First 1/2 Marathon



  • Go for it Puffin, you know you want to - you'll feel so much better after a recovery run and you'll rest so much better tomorrow.
    Good pun on feeling sluggish !!!

  • Didn't actually intend the pun!
    Ok, will try to get out there for a bit, just need someone to give me a kick to get going today really. I'm just being crap.
  • Hi Slug

    Missed the run today, shins ache a little feel brused.

    Might try later tonight and see if they are better. If not i was going to do one tomorrow. (and then play catch up on my days)

    Anyone got any advice for my shins.

    also i have the same problem with maps and hills.... roll on 34 maps :D

    Hope everyone is well

    Sounds like you have a nice route to run,.... my run while i was away had me running past baby rabbits, baby ducks, and a few foxs.. shame i dont see that every day...

  • HI
    Tow path done again - cant go anywhere else at the moment - not quite the same on the roads anymore!! could play spot the new number plate I spose??
    6 miles/57 mins - should have been 4 but I have a 10k coming up and wanted to test the water.
    Home now with a can of something alcoholic as a reward!!

    well plodded all
  • Hi all.
    Back from my run, and Slug was right, it did feel good once I got going!

    Simon, have you tried some stretches? if you kneel, then move your feet appart so you bum drops down between them. Stay like that for 30-60 seconds, will stretch your shins and the front of your ankles.
    What maps do you use?
    Ordanance Survey with the orange covers have the best scale, and show contour lines. The closer they are together, the steeper the hills. They also give the height a various points up the hills. Although not as detailed as a town road map, if you use them together you can get a good idea of the likely undulations.

    IMM, hope your run today was as good as your previous.
  • IMM, know what you mean about the roads. Went out earlier on roads, and was continually annoyed by the traffic. Just wanted to be away in the countryside. But have to stay away from the hills for at least 1 day a week. You're v lucky to have a handy tow path to run on.
  • It is good and I think I know the mileage well enough from bridge to bridge - if I go one way it is 4 miles to the main road so that will be saturdays run and back again. I also need to get back up in the hills at least one day a week but they are like the north face of the eiger!!
  • Hi puffin

    tend to do some , never tried that one.. will do some tonight and run tomorrow morning...

    hows is the best way to catch up if you miss a run?

    Thanks for all the advice guys n gals

  • IMM, where do you live to find hills like the north face of the Eiger!!! I think 300 metre ones are bad!

    Simon, don't try to catch up you mileage of time by extending other runs too much, or you'll knacker yourself out and be out again. Keep to you schedule, pain is sometimes a way of your body telling you it was all a bit too ambitious!
  • I am in the middle of the Chilterns - the steep side! they are not too bad once you are in them - its the getting up there that is a bit of a pull!!
    I need some nice steady inclines but cant seem to find any
  • Hi y'all,
    Lots happening yesterday. Big round of applause for everyone (((()))) - except me - I did nothing !

    Sorry to hear about the shins. Puffin gives good advice - take the time to let them get better. I'd worry that f you try to catch up there is a risk of making them worse. There's an interesting article under Health>Beating Injury on this site, all about shin splints. Hopefully your complaint isn't as bad as Shattered Shins'. But let's not let it get there either !

    IMM, nice run, <10m/mile along towpath and beautiful evening for it. What was your heart rate like keeping that pace (assuming you wear an HRM) ?

    You secretly knew it would be good to run. The ones you don't want to do are always the best.

    As for Slug's progress report - PANTS. Sat on the runway in a BA plane for 2 hours last night, air traffic control delays. Missed my Karate class, didn't get home until 10.00pm. P*ss*d off.

    4m in the woods today - I'm hoping it will make me feel better.

    What are your plans for the weekend ? Who's got long runs planned ? Simon you've probably got a 5-6 miler to look forward to ?


  • I have been popping and reading the posts (well not all of them, but most of them). Wish you all good luck with your first half. I'm thinking of doing a half marathon the 4th of october. But I'm going to wait until end of july, before applying. Just to make sure that I will be able to follow my training shedule.
  • Sasjesh,
    Pleased to hear you've been following along. I must say I've really enjoyed hearing Simon, Puffin and IMM's exploits. It's really motivating to know other people are thinking and doing similar things - even thought they are all a lot faster than me !

    Which schedule are you planning to follow ?
    I've seen your posts elsewhere and I guess you are already training - how is it going ?

  • Simon - another point about your shins (I'm just building up from having had shin splints) - check your shoes!

    Shin splints cover a number of complaints, but for me it felt like I had bruised shins, which is posterior shin splints.

    You can get shin splints if

    a) you pronate, and your shoes don't support your foot properly (but since you've been running a little while, it's unlikely)

    b) You ramp up the distances too quickly

    c) Your shoes are worn out and aren't cushioning you properly

    You really do want to be stretching - after running stretch your calves properly, ice them, possibly take ibuprofen, but above all check your shoes.

    Hope that helps - it's really frustrating, but you also need to cut down, or possibly rest from running completely, to give yourself a chance to heal.
  • ASWBF: Well there is a dutch site from asics. I makes programs depending on how much you want to train, how long you can run, how fast you can easly run in 15 mins and when you want to compete. You can also choose to give a goal time you want to beat. I let the program choose that one for me and I say I should be able to finish in 2h20mins. (it's in dutch)

    I've been running for 7 weeks. But I must admit that I've been running since age 11- until age 18. So I could start with 25mins running and slowly building up to 3 runs of at least 40 mins a week. It took me 5 weeks. So now since 2 weeks I decided to try for a half marathon, reason being I wanted a challange and I have now a month of exams. I will be running 2 5ks in july and 1-2 10ks in august. (This is at least what my shedule plans).

    I run 4 times a week. At the moment 2 times about 40mins and once 25mins and one long run that's now about 45 mins. Next week my long run will be 60 mins.

    Yesterday was my last run. It really went well. Every run gets easier and I get faster without pushing it to much.

  • Ho,

    I looked if they have an english version. And look what I found:
  • Sasjeh,
    That's interesting stuff, I'll have to study that website. Coincidentally my target time is quite close to yours - I hoping to get something around 2:15.

    Have you chosen your 10ks in August yet ?

  • No

    I'm going to wait until the 28th of june. Then I get my results and I can decide how to plan my summer. I have already a summerjob and I want to go hiking in scotland in september. So I will be checking where I can run a 10k thats not to far from where I'm living.
  • Hi all, happy Friday!!! Yeah, bank holiday weekend ahoy, only 4 hours til I can escape.

    Welcome to the thread Sasjeh. Good luck with your exams, and your summer running. You must find running a wonderful way of relaxing during your exams. Which 1/2 are you doing on the 4th October? What area are you racing in?

    Slug, we all have days when life, and transport get in the way. You always get delayed when you want to do something, never when you're on you way to something you're really dreading. Bet the woods are lovely!

    I'm having a rest day today. Off to Birmingham for a Chinese and movies with the in laws. Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a 3mile timed run, so will prob do a 1m warm up and the same cool down, and the 3m on the treadie. Then do some rowing and weights. Forecast is for rain, and Puffin doesn't like wet feathers!

    How's everone else doing today?
  • Puffin1

    I'm racing in Belgium. Well I started the running, because I know I enjoy it. Second because the gym I go to is always so crowded. I had exams in january and I went completly nuts, because I wasn't doing any sports. They turned out alright, but I needed to find something to destress.

    I find running makes me relaxed and I can consentrate better while studying.

    I'm going to do the kust halve marathon. It's at the belgian coast. The course is flat and 2 days before the race, they choose the direction in function of the wind.
  • Sounds like an excellent race to go for a good time in! Have been looking at the asics site, the training programmes look good. Esp. like the log book, and the way it counts you down to the race day! You can also reach it at, for anyone who wants to look at it in English!
  • Hi y'all,
    4m moderate yesterday through the woods. The trees are nice, their roots are less so ! Good run, I used to struggle up the hills a bit, but "breezed" up yesterday.

    4m with 30sec efforts today. Then I'm off on holiday, going to have to figure out how to fit the runs in without protest from the family.

    How did the timed 3m go ? Do you compare PBs from the treadie with outdoors ? Do you do the 10% incline thing ?

  • Just off to gym, will let you know when I get back....
  • I will be going for a nearly 7k (I should be running 45 mins, but looked for a course and found that this is the one coming nearest to the time I will need plodding it, but it will be to long) plod this afternoon/evening when everything cools down. Will tell you about it when I come back.
  • Hi, bak from the gym.

    Did the 3miles in 23:48, which I was pleased with, ran 5m overall. Plus did 3.5km row and a weights session. Was trying out the advice in this months mag, about boosting your metabolism by doing a few v hard reps. I can certainly feel it in my muscles now!

    Where are you off to on your hols Slug? Know what you mean about missing your running, it drives me mad if I can't get out every day or so.

    Enjoy your plod Sasjeh.

    Waht's everyone else up to today? IMM and Simon, you're both v quiet this morning.
  • IMM feeling a tad delicate..........
    unofficial rest day for me!
    4 miles 33 mins yesterday tho :-)
  • Perhaps a small overindulgence last night?!

    Hope you're feeling better.
  • just tad!!
    a night in front of the telly with the cat!
  • Ok

    did my long run (7k in 48 mins). I know not so long, but I'm only at the beginning of my training plan. It was the first time I ran in the evening. In the beginning I would only run in the morning (so my brain hadn't started thinking, so it couldn't talk me out of it). Some weeks ago I started going in the afternoon, because I need to study. But today it was to hot to go in the afternoon, so I moved my run to the evening.
  • IMM, how's the cat?

    Good to hear you're getting out there Sasjeh it feels good to get the long runs done. I'm planning about 10m for tomorrow, up my fave hill.
    How did you feel when you'd finished?
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