First 1/2 Marathon



  • I always feel good afterwards. What was really good was to know was that I could have continued running. This is good news, because from next week on my long run is 60 mins. Then I will be staying 4 weeks with the times I will be running next week. So my body gets the time to adjust. Maybe my mileage will go up a bit, because I need to find an other course for my 40 min run. I started out running it in littlet bit more then 40 mins, but now I do it in 35 mins. So time to add a little bit.

    I was not thinking about getting faster. I was trying to run for longer times. But somehow, you also get faster if you train enough. It's a real thrill. It's really nice to see your body and mind chance in only 8 weeks time. I see more muscles (don't need to lose weight, so I don't have a scale), I'm lossing fat (lost some inches on legs and armes, not on belly).

    The best of all is I feel completely unstressed and I can tackel every problem I encounter. I can concentrate better while learning.
  • Wow, good to hear you're feeling so positive Sasjeh.

    I had a good long run today up over the hills. i had to walk some bits, as they were very steep. The only problem was I fell on the ways down!! Tripped over an exposed root, luckily the path was mud, so I only skinned my knee and elbow. But now have a big hole in the knee of my leggings :-(. What's worse is I was 3 miles from home, so I still had to run home, as it would have taken me ages to walk. A man walking his dog told me he saw me flying through the air, which was helpful! Fortunately I got home just before it rained really hard, or that could have really defeated me.

    Sitting here now it doesn't seem so bad, managed 10 3/4 miles, which I'm pleased with.

    How did everyone else get on today?
  • Puffin1

    take care of your knee. Make sure it isn't swelling up. It could get a little bit stiff for the days that come. Don't push it then, or you could end up worse (water in the knee).
  • Hi All,

    welcome to our little thread Sasjeh :D

    Thanks for everyones advice on my shins, still out with them (quite sore still)

    i think the main problem is my trainers, getting a new pair on wednesday so hopefully they will help.

    I am going to use my bike between now and then on run days to keep my fitness up (but i am not sure how much to do. Eg if you have a 4 mile run, how many miles on a bike would be a similar work out ?

    how is the best way to carry on after an injury? start when i left off? Or to carry on and run where i would be if i had not stoped (just read that... not sure if it makes sense or not)

    hope everyone keeps posting, great to read it all....

    Slug - what style of karate do you do?

    Speak to you all very soon

    (off for beer now)... :)
  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    I've just talked myself into doing a half in the autumn!!!
    I tried to look at the asics site, but I couldn't get to register. anyone slightly techie out there? I have Norton Security running - could that be a problem? I didn't get any messages apart from an initial one(Java or Active X ?) which I said to allow when I first entered the site. Then it just did nothing when I tried to register.
  • I have Norton too Pippi, and haven't had any trouble getting in. Did have trouble with the site the first time I went in, but that cleared up when I tried again later.

    Simon, if you've been out through injury, don't expect to be where you were before it. Why not go back and repeat an earlier week of your schedule to built back up. Or decrease duration and intensity until it flows again.
    With the bike thing, why not try doing the same time you would running, and use an undulating route to make it more challenging.

    Hope you enjoyed your beer :)
  • Pippi

    I don't know about the english version. I just looked it up, because I'm so pleased with the dutch section.

    (I really like to see how many beers and burgers I have already run off).

    Also I like to see the very slow progress your fitness. It's nice to read throw your training log, when you don't feel like running. It helps you motivate.

    Going out for a 40 min plod today.
  • Plodded for 40mins and did about 5.5k. Tomorrow I will be going on a small recovery run (about 25 mins). Hope everybody who had a training sheduled did fine and everybody else had a good rest day.
  • Hi, I was feeling a little less energetic today after my efforts yesterday, so only did 4 miles in 36 mins and some weight training. Have 6m scheduled for tomorrow, so hopefully will be feeling better then.

    It's raining again here, good to see the bank holiday weekend is continuing in their normal style. Hope no one was planning a BBQ!

    Hope you all enjoyed your plodding or resting whatever you were on...
  • Did 8 miles yesterday, averaged 11:50 per mile, and the only thing was my rear end starting to get tired, and achey knees. More stretching should help my rear end, but don't know what to do to help my poor knees. Anyone got any ideas? I already have a pair of Sorbothane full strike insoles.

    Puffin - went to a bbq on sunday, and then wathcing flaming barbecues on Home and Leisure all afternoon spurred me on to use my deluxe £1.64 Tesco disposable one, to have chops and (chicken) sausages for dinner, and felt great about it, cos they were packed with goodness to help heal my hard worked legs :)
  • Good to hear about BBQ enjoyment!

    I haven't plodded today, am home nursing my ailing boyfriend who had brutal food poisoning from eating Sushi yesterday. Have been home from work for lunch to check on him, and on missions to the chemists. So, will make up for today by training Friday instead.


    Hope all is well with everyone else....
  • Puffin1

    hope your boyfriend gets well soon. Goatee Runner, I'm looking forward to going home soon after the exams. Then I can have a bbq too.

    Went for a 2 mile recovery run today. Felt fine. Tomorrow rest day, thursday again a 40min plod.
  • Hmm, following my 8 mile run on Sunday, I went for a 'recovery run' yesterday, but it nobbled my knees - I think it's because my quads aren't strong enough / don't have enough endurance to keep my knee stable for long runs. Yesterday I could barely go down stairs. Today I'm feeling a lot better, but will leave running till my 9 miler on Sunday - I may start working on my quads tomorrow though, assuming they're back to normal.
  • hello all

    I am back! Went to runners need today to get some new trainers, shorts, tshirts etc.

    I have to say the service in there is top notch, got served stright away, tried on plenty of trainers (taking each pair for a spin on the treadmill), asked the guy all sorts of quesions and he was really helpful.

    Gonna give me shins a few more days off, do some streching, biking and icing, then i will start the running again.

    Can not wait.... :D

    Hope everyone is enjoying their runs keep up the good work ..... sorry to hear about your bfriend puffin... nasty thing food poisoning - hope he gets better soon.

  • He's on the road to recovery, moaning and crashing around the house! Did actually go for a run last night after all, got cabin fever about 6pm and did 4 miles.

    Goatee; take it easy until your muscles get used to things, esp. if you're weight training.

    Simon; which trainers did you go for?

    Am off to running club in a mo, we're at a new venue tonight so not sure what the route will be like. There's bound to be hills though.

    Hope all have done well today...
  • Hi Puffin,

    I got a pair of Asics (gel foundation plus?)

    feel a bit odd as they are quite padded to correct my foot when i run.

    have fun @ the running club.. that reminds me, i must find out where my local one is.

  • Thanks Puffin1 - to be honest all I was planning on doing, is the wall sit that they have in the new issue - no weights for me - I'm a wuss! ;)
  • Wall squats with the ball are good, also try lunges, really help to strenghten the legs. If you build up slowly you'll soon be using huge weights.

    The new route was fun, the hills don't seem to be a steep! Although we do have a new challenge; long grass!! It's a killer.
    Have volunteered for a 7.5 mile cotswold relay training run tomorrow night, so will be back out in the hills.

    Have never tried Asics Simon, am loyal to Nike (except when Wiggle have good offers on Saucony!), you'll have to let us know if you feel an improvement. When I bought my first pair of Air Pegasus it felt like I was flying in comparison to what I was running in before.

    Night all :)
  • If you have low arches Asics aren't the best since they have quite high arch supports - can cause blistering on longer runs. I tried Nike Sturcture Triax, but the upper isn't rigid enough for me - Adidas Supernova Controls are the one shoe for me, because the laces go through the stripes, which holds the upper nice and rigid :)

    Knees are all better today. . hurrah! Though no run, as have yoga instead.
  • Hi Goatee

    I think thats why i was given them, saw footage of me running in a pair of nikes and my feet we collapsing in. But these seemed to correct that, i have not been on a long run so i am not sure how they will hold up.

    I will let you all know.

  • Excellent Simon - hope they're just right for you!

    I just bought another pair of the 2003 Supernova Controls, while I can still get them (oh, and they're 40 quid, instead of 70 :)
  • P.s. this is the best (and most rational sounding) article I've read about preventing and treating shin splints.
  • did a nice 40 min plod, now need to go and study exam tomorrow
  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    I still can't get into that Asics site!!! given up!
    Like previous posters I did start with the RW beginners half marathon, thought it looked OK but decided to look further as the long runs seem to go up in rather large increments! I've also looked at John Binghams Marathons for mortals book from the library - I like that although he suggests 2 lots of cross training rather than running in the week. Also theres a plan on the Bupa website. They are all bascially similar, so I suppose I can see how it goes, mix and match, etc!
    Havent' done "much" this week (half-term! yippee!) - but I suppose bike ride, walking etc count as cross training, eh?
    I did mean to goe out tonight, honest, but I still feel full after my tea ... and then it started to get dark ...
  • Keep at it Pippi, and soon you wont be able to stop yourself.

    I did a 7 mile Cotswold way training session tonight, the first hill was steep, and seemed never ending. Although worse was to come; fields of rape head high, which made things more like jungle exploration than running. And step, ooh they hurt! And then there was the horizontal rain...

    ...what a run!

    Hope you've all had good sessions today.

  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    i did my short easy run this morning.
    Just been out for a lovely country walk, now my legs are all tingly - not the exercise, the NETTLES! That was me you saw with an OS map wrapped round my legs going OW! OW!
    Now write out 100 times,
    I must remember to wear long trousers in June
    I must remember to wear long trousers in June
  • Beanz52Beanz52 ✭✭✭
    Just started reading this thread.
    I am 2 weeks into HalHigdon's half marathon Novice training - for my first half - Robin Hood in September.
    I've only done 5K races so far, but up to 6.5K on weekend long runs, and entering a 5 mile in July.
  • Went for my long run today. From now on it is really a long run. I need to run for an hour. I did 7.5k. I know for some this is a piece of cake, but it's a real achievement for me. And most importantly, my legs feel fine. So next time I need to run an hour, I will be faster even without pushing.
  • Hi Everyone,
    Back from hols - 6 days in Cornwall - Falmouth - could have been the Med - blue sky, blue see and lots of Germans !

    Good to see loads of progress for you all whilst I've been away. Looking forward to the shoe reports Simon.

    Welcome to the thread to beanz and Pippi.

    "Negotiated" with family for 3 runs - missed 1 :-((. 2 nice 4 milers along the sea front. The long one - 9-10 miles was a belter - along the Coast Path through 3 or 4 bays (ie up and down a lot)- amazing !! I don't feel so bad about the missed run - we walked miles and miles and swam in the pool most days - that made it up.

    Running has to be the best way to see any new place. It's fast enough to see a lot, and slow enough to take it all in - plus it is doing us good and doesn't damage the environment.

    Back to normal now - work tomorrow.

  • Beanz52Beanz52 ✭✭✭
    ooh Falmouth, lucky you, I love Cornwall.
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