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  • Hi everyone. Good to see the usual suspects on here. I’m back for p&d flagellation.
    up to the p&d 16m long run so far....struggling for motivation though!
  • SQ - I'll be at Wokingham this year! You might not be doing P&D level miles, but you are still logging a good amount!
    Cal - Nice MLR.
    TR - Nice strides, fair enough, I guess it is the effort that counts.
    7 miles with strides as my run commute today, 5 miles later.

  • Welcome back FBT. Done much running since last Spring? Which marathon you signed up for?
    That's a good sign Spoons. I'm guessing you'll be skipping parkrun this Saturday or are you becoming an obsessive ;)
    More quality miles Hamo.
    Did my 13K along the canal yesterday but did 6x1K - average pace was significantly slower than Saturday's parkrun :( though the 3 with the wind weren't far off the 3 into Brendan's maw were soul destroying. Added a Trunch 5M for a decent day's effort.
    7M easy this morning with some minor undulations as a change from the canal. I'll be back there at for Runch after all.
  • Well, doing a 15 two days after a 20 might have been a mistake - woke up feeling tired and run down so am resting today. I expect I'll be OK tomorrow - I usually am if I actually take a rest when my body asks for it.

    I can't see them imposing a blanket ban on the Vaporflys - so many people have them it would be impossible to enforce. I have the 4% myself and I'm not even a good runner at a club level. They might be able to stop the elites wearing them in, say, the Olympics, but for your average road race? Forget it.
  • Cheers Jools, not much running really since Brighton last year, just a couple or runs 5 or 6 miles long a week. So it’s a bit of a ramp up the last few weeks. Luckily p&d starts off ok , then gets pretty intensive which is about whee I am now.
    im only doing Brighton marathon this season.
    why are vapourflys being banned? 
    Cal a 15 , two days after a 20 is pretty hardcore at this stage....
  • I'm a bit further along than most - Tokyo Marathon is on 1st March.
  • See you in Brighton again then FBT. I did a lot less after Brighton as I lost mojo then fitness. Been getting back into it since mid-September with some decent mileage logged in the last couple of months.
    Runch 5M done in the sun :)
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Good to have you back on board FBT. Brighton as usual -  good to see. 

    Cal - hope the rest day does the trick. Always a tough game to play, weighing up the risk/reward when deciding whether to back off or keep pushing. Sounds like you know what you're doing. 

    Jools - decent session of 1k reps even if the pace was wind affected, you're really going well at the moment. 

    SQ - good work on trying to get that back sorted. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I was thinking of a chocolate caterpillar shaped cake too. I've seen small ones too, like mini rolls - which is what I pictured Macca stuffing into his face.

    Spoon - Slowly, slowly. You'll get there.

    Standard consistency from Hamo and TR.

    Went out in the wind yesterday for an easy one with strides, then a short fartlek session at lunch today. 8x laps of the park, fast on the path, then recovery through the trees. Works out around 1:45 on/1:20 off. Hopefully work the off time down closer to 1:00 over the next few months. 

    Most eventful thing about today's run was the tumble I had jogging up to the park from work. Just suddenly fell and hit the ground without warning. At first I couldn't work out why I fell but then realised that the front of one shoe had gone through the shoelace loop of the other, sticking my feet together. Felt a right idiot. Lost a bit of skin from one hand and shoulder and feels like some mild bruising to my ribs where my elbow poked. Nothing serious though and I can't see it'll affect my running.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Re Vaporflys being banned - I haven't even worn mine other than in the front room FFS!
    HA: glad the fall is nothing serious
    FBT: great to see you are back hard at it!
    My knee is still very sore so I'm going to see the physio tomorrow. I assumed it was just going to bruise this week and heal up but it feels really swollen and tight so I need to get it looked at. It is improving each day, but very slowly
  • First of all, congrats on the fantastic performances AWC and Macca. Really awesome stuff - very impressive. Then I saw Macca was out on his LT run yesterday?! Christ.

    SQ - lovely to see your daughter getting into junior parkrun - hopefully the start of a long and enjoyable relationship!

    Also great to see Jools well and truly back in the room with his mojo in his backpack. 

    Spoons - keeping chipping away, and start gathering that hay to put into the barn. You know from previous experience that it'll start to click soon enough.

    Hamo - business as usual, absolutely smashing it.

    HA - business as usual, falling over all over the place.

    FBT - business as usual, popping up in early Jan before clearing off in May (welcome back!)

    There's no way they're going to ban VF's - maybe for elites but it'd just be too much of a headache for everyone involved.

    Building up swimming and biking nicely, and just hoping my running will fall into place sooner or later..
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I guess they'll ban the versions that havnt made general production yet, which leaves the masses with shoes that are legal.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited January 2020
    Spoons - see you at worthing then.

    FBT- worthing half ?

    Hope youre not hurt HA, i have the odd tumble too, usually along a tree lined main road near me where the tree roots are lifting paving slabs, and i catch the edge.

    Hamo - well done again on the 15m, it helped me tonight.

    AwC - mine are unused too. If they ban the Next% then ours become valuable.

    15m tonight, didnt rain, strangely enough.
  • TR the plan deals only in time rather than miles and/or paces. Enjoying it as a result of less self-imposed pace pressure. The longest runs are one 2:30, two 2:45 and one 3:00. There will definitely be significantly fewer 20+M runs than I’ve done in the past, but it’s a good experiment. 
    Good analysis on the Nike (non) banning, spoons. Your weeks are currently consisting of an interval session, a tempo/mini race and a long run. I’ve no doubt this will get you fit again. Yes, definitely see you at LF5 on Sunday. (And Staverton 10?) I’ve fond memories of wearing VFs for the first ever time there last year and smashing my PB to pieces! We’ll arrange a WU and CD if you are keen. 
    Hi FBT. You love it really. 
    Ouch, HA. Hope all ok. I’ve felt a bit more beaten up a day or two after a fall like that so look after yourself. Nice fartlek, definitely the best session call in this kind of wind. 

    Back stiff upon waking today, but pleased with how the easy hour at lunchtime went. Recovery effort, or at most 4-5 bpm higher, but resulted in a 7:52 pace. ‘Meathead yoga’, squats, deadlifts and general fancying about with various band exercises in the gym this afternoon. 
    Incredibly, my VFs sold on eBay for £65. This was an offer on day one of the week long auction, but I accepted at that early stage. Sold in full knowledge of the slightly worn soles. Result, I’d say. Just pleased he paid up before the recent news became more widely spread!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SQ - agreed, theres gains to be made from a different stimulus. You run 20s quicker than me, so theres enough time for 1x20, 2x22 and 1x 24 in those 4 runs.
  • TR, that's what I'm thinking about the Vaporfly. The Alphafly is just ridiculous - three plates and god knows what else. But they really can't ban the others - the genie has been out of that bottle for far too long now.

    HA, another reason to tuck your shoe laces in! I've fallen over enough times - usually it's tree roots although last time it was a trail race  - I'd survived all the roots, ruts and rocks and promptly stacked it on a nice bit of tarmac road. Still not sure exactly what happened there!

    Joe, gotta ask - how the hell did Katie go from hobbling around on two busted feet to first lady at Nonsuch in such a short time? Is she a terminator?

    11 miles this morning. I was intending to do 10 but there was a really lovely sunrise - lots of pinks and oranges - so I rerouted so I could run towards it for as long as possible. (Needless to say, it wasn't a fast run!) As predicted, I felt OK this morning - my body seems to like throwing these "I'm going to be ill" fake-outs, so I rest and then it's all "nah, just kidding." Still, I think it's important I listen to it because I really don't want another dose of shingles (I've had three in the past two years).
  • Spoons...I agree with you about the vaporflys. I'd imagine any ban will be for new shoes going forward, i just cant see that they'd want the hassle banning shoes already in mass production. You are moving in the right direction, as you say keep plugging away and it'll come flooding back. Good luck on Sunday.

    FBT...Glad to see you back.

    Steve...Nice strides and double day.

    Jools...Good work, pace can definitely be ignored when running against that wind.

    Cal...They were 2 big days back to back, no wonder you're feeling it. Hope the rest day has done its trick.

    HA...Nice session in the wind. Hope the fall hasn't done any serious damage.

    AWC...Hope the physio can sort you out.

    Joe...I'm sure the running will fall back into place no bother. It's not exactly been 'out of place' anyway.

    TR...Good work with the MLR, i'll return your Marathon training gold, well done.

    SQ...Well done with the gym work and easy running. £65 is a good return on your shoes. Hope you go well, and your back settles for Sunday.

    6M recovery this morning, very exciting :lol:
  • SQ - Good work on the gym and run.
    Hamo - Nice recovery!
    Spoons - You'll be back soon enough.
    HA - Hope the fall caused no serious issues.
    TR / Cal - Nice MLRs!
    14 mile MLR this morning, nice easy pace and so so peaceful after starting at 4:10 this morning!!
  • Good to hear from you FBT. Glad you’re enjoying your running as usual… :D

    No parkrun this week Jools, although the river is back up, so it may be cancelled in any case. Another local parkrun, Churchfields, hasn’t run since October due to persistent flooding!

    Sensible to listen to your body and rest Cal

    Hope the fall didn’t do too much damage HA

    Hope the knee heals quickly AWC, sensible to see the physio.

    Your running usually falls in to place nicely once you get rolling Joe.

    Yep I’ll be at Staverton too SQ. Definitely up for WU and CD on Sunday.

    This sounds like a more realistic take on any potential shoe rule changes: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/jan/15/nike-shoes-revolutionised-marathon-times-unlikely-banned-eliud-kipchoge

  • TR - not convinced I'll be running 20M any quicker than you. Haven't done one in training since June!

    Sounds a lovely run, Cal. Got to take a moment or two to enjoy the natural beauty that you are exposed to whilst running. There are times when it can come round fairly rarely!

    4:10 is winning at the moment, Steve ;)

    Wow, spoons, hadn't realised Churchfields had been off since October. I fancy that one sometime. I mean who wouldn't want to parkrun at a farm and ice cream factory! You can really on Sean Ingle for some solid reporting. It took me a why to realise he was the partner of Kate Carter, another running correspondent for the Guardian. 

    Intervals today. 50 minutes totaling 7M at 7:00 pace. 2 x (4', 3', 2', 1') with 1' between reps and 2' between sets. No idea on paces, I'd guess 6:05 - 6:30 efforts. Fartlek was definitely the way ahead with the current wind. Pleasingly, it looks much calmer, and a bit cooler, on Sunday. One of the main differences between this plan and my recent running is shorter warm ups and cool downs. This one worked out to be 12' and 10'. Anyway, enjoyed myself, and the back felt good (least bad) whilst running faster. In fact, it is at its most painful whilst getting dressed - I am taking that as progress!
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    You were spot on SQ, ribs are much more sore today. Really stiff getting up this morning. Tried jogging about 10m to see how it feels but it was quite sore so decided to give it a rest today. Hopefully back at it tomorrow. I expect it'll be stiff to start but hoping it will feel better once warm. We'll see.

    Fingers crossed the physio will help get that knee back to normal AWC. Can't seem to remember you having any other niggles recently, really seems all that strength and form work has paid off.

    SQ - hope that decent run signals the start of the end of your back problems.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    More good work cal

    Fair plat Stevemac, thats a nightime run not a morning run.

    Hope Sunday goes well for spoons and SQ. A race is good this time of year as it will either inspire to get better or inspire you to keep going. Thats what i told myself last weekend anyway.

    Hopefully youll be back to it tomorrow.

    7m easy for me today.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    edited January 2020
    Steve: amazing running at that time. That’s what I do when I’m training for night time ultras :)

    HA: you’re right I haven’t had a proper running injury in over 3 years. S&C work has really helped. Changing my stride/mechanics has also helped a lot too

    SQ: glad the back is improving

    Spoons: much more sensible proposal on the Nikes. Hope you go well on Sunday 

    Thanks for the good wishes on the knee/leg.

    Good news from the physio - Did a lot of prodding and stretching the area and some ultrasound thingy to show their was no fracture/chipped bone which I feared.

    He says I hit the top of my tibia on the stone and it’s inflamed the bone and tissues. 

    It already feels much better and he’s done so K tape to lift the skin up a bit to help it heal quicker. 
    Says it’s fine to run on as long as it doesn’t start feeling worse. So very happy with that outcome!
  • I'd heard Churchfields is basically a ploughed field style XC course so not been tempted with this weather - hadn't realised it's hardly run at all over Autumn/Winter.
    Seems like this is the injury thread with folk going arse over tit everywhere. Heal up chaps.
    Good luck at Linda Franks Spoons SQ. I'm doing Speedway 10K on Sunday - nice midday start so I get to have a lie-in :)
    Steve Are you related to Tom formerly of this parish? ;)  :p Decent MLR there
    Big day for me: kicked off with the usual 13K w 8x200m off 300m jog before work but because I wasn't sure whether to a fartlek or the usual regimented strides I ended up doing a 500m effort with the wind then a 300m one into it after a mile steady before kicking into the 200s. 1st 3 were into the wind then 5 with tailwind. Followed that up with a 9K TRunch progressive pyramid 8-7:30-8 with pace changes every K. Then a bonus at work meant I had a free pass so got out with the club for a recovery 9K to clock 19.4M all in. Brings me up to 160M for January too so my 10M a day marathon training is on target B)
  • Midday start, Jools? Surely see you at LF5 first then!
  • Morning everyone.
    Sorry to hear the ribs are more sore, HA. Hope they are on the mend today.
    Best of luck at Speedway, Jools. Conditions look perfect. Target?
    Hope the knee is progressing, AWC. Good to get some treatment.

    Got out for 6M recovery this morning - good to get a run in pre breakfast, first in a while. Very hungry upon my return. 
  • Steve...Well done at getting out at that time of the morning, class work.

    Spoons...Cheers for that link, sensible argument, and backs up what i think will happen.

    SQ...Nice intervals. Parkrun at a ice cream factory is my kinda parkrun.

    HA...Just right giving it a rest, hope your feeling better today.

    TR...Good easy work, those easy days are needed with all the big miles in the plan.

    AWC...Happy days, good news from the physio, glad to hear it.

    Jools...Big day is right, excellent work. Being bang on target is a nice feeling.

    Good luck to all our racers at the weekend, go well men.

    I see Bekele is doing London, that'll be some race between him and Kipchoge, and in fairness its two excellent elite fields overall (4 of the fastest 8 men ever) that they've pulled together. Between that, and the battle for the British Olympic spots, both male and female, it'll be some race to watch. Really is the best Marathon in the world in my humble opinion.

    Anyway, in my bid to out race the two of them :wink: i ran a 13M MLR this morning in the ice, so was happy to finish in 1.29 for a relatively hard effort.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Hamo: London is shaping up to be a very exciting and competitive race this year and that's just the P&D Thread :D
    Jools: well done on the 19.4mi day - not sure I could remember all those sessions - I mean what is a TRunch Progressive Pyriamid. Sounds like a tasy chocolate bar  :open_mouth:
    Knee feels the best its done this week. I could probably run today but I think I'll leave it until Sunday as there's no rush to get back into hard training just yet
  • Wise decision, AWC.

    Well done on the MLR, hamo. Yes - I'm also excited about the London line up. Kind of a shame we can't watch and race at the same time! I assume Eliud et all will be in the Red Lion on the free Fullers. Also excited to see Julian Spence AKA Moose there, for the IRP fans. Now he probably will be in the Red Lion.
  • Cal - yeah Katie is back running thankfully. It's now nearly 3 months post break, so she's had a fair spell out on the sidelines. And as for first finisher - think it was a slightly 'slower' week - her winning time was the 14th slowest winning time of 500 or so events!

    Glad to hear the knee is recovering AWC.

    Hamo in beast mode as usual.

    Also enjoyed the fields being released for London, and echo thoughts about being gutted re; not being able to watch! I've got more interest in the women's race, with my good mate Steph gunning for Tokyo. We were at hers for dinner on Saturday night;


    Good luck at LF this weekend team.

    We're off to York tonight for the weekend. May well have a crack at parkrun, on what's meant to be a relatively fast course. 
  • Really enjoyed her recent interview on Marathon Talk (or perhaps Let's Get Running, can't remember). 

    Enjoy York, Joe. If there is limited wind, the parkrun could be super rapid. Barely a turn in sight, great underfoot and plenty of space. Sub-16 for you guaranteed. Worth noting they carry a box or stuff from the start to finish for you (as they are on opposite sides of the racecourse). Very useful. 
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