P&D Spring Marathon 2020



  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    KPI - key performance indicators :)
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well done on toughing out the early morning mlrs, cal and hamo. Marathon gold!

    Well done on the LTs, Steve and AWC. Ouch re the arm, that's why i wasnt LTing on the ice.

    13m here. Next key session is the mp run saturday. Chichester 10k number came today, looking fwd to putting Stubbingtons time to the sword!
  • Evening all. 
    Great effort with LT after so many hills, AWC. Got to remember it is a training effect rather than a particular pace that is important. When is LL100?
    Nice triple, Jools. Wowsers, that really is a stacked set of results. Impressive. 
    Exciting about Chichester, TR. I’m sorry not to be joining you this time. It’s always been good to me: 36:10, 36:10, 35:53. Never got close elsewhere to those times. For me it’s the combo of good course, good weather and loads of people to run with. 
    Great LT pace on ice, Steve. Makes a big difference in my opinion. 
    Enjoying the plan, hamo. Although with a couple of races added in I’ve not really stuck to it that much yet. But it gives a shape. The biggest difference had been long runs - up to only 15M so far, but that’s no bad thing. Suspect I’ll be less well placed for a Feb half, but will hopefully peak will for late April marathon. Cracking MLR pace on a tough morning. Well done. 

    Standard Wednesday of an hour easy. Felt surprisingly not rubbish! 7:48 average pace for what was essentially recovery effort. Back definitely improving running wise, although still poor when going from a standing start. Guess I’ll just have to never stop running 😆. A few squats, deads and yoga this afternoon. Having to go lighter and slower (no bad thing), and make a real effort to keep everything in line. Got a few more exercises from a chap supervising in the gym - used to be the Latvia weightlifting S&C coach. A bit random, but a solid qualification nonetheless. Some of the exercises look so simple but were ridiculously hard. He was obviously good at identifying my weaknesses. Hope it will continue the upward trajectory. 
  • Christ, I would be very much last - my PB is just over 50.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SQ - good news on the back progress. Thats a tasty chichester trio. I rarely run 10k and typically just do stubbington and then sometimes chichester too 3 weeks later, as a way of starting off vlm training. I did 35.59 at stubby once but never went on to do chichester.
  • Steve...Sorry to hear about your OH, hope she feels better soon. Nice LT work in icy conditions, good pace.

    AWC...Well done on the LT. Those hills will definitely impact it, that's some elevation over 3 runs.

    Jools...Good running, 3 times a day as standard :lol:

    TR...Good MLR. I've a MP effort this weekend too, strangely looking forward to it.

    SQ...Glad your backs feeling better. That is a decent set of qualifications, if not a bit random, to be fair :lol: Well done on the easy stuff.

    6M recovery this morning was gratefully received, will follow that up with another 5 easy tonight.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    SQ: LL100 is end of July. I'm following P&D with added hills for Southampton Marathon at the end of April. I think the first LT was just a bit of a shock to the system. Glad the back is improving and getting some expert advice on lifts is great
    Recovery Run this morning felt like death so I think I might have picked up a bit of a bug.
    I'm having an easy weekend anyway as its my 40th birthday on Saturday so there will be much feasting and celebration - hog roast and DJ booked for the party on Saturday night :)

  • AWC - Nice first LT - I always find them tough without the hills you are doing, so nicely done! Also have a good birthday weekend.
    Jools - Nice running, you are banking a lot of miles at the moment, it'll all pay off come race day!
    SQ - Glad the back is improving.
    Hamo - Nice MLR.
    TR - You made a wise choice with the LT run and the conditions! Nice MLR. How many is it at MP for you this weekend?
    14 mile MLR today, super foggy out, so pace wasn't great, but got it done and HR in the right place given the effort/pace.
    OH is OK, but obviously in pain, but tablets helping with that. Gutting really as she had just got back into running after booking some races, which the first one will be a DNS now :-( 
  • Preemptive happy birthday, AWC (you youngster!). As I see it, a birthday means a better age grading.
    Steve, that's disappointing for her. How long will she be out?

    Easy 6 today with some strides in the last mile. Felt OK.
  • Sorry to hear about the other half, Steve. Hope all is well soon. Well done on the foggy MLR. Running in such conditions is surprisingly tricky I find. 
    Happy 40th AWC! Have a great one mate then start to eye the old man category prizes 😉. 
    Nice one on the strides, Cal. I need to get some in. 

    This week’s interval session was 50 minutes,  including 6 x 3 minutes fast with 2 minutes jog. Managed about 7M for an average of 7M/m. Around the racecourse and under the trees, so no idea on pace. Aimed for fast but controlled - keen to tick the session off, but half an eye on this Sunday’s 10M race. 
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
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    Steve - hope your other half recovers quickly and is back running soon

    AWC - Ahh, joining us oldies in the V40s. The party sounds great.

    SQ - Nice session. You're running Wokingham aren't you? I'm really thinking I should enter as I get free entry and it's about 15 min from home, even if I'm not in top form. Do you know if anyone else is running it?

    Just easy running this week, 3-6 miles most days, rib still sore but it seemed somewhat better today. I'm considering a longer one tomorrow morning, but will give myself the option of cutting it short if I feel the need.
  • Yes, I'm in for Wokingham. Although I have entered Bourton 10k on the same day so need to sell that. I think (but haven't looked back through the pages) that there might be me and Jooligan. I know that Macca, HPR, Joe, spoons, Reg (think he essentially lives along the route) and others have all entered in the past. Have you done it before? Good course, although slightly different this year. Strong field. Good luck with the long run. 
  • And if you get free entry and are that close, it's a no brainer! Unless there is another romantic Cotswold break on the same weekend...
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Ha ha, you just reminded me, that's the weekend of my wife's 40th, so another Cotswold break is very likely. Cheers for that, you saved me a very awkward conversation.  
  • No Wokey for me this year - I'm doing the big half the following weekend.

    HA - classic nearly forgetting the wife's big birthday. 

    Speaking of which - have a cracking weekend AWC!

    Wishing the other half a speedy recovery Steve.

    Another fairly uneventful training week for me - 3 swims, 2 bikes and 3 runs Mon-Today with a day off tomorrow ahead of Southern XC champs at Parliament Hill. I've never broken the top 300. I don't plan on bucking that trend..
  • AWC...happy birthday, enjoy the weekend, it sounds class.

    Steve...good MLR, i strangely enjoy running in the fog.

    Cal...Nice strides.

    SQ...You're doing some racing at the minute, i'm a bit jealous. Best of luck for Sunday. Good session too.

    HA...Easy running is the right idea, hope this morning went/goes ok for you. Glad SQ saved you with the Wife's birthday there :lol:

    Joe...Best of luck at the XC.

    14M MLR this morning, decent run, happy enough.
  • HA  :D that's made my day. To the rescue!

    Best of luck at the XC, Joe. That'll be a hell of a standard, I bet. Would love to do the infamous Parliament Hill course one day. 

    Very decent MLR, hamo. You seem to knock out the sub 7 pace MLRs very well now.

    Great to have a catch up recovery with spoons this morning. 45 minutes minutes chatty pace, about 8:30s. 
  • Happy birthday for the w/e AWC. Sounds like a great bash. You got at least another 10 good years in you yet young man so no harm in celebrating that fact royally.
    Close call again HA. Hope the ribs are knitting back together OK
    No Wokey for me SQ. I've got a couple of XC races & Dursley Dozen in a fortnight but that's probably it til Forest of Dean HM end of March - apart from parkruns of course. I'm deliberately avoiding over-racing myself for a change.
    Just 5M w 8x100m stride lites this morning.
  • Jooligan said:

    No Wokey for me SQ. I've got a couple of XC races & Dursley Dozen in a fortnight but that's probably it til Forest of Dean HM end of March - apart from parkruns of course. I'm deliberately avoiding over-racing myself for a change.

    What’s going on? Surely not!
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Cotswold weekend booked, all is well. I owe you a pint SQ.

    Got out this morning for 16.5 miles, was pretty stiff and sore to start and it took a while to loosen up but by the end I was moving alright, and the pain was much less. Didn't push the pace at all. Then at lunch went out for a short hill session with a workmate, just 6x50s hills, not pushing too hard but felt alright, in fact the rib was least sore on the uphills. Good to feel like it's getting better.
  • Joe, good luck - rather you than me!
    HA, that's rather a lot of running for a weekday, especially with sore ribs.
    Rest day, although I did manage to walk six and a half miles...one of my clubmates has offered me a lift to Farnborough (the train doesn't get in until half eight, which is cutting it very fine for registration and toilet queues) so I figured I'd walk over to where she lives so I could see how long it took. Long story short, I took a wrong turn and managed to add two miles to the round-trip, so rather more walking than I planned on. Never mind. Still went to the gym afterwards for a bit of light strength training.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    AWC - hope the party goes well, happy bday. Plenty of more running years ahead.

    Steve - 20 inc 10mp for me tomorrow. I did 10 rather than the 8 in 17m 3 weeks ago,, so will hopefully cope ok. These runs depend upon the wind really.

    Well done on the mlr Hamo

    HA - great news, you must be healing up a bit.

    Hope Sunday goes well SQ. No wokungham for me.

    Still a parkrun every week jools ?

    Cal - hope farnborough goes well, its supposed to be flat and quick. Hope the weather is kind.

    Just a short and easy run yday and today. Couldnt risk going further than the minimum reqd 5m on this mornings run commute after 5 pints and a chicken madras last night. Nervous times !
  • That's pretty much a tapered LR there TR :D Hope the madras has cleared through before you start on the MP section tomorrow :p I expect I'll do parkrun pretty much every week they're not always flat-out mind.
    Decent effort that HA. Usual family w/e ahead? Definitely earned tomorrow off today.
    Good luck at the races SQJoeCal.  Where're tomorrow's parkruns?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited January 2020
    Jools - good idea, its when you start investing too much mental and physical energy into racing every week that it probably stops being a good thing.

    Luckily the last of the Madras had passed through. I rechecked P and D and it said 18 with 10mp. I have already done 10 av 6.29 and 10 av 6.28 so was hoping for an improvement. 8 easy, then got stuck into the mp, which all seemed to be into some breeze, first 3 came in av 6.40 but that was the worse of the wind. Final av 6.28 (so 3av ~6.40, 7 av~6.24). Not sure about mp, more like 10m balls to the wall. I wish you could have repeatable conditions for these runs otherwise you are comparing apples with oranges.

    Onwards and upwards.
  • TR, might be a bit windy for me, looking at the forecast. We'll see I guess.
    Speaking of, was that wind from the heavens or the madras? :D

    I had thought I'd have another crack at Gunpowder (the one cancelled last week) today, but then someone mentioned Luton Wardown was having a Burnes-themed parkrun with lots of tartan and me, being the owner of some tasteful tartan strides, couldn't resist. It was a good decision as it wasn't too hard to get to (tube then train, then a 10 minute walk) and the park was nice, the people friendly. Lots of tartan and a funny run briefing from the Scottish RD who used lots of scots slang while someone held up translations on cards.
    The course was three and a half laps, mostly flat and mostly tarmac with one short incline on dirt (I think it was grass at one point, but not any more...) that fortunately wasn't muddy. My legs felt OK and I managed an OK, if not spectacular time of 25:40. I tend to think of anything under 25 as great and anything under 26 as decent (above that, there better be hills or mud or I'd be disappointed with it). I was in the top 25% and first in my age cat, after a fraught battle with a young girl who kept sprinting past me. I got her on the final climb up the hill, when, like a lot of kids, her erratic pacing ended with her running out of puff.
  • So, Farnborough. Despite my arsehole neighbours downstairs doing their best to keep me awake, I managed to get up early enough to make the 2.5 mile walk to Earlsfield to get my lift. It was a one-way lift, as my clubmate's husband and 4 year old were heading to Guildford after for junior parkrun, after which she was going to head over there and join them, but no problem - the issue was getting there on time, and we got there with 40 minutes to spare.
    After the number pick-up, loo queue and bag check I changed into my 4% (because why not) and did some strides. It was pretty nippy so I was happy I'd opted for long tights and a long-sleeved shirt under my club vest, unlike my other clubmate, Seb, who always races in ludicrously short shorts. Decided to keep my gloves on. As it was, I got pretty warm during the race and shed the gloves after 6 miles - I'd have been OK in my vest and arm sleeves, but never mind.
    I had it in my head that the course was two laps, but it wasn't, actually - it starts in the airfield then goes out into the country lanes, wiggles around a bit (including one long out and back) before returning to the air field again. It was quite a bit more undulating than expected, though I wouldn't call it hilly - just not as flat as advertised.
    First mile went down in 8:30, which was bang on what I'd hoped would be my pace. The next two were a bit quicker, though not the suicidal pace I'd gone out at when I ran Kingston. However, at this point I found myself slipping back to 8:40ish pace, but I told myself that was OK, I wasn't really expecting a PB, just a good fitness test ahead of Tokyo.
    If I've started too fast it usually starts to bite me in the arse around mile 8, but at that point I felt pretty good, still, so I kept plugging away. I still felt pretty strong at 10 (despite nearly stacking it over a cone on the out and back) and before I knew it we were back at the airfield. I figured the PB wasn't on at this point, but I had enough in me to finish strong and I managed to pull out an 8:17 on the final mile before gunning it to the finish.
    My Garmin told me I'd just got in under 1:53 so I figured I was actually very close to my PB, so I was happy, as I'd actually had a much better race than Kingston as I felt a hell of a lot better at the end of it.
    Collected medal and goody bag, then my bag, and found my clubmates. As luck would have it, another runner was heading back to Wimbledon and offered to drive me and Seb, which meant avoiding a long wait at Farnborough train station and then just a few stops on the tube home.
    Got back, checked the results and I got the exact same time as Kingston. D So technically not a PB, but I equalled it, and I felt I ran a lot better and on a more undulating course. I can't complain about that.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Nice one Cal, youre in good shape. Bodes well for Tokyo.

    8m easy to get another week rolling. 10k race next Sunday.
  • SQ...nice easy running with Spoons, seemed to pay dividends for your 10 miler.

    Jools...Nice strides.

    HA...Glad the ribs are starting to feel better, good MLR/LR.

    TR...Brilliant MP run, very good pace, esp with it being wind affected, well done. They can feel balls to the wall alright when you are in the middle of a big week/training block, and i agree, would be nice to have similar conditions every time to compare the runs but c'est la vie, we just have to guess and hope :lol: Where's the 10k? Fast course?

    Cal...Well run at the parkrun. Brilliant running over the half marathon too, awesome work. Well done on equaling the pb, next time duck at the line :lol: Awesome weekend of running for you, class.

    8M GA aerobic on Saturday, and a 20 mile LR, and the junior park run on Sunday brought me to 96 for the week.
    Very pleased with Sundays run, which was 20 with [email protected] As usual with the Mara paced stuff i ran the first 10 miles progressively, from MP+20%(ish), 6.55 slowest mile, down to MP+10(ish), 6.15 fastest mile, then the last 10 at MP. The MP section came out at a 5.50 min/mile average, with a spread of 5.46-5.52, so more than pleased at that. Like TR, it felt a bit balls to the wall at times, but overall, a good hard effort.

    6M recovery doubles today to start off this week, which is my first cut back week of the plan.
  • Great long run that TR - bodes really well for the Spring. Top work. You fuel at all during those?

    Cal - Big congrats on the time in Farnborough. Seem like your running is trending in the right direction and things are going really well. You can definitely go faster on a better course. Are you doing another one before Tokyo?

    Hamo - surely could've squeezed out 4 more mile? Great running as ever.

    South England XC on Saturday - it was as brutal as ever. The 5th time I've run that course at Parliament Hill, and definitely the worst conditions I've ever done it in. It just didn't add up, because the weather had been ok in the build up, but it was like someone had come down with a massive hosepipe and turned it into a swimming pool.

    Advertised as 15km, but it was more like 14 - which was more than enough! 3 lap affair, with the standard opening charge from the bottom to the top. When you're already in the red 3 quarters of the way up the first hill, you know it's going to be a long day..

    Paced it fairly sensibly, knowing how tough the course was and it was going to be roughly an hours hard effort. From lap 2 tried to push on and buried myself on the final one. Absolutely caked in mud by the end, I'd 'run through' my socks so they had holes in and shoes were pretty much stuck to my feet.

    397th out of around 1100. In the past I've been low 300's, but running approx 30mpw I'm probably not just going to be as competitive with those thorough-bred runners. Really good hit out and should have a good training effect anyway. Certainly enjoyed the beers after.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Hamo - nice one on the mp run, one of the good things about this thread is that you know others are out there putting in the key sessions too.......given good weather sundays 10k at Chichester is a quick course. Typically 30sec quicker than my recent 10k, but it looks windy and some of the course is exposed on the airfield/motor cct.

    Joe - well done on that xc sounds brutal. Whilst i used to be in the run long fuelled by fresh air club, i now practice race nutrition on the tough or long runs, so i had a gel before the mp and another after 5m of the mp. I think it also helps me to recover quicker than the unfuelled long runs.

    mlr monday, and obviously it involved an absolute hosing, luckily P and D only said 13m and not the usual 15m.
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