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    Macca - nice weather for a seaside break. That few miles along to Ovingdean was into the wind too, at that point i realised it was going to be a tough day.
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    Sounds like you’re recovering well, TR. 

    Whoopsie, NE. I’ve only done FoD once, but remember there being lots of twists, routes and a few inclines. Easily a minute slower than Pitchcroft, but Jooligan is definitely the man to confirm. 

    Macca, zero chance of you having lost endurance. The coast path in Brighton is lovely. See you next Sunday. 

    Final MLR today and deliberately choose the hottest part of the day. Managed to combine it with a family outing to Broadway, so got a lovely A to B along mostly quiet roads through beautiful Cotswold villages. Felt pretty hard work and necessitated full recovery in the paddling pool. 
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    Sounds like a cracking route there SQ...  and great to do it in the heat.   I've not been able to do my LR today.  I could go for one of my late ones, but more likely to do it in the morning.

    As for FoD... I'm sure it can be much more than a minute slower than Pitchcroft - but it really was perfect underfoot conditions yesterday.  Having said that, the twistiness is something I perhaps didn't take enough account of, so maybe more than 20 seconds difference.  But what really annoys me is that whatever I think, or whatever anyone else thinks... I'm having to guess something that I really wanted to know.  Anyway...  it's done!  Nothing I can change.
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    FoD usually measures short but was done with a wheel many years ago. Think gps struggles with the tight turns & tree cover tbh as I’ve had/seen all sorts of different distances. Definitely slower than Pitchcroft even in perfect conditions due to twisty turns, cobbles, slight inclines & tree roots. Probably 30s IMO
    No run for me today after yesterday’s 19:45 at Groe parkrun then Cribyn fell race: 5.5M & almost 3,000’ of ascent/descent!

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    I've been off the radar for a bit, taking over from Joe on holiday in the Lakes.

    Not read back everything yet but mainly wanted to say well done to the Brighton 3. Sounds like a tough day on the road. 

    FBT - Sounds like a great effort considering your broken training with foot issues. 

    Jools - well done for toughing it out. I think your fitness is probably there for a sub 3 but any one of those many reasons you mention is enough to scupper a good race.

    TR - Well done for getting it done with all the other things going on. Onward and upwards.

    Pretty light week for me, with a bit less than 40 miles, but pretty much what I was aiming for. Haven't felt great to be honest, but maybe just taper madness. Got a bit of a hip niggle (doesn't affect my running though) and resting HR was 10 bpm higher than normal yesterday. Hopefully will all settle this week.
  • Thanks Jooligan... that's my take on the gps measurement too. I'd be happy to take 30s off my time to allow for the technicality of the course.  The worst thing about the result was seeing V55-59 next to my name - a sobering experience   :/

    Looks like some nice races on Saturday. Certainly beautiful day for it, looking at that good photo.

    Good to hear from you HA... been a bit quiet on here.  I expected it to die down.. but thought that would be AFTER London, not before!  Hope the taper issues settle down as you expect.

    Didn't get out Sunday - half family stuff and half gardening.  I could really feel the gardening in my legs today... I must have squatted literally 500 times yesterday - maybe more... up and down digging and picking out bits of offending root from the ground.  Took an undulating tricky route along Offa's Dyke for 13miles instead of the prescribed 16... but was out for two-and-a-half hours and was very happy to get home!
  • I'll also pop up now it's taper week and remind Macca of his pacing obligations :) 

    Brighton sounded like a very tough shift so a big pat on the back for you all.

    My training got rather rubbish with no sessions being run due to a virus going on far too long. As that was tailing off, I ran a 1.18.21 half over an undulating route as my final session which was a bit of a slog. I am now just about feeling out of the other side of the tiredness of peak marathon training and after effects of illness. Yesterday's tapering ~12m long run felt very tough, though it was off the back of a 17:00 parkrun the day before. Given everything that has gone on in the last 2 months I'm pretty happy to take a slight 5k pb that was set 4 years ago on a very fast course.

    Fingers crossed HA - possibly the heat bumping up resting heart rate too.
  • Macca - did you visit the majestic Shoreham power station, And take in the aroma of the industrial estate?

    Or was it too busy with all the tourists flocking there?

    Another great pic Jools - how do you keep getting such good pics? Do you have your own photographer follow you round? He must be bloody quick with all the gear as well!

    I was thinking over the weekend its a good job its not London marathon this week! Would have been a scorcher. Looking good for next Sunday though!

  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Sheez Muddy. I'd have to give up my Australian citizenship if my resting HR was affected by the temperature in the UK at Easter. It was only 5 bpm above normal this morning, so hopefully on the improve.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Jools: sounds like a tough fell race but beautiful picture there
    HA: good to see the HR coming back down again
    I'm tapering myself this week for Shakespeare Marathon on Sunday (thanks for the recommendation on here, SQ I think!).
    We've hired a cottage for the family so are heading down Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday evening.
    I thought it would be nice to make a weekend of it with the kids and go to Shakespeare's House and Warwick Castle etc on the Saturday.
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    Sounds good AWC. My inlaws live nearby so I've spent a fair bit of time around the area. Really like Warwick Castle (esp firing the trebuchet and bird of prey show) but always found Stratford itself a bit underwhelming and crowded. Hope the taper is going well.

    I was thinking of running without a watch in London. Given that there is a clock every mile and at 5km intervals, I don't think you need it for pacing and it'll just be one less distraction. The only problem is that it'd have to be a manual entry on Strava but I can handle that. Anyone else done this or considered it?
  • Ha HA, my easy runs were coming in between 5-7bpm higher running when the heat was at its peak over the past few days.

    I run wearing a watch but I don't look at it. It's useful for the post-match analysis and the idea of not wearing one strikes me as old school runner nonsense. But as always, we are all at liberty to do what makes us hippy ;) 
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    Sure it’s just maranoia, HA. Hope the Lakes were fun. Cracking timing with the weather. If you can start near the front, I don’t see why you shouldn’t not wear a watch. It would frustrate me not having the stats after, but really that’s ridiculous - it’s the experience in the moment and the memories that are important. 
    Sounds a cracking route NE. 
    Good to hear from you, muddy. Despite he lack of session, it sounds like you’re in great shape with that kind of parkrun. 
    Best of luck for the weekend, AWC. No idea if it’s still there, but there was a huge Ferris wheel by the finish last year. Made great viewing of the race and fun for a toddler. 
    Cracking photo Jooligan. Make sure you recover from hose niggles. 
    I’m looking forward to a variety of races this summer, and hope to get some views like that. Trying to cram in a bit before expecting number two. 
    Hope everyone enjoyed the stunning weather over the weekend. Exactly a year since the London heat-fest. I’ve been continuing the saunas and running at hot times of the day - it trying to mitigate against my appalling ability to run in the heat. 
    6M recovery on grass yesterday, then 7M easy this morning. Felt good, although pace suggested otherwise. With my relentless positivity, I suspect the gps was playing up. Looking forward to tomorrow’s dress rehearsal and I unleashing some new trainers. 
    On to important matters. Anyone up for a drink post race? It was great fun last year. Went to the Red Lion - as it was close and took the free beer vouchers. Open to other suggestions as well. 
  • FBT it’s actually 1 week out :D Normally 20 would be way too far, but unfortunately this isn’t a normal build-up! As I’m treating London as a training run, I’ve just been gradually building the distance to test if trying 26.2 is even sensible.

    Good attitude on the mile reps SQ, no surprise they were tough given the weather. I’m sure they (and all the other heat training you’ve been doing) will pay dividends on Sunday though.

    Bad luck NE, but no worries as I didn’t make it either - and I live less than a mile away! I had my nephew staying, and while he seemed up for parkrun, when it came to it he wanted to stay in and dig for dinosaurs. I think he likes the idea of running more than the actual hard work of doing it :D Great result at FoD.

    Great photo Jooligan, views like that almost make me want to try a fell race. Almost.

    Hope things settle HA, hopefully just taper madness. You could always set your watch to only show the time or something so you could record the race for posterity. I don’t trust my maths at the end of a marathon, so not sure I’d fancy it myself.

    Good to hear from you Muddy. Great parkrun and HM given your virus and lack of sessions. 

    Good luck for Shakespeare marathon AWC

    I didn’t manage to get out on Saturday, but did do my planned 20 miler on Sunday. I was really pleased with how the ITB/glute held up, and in general the legs felt strong so I’ve still got some endurance at least. The HR was quite high for the pace, but as Muddy reminded me on Strava the heat probably didn’t help.

    The ITB was a little sore yesterday morning but eased off after a recovery run, and today I did my usual canal 10 with no issues. So I’m now cautiously optimistic I can run London safely, and actually quite looking forward to it. Definitely up for a post-race drink - I will grab as many beer vouchers as I can :wink:

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    SQ, i’ll be heading to the Red Lion straight after. Think a few of the Salisbury runners will be congregating outside if the weather is dry.

    A very quiet weekend for me. Hit my mileage total by Saturday lunchtime so have had 2 complete rest days. Mowed the lawn and painted the fence which culminated it calf cramp from att the squatting down!!

    have my traditional 3 at MP tonight and it’s always seemed exceptionally tough. At least I know what to expect. 
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    Spoons sounds like you timed the distance building perfectly - at least for a get round in one piece and then raring to go for Berlin. Good luck on the voucher hunting - and thank you!

    MP never easy, Millsy!

    A reminder of last year’s Red Lion team shot:
  • Great photo Jools, I’m more than a little jealous of those fell races.  I reckon if I run up and down the nearest hill I could probably get 1000ft over 10miles.

    FBT - I’ve not been near Shoreham Power Station since Brighton 2013 when a sniper in the crowd kept shooting my legs, he followed me all the way to the finish.

    Muddy - duly reminded😀.  Well done on the PR PB.

    HA - I do like the distraction of a watch.  As impossible as it sounds, I’ve missed the mile markers before at London.  I did consider wearing a slightly lighter watch for weight saving but where do you stop, that’s just a slippery road to running in speedos 😉

    AWC - best of luck with Shaky, sounds like a good weekend all round.

    SQ - it felt/feels really humid today, I was sweating buckets with a base layer, the weather forecast is looking more promising than last year.

    RSR - Good to read of continued progress, unscientifically, if it were me I would just be concentrating on building steady mileage without looking at pace or HR but I know that I would be secretly looking at those stats to.

    Millsy - good luck with the MP run.

    I brought my MP dress rehearsal run forward a day as I was dropping off the car for a MOT near the section where I ran the MP 3 weeks ago.  The pace was a bit too quick, the temp a good few degrees higher and the HR maybe 4 or 5 beats higher than 3 weeks ago, I’m not sure what that tells me but the car passed its mot so I’m pleased 😃.

    Great photo, definitely up for a Fuller’s beer.
  • Right you experts.... My HR! Its still through the roof for a general aerobic run. (normally 140ish but now 170 ish) 


    1: Is this normal after a marathon to have a higher HR for over a week after?  Or am I going to die?

    2: If HR monitor says im in LT range, but its a normal paced run am I really producing lactic acid in my blood or is my heart rate just higher? (ie does LT range move up as well)

    3: How long after a marathon should my HR come back down.

    Im quite intrigued by these physiological effects, like why does the hr go up so much ? Is it because muscles have to work harder for same effort as damaged, or mitochondria all blown apart

  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    After having a lovely a quiet Easter break, i'm popping back in, anything to get out of doing actual work on my first day back :D , so sorry if I've missed anyone out.

    Macca...absolutely zero chance of you having lost endurance. Good MP session, and great news on the car  :D

    Jools...That is a class photo, and brilliant race.

    NE...This gardening carry on must be good cross training, I'm thankful for my small back garden now  :D

    Muddy...a 17.00 parkrun is rapid, and a pb bodes well, esp given the build up.

    AWC...sounds like Shakespeare will be a lovely family weekend, all the very best for the race.

    HA77...never raced without a watch, i like the comfort/distraction it gives me checking it, but don't monitor HR or anything when racing. But as long as you start near the start line, id say you'll be grand with the clocks every mile to help you judge your pace/effort.

    SQ...unrelenting positivity is the way forward. Our running club is meeting up for drinks after the race too, but i'm sure i could re-hydrate in both bars  :D 

    Spoons...Nice to see the optimism for London, and the ITB/glute behaving themselves for the most part. I agree with SQ, the distance building has timed perfectly for a good training run in London.

    I ran an overdressed 7 with strides in 20oC heat on Saturday which wasn't a lot of fun, followed by the last MLR of 13m on Sunday morning, before heading to the seaside with the family for a nice Easter break. Managed to get 6 and 7 miles in on Monday and Tuesday to counter act, at least, some of the mountain of chocolate and Chinese food i've milled my way through  :D Today's run was the dress rehearsal of 8 with [email protected] Felt a bit tired, and heavy legged if i'm honest (not sure how but hoping its just the taper), but the MP miles came out at 6.00 and 5.56. So slightly faster than planned MP, but pacing was never my strongest suit :D , and happy enough with how they felt. Think ill aim for 6.05's in London, with the back up of 6.15 if i ever need to drop back a bit.

    Started taking the beet shots from Monday too, and they are not as bad as id expected. Carb loading starts tomorrow too, which i cant wait for  :D . I'm planning on carb loading Thursday and Friday hard, as I'm travelling Saturday, so not sure how much i can get in with airports, expo etc etc, and so any i can get in then will be a bonus if that makes sense.
  • I don’t know why we put ourselves through those 2/3 mi MP testers in this final week. They don’t have any fitness effect, and they always feel tough and you finish them thinking there’s no way you can sustain that pace! :D

    Love that photo SQ

    Do I take it you’re having another stab at sub-2:45 Macca? Building mileage and trying not to worry too much about everything else is exactly my plan. I’m running entirely to feel, not trying to push any particular pace. I try not to compare to the past, but inevitably that’s what I end up doing. 

    I get exactly the same FBT, my fitness always seems to disintegrate post-marathon. I’ve not died yet, so hopefully you’re safe! :dizzy: I usually just try to run to feel during these times, and eventually things settle back down.

    Sounds like you're all set Hamo, really looking forward to seeing how you go. 
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Spoon - I agree completely about the 2 miles @ MP. That's why I don't bother with it any more. Just did a short fartlek yesterday then will include a few strides over the last few days.
  • Ha, RSR, I did my 3m at marathon effort last night and it was slower than the one I did pre London 2017 and felt dreadful. I disagree on the fitness effect though, it all counts - but just won't happen soon enough to influence the marathon !

    FBT - Yes, that is really normal, your body is still stressed and your heart is doing a bit of extra work to get blood and repair materials to the damaged bits. Threshold heart rate can shift upwards gradually with training; likewise shift downwards as you de-train.

  • FBT - I would say though that 170 is probably an erroneous reading if 140 is normal aerobic and it is probably capturing your cadence.
  • For me the MP dress rehearsal is all part of the building up of the excitement / adrenaline.  I think I’d go stir without some speedwork during the reduced mileage and I also tell myself it helps stimulate the glycogen creation when I’m stuffing my face, agreed though, probably no direct influence on a race a few days later.

    RSR - the original plan was trot around at recovery pace and sprint the last 5 or 6 miles for the benefit of the “you overtook / were overtaken by....” analysis thingy.  Unless I feel terrible between now and the day I’m going to set off at 2:45 pace with a mild positive split strategy.  I’m happy to bear the risk as it feels like a free shot.

    I like the cut of your jib Hamo “hard carbloading “👏

    Free food here \/


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    The excitement is building and maranoia is everywhere. I shall relax on my couch on Sunday following a bunch of small dots on my tracker app :D  My favourite Sunday pastime. Will make sure to get my run out of the way beforehand so I can feel really smug ;)

    The carb loading is one thing I'm not missing and makes me glad I'm not doing a spring marathon.

    FBT: your HR monitor is pants - that's really not a normal reading, even post marathon. Is it wrist based? They're not very reliable I'm afraid and as muddy pointed out they frequently pick up your cadence.
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    FBT that seems even higher than expected. Is the warmer weather somehow affecting you HRM? Just go by feel - keep it easy. 
    Macca it is a free shot - go for it. And you have the endurance to get to the finish even if you have overcooked it. 

    Talking of taper week MP testers.... I did the classic 8 with 2 today. Either I’m ridiculous unfit or the extra tree foilage played havoc with the gps. 7:40, 7:41! Doesn’t matter, will have had the right training effect. With the relatively strong westerly being forecast, I plan to run 6:20-25 in the first half for an approximate 1:23:30/1:25:30 split. 
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    SQ: That'll be the trees, don't worry. You'll be fine. Keep calm and trust your training.

    Can we have a list with bib numbers please? I don't know any of your real names :)

  • All that free food is hugely tempting Macca - I might take the late train back and limp around London afterwards using my free travel and  filling myself with pizzas, burgers and smoothies.

    My taper week coincided with my annual health review today. I can safely report I did alright on the lung function and step tests.

    I'm 30241 Chicksta.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Agree that food is tempting. Will prob drop by the red lion for a quick catch up afterwards.

    Just a 2.5 mile pootle to get something from the shops today. I've never felt so heavy and lethargic.
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