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    Best of luck to the Brighton three. You’ve trained hard, trust the process and back yourselves. 

    TR - that’s one for the memories! Still, all sorted now. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Life and a ridiculously windy day caught up with me, the wind was tough from early on esp uphill early on, the last 5 was awful. But i wasnt mentally on it today. 3.04.

    Loife is a rollercoaster you just have to roide it.

    Onwards to Yeovil.
  • Well battled TR.  Good training for Yeovil.
  • Well done TR. tough race that in the wind. Last 5 miles were very tough with a strong headwind. I felt it sapped energy from earlier in the race as well. I think I ended up with 3:15 on gantry clock or 3:18 on my watch... a bit weird. Either way not too unhappy, it's been limited training and not great conditions . Just happy I ran all the way round with no demons telling me to walk!
    great meeting Mr Jools at the start. A true legend!
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    FBT - agreed, i was burning matches trying to keep under 7mm into the wind up the slopes out east in the first 10m. Tough day. Well done for getting it done. I was running with jules for a while, and lined up with him on start.
  • I tried to keep to 7:15 pace but that first 10m up hill against the wind probably took more out than I gained. Went through halfway at 1:35 so was on course at that point but a combination of too much effort first half and wind in last 5 miles meant the 3:10 was never really on. Overall pleasant marathon though with great crowds and support. Don't feel too beat up after which is nice as well. Oh and let's not forget the purple pee from the beet it juice !
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    I had a complete breakdown. Not sure why tbh. 2 nights of very poor sleep certainly didn’t help the mental game. I was 15s down at halfway & knew I’d been working too hard to negative split especially with the final 5M being into a 14 mph headwind.
    Right piriformis tightened up & became painful as we got to 15 which was then joined by right hip flexor then left. By 17 I was jog/walking. Saw Joe about 19 but even his motivational powers failed to rouse me. 20M in 2:28 then final 10K was 70 minutes! Once over the line I picked my bag up but had to be dressed by St John’s as I was laid out looking far from healthy then went to fulfil my lab rat duties however once they’d taken my bloods the Dr in charge sent me to their medical team for a lie down & some obs as I was feeling nauseous & looked like I might’ve passed out! About 20 minutes later I went to the toilet to provide a urine sample which took so long they were banging on the door to check I’d not keeled over before having an ECG & further blood pressure/pulse/body composition measurements. Turns out I’d lost over 5lbs since Friday. They were a little concerned about my urine sample too as I’d drunk over half a litre of beetroot juice last night/first thing 🤣
    Massage from MIND tent followed by roast lamb & claret at my mate’s has helped the pain considerably. 
    Good to run with TR for about 10K & meet FBT who managed to beat this hairy hare. Gantry clock was bollox btw. Great to see Joe early on when I was still feeling good.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    TR - well battled through on a tough day and after a really tough build up. Top priority is your Dad getting better so hopefully he picks up soon. 

    Jools: sounds like a really tough second half. It saps your motivation when you are down even by a few seconds knowing that the toughest part is still to come. Well done on getting to the end in one piece!

    FBT: that’s a great time from an awful buildup with all your injury problems. Frustrating I guess because if you had done 4-5 good LT and MP long runs that time would have been significantly quicker. Bodes well for the future. 

    12 miler today which is the first decent length run I’ve managed since the 50 miler last week. First time the legs have felt good though and was having to hold the pace back and tell myself I’ll do more harm than good by trying to go too fast. Tweaked my calf a bit so will probably have a rest day tomorrow. 
  • Respect guys.

    Hope you're a bit better today... especially Jools - sounds like a real toughy - I had seen your splits and wondered about the reasons.

    Strange week for me.  FIVE rest days in the last pre-taper week. FIVE!!   But I still managed 45 miles.   Yesterday was a bitty 24.   Out the house 5.50am... did 6m then ran the 7m course of our club organised Kymin Dash race - stopping periodically to move/add  marker tape... then ran part of the course again with some more tape... then ran the course again to remove tape and pick up dropped gel packs etc!   So not a conventional LR but it feels like it did me good.
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    Bloody hell Jools, I know you didn't look too great but that's an great achievement to finish under those circumstances, Made me smile re the beetroot juice sample. Hope you make a swift recovery and smash the next marathon. Form is temporary, class is permenant

    NE - sounds like a good long run broken up to aid recovery!

    Final few meters photo and the podium photo...Prize was a water bottle.

    Is it the London crew up next in 2 weeks?

  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    TR...that is a very good time, especially considering everything you've had to deal with lately. As you say, use it as a springboard to Yeovil. Very well done.

    Jools...Well battled through to the finish, that could not have been nice. You know you couldn't have done or gave any more when the doctors where so concerned at the end. Hope your feeling better today. There's always the next one, well done.

    FBT...Looking good. Well run race yesterday, esp with the less than ideal build up, congrats.

    Hope the 3 of you are ok today, and not suffering too many ill effects...either muscle wise or claret wise in Jools case   :D

    AWC...That's a good length of a MLR, glad to get back to double figure milage? Nice to be home? Shocking wind yesterday, so fair play to you for grinding that out, had to have been tough going on your own.

    NE...it'll definitely have done you good, a LR is a LR no matter how unconventional, chalk it down to running and cross training in the one go  :D 

    I ran the last planned 17m LR (ish) on Saturday, kept it steady with a 7.30 m/m average. Which was followed up with the last race of the plan yesterday. I raced 10k in Belfast in 34.35 which was good enough to finish 1st, and a nice little confidence booster 2 weeks out from London. I was on for a pb over the 1st 4/4.5 mile of the race, but a brutal headwind over the last 1.5 mile killed that (The race was along the shore of the Lagan/Irish Sea so was very windy), i dropped from 5.30 to 5.55/6 min miles battling through it. Still, only 10 seconds over my pb, and a 1st place, is a nice boost going into the last 2 weeks of the plan.
  • Sounds like a tough day out at Brighton yesterday.  I dont think any of you had anything near an ideal build up so to have the wind thrown in the mix was particularly cruel.  I had forgotten about the easten stretch in the first half so a double dose of headwind.  Recover well TR, FBT and Jools, particularly.

    FBT - nice photos, you don’t look like you’ve just run a marathon off almost no build up!  I think finishers goody bags are a thing of the past under the no waste banner.  I got a soreen malt loaf (snack size) at Manchester and an alcohol free beer which I declined.  Had I known it was 0.04% I might have taken it but I assumed alcohol free meant just that.

    NE - you squeezed my weekly mileage into 2 days, well done.

    AWC - I’ve only got up to 11mile which feels long enough atm.

    Hamo - well done on the win and the time.  I really wonder what you would get with a few days taper.  You look to be in a great place pre London.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Congratulations Hamo. The win’s surely worth more than a PB. Any PB achieved the day after a LR in peak marathon training is sure to get revised down significantly if you have another crack in a month or so.
    That’s a decent day out NE with a lot of elevation thrown in too.
    You may not have done much mileage (for you) Macca but I noticed an 18:45 1st finisher at parkrun in the middle of your 11 miler only 6 days after smashing Manchester 😮
    My thoughts on what went wrong.
    I guess I was just a lot more nervous than I’d realised as I only managed to sleep til about 2:30 am both nights before spending the rest of the night failing to drop back off. Slept normally last night. I can only conclude there was an element of overtraining despite doing less than the last couple of years. I’ve been stressed at work, changed my domestic circumstances & had that bike smash 4 weeks ago which I then trained through. In retrospect I’d’ve been better off resting that week & having less of a taper - maybe. The right piriformis/hip flexor has been niggly for a long time but I suspect the fell race a fortnight ago aggravated it so much even 2 very light weeks failed to settle it. I’d certainly felt it when doing anything speedier than recovery pace. 10 days ago I’d had to jump off the treadmill after 500m whilst warming up as it was so painful. I rolled & stretched it for about 10 minutes then got back on & did a decent 10K session with 6x800 off 400 jog without further incident.
    I’ll not be doing anything more strenuous than walking for a couple of days. Might manage a swim tomorrow.
  • Lake District looked nice Joe. Shame you didn’t come to Worcester, but Bakewell probably a better choice for post-race snacks.

    It never rains it pours TR! The number collection at Brighton is clearly a way to boost hotel occupancy for the weekend. I never minded as I had friends there and made a weekend of it. But appreciate why people find it frustrating. Superb result from you in the circumstances, congrats.

    Bad luck Jooligan, sounds very tough so well done making it to the end. Perhaps your body was in shock due to the lack of alcohol and dancing? At least you probably provided some good data for the medical study :D Take it easy.

    Nice work given the injuries during build-up FBT. You look remarkably fresh in that post-race photo!

    Congrats on the win Hamo. Another very impressive performance on less than fresh legs. Look forward to seeing how you go at London.

    I had a solid weekend, starting with 9.5 miles on Saturday including parkrun. I was fairly pleased to finish in 19:05, given it’s the first bit of fast running I’ve done for four weeks. And while SQ disappeared ahead of me pretty rapidly, he didn't lap me! ;) That now makes six parkruns in a row between 19:14 and 18:58, so I'm nothing if not consistent. Legs felt strong throughout, but HR hit 200 so I was definitely working hard. 

    Importantly the glute/ITB felt fine, so I attempted a bit of a longer run yesterday. I was prepared to cut it short, but managed the planned 17 miles without any major discomfort. Overall a confidence boosting weekend. If it hadn’t gone well I’d have been seriously reconsidering running London, but with two more weeks to improve I’m feeling more positive that I can at least get around.

    The ITB was a little achey this morning when I woke up, but my five mile recovery did the trick and eased it off. Feels fine now, so fingers crossed all good.

  • FBT - well run, sorry I didn't spot you on the day. Tough day out there and I think all things considered that's a result to be proud of. 

    Jools - gutted for you mate. Sometimes it just doesn't work out, and seems like a number of factors added up to a bad day at the office. When I saw you at mile 18 I didn't really know what to say but really felt for you as I could see it wasn't going to plan. Well done for toughing it out and getting around - a marathon is a long way regardless of how fit you are. I've no doubt your time will come, and you've got a sub 3 in your locker with the right, focused training and prep. 

    Hamo - another storming run mate. Anything is possible in London, I think the only thing holding you back is your own belief in your ability. Don't be afraid to shoot high. 

    Spoons - glad to see the consistency is coming back. I shouted at TR at the exact point I shouted at you 2 years ago in Brighton, which brought back memories. I've got to say though, they had a slightly stronger wind to deal with yesterday.. Really tough going. 

    Weird weekend for me, after a good week of training/hiking in the Lake District. Decided to give parkrun a proper effort (Bakewell), on what is quite a fast course. Felt good in the build up, nicely relaxed but really up for it. 

    Set off, and couldn't even hit target pace for the first km. Ran as hard as possible, and ended up with 17:55 - I'd joked the night before that anything slower than 17:30 and I might as well pack it in for good (!). To put it into context, ran the first run of a duathlon in 17:30 5km pace two weeks ago, which was 10 secs a mile faster and HR was 10 bpm lower. Safe to say, I threw a mini-strop, which was very silly. Katie nailed it, running 19:30 as she continues her injury comeback. 

    Sunday, last long run, 20 miles at 'just run' pace. 7.05mm, felt awesome, HR really low, easy effort. So I'm not really sure what to make of that.

    93 miles in total last week, and an additional 60ish of hiking, so I guess the legs were just tired on Saturday! Weird though, because they felt pretty good in the warm up. 
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Hamo: that’s some 10k after a long run. I ran 6 miles into the headwind to motivate myself that the last half was gonna be easier. Still not much fun. Definitely felt good to be comfortably running double figures with Shakespeare 2 weeks off. 

    Macca : well done done getting back up to 11
  • Fat Boy TrimFat Boy Trim ✭✭✭
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    Race Report

    After downing the half litre of pre race beetroot juice, I was off to the start. Met Mr Jools at the fast start area and was good to meet up with the legend himself. Making the way to the Pen we were ready for the off. I started at the back of the Pen and didn’t really know what pace or time to aim for. Training was less than ideal, So set off at 3:10 time pace, so about 7:15mm on the off chance that it might happen, but knew this was unrealistic. First few miles slid by at 7:15 pace and a couple of nasty hills came up which I slowed a bit for, then then long slog slight uphill against the wind, pace dropped to 7:30. The effort felt a bit harder now, without being uncomfortable. Gave Jools a shout as he went past on the out and back section. It was nice to get to the turnaround point and get the downhill section without the wind. Pace picked up slightly back to the 7:15-7:20 pace. Halfway went through at 1:35:50. The 15-19 miles hove section past without much happening and then turned for the power station. A couple of slower miles (7:45) as the fatigue set in. To my surprise just after 20 miles I saw Jools ahead and could not believe it. He did seem uncomfortable to say the least, and was tempted to run with him for a while, but was getting a bit focused on not slowing or stopping. Then round the power station and back into the wind, and the wind had really picked up and pace got slaughtered to 8:15 -8:30. It felt like I was running with an bungee cord on my back…with 2 miles to go the 3:15 pacer went past, but could not stick at that pace with the headwind Feeling ok I was passing a few people on the last few miles and the last mile picked the pace up, to see 3:15 on the gantry clock – but sure this was wrong, and my watch had 3:18. I surprisingly felt pretty good and much better then previous marathons, which was a nice feeling. Overall pretty pleased, not a great time but a nice steady run all round and enjoyed the day. Grabbed a few goodies (drinks, snacks, free beer etc), and made my way home as the misses wanted some food shopping done, before 4pm !

  • Jools - I think one factor going the wrong way can result in less than optimum outcome, you've got about 1/2 dozen there.  

    Good to read of the continued progress RSR.

    Joe - holiday legs?  I was more than a bit jealous of your Lakes break, I'm up there again this summer for the Lakeland 100.
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    Well done Brighton runners 👏
    Sounds like a tough day in the office.

    TR: kudos for even trying. Having been tough hell and back re. your dad's situation will have sapped you. All things considered 3:04 is a really good outcome. Bet your dad is mega proud now :)

    Jools: that sounds quite scary!  Just goes to show that even endurance machines can have a bad day. It reminds me of my Boston meltdown in 2014. First time I needed medical assistance despite never even getting close to race pace 🤦

    FBT: that's a brilliant time off compromised training. How's the PF today?

    Joe: post viral fatigue possibly? Get yourself checked out before London... These things are often underestimated. Well done Katie 💪
    Pleased to hear she's running again.

    I'm looking for another half marathon due to that unfinished Vienna business. Hoping to get a last minute spot for Hamburg on April 28. It's sold out but there might be something coming up at the expo or on eBay small ads 🤞
  • Sounds like a tough day at Brighton.

    Jools - I noticed your drop off on the tracking app and assumed injury. From reading your exploits on here you seem to love to race and run hard. I think that with the crash, then adding in the compromised sleep 2 nights in a row made it a very tough day. Hopefully you recover quickly. It sounds like your loss is the medical study’s gain though...

    TR - Everything pre-race no doubt took a large toll on you mentally and physically. 3:04 I think considering that and the wind is a very respectable time and like you said you’ve got Yeovil and Abo booked in to get sub 3 ticked off.

    FBT - 3:18 from an injury ravaged build up I think is a very good return. Get the underlying issues sorted and some consistent training in and you could be bothering the really fast boys.

    Hamo - Well done on the 10k win. You’ve put in some very good race times on fatigued legs in the last few weeks. You just need some Macca level bravery at London now to get rewards for your effort.

    AWC - Glad you’re feeling better, hope the calf is ok

    NE - that’s a huge 2 days of training, take it easy at the start of this week

    Spoons - Glad to hear the body is holding up after the faster stuff and the first proper long run in a while

    Macca - I think you’re entitled to keep it relatively short post Manchester, nothing to gain in overdoing it

    Joe - 1 bad parkrun after all the good running you’ve done is nothing to be worried about. The pictures you put up on Strava from the lakes looked really beautiful

    I got 3 short runs in at the back of last week, including a little bit of ‘effort’ stuff which was maybe a little foolish, but my calf reacted absolutely fine. I’ve resolved to add a bit more S&C and some hill sprints into my schedule from now to hopefully stop it happening again.
    I had a dream last night where it was marathon morning and I was running late and ended up arriving 15 mins after the gun and being behind the whole field. Strange that I would have it a week after Manchester and not before, maybe my mind is telling me to get something booked in.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    Jools - Sounds like a tough day, recover well.
    Hamo - Great 10k. You'll smash London!
    TR - Good performance all things considered.
    FBT - Likewise, hope the PF is OK.
    Nice Parkruns - Joe / Spoons / Macca.
    15 miles for me on Saturday, then Sunday was the usual 90 minutes on the bike and a 5 mile recovery run. Another 50 mile week done.
  • HPR - LOL - I don't think the fast runners have anything to fear from me.. Happy to lollop my way round, and leave the speedy stuff to you young guns! What is S&C and in your dream did you win the marathon even starting at the back?

    Chicksta / Steve, still have the PF first thing in the mornings and it was getting worse as the marathon went on in the arch, but all things considered its very manageable at present.

    Chicksta - nearly all my marathons are unfinished business - its why I keep running them!

    Joe, if you are giving up with a 5k slower than 17:30, what chance do the rest of us have? Katie 19:30, that's quick, was she first female with that time?

  • Well you’ve just crushed my hopes and dreams of becoming a motivational speaker  ;) Strength and conditioning, I just cherry picked some of the P&D exercises along with some I found online.

    As for the dream, I either didn’t get that far or just don’t remember it. When I played football I had similar dreams about being late from forgetting kit, or even the whistle being blown and I was struggling to put my gloves on (I was a GK). Something for the amateur psychologists to analyse.
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    Well done to the Brighton crew. Sounded tough conditions. 
    TR - I think that is a great, albeit frustrating, result given your recent stresses. Well done indeed. How long until Yeovil? Don’t under do your recovery. 
    Jooligan - hard luck. I think you’ve realised how much the bike crash took out of you. And perhaps the fell race a fortnight ago was a step too far in that context. Well done for completing when it sounds like you were feeling uttterky destroyed. 
    Well done FBT - and great photos. Tats great running in tough conditions. 
    Super comeback parkrun pace, spoons. And especially pleasing that your follow up 17 felt ok. What’s the long run plan next week?
    Another ridiculously good race, Hamo. Wins are rare, although I suspect perhaps not so for you going forward. 
    Speedy parkrun, Macca. You’ve probably enjoyed not thinking about pacing strategies for once this week... but any thoughts on London?
    You Lakes photos and activities looked fantastic Joe. In terms of the parkrun, the walking will have really taken the speed out of you (short term). I really do think you’ll be in PB shape in London. You might even have a chance of cracking the sub 4 target you’ve set yourself. 

    Enjoyable weekend of running: met spoons at Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun, and used it as a P&D style Saturday ‘race’. Didn’t have my full race face on, but did give it the full beans. 17:51 on the clock which I am more than happy with. Painfully I got overtaken in the final few metres by a 14 year old I teach. Won’t live that down for a while. Went a bit faster last year on the old course, but suspect this is a tough more honest. Really great, flat and fast parkrun if anyone is shopping around for one. 8M for the morning, then a final lee marathon splurge of curry and wine that evening. 
    The previous day’s hard running and general excesses meant the Sunday long run felt tough. 17.4M at a gradually progressive effort at 7:25 pace. Legs pretty buggered for the rest of the day. 
    Have a couple of days break in Wells, so enjoyed a leisurely recovery 6 this afternoon. 
    Looking at this week’s forecast I going to try my best to run later in the afternoon - frequently 18C then rather than the 6C each morning. Could help. 
  • Spoons/SQ...  I'm planning to do Worcester Pitchcroft on Saturday. Will you be there?

  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    Not for me unfortunately NE. I live in Cheltenham so it’s a bit of a trek u less I’m really eager. Enjoy - fast course and friendly atmosphere. 
  • Chicksta - you would rather run around Hamburg than stare at a screen watching dots crawl around London ? 😀 Hope you get a place.

    HPR -  when I had calf strains I stretched them after every run, and still try to remember.  Back leg stretch, forward leg stretch and a single leg bent knee/lowering thing - its supposed to get to the 3 muscles that make up the calves.

    A good LT spotted on Strava from Steve and a decent last LR SQ, enjoy the break.

    SQ - I'm not sure on pacing for London (indecisiveness and tardiness are my 2 most endearing traits imho).  I'm tempted to set out at 6:18s and see what happens.  I'm guessing there are a few of us on yellow ?
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
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    Good to have a catch up on all the race reports.

    FBT - sounds like a decent performance at Brighton.

    TR - based on the less than perfect build up I’d say Brighton was a success. All the best for Yeovil.

    Jools, hope that all is ok and you feel better. You have been cramming in a lot of races over recent months.

    Macca, I think I let you know on Strava my thoughts on your Manchester performance but I’ll say again , amazing!

    ive just been getting myself in shape for London, ran the Yeovil Half as the last 13 miles of my long run and was able to hold 6:35 pace very comfortably and this weekend managed a 10 mile PB at the Salisbury 10 without rinsing myself completely. We also managed to win 1st team!!

    im also in the re branded Yellow start for London and still working out what to aim for. 2:52- 2-53 sounds about right. 

  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    Millsy - Nice HM run and congrats on 10m PB, sounds promising for London.
    10 miles with 40 minutes at LT pace today, that came out to 6:28 min/miles (18 seconds a mile faster than in build up to Bath HM!). Tough session, but done now, wore my Vaporfly's as a trial run before the HM, felt great, light and comfortable.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Cheers for the positives. A lot of circumstances seemed to conspire against me for this one with the Dad situation, number collect, windy conditions, my youngest was 18 in that week, the eldest came home pissed at 2am on sunday morning waking everyone up, and the dropped a bottle of water in the kitchen at 4am so i had to give him a bollocking and clear it up, and then get up at 6am to race. 

    Saving grace is i new from early doors it was going to be hard and windy, so i didnt bury myself. I feel very fresh and could have run yday, but havnt run yet. I still believe i can run sub 3 again, i felt the likelihood of hammy cramp late on but it never actually happened, and i still have all my winter miles in the bank.

    SQ - Yeovil is 7 weeks this sunday, so i can get a few weeks of marathon type work in, in the middle of that.
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