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  • Can’t believe that’s two years ago now Joe! You’ve been running long enough now to know not to put too much stock in to one performance. Don’t underestimate what all that hiking will have done. Great to hear Katie is getting back in to things.

    Great report FBT.

    Hope you manage to secure a Hamburg place chicksta.

    Glad to hear your calf is behaving HPR

    Not sure about Sunday’s run SQ. A 20 miler would be a nice confidence booster, although ultimately probably wouldn’t make any difference to London. Will see how I go. Good plan with the afternoon runs. Although currently the long term forecast isn’t looking too bad.

    NE I should be there, yes. Let me know if you fancy a warm-up beforehand.

    Great results Millsy.

    Nice LT Steve.

    Any of those factors could have spoiled your race TR, so performing so well after all of them is something you should be proud of. Good to hear you’re feeling fresh, and as you say the fitness isn’t going anywhere.

    I’m also on the yellow start, will be going for the slowest time off that start I think :D

    Standard easy canal ten this morning. ITB/glute felt fine, the ache from yesterday has disappeared thankfully.

  • FBT - apologies, missed your report somehow.  As others have said, off the injury afflicted build up 3:18 is a great result.  Sounds like you managed the race very well.

    Millsy - well done on the 10m PB, that’s st least 2 or 3 PBs this campaign iirc.

    TR - the tracker had you running just behind a club mate of mine, he’s gone sub 3 before and I would have expected him to on Sunday but he lost time in the same place for a similar finish.
  • Fat Boy TrimFat Boy Trim ✭✭✭
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    TR - 3:04 last Sunday is def a sub 3 on most days, regardless of other factors. the wind alone was worth at least 5 mins. As you I actually feel the best I have post marathon and could have run today. I will get back out for a recovery run tomorrow.

    Thanks for the positives people... All very kind.

    Looking forward to seeing the London mara runners smash it in 12 days time...Weather forecast looking good at present - cool and cloudy .

  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Steve: super LT Run. All this talk of vapourflys is very tempting. But for someone who never spends more than £60 on shoes I’m a bit hesistant!

    Millsy: well done at Salisbury. Looks like you are firing on all cylinders for London. 

    11 miles this morning - legs feeling much better day by day. Loving my post run recoveries at my Dads as he has a hot tub. Such an amazing way to recover from a run. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Macca - i saw you were the same club as padams when i looked you up at manchester.

    FBT - i knew the fade would get worse as you could feel the wind running east from 16 to 18 and we werent even on the seafront. I reckon i leasily lost around 1min/mile in last miles on seafront. Id like to go back next year to set the record straight but its a big risk to train all winter for a day like that again, so maybe i'll do vlm next spring. Depemds upon the outcome of yeovil.
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    TR - I think I lost 2-3 mins on 3-10 miles area against the wind, then last 5 miles my pace dropped by 1 min mile, also when the weather is like that you feel what's the point in going all out as its futile. I left a few minutes out there and could have trashed myself more, but why, so its a mental loss as well.

    Saying that my top 4 PBs are at Brighton 3:08,3:12 and 3:13 and 3:14, and previous years have been perfect running conditions. VLM last year was much worse than Brighton with heat (I did both 1 week apart). You just don't know what will happen on the day at any marathon. Brighton is one of my favourite marathons and I'll be back next year for more self flagellation

    Im out for a recovery run today... Will be interesting as I don't normally run for a week after a marathon.

  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    AWC - Nice 11 miler and hot tub recovery!!
    FBT - Seems like you are recovering well after Brighton.
    Early start today to fit in a 14 miler at 9 min/miles average. Started out with a 10:31 min/mile and slowly got faster with a 8:17 to finish, natural progression run without trying!
  • george_george_ ✭✭✭
    Hello campers, been away for a week or so. Main thing is to say well done to the Brighton 3. Sounds like you all had a tough race to various degrees but all got the job done, especially with the other life stuff going on. That wind in the final 5 miles looked a killer...

    Too many other people to comment individually but I am reading every post-happy tapering to the London lot!

    Taken a full week off to let mind and body rest/recover a bit. I've got something very different coming up this weekend. My mate is running from JOG to Lands End for the NSPCC and I'm going to do three days with him through the Cairngorms in Scotland, around 110 miles in total. I say run, it's a jog/hike combo but pretty relentless if you're doing it for four weeks  

    Thankfully the weather looks to be a good'un so we're all set fair, public transport permitting...
  • George - that does sound relentless 110 in any guise is tough! Hats off to you and your mate. Nutters!

    I have a 10m race relay on Friday as part of a 50 miler. New one for me....Mate asked me yesterday so could be interesting.

  • 6 mile at aerobic pace felt comfortable this lunchtime but heart rate was a bit higher than usual, which I presume is to be expected...Also legs were getting tired at the end of 6 miles which they would not normally.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    New UTMB qualification criteria were announced today. Was worried it was going to be more difficult but they’ve made it easier as my 2 races from last year now qualify me for the 2020 lottery unlike 2019 where I was 1 point short. 

    No need to do the hundred milers this year then  :D
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    FBT - i signed up again, the logistics were good and my family can come over again on the train for the later stages. Surely cant be unlucky with the weather 2 years in a row.
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    I reckon 20 this weekend makes sense, Spoons. Helps with the jump in mileage and would lower injury recurrence risk, I reckon. 
    Sounds great fun George. Enjoy. 
    Good luck with the lottery AWC. Insane race but does look stunning. 

    8M with strides at the track yesterday afternoon. Felt fatigued. But nice to use the track for a few faster bits. Woke up with a very stiff back this morning - the result of, at her request, deadlifting my daughter whilst wrapped in a blanket. I’m such a weakling. 6M recovery this afternoon. Lovely sunshine and deliberately wore a base layer. Followed up by a sauna this evening. Heat training/blood volume increasing is underway! No doubt it’s absolute bollocks. 
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s 3 x a mile. 
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Have 'fun' George.
    As if AWC. You're in great shape - bet you're looking forward to becoming a Centurion. 
    Good MLR early doors Steve
    Careful now SQ You've done all the hard stuff no point in risking anything with just 10 days to go.
    Good stuff TR, hopefully I'll be able to stick with you next year. I did Brighton each year from 2013-16 & got a PB each time: 3:17, 3:16, 3:09, 3:02. All the more reason why Sunday was such a disappointment. Abo has been decent too with a 3:07 in 2016 & last year's 3:08. VLM 16-18 have been less encouraging 3:18, 3:14, 3:25 with a big positive split each time. I was in by far the best shape I've ever been in for VLM18 but died in the heat. 
    4M for me &, apart from my troublesome piriformis, legs felt fine however I was reduced to 9:2x pace in order to keep HR down FBT
  • That's interesting to know Jools - thanks for the info, Im getting into the HR, it tells you quite a lot. especially as it can feel easy but HR is still high. Looks like we will all be back at Brighton next year.... I might have to train more and loose some weight to try and stick with you speedsters. Good to see you are in again for next year TR. You know it makes sense!

    SQ - For gods sake man stop sweating all over this forum!

    Stevemac - nice progression run - I like those runs

  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    AWC - UTMB looks ace, but those hills would kill me off!!
    Sounds like a few of you will be in Brighton next year. I did enjoy it (other than the industrial estate) when I did it back in 2016.
    Easy 5 mile recovery today.
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    Spoons...i agree with SQ, 20 miler as a stepping stone this weekend would be a good idea.

    AWC...must be class to finish a run and jump straight in a hot tub, jealous  :D All the very best of luck with the lottery, looks a mad but fun race.

    Steve...good early progressive MLR.

    George...that's some run your mates taking on, fair play to him, and fair play to you for helping him out. 110 miles is a long way no matter how you cover it.

    FBT...nice 6 miler, as Jools says Higher HR is too be expected, and so's the tired legs.

    TR...good to see. You'll smash Brighton next year, with the thoughts of revenge in your belly.

    SQ...The injuries messing about with kids can cause  :D  :D hows the tapering feeling? I've started overdressing on a few runs myself, not sure what they're meant to feel like or if they're working, but i'm trying it.

    Jools...glad to see you back out there and with not too much damage.

    I've had a few easier run days, 8 with Strides on  Tuesday, and an overdressed 6 miler yesterday, wasn't as sweaty as SQ though at the end i don't think, though mine was run in the cooler temps at 6 am   :D Today was the last hard session of the plan, 9 with 3x1 mile off 3 mins, with the 3 miles coming out at 5.14, 5.17 and 5.26 so happy with that, as the effort was there, and it was nice to get the legs moving.

    Bought some beet shots too, never used them before, so might try some tonight/tomorrow to see how i get on with them, and then take them next week if my stomach is ok. Would people advise Monday onwards to take them? 1 a day, with 2 on Sunday morning is my uneducated thoughts? or is that overkill?
  • Sounds like a nice way to end a run AWC!

    Don’t let the wind this year put you off Brighton again TR. I ran my first three marathons there (3:33, 3:12, 2:57) and always really enjoyed it. The Withdean Park start is also a nice way for us non-elites to feel a bit special. London has a much greater chance of hot conditions, and no matter where you go you’ll always be at the mercy of the weather gods. 

    Great progression run Steve

    Sounds like a tough three days, let alone four weeks George!

    Hope the relay goes well FBT.

    Good luck for the lottery AWC.

    Lots of science behind the sauna heat training SQ. Good luck for the mile reps.

    Great mile reps Hamo, very speedy. With the beet shots, I did 1 a day in the week leading up, 2 the night before, 2 in the morning with breakfast. At the time there was no evidence taking them that far out helped, but my dietician said it couldn’t hurt so I went for it. However, since then a study has shown taking it up to 5 days before can help, so I’d say go for it assuming no stomach issues. 

    Thanks for the thoughts around my long run. I will aim for 20 and see how I go. Much like London itself, I’ll be ready to stop if the ITB/glute aren’t coping. Touch wood it’s going ok at the moment though, easy 10 again today and not even getting any ache afterwards.

  • Fat Boy TrimFat Boy Trim ✭✭✭
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    Stevemac - Industrial estate!!!!! Industrial estate!!!!! - That's Shoreham power station, iconic landmark that people travel the world to see...It almost got on the UNESCO world heritage list. Who wants Brandenburg gate or Tower bridge when you have Shoreham power station?

    Thanks Spoons. - Isn't 20m a bit much at this stage of the plan? 2 weeks to go?

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    10K along the riverbank again for me. Definite progress on the recovery front as despite going over 50% further pace was 15s faster for 1bpm lower HR.
    FBT a useful way to use HR to gauge progress is beats/Mile. So yesterday was 1300 whereas today was 1256. When I was in PB shape last spring I was down to 1025 for Wokingham HM & 950 for my parkrun PB in January
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Spoons - ive entered again. As you say likely to be cooler than vlm.

    FBT  - ill tip you off when the worthing 1/2 early bird entries open, its a good build up race. I didnt mind the power station section, bit like Hayling island.

    6m easy today, got a head cold at mo. I will plan on doing a reverse taper, and then do 3 or 4 weeks marathon specific prep. Was toying with dojng a bit more quality in those weeks seeing as i ran plenty of long and medium runsbefore brighton ? Or just do more of the same ?
  • Sounds like a bit of recovery going on around the forum.
    TR... perhaps except for you.  Hope the head cold disappears.
    Nice pic FBT... doesn't look like you're packing extra weight!
    SQ.... easy, tiger.
    Everyone else... well done... and if you're heading to VLM, let's hope for cooler weather than last year - and that Extinction Rebellion guys have gone home by then!

    Spoons...  I've got to do a 6hr round trip on Saturday to pick up my M.i.L. ..  so my plan is to make it a bit worthwhile by doing a PR in Worcester.  I'd already found, via Google, that it's statistically in the top 10  of the fastest Park Runs (actually, I think it was high in the top ten)... so already had it mentally planned when i saw the posts from you and SQ.  All being well I'll get away from home about 7 and be there for 8 for a good warm up ahead of a full on effort.  Try out my new cheat shoes (courtesy of SQ's discount code).  But with me, you never know!  I might never get there - perhaps I'll post on here just before I set off.

    Officially first week of my taper and pretty much as expected.   Was coaching Tuesday night  - had them all doing a running game involving rock-paper-scissors, which was fun if a little chaotic... then attempted 5x800m  but was very slow for the first 3 - HR not getting close... then my Garmin battery died so did the last two by feel.   Anyway, better than nothing.. then 6 recovery today.. legs feeling ropey.  Normal, I'm sure!

  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
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    FBT I am a massive fan of HR. I don’t necessarily alter my pace as a result of it, but track changes accordingly. Although there are times when I have used it to reign things in a bit in a marathon. 
    Hamo - tapering feeling sluggish as expected! Rapid reps from you - as expected. They are the icing on a very well baked cake. Excited to see what you achieve. 
    I’ve never tracked beats per mile, Jooligan but it does seem an interesting measure. I see a few fast runners, Jason Cherriman and Steve Way do. 
    I’d stick some quality in there, TR, once you feel fully recovered. Wouldn’t worry about huge mileage. 
    Hope the parkrun goes well, NE. 

    A well below par track session on Thursday - the classic 3 by a mile. I had deliberately left it until the hottest part of the day, but was still surprised at how tough I found things. 5:47 (happy), 6:04 (oh dear slower than HMP), 6:14 (dying a slow and painful run death). Still good training for when things get tough. 
    5M recovery yesterday. Top off - what a tool. Then back in the sauna. You certainly get some interesting characters in there. 
    I have decided that I am only going to be super positive from here on in - what is the point in anything else? Sub 2:50 was the initial goal, and the goal creep gremlins won’t change it. Bring it on! 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SQ - good to get some prep in in the heat. The sauna work should pay off too.

    Im on a reverse taper so after 5 and 6 milers in the last few days, i did 12 today.
  • Spoons... Really sorry if you expended any mental energy looking for me this morning.  I am so annoyed at myself...  no excuses... everything was prepped last night... but I just overslept.  I woke up at 8.15am. Arggghhhhhh.  I was really angry with myself but decided to drive up to the Forest of Dean and do a park run anyway.  Only got there at 8.48 so not much of a warm up. 

    At Worcester, I was really hoping to threaten last year's park run pb of 20.13. Not quite sure what to make of a time of 20.56 at Forest of Dean... mainly because my Garmin recorded it 170m short, which is would be another 45 seconds, which really would be bad.   But it's under trees all the way, so if my time was genuinely for 5K, it's decent but not sure I can justify the additional 43 seconds because of today's circumstances.  The forest track flat but obviously slower, but was really firm today.  Maybe 20 seconds slower than Worcester?  And maybe a better warm up would have given me another 10-15 seconds.   So maybe not far off... but I really need to be a bit better than last year, not a bit worse!

    Jools... do you have a view on the 5K accuracy of the FoD course?  Does it have any particular reputation? 

    SQ... well done on the mile reps.  Tough going, but like you say...

    TR.. sounding good to be back to 12.

    Happy Easter everyone.
  • TR - yes same club, different gravy.  I’d be tempted to have a look at the P&D multi marathon schedules but then I do like to follow something without thinking too hard about it.

    Good to read the Brighton people signing up for next year.  By strange quirk of fate I had a few days mini break in Brighton this week, whilst a place in a local 10k I had bought went begging, c/o the SPO. We had a place in the marina with a balcony and I couldn’t help but stare at the cliff top road out to Ovingdean thinking that’s a fair old climb.  I’ve signed up for Manchester again, no such cliffs.

    George - that sounds like a great adventure.

    Hamo - lightening mile reps, well done.

    SQ - good attitude, doubtless the heat acclimatisation and running at different times of the day played their part so mentally bin it . I think someone posted before that pma was worth a couple of %, add in the shoes and the beet it and you could be looking at almost 10%.  

    NE - I find it difficult to compare PRs, more opportunities for PBs if you look at course PBs but arriving 12mins before kick off has got to be worth something.

    I broke my 108 day streak at Brighton this week, a combination of all day on feet, an abundance of alcohol and footy on the box fuelled my cnba to critical levels.  In someways a shame as the lower cliff road looked ideal for some easterly mile reps but I saved them for today.  A similar pace to pre Manchester, which, coupled with a recent park run suggest speed is still there but I’m not so sure about the endurance side of things.

  • FBT - if you look closely you can see the tourists flocking to Shoreham Power Station😂

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