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  • Long sleeved tops are gold, TR. Just bought a Contra one as they were offering me a discount for volunteering last year. Hope the 10Ks went well.

    Yesterday I did Clair parkrun in Hayward's Heath. A bit further out of town but I chose it as it's a) hard paths all the way and b), actually straightforward to get to (one train change and very close to the station). I've actually arrived home later after some of the London parkruns.
    It's a small park, so it has the most laps I've done aside from Highbury Fields - four and a half. Unlike Highbury, which is on a gentle slope, it is bloody hilly. There were around 250 runners which I figured wasn't bad compared to many of the London runs, but Clair's paths are super narrow so apparently this is a lot for them (they had to ban running with dogs for this reason) and the first lap was pretty congested.
    The RD was really welcoming and came to talk to me as soon as she spotted my cow cowl.
    I did my usual one mile warm-up and realised just how hilly the park was. The main climb is short but damned steep - a bit like the one at Ally Pally - and then there's a more gentle climb before you come down again.
    First lap was pretty slow due to the congestion but it spaced out a bit after that. I actually liked the challenge of the steep hill and passed quite a few people there, but I kept getting passed by the same people on the downhill. It wasn't massively steep but still steep enough that I took it easier than most.
    I was a bit disappointed with my time (28:09) but then when I reviewed it in Garmin Connect, I realised just how hilly it was - Garmin made it 92m of gain which is very close to Mole Valley, the hilliest I've done to date. Thing with Mole Valley is that all the climbing comes in the first two thirds and then it's downhill, and a nice downhill I can speed down, whereas this being laps was just constant. Anyway, a good way to do some hill reps I guess!

    Today I was considering going out with the club for my long run, but I was awake before 5 again and didn't want to wait until 9 to run, so I went out at 6:30 and did 20, making the route up as I went along. At one point I found myself on Northcote Road near Wandsworth Common, where my club does a hill session sometimes (the road sits in a valley of sorts, so the roads either side of it are hills and you can zig-zag up and down them) so I thought, when in Rome, and did a few of my own (because you can never do too many hills, right? Nothing as challenging as Clair but I actually enjoyed it).
    I finished my 20 in just over 3:30 which is par for the course - started slow and finished faster so a big neg split (got to 10 miles in 1:49).
    And that's a 54 mile week done.
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    Blimey Cal, youve been busy, well done.

    6m easy yday, then Stubbington 10k today. Last yr i did 38.28 for 130th, today i did 37.05 (my watch, hopefully it took me 6 secs to cross the start) for 70th on a windier day. Had a good tear up with Millsy, we managed to run strongly together (cant remember anyone coming past after the early jousting fir posiitions). Chichester in 3 weeks would usually be approx 30sec quicker again (esp if its less windy), all of which puts me on the path to 80mins at fleet and sub 2.55......4% are still in the box, didnt want to waste them on a windy, slightly slow course.
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    That’s a decent weekly mileage there Cal.

    Had a good day out at Stubbington going flat out from the gun and trying to stick with TR on 37 min pace. Was right on the limit the whole way but couldn’t quite keep up in the last 200 yards. Watch said 37:00:40 so probably not the dream of sub 37 but can’t complain with a PB and knowing I gave everything on the day. Don’t think I could have managed it without someone to push me on, so, many thanks TR.  
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    Millsy - it was good fun. We were on for 37.30 ish at 1/2 way so I was surprised when we finished to see how close to 37min we were (but we probably turned away from the wind around 6km), i was just running hard and at times struggling to keep up with you esp on the inclines. Happy days. Lets hope the chip times squeek us under 37, you might make it, not sure it took me 6 secs to cross the line though....same again at fleet for a sub 80 ?
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    Cracking times at Stubbington TR and Millsy.  You can't complain with a PB.  That must be close to a PB territory for you as well TR?  With that speed at this stage of the campaign, a target of 2:55 could be considered as serious sandbagging!

    That's a good 20 miler and good mileage for the week Cal.

    Hope Macca & AWC have had good runs.

    That's a speedy fartlek Jools.  Hopefully, you recovered for the park run.

    Good progression run SQ - go easy with the back.

    A good MLR in the icy conditions hamo.

    Early days yet Spoons

    Conditions fairly pleasant here apart from the wind which at 14mph was on the strong side.  Twenty miles completed on the local cycle trail which tends to my usual route for the long runs.  We'd had a lot of rain overnight but conditions underfoot were pretty good and the puddle dodging helped pass the time.  I was struggling on the motivation front and the early pace was only just hitting the MP+20% mark.  Found a bit of energy towards the end, so last five miles at 7:14 pace and an average of 7:43 for the run. 

    Gives my 76 miles for the week.  Definitely feels like I'm back in marathon training!
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    Speedy 10Ks chaps.🎩 Well done 👏👏
    Decent Scores too Cal & SBD.
    I was back at Bideford parkrun yesterday chasing the 19:xx which eluded me on Xmas Day. After feeling strong on the 3.5K wu I was feeling reasonably optimistic in spite of the 20+mph winds. After 200m I was in 3rd place with a number of runners breathing down my neck. Gradually they dropped away whilst I maintained the gap to 2nd. Just after 1K, on an out & back section, he darted off the course to tie a shoelace whilst the lead runner came charging back towards me. At the turn I had a 40-50m lead over the chase group which now contained the inept shoelace tier. We were now into the wind & the effort:pace ratio rose markedly but I held strong gradually increasing my lead as the chase group fragmented. 2 more full laps followed which necessitated some awkward overtaking manoeuvres on the out & back section before the final short lap. I was dying into the wind by now but knew every 500m auto-lap had been under 2 minutes so knew I should make it OK. I knew the course was slightly longer than the exact 5K I’d clocked previously due to a wider line on 2 bends during the out & back section so I wasn’t surprised when the watch beeped 5K 20-30m before the line. I was pleased to see 19:43 on the watch & take 2nd (only 3:02 behind the winner 😮 ) It was much windier than last week, a harder course than Barnstaple due to the number of tight turns (especially the dead turn on each of the 3 large laps), laps (& hence overtaking) & a short ramp on each lap & I’d done 54M in the previous 5 days rather than having a couple of days rest. I then ran 13.1M along the Tarka Trail (an old railway line now a cycle path) back to the car so 18M for the day. Just a hilly 7.8M today at 7:58 before breakfast then a 15M tandem ride along Devon lanes which also featured several sharp climbs.
    That’s my biggest week since early last Spring: 80M 😎
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    Great work at Stubbington Millsy and TR. Great run race for both of you by the sounds of it. Plans certainly on track.

    Nice LRs and great weekly mileage SBD and Cal

    Jools - Nice parkrunning. Sounds like you're back in business and enjoying the racing. That clown struggling with his shoelace didn't have a flat cap on by chance? Solid weekend all round. 

    Good weekend for me, with a pair of evening 12 milers. Felt pretty good for both. Stuck in some strides last night, then, as I was feeling good, decided for a fast finish with last 5 miles around 5:50/mile. Pace was nothing special but felt I was moving well and enjoying that "comfortably hard" threshold feeling. 
  • HA - Nice back to back MLR's
    TR & Millsy - Fantastic running at the 10k.
    Cal - Nice mileage and 20 miler!
    Jools - Nice sub 20!
    15 miles for me on Saturday and 10 miles yesterday for 56 miles for the week.
  • SQ...Nice progressive run, careful with the back.

    Jools...Good fartlek. Brilliant Parkrun time, especially in windy conditions, class. Big week too.

    TR...Sorry, I meant I'll race the 1/2 flat out rather than run it at MP, and use it as an indicator of were i'm at fitness wise. Brilliant running in Stubbington, class work, definitely pointing to sub 80 and 2.55, your flying at the minute.

    Cal...Excellent weekend. Some amount of hill work too. Well done at the parkrun, sounds a tough course.

    Millsy...Brilliant pb, well done. Hope the chip time can get you below 37 (not much of a dip really), but even if it doesn't, that is still a cracking time, awesome.

    SBD...Big week there, well done. Very good LR with a good pace, especially considering you weren't feeling exactly up for it.

    HA...Nice MLR's, very good finish to last nights too. Nice when you feel that your moving well, boosts confidence.

    Steve...Big weekend and week from you, well done.

    Saturday was a 9 mile GA run for me. I'd planned to run it very easy/verging on recovery pace to give my a legs a bit of a break before Sundays LR with [email protected] But the weather was awful, proper soaked through two mins after leaving the front door and a howling wind, so ran it at the harder side of easy/steady-ish, to get home and warm quicker :lol:

    Sundays 17 with [email protected] went well none the less. First 9 miles were run progressively from MP+20% down to MP+10%, in blocks of 3 miles. Miles 1-3 @ 6.55 m/m, 4-6 @6.40's and [email protected]'s or there abouts. Then finished with the [email protected], which came out in a range of 5.48 - 5.56, with an average of 5.51 over the 8 miles. More than happy with that, as i was planning to run them between 5.50 (positive thinking) and 6 min miles, so right on target and i felt good, or in control anyway, throughout.

    Finished up Sunday morning with my usual recovery run in the guise of the junior parkrun with my baby. The eldest came First girl and 4th overall in a new pb of 9.24 on Sunday too, so it was a happy house on Sunday afternoon :lol:

    6 very windy recovery miles this morning. Not overly looking to tonight's planned 6 at recovery pace though, the wind this morning was brutal at times, and it's to get worse as the day goes on because Storm Brendan is coming :flushed::lol: . Could be worse, could be attempting LT or intervals i suppose.
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    Just a quick check in from me as I'm travelling around London today. Country to Capital went really well - 6hr 17min and 28th place (of just over 400 starters) which was a big improvement on 47th last year. Time was a couple of mins quicker although the 1st half was a lot muddier than last year. So much so that I fell and banged my left knee on a rock after about 10 miles. It bled but felt ok, however its still really sore and looks like I've badly bruised the top of my tibia. Hopefully it'll be fine with a few days rest.
    Well done to Millsy & TR on a really strong performance at Stubby.
  • Cal - well done on the 20, especially with the hills and neg split.

    SBD - decent paced LR there.

    Good to read of the 10k thread tear up, great times TR and Millsy.  Looks like a fairly stacked field from the results.

    SQ - hope the back eases.

    HA - good to read, I like the way you’r tuned into how you feel and not just the numbers. The shoelace anecdote had me thinking the same.

    Jools - enjoyed reading that, well done on the big week too.

    Steve - decent back to back runs and weekly mileage.

    Hamo - well done on the MP (one week after the training marathon😉), and good to read about the Jnr PR.

    I had a good race Sat at Country to Capital.   Started well with bumping into AWC on the start line.  The plan was to bury myself in a sensible way and I think I got it about right. The first half of the 43miles is mainly muddy trail with a couple of small hills.  I soon reached “comfortably hard” but effort levels then plateaued.  The 2nd half is flat canal tow path where if you’ve got anything left, time and places can be made up.  The only hiccup was missing a turn at about 18 miles adding on maybe 3/4 of a mile.  My  mind was totally consumed on whether to place a whole Colin The Caterpillar in my mouth or just his head.  I blindly followed the guy in front who was blindly following two other guys, totally my fault.  Anyway, this gave me a few guys to chase in the last few miles and I picked off 3 or 4 with none passing me.  Most pleasing was it felt like a strong finish and not much left in the tank at the end, evidenced by a daft and slow 3m shuffle from the train station to home.  Made up with a 7th place finish.
  • Class ultra-Marathoning AWC & Macca. Certainly not lost any endurance over Christmas then chaps B) Guessing the extra 1200m or so didn't adversely affect your final finish positions since the 3 in front of you all made the same faux pas.
    Recover sensibly & you should be in a great place to smash the marathon training.
    Nice relaxing weekend for you then Hamo ;) Quality as ever.
  • Thanks Jools.  I should have clarified, I overtook the 3 others who made the wrong turn.  There were 2 places ahead (one of which was behind when I went AWOL) within 4 mins and I reckon I lost 4 or 5mins but who knows they may have been coasting in and would have responded were I closer.  Leaves me thinking I can go a bit quicker next year though.
  • Xpost with AWC earlier - sorry to hear about the knee, hopefully just bruising.  It was definitely muddier and
    heavier going this year.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SBD - good weeks training there, going nicely. I need sub 36 for a pb, not sure ill get back there.

    Jools - getting back to it more and more.

    HA - good double double.

    Hamo - you are a machine ! I think I'll keep fleet as a target 1/2 too.

    AWC - cracking race and progression, saturday was a wild day too.

    Macca - wow, that was another stellar day.

    12m tonight, luckily i got 6m done before the rain joined in with the wind, it got a bit grim from then on.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Poor old Colin !
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
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    Great skills getting to all the parkruns via public transport, Cal. Very impressive. Sounds a tough and hilly course. Good tempo training. Excellent 20 as well. Building nicely for Tokyo. 

    Well done not the race time improvement over last year, TR. Unleash the VFs at Chichester for sure. Great PB, Millsy! Is that the first of the year on the thread? Great to see a thread smack down either way. 

    Excellent long run and week, SBD. Proper marathon training!

    Outstanding effort on a tough morning at parkrun, Jools. Sure the shoe lace non-tier wasn’t Spraggins? (EDIT - HA got there first.)

    Big week, Steve. Nice one.

    Do you ever have a bad run, hamo? Great long run! Absolutely fantastic for your daughter - sounds like she is loving it. 

    Wow, well done AWC. Epic racing for a non-A race. Hope the knee is ok. A bit of race sounds very sensible.

    Macca - machine territory. Incredible pace. And then backed up with a jog home, and do generous MLRs since!

    My own running over the weekend was pretty village. Slow 3M recovery on Saturday, before a planned 50 minutes on Sunday with 3 8 minute continuous hills. I was looking forward this different kind of session. Unfortunately time and my back conspired against me and I only managed 4M steady. This took me to 48M for the week, so two short of the target. Fortunately last week means I am still just averaging 50! I then got in my car this morning, and promptly ripped the crotch of my suit trousers. New year healthy eating working out well. 

    On a significantly more positive note, Sunday morning saw my daughter’s first every junior parkrun (2km). You are allowed to come along once you are four, with 14 years old being the cut off. She was found the briefing and warm up all pretty overwhelming, so we agreed to just walk from the start back to the car (about 50m of the route itself. Fortunately, she cheered up during this, and then loved it. I thought she would just do one lap, but making it fun for her, with lots of chasing games and pretending there were animals around, kept her going for the entire three laps. Sorry, gushing dad moment. Very well organised, and everyone was having fun. Hope to make it there again at some point if she show further interest. 

  • I did check the shoelace numpT for signs of the Sprag: young fella but definitely no flat cap & remarkably quiet too :p 
    Colin? TR
    Not sure you know the meaning of rest & recovery Macca judging by Strava since C2C!
    Top notch parenting SQ but not good about the back. Had a laugh at the suit splitting though :D
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SQ - hope yr back comes good. I can feel yr pride in yr daughter. My kids did a few kids races, they used to do one in Marwell zoo and you got to stay for the rest of the day.

    Jools- Colin the caterpillar, what a way to go !

  • Jools - not just any ultra food, M&S ultra food.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
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    Macca - Awesome effort again. I can imagine that extra 1.2km would've felt a long way. Seems you're unflappable and take everything in your stride, great attitude. Surely the whole Colin just goes in?

    AWC - Great race from you too. Hope that knee recovers alright. 

    SQ - Hope you back settles soon. You're doing pretty well considering. Nice work on the junior PR, I was exactly the same when my kids started. It's a battle of minds most of the time. Physically they're perfectly capable but if it becomes boring, it's just impossible to get them around. My son loves it now, my daughter not so much but she'll run from time to time if she feels like it. Good work on the trousers.

    Hamo - Bloody hell, that's some solid running backing up from that training marathon. Great going.

    Just an easy 8 miles for me this morning, might get out for half an hour at lunch, depending on what the weather is doing.
  • AWC...Awesome work on the Ultra, hope your Knee is OK. Fair play to you for running so well after banging it.

    Macca...Brilliant running, time and position on Saturday, even with an extra bit thrown in for the craic :lol: Madness that you ran home after it too, top quality madness, well done :lol:

    TR...well toughed out MLR, the weather was bad yesterday alright.

    SQ...Class, really well done to your Daughter, glad she enjoyed it in the end, it is daunting for them to be fair, esp at 4. Junior parkruns are a class thing though (not sure you'd have thought i thought that with all my bleating on about them :flushed::lol:) so hope she gives it another go...even for another kinder egg :wink: Top work with the trousers, glad you'd a good Christmas :lol:

    Ha...You are right about it being a battle of the minds, my eldest was easy, shes always loved the junior parkrun, she ran the full parkrun a few times before our junior one started. The Other two needed persuaded (see bribed) the first few times though, but genuinely enjoy it now...well most weeks, sometimes running 2 laps is just hard work :lol: The volunteers really help encourage them too which makes it easier. Nice easy run.

    10 with strides for me this morning.
  • AWC - Great placing and result, considering the muddy conditions. Hope the knee is OK.
    Macca - You machine....superb placing considering the extra distance. Nice recovery too.
    SQ - Nice mileage still, hope the back is OK. Nice parkrun from the little one too.
    Hamo - Superb running, you seem to be continually on fire!!
    TR - Nice 12 miler. The weather round here was grim last night so if it was similar to where you were then kudos for being out in it!!
    10 miles with 5 at LT today, came out at 6:32/6:34/6:33/6:26/6:38, still not running LT miles as fast as I was in HM training last year, but got more miles in the legs now I suppose!
  • Great job at Stubby, TR and Millsy. You must be pleased with that.
    Well done on the 20, SBD.
    That's a good time for C2C, AWC, especially carrying a war wound. I hope your knee feels better. One of the guys from the Shades thread fell at a parkrun a while back and skinned his knee so badly he needed a skin graft, and then got DVT. That was months ago and he's still not fully recovered. So, er, yeah, I hope it's not that bad!
    Macca, great job on the 7th place (in spite of the wrong turn!) That's a race I might end up doing at some point, though I don't much like mud so we'll see.
    Excellent running, Hamo - that's pretty fast for your girl as well. Obviously takes after you.
    SQ, guessing you have big quads too if you're busting out of your trousers. I've done the same thing myself, so I tend to stick to tracky bottoms and stretchy stuff these days. Good job with your daughter, too. G;ad she had fun.
    Steve, well done on the LT. Always a toughie.

    Yesterday was a rest/gym day - 15 minutes warm-up on the elliptical and then some back, shoulder, glute and ham stuff.

    Today I ran. I normally leave my MLR to Wednesday or Thursday but it looks like rubbish weather tomorrow so I did it today. Ended up doing 15 miles (I bet most of you run your 20s in less time than it takes me to run 15, but there you go). Right knee gave me a little warning twinge during the first mile but then shut up. I suspect this is because it didn't like the downhills at Clair parkrun on Saturday - it has protested thusly before.
    Much later into the run my glute/ham got a bit achey, but I'm pretty good at ignoring that as it's grumbled off and on since 2017. I'll give it a good going over with my Theragun later (already had an Epsom salts bath).
    Those things aside it was an uneventful run. As I didn't go out until well after 6, it meant I was hitting the school run later into my run so I had to dodge a lot of kids on their wheeled implements of carnage, as well as dogs, wheely bins (I've lost count of the times I've whanged my funny bone on one of these bastards) and the Christmas trees that have yet to be picked up by the council. I managed not to trip over or bump into anything/one so that's a plus. Also saw a lady walking a corgi puppy, which was as cute as you can imagine.
    Pace was easy throughout - recovery pace initially but moving up to standard easy pace once I could see where I was going. I am definitely looking forward to lighter mornings.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Cal: thanks - I hope its not that bad as well :Dthat's a good midweek 15 miler
    SQ: aww I remember taking my 6yo to her 1st parkrun at 4 - very special times indeed :)
    Steve: nice consistent LT there
    Macca: the fizzy cherry coke bottles were awesome for me - I was hammering them after CP2!
    I actually fell on my knee after 5 miles - I've just checked Strava. Its still tight & sore but getting better altho not bad considering I ran 38 miles on it :o

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Stevemac - i cant hit HMP either, just do the LT section hard and move on. Its the mp run paces you need to be more aware of (thats what im doing anyway).

    Cal - you are putting it in for sure. Hope you get a fair ROI for it.

    AWC - coke bottles and colins, this sounds less miserable than i first thought. If there was beer on offer.......

    9m inc strides done early today, so no weather beatings !
  • Evening all. 
    Free zoo after the kids race sounds great, TR. Sounds a bit like getting into the Eden Project after doing parkrun. That really is win win. 
    Sounds right, HA. Like everything there’s got to be some intrinsic motivation for long term commitment and enjoyment. Did you make it back out for a double?
    Very solid LT lace, Steve, especially in the context of higher mileage. 
    Great MLR, Cal. Longer than my LR!
    Great to see a thread photo. Remind me who’s in for Wokingham this year. 
    Macca - I must have my M&S food confused. I though Colin was a massive chocolate cake. I’m not quite as impressed at fitting in your mouth in one go now 😆 

    Going big on the back yoga stretches and strengthening. and four sessions back into the weights room. Seems to be helping, although a long way from there yet. Trying to think about posture and hip position when I’ve got the little lad in the carrier. Tried rubbing some ibuprofen gel on the back before my run today which seemed to help. Although I’m wary of doing this in the long term. It was the ‘long run’ for the week, 1h45. Managed 14.6M at 7:13 average pace. Obviously very windy for also choose a reasonably hilly route with 220m of ascent. Easy to steady effort. Pretty pleased with it despite the drenching. Back numbed from the gel, but very tight glute on the same side after the run. Sorry - I’ll stop moaning about niggles now. Please call me out on it if I do!
    Amazing how quickly you can get out of the P&D mindset of mega miles. My training log of only a few months ago seems incomprehensible!
    Decided to stick my first pair of Vaporflys on eBay tonight. No idea if they’ll sell, but I’ve had good use from them and they seem in reasonable nick. This was inspired by recently flogging my and my wife’s old Garmin Vivoactive. Amazed how quickly they went at £35 each. 
  • Steve...good LT miles, nice consistency especially with more miles in you legs.

    Cal...Good MLR. Having to avoid all those obstacles will keep you alert in nothing else :lol:

    AWC...class photo. Fizzy cherry cola bottles is peaking my interest in Ultras i must say :lol:

    TR...Good strides.

    SQ...Not at all, get the niggles off your chest, so to speak. I'd imagine you'll flog those 4%s no bother at all. Good pace over that long run, hope the back improves, you're doing all you can to help it, it seems.

    15M MLR this morning, ran it at a decent pace, 6.50s so happy enough.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    SQ - what length long runs does your plan go up to ? How many 20s?

    Hamo - well done on the 15m, marathon training gold.

    Seen a couple of reports coming out that the VF might get banned after all, not sure which versions and how it applies to joe public.
  • Good work on the LT run Cal, always tough the day after an MLR. Great long run too. How do you find the Theragun? I’ve seen it pop up on Instagram quite a bit lately with various elites.

    Yes I’ll definitely be at Worthing TR. Great work at Stubbington.

    Congrats on the PB Millsy, nice way to start the year!

    Great long run SBD.

    Top performance at parkrun Jooligan.

    Solid weekend HA.

    Great MP long run Hamo. Bodes well.

    Awesome work AWC and Macca. Hope the knee is ok AWC.

    Hope the back is ok SQ. Bad luck on the trousers, but at least it happened in the car and not in class!? That’s great your daughter enjoyed parkrun (in the end). What do you reckon, 10 years before she’s quicker than you? ;)

    Solid LT run Steve.

    I saw those reports about the Vaporfly TR, but given they conflate the AlphaFly and Next%, who knows what will actually happen. I suspect a ban on anything with a greater sole height than the Next%. Anything else just creates a mess given how long people have been running in VFs now. They’ve been commercially available for about 2.5 years, and several years before then in prototype form. Incidentally, it was interesting that the 10K WR was broken last weekend in Adidas shoes… 

    I’m still chugging along. 20:20 at parkrun on Saturday, but it was much windier so a better performance than last week’s 20:18. I did 6x800m this morning, all either 3:00 or 3:01, so very consistent, but also consistently slow. Still, I know I just need to keep plugging away. On the plus side, I managed to rack up 65 miles last week, which is my biggest mileage week since before Berlin.

    Linda Franks 5 miler on Sunday (see you there SQ?). Not expecting much but always a fun race. Should be a good workout regardless.
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