Giving up the booze



  • Egglet - brilliant and positive post. It's great that you can see all the good things that you will gain, which will make it all the easier for you to stick to your plan.

    I particularly like No 2 - Sod what everyone else thinks of me

  • Thanks for the link - Buney :o)

    Has made me realise I need to take action

    Het xx
  • Mel88Mel88 ✭✭✭
    Hey Egglet. I'm about to do the over wedding and honeymoon and need to change things. Let me know how you go on....I have my first party tomorrow night. SHould be a challenge! Good Luck!!!!!
  • This is now one of my favourite forums.

    Thankyou Egglett.

    I have decided I am going to give up alcohol also. I don't drink too much at the moment, but it seems to be a little and often.

    The most difficult part for me will be my family. They don't seem to be able to sit down and relax without having some kind of alcoholic drink. My wife is in full support, and in the driving seat for a lot of the cut backs. She seems to resent me paying to enter races, so if I stop drinking alcohol, I will have more money to spend on race enteries.

    This weekend will be a bit test for me, as the whole family will be together getting merry, but we have decided not to drink, and just put up with the ear-ache.

    Sunday morning runs do sound very appealing!
  • Glad everyone's keeping this up and running - I need the support!

    Well this is day 12 with no drink and I have to say I really dont want one.

    Last night I got a fit of proper giddy... loads of things make me chuckle... that hasnt happened in ages! Might be frame of mind but I'm putting it down to not drinking.

    Tonight should be easy - I am kicking back into gym then spinning routine followed by chill with nice tea instead of fat tea and booze.

    My biggest challenge is Saturday. I just know that Boyf will want to go out in town. I'm going to do whatever he wants but not drink... will power and realisation that I dont need it!! Will be facinating to see what state people are in!

    I've started really getting my head round why I dont want to drink to el blotto anymore.

    Feel really positive!

    Going running tomorrow morning which is always a good reason not to get a hangover. Hopeing that taking it a bit slower this week will get the achillies tendon well again.

    Anyhow - less waffle more work (that's what the boss'l say in a mo!) - let me know how your weekends go....


    Melekings how was the party?

    Getting better - I have the oposite! My family dont drink that much - just call me "lush" etc! Just stick to it. I found last weekend that if you use the wine glass (or pint glass!) trick you dont feel like your missing out that much.

    I do think it's all in your mind - I need to get over that initial urge and get into the thinking that instead of missing out I am gaining. I get to go out and hopefully proper laugh (not just drunken laugh at nothing in paricular) and still wake up ready to run on Sunday (well gym for me but you know what I mean!). Go for it - comments dont last that long...

    My best drinking bud is back off honeymoon today cant wait to hear what she thinks. She foolishly bet me £50 that I couldnt do it... we never shook but I'm thinking that I can

    Thanks for all your comments and keeping this alive

  • Egglett,with something like this you need to keep the thread going,simply because we have all probably been there,wanting to give up but not had the courage/willpower to do so.

    how bad was the achilles injury??,

    on your night out in town saturday take the car,save a fortune on taxi's and you will be home a lot quicker.

    i'm sure your'e best drinking bud will be happy for you.

    keep up the good work,

  • Thanks Kippers - driving has crossed my mind - great excuse not to drink! Plus Manchester is awful for getting taxi's - we normaly get the bus home, that's a scary propect sober!!

    Achillies Tendon not too bad. I did the other one a few years ago and that was bad news, took months to get right. This one's at the twinge stage, I know its not right but it hasnt stopped me running totally - been reading up on here seems alot of different advise, I'm going for take it easy - listen to what it's saying and keep running!

    I must add I am not missing drink at all - people keep saying "dont know how you can do it" but I actually think you can... it's what you think it will do for you and therefore what you percieve you will miss. Got a book at lunch to read about giving up the old booze... will let you all know what I think - but I'm better at doing than reading!!!

    Happy weekend folks
  • Eggs,Manchester,which part of the north west are you from? i live at Farnworth.

    for your achilles i would consider having physio,what they told me was once you strain your achilles and the tendons start to heal if they are not treated they can thicken and not heal properly,took me 12 months to get fully right but i was back running long before that.
  • Me too - I expect we've passed on Plodder Lane without knowing it!!

    Had physio last time and it was really useful. I know the streches and rubs you need to do. This one isnt that bad you can just feel it twinge a bit. Am keeping close eye on it at the moment to see where it goes. I've got a 8 mile cross country coming up in October so I am hoping it will be better by then!
  • Morning all - not sure if anyone will see this till Monday but felt the need to write it down anyhow!

    Went spinning last night - got home had good tea then read book for ages. Is very very interesting. Has confirmed some thoughts and started me realising that alcohol is not something that I need to have in order to enjoy myself.

    ANYHOW - up and at it this morning. % miles completed - bit hard in parts as I do feel a bit tierd on Sat mornings - end of hard week etc.... but I feel magic having done that. NOt done a Saturday run for a fefw weeks and need to get that habbit straight back into my routine.

    WELL!!!!!! Here goes th ebiggest challenge ever. Boyf has "accidently" landed himself in Blackpool - oh now how did that happen? (Lads!) So as a treat thinks we should spend today there. I have to say that I do love Balckpool... I'm from the country origianlly and all city and blackpool is new toy to me... it's cheesy to some but I think it's a great place. Anyhow rather than being annoyed I have decided to use it as a bit test. I think I should still be able to do kareoke without a drink (wait till I hear what i really sound like!).

    So will report Sunday how I get on.

    I feel really different about drink today. Run thinking again - I just dont think I need it anymore. The best part of my run today was the last two miles, I seemed to hit second wind and I thiught - I coulndt do this with a hangover... so tomnorrow when I aim to start Sunday runs again I wont have one will I!!

  • Alright Egglet?

    I have not touched a drop apart from a small glass of champers in the last 6-8 weeks?

    I don't miss it at all. I've only been out to pubs/parties/clubs a couple of times in that space of time.

    I don't miss it - I'm happier now.

  • Eggs,spinning,i take it you mean indoor cycling??.not a member of Total Fitness by any chance??.

    good luck with you trip to Blackpool,and your test i'm sure you will come through with flying colours :-)

    where abouts do you do your runs from? not going to start stalking you i promise.

    i either go with my running partner/s,from the total fitness gyms at Walkden and Bolton.
  • Egglet, Just stumbled upon your thread and it was just what the doc ordered as was just thinking to stop the juice myself. Well done and keep it up. I also find running with a hangover torture so am looking forward to a healthier and fitter me!!
  • Well done Egglet glad to see you're doing the right thing. It gets easier the longer you go without. I gave up for six months last year and lost a stone without trying and my training improved and so did my diet.

    I do drink once or twice a week now but want to stop again. I know in the back of my mind if I don't I will drink more often and bigger quantities.

    I know I don't want to drink, because it makes me gain weight, gives me a bad head, makes me annoying to others, (they say I'm annoying enough sober!)

    If I'm honest, I love the rush you get when you feel slightly tiddly after a few glasses. Then it changes, I get really annoyed with myself for having drunk and got drunk. I then waste the next day feeling rough, regretting having drunk more than I should have. I know it's not doing me any good and it's making my average running even worse. As someone said ealier you feel like your face is swollen the next day. So good for you, keep it up.
    As from today I'm joining you.
  • Hi Egg - great thread - just what I need - as you know (another thread) I've been toying with giving up the booze for ages - but it just never quite happens - good intentions all week - Friday comes and its yippie - its Friday time to get the wine box out!! - say no more!

    Was going to start yesterday after getting back from a very indulgent holiday, with the idea of adding a Sunday morning run - but went to cricket match (with beer tent!) - met up with all my girlie friends and that was it - all good intentions went out of the window - had a great day but was so cross with myself this morning (didn't get out for that run either) - as soon we are out with friends I always seem to buckle - I go to say 'Coke please' - but it always ends up as 'white wine please' ahhhh - I am so weak. So will keep in touch with everyone here - its going to be a great incentive - keep it going everyone.

    Egg - hope Blackpool was OK - that must have been a toughie?
  • Well I've got to say it's a great releief that it's not just me who's fed up of the drinking cycle! I read all your comments with interest.... The Weaver - you sound exactly like me, and Leg as you know I am with your thoughts!!

    So - Blackpool - well what a revelation! Most times we go I get so drunk (as with what Weaver said I do the classic, get to the enjoyable giddy bit then head straight into coas and cant remember!) I have no idea what we've done and always end up being told the next day what a pain I was, how I had to be "taken" home and how me and Boyf have had some sort of tiff....

    NOT YESTERDAY! I had mineral water and one J20... I have to say that it was a magic day. I really enjoyed it. Did everything we normally do and probably pratted about more than normal. We brought kiss me quick cowboy hat's, went dancin, went kareoke (Sober! That was a bit scary at first but by song 3 I was ok LOL!), even managed to drag the boyf out of the pub at 10pm and drag him round the amusements - fatal love of mine from being brought up by the sea... I laughed loads and we had a great day.

    Worst part was getting boyf to realise he didnt need another drink and then getting him back to the B&B. I saw exactly what drink does to you.

    I've got to say that it was a real eye opener. We went to the Merry Old England in the afternoon - now peopel coming out of there at 6 should have been strapped up in bed and not let out again! Easy to say when your sober.

    Today I feel magic... feel really relaxed and although a bit tierd cos of lumpy B&B bed I'm up for a run later - too hot at the moment... wait till later.

    So all I can say is let's go for it!

    Have to give my Boyf and his brother a mention - they were really good yesterday - no "oh go on's" - the only comment at one stage was "I bet you'll have one later as you wont do kareoke without a drink" - I thought I bloomin well will!!

    Another thing I have noticed is that in spirit I feel giddy... proper ha ha ha ha haaaaaa giddy - it's amazing. Andy said today - "God - start drinking again at least your quiet on Sunday's!" Been drivinghim mad cos he's got a hangover!

    Big Girl - just do it. I'm a great believer in knowing when the times right for yourself. If I'm honest I have known since April that drink's wrecking my life, it's taken me that long to really mean I want change things.

    By the way the book is very very good....Allen Carrs Easy Way to control Alcohol. Still reading it but so far it makes perfect sence to me.

    Kippers - soinning is cycling indoors to music - it's very good - helped me improve my running this year.. is hard but brill. I'm Fitness First person. Dont use the gym greatly - find it boring - although am hoping to get a bit more weight training in.

    Run wise I am using Plodder Lane and surrounding as my route. I quite enjoy running alone but am worried about the dark nights ahead as I am planning to run my first ever half marathon in January and would like to continue a long run Thursdady there any organised running groups in the area that you know of? "Stalkers annonymous" LOL!! Is a worry for a girl though... if you know any that do winter runs in the week be good to know

    Anyhow - end of Sunday ramble! How'd everyone else do this weekend?

    I'm still in shock that I had such a great time without a single drop - is like a whole neew world!

    Only problem - cant do Mack the knife sober!!
  • Egglett,di Lancaster Half thim morning,
  • Egglett
    you are doing really well

    just wanted to say that
  • Egglett,used to do a lot of spinning myself before running took over,

    did the spinning course as part of my NVQ level 2 Prof gym instructor award,would love to teach but not enough money in it to leave my full time job.

    really glad you enjoyed your Blackpool trip sober,keep up the good work,Burnden road runners are based at Smithills Dean School,(mon night).Bolton Harriers, Leverhulme park.(tues thurs).
    Swinton running Club.Moorfield Cricket club.(mon-wed).
    hope this helps.
  • Well Done Egglett!! I completely crumbled this weekend! I had gone 4 week without a drop - but it was my anniversary at the weekend and some friends brought some pink champagne round and I was off down the slippery slope!! Thought I'd just have half a glass - but once I'd started that was it! Had a good night though - but a terrible headache the next day - obviously my body giving me into trouble!!
    Anyway I'm viewing it as a minor setback and am going to try not to feel too guilty about it...I'm determined to do this.
    Anyway, Good Luck to everyone else! And have a good week.
  • RinkyDinky Do,don't feel guilty at all,

    now you know what it is like to have a rest from the booze,then start drinking again.your willpower is good to have gone 4 weeks.:-)

    correct time for half yesterday 1:45:58,

    i think the next main test of character with the drink will be the run up to xmas,

    stay strong and focused,and have a good weeks training,
  • Well done on the half kippers! I think that's a mega time - I'm far slower than that! Not sure I am build for speed! Brilliant achievment that though.. bet your chuffed - how many half's have you done or is that the first?

    Rinky dinky - dont panic. I have been thinking about what drink I would miss and I have to say I'd find it hard to resist Pink Champers! I'd like to get into the posistion of enjoying a glass or two of bubble on special occasions. I think you can let yourself off for a slip every now and then. 4 weeks is amazing!

    I think as well (alongside what Kippers has said) that your body would reject it worse than ever before after a break. I also think that over time you could choose to go mad once in a while.

    After Saturday experienec I am really wondering why I ever drunk before! I dont need it, and that makes me feel magic!

    Didnt run yesterday - too hot - had a rest and read my book which is getting more and more interesting as I read on.

    By the way Kippers thanks for the club advise - will have a think about them on my next "plod" up "plodder" LOL! Do need to sort out winter evening runs so apreciate the info

    Ahhh well - back to work - BOOOOO!
  • Egglett,5 halves counting yesterday,got notts half this sunday but running this with nephew and one of my training partners,goining to be looking for 2-2 15 mins on this one.

    in oct will be doing liverpool half marathon.
  • Cor blimey!
    I am hoping that by the end of this year I can get to half standard.

    Was a real achievement for me to get to 10K standard. Am hoping that all that will change with giving up drink and getting weight off.... watch this space!
  • Egglett,Jan 2005 Helsby half marathon,

    go online to helby running club home page,send entry form off,and we will run it
    together or get a group together and do it.
  • I managed to clear a potentially slippery weekend.
    On Friday I was at my sister-in-laws, but I opted to drive.HaHa! Saturday was a boozy affair at my nan's (walking distance from home). I turned up with my own non-alcoholic drink, and told everyone that I was off running in the morning.
    The morning run didn't materialise, so I did get a bit of stick off the family, but made up for it late sunday afternoon with 7 miles up and down some very big hills.

    This forum definately helped me to have to drive to say no, even when the whiskey was being passed around. So a very big thankyou to Egglett for this.

    If you enjoyed your trip up to Blackpool, there is a Half and Full Marathon in June, which was a good run the other month, all four seasons in one run.

    Could help but have a good chuckle at 'the weaver' photo. I am just glad I am not a big Guiness drinker.

    RinkyDinkyDo, there is no problem with having drink. Looking at the article in this months RW, there was some advice from our resident coach 'Bud' he made a comment about earning your drinks or other treats. Next time you know you are going to have a drink, put in some eaxtr training first, it will help the conscience even more, if it needs any more help.

    Keep up the good work all!
  • Gettin Better - go that boy! Sounds like you did great... I do think the hardest part is other people's reaction. It's like you've got some infectious disease... "NOT DRINKING???????" - in thought bubble "he/she's gone potty - whoever heard of a get together without a drink"

    It's so weird! I found though that the reaction only lasted untill they were drunk then they had no idea what I was drinking.

    Is quite funny being sobre, you just have to let yourself get into the atmosphere instead of telling yourself what a bad time you'll have. I changed my thinking and put on me tiara before toddling off to Blackpool, thought sod it I'm gonna have a good time. I used to go out loads when I was youinger and not drink, cos we were in the country we had to drive to nightclubs so me and my friend used to go, never drink and just dance and have a good time. Think I can do that again.

    Also GB I have found that my friends are saying "you what!!?" and are astounded that I'm optiong to lay off the booze, but again it's their reaction - to me it makes perfect sence.

    Well done on the run - I'm afraid TV, Book 'N sofa got the best of me! Was too hot up here

  • Egglet,
    Congratulations on your dedication. Giving up drinking is a huge challenge. You have to fight your body's addiction, your mental conditioning, other people reflecting their addictions on you and advertising. It is very tough.

    I've given up twice. Once for one year. That ended when I had "just one" glass of wine - it helps with cholesterol you know. Maybe, but it is the thin end of the wedge.

    The second time started April 2003 and is still going.

  • Wow Slug - I'm impressed!

    I think I am in the honeymoon period, or am I just over it? I mean fed up of drinking? We shall see - all I can say is I hope that how I am feeling continues cos right now I cant see why I ever drank that much....

    Got to admit the wine glass and something red works for me. Feels comfy somehow. Did it last night with my fav wine glass that I borrowed from a New York restraunt last Dec.... put cranberry and blackcurrent in it - taste's strong and a little bitter so is great wine like drink without any alcohol!

    I have noticed though that I am up and down to the toilet at the minute - I keep thikning that's good exercise for my achillies - up and down stairs!! So even the drwabacks have advantages!
  • Egglett, you are an inspiration.

    I drink too much (to reward myself and console myself when I've been stressed at work = most days).

    I don't want to give up, as it is one of the great pleasures of my life - but using your positve thinking I am now sticking to ONE glass, thoroughly enjoying it, and getting no hangovers etc.

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