reservoir and oil. Petrol tank nearly full.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi peeps, apologies for absence and not reading back. Really busy getting ready for the long run/walk this weekend! So many things to organise so I may not be able to pop on again. Please send me lots of supportive vibes. Hope you're all well and injury-free. Speak again soon xxx
  • jag1jag1 ✭✭
    Hi folks. Sorry for lack of posting recently. Sounds like you have all been busy, and some of your run times and distances put me in the shade. Just recovering from the 10kms Hard as Snails run across the Surrey Hills tonight. It was hot, sandy and very hilly! Deep sand as if in dunes was really hard work. And around 990ft of elevation according to my gps. I think I came in around 1hr 19 which I was initially disappointed with but after thinking about it, I’m just really pleased to have done it. It was a toughie.
    We have our club summer handicap tomorrow evening but not sure I’ll make it! Did a nice easy 4 miler with club friends last night so I think a day or so off running won’t hurt.
    Take care all.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone,
    Just checking in to see what everyone is up to. 

    Good luck Red with your preparations for this weekend’s 100 mile run/walk. I hope the weather is kind to you and your chums. Sending you lots of energising vibes!

    WtnMel it sounds like your golf lesson was pretty useful and enjoyable. I’ve no doubt you’ll be reaping the rewards in due course. Look out Alan! Good news re the Craghoppers, it’s always worthwhile hanging on to receipts for that very reason. I have a drawer full of them and it’s surprising how often I’ve been glad I kept them. Your granddaughters sound very talented. 

    HS 9.26 miling was a great pace for your 5 mile run on Tuesday, you must be quietly confident for this weekend’s New Forest 10 mile. Good luck to you and Sarah F, I’ll be looking forward to your race report.

    Welcome back jag1, I think you should congratulate yourself for completing the Hard as Snails race in what sounds like rather challenging conditions. Enjoy your rest day, you’ve earned it.

    Not much running to report here, my right foot/sole is still a bit sore from time to time so I’m just running on days when it seems ok, then icing it on return as per physio's advice. Hopefully it will settle down again soon. I gave Sunday’s trail run a miss as my foot didn’t feel right and it was an extremely windy day, so I knew it would be a struggle. I did manage a 6.5 mile run on Tuesday (I had intended it to be a bit longer but I spotted a dog coming towards me that looked suspiciously like the one which had attacked me a few weeks earlier, so I did a quick about face and returned home) but overall the run was disappointingly slow. At the time I thought I was running at a consistent pace, and as I felt quite strong I was convinced I was running faster than usual, but when I downloaded Garmin on return I found that although my pace was consistent it wasn’t any faster than normal for that route. Yesterday was one of the hottest days we’ve had recently, and at midday I rather foolishly went for a two hour walk with my grandson (minus sunhat and suncream) then played in the garden with him for a further hour when we got back. Last night I felt a bit lightheaded, which isn’t surprising for me as I don’t cope well with hot temperatures, and today still feel washed out. I’ve only got myself to blame I know, but it means this evening’s planned visit to the coast for a club training session will have to be postponed until another time. I rarely get over to the coast for training these days, usually due to being busy with other things, however whenever I do make the effort to plan a trip over there something always crops up to stop me. I’m now hoping to get there next Tuesday night, so watch this space……..
  • Morning all,

    Red, supportive vibes are on the way. I would also have sent the wings, but I will need them myself for Sundays NF10 mile race. Very best of luck and look forward to your race report, in due course xx

    jag1, good to hear from you again. That 10k over the Surrey Hills sounded really tough, earning its name. I think you should be pleased with your time. Rest days are always beneficial.

    Aquarius, thanks for your encouragement. Sarah and I did our final run yesterday before Sundays race. I was meant to be running with Ann, but she was unable to make it, which is why I ran with Sarah. We had only intended to run about 6 miles, but ended up running 9. We got slightly disoriented on the return leg, which resulted in the extra miles.
    Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your right foot. You were wise to give the Sunday trail run a miss in the circumstances. Regarding thinking that you were running quicker than was the case, we experienced that on Monday, where the average pace didn't match up to the effort. Hope you manage to get to the coastal training session on Tuesday.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - I ended up with two SF novels ("Neuromancer - William Gibson" & "Elysium Fire - Alastair Reynolds"), "One Summer - America 1927" by Bill Bryson and a book about quantum physics (supposedly readable and understandable by mere mortals like you and me!).

    Red - good luck with this weekend's long run/walk. 

    Jag1 - I haven't tried running on sand for ages so almost forgotten what hard work it is.

    Aquarius - sorry to hear your right foot is still giving you problems now and then. I ran on Tuesday, thought I'd done well then when I logged it, the Fetcheveryone website informed me that was my 10th fastest of 12 attempts! Yep, sounds like you got a mild form of heatstroke. Hope you manage to get to that coastal training session.

    Ran with the club yesterday - this time there were 7 of us doing the run around town while the rest went off-road.

    Seriously impressed with Craghoppers service - the replacement trousers turned up today (before the damaged ones have even arrived back with them!).

    Off to Poole for three nights on Sunday so may not get back on here before then - chat again next week if not.
  • Greetings folks.
    It has been nightmare running these past few weeks with the high temps.
    When you get sweat running into your eyes it doesn't half sting.
    It will be a busy weekend for us as I intend on doing the Fleetwood park run in the morning and then on Sunday we are taking my lad to run the 400mts for Lancashire in the inter counties at Middlesboro.
  • Damien NagleDamien Nagle ✭✭✭
    edited July 2019
    I went and got another personal best of 25.34.
    With the wind being a factor I thought that it would have been about the 29 min mark.
    I'm quite pleased with that time.
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