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  • I'm away myself next week on a course and the guy I'm going with is a big drinker who's spent all week telling me how we're going to get slaughtered every night. He knows that I don't drink anymore which actually seems to encourage his enthusiasm to bragg about drinking.
    I'm taking my trainers and plan to run each day. I'll eat plenty, but leave the drink alone!

  • egglet ihave read the whole thread you have seen benifits from not drinking and from the comments i have read you are positive about the reasons for not drinking just one thought remember you are doing this for yourself so dont give two figs about peer pressure well done keep it up
  • Hi all - sorry guys have to own up - I've let the side down - had a horrendous weekend, had to have our dear, dear doggy, Dill put to sleep on Friday. We've had her for sixteen years and she has been an absolute gem, we're all absolutely gutted. My mother in law had the kids - so after Dill was taken away, we hit the pub and I must admit, I didn't hesitate, we still had to break the news to the kids and I was absolutely dreading it, we were both in such a state all I actually felt like was a stiff drink and a ciggie. Well back to healthy Leg today - bit of a blip am afraid but will be carrying on with drinking ban from now on - hope everyone else is doing OK - I'll catch up with you all next week, Leg
  • Ahh Leg - sympathies to you. I remember when I lost my doggie when I was 19 - I was gutted too, they are one of your family. Dont be too hard on yourself... funny thing to deal with. Hope your ok.

    Well I am back after a dreary course! Work courses can be so boring! This one was! Drove me to FOOD! Havnt eaten so much for ages - but cant believe it - I lost a pound??!! How does that work?

    No booze still - 28 days and counting. Went to Blackpool again on Saturday - had a smashing time, got the boyf to agree to compromise, bit of me time and then the pub. So we went on a horse carrige ride up the front, went into the arcades for a bit of money wasting! Won a monkey - never win anything! After that we went for food and then into a few pubs. I drove home which meant that we had a real nice bed for a change, and a good nights sleep!

    Am indeed feeling the benefits now. Having reached a month I am turning efforts towards diet and running now. Want to start getting more mileage under my belt and rid of the pounds!!

    How's everyone else doing?

    Big hug's Leg
  • Hi All,
    I let the side down also at the weekend. But, not in a totally uncontrolled way. I had a drink on Friday evening, Saturday I was at a wedding, and on Sunday after completing a 11 mile hill run, I had a drink with my tea.
    Glad to say it was never more than 2 glasses of wine. So although I did have a drink, it was in a very controlled manner. I managed 17 days, but when I fancied a drink, relaxing with wife on Friday, I couldn't think of a reason not to.
    I wanted a drink, so I had one. It was a choice I made. NO BEER, can't handle the bulk!

    I am back off the booze this week, due to the GNR this weekend, but definately feel that I am in control. I can say NO, when I want to, and say yes, when I want to.

    I must say a big thankyou to all on the thread, as I have the ability and desire to say NO both the booze and to the dreaded hangover.

    I am starting back at 0
  • Gettin Better I think that's a good attitude. As time goes on I am sure that it might be nice to have the odd one here and there and feel chuffed that you enjoyed it rather than getting totally off your face and ending up with a huge hangover.

    I would think that for a lot of people just being able to actually do that is a huge life change and a sensible way to drink.

    I've still not felt the urge to have a drink - last week on the course I could have had a field day - expenses - but just didnt want to.

    Must admit though that I have started eating a bit more. Just had a twix with my lunch - naughty but nice. Am in one of my eat weeks! Need to do the tesco run tonight before the week slips into corner shop tea land... that means things like crisp butties, chocolate and all things fatty!!


  • Day one for me !! Will see how long this lasts.

    Sorry to hear about the bad news Leg!
  • Forgive me people....for I have sinned!!!
    I succumbed on Fri night! Went out with a load of mates from work and had a few. I only had about 4 drinks, but I felt incredibly drunk and was sick when I got home - very classy!! Also had a terrible hangover the next day!
    I've no excuse for drinking (apart from a shocking week at work and not wanting to dance to The Nolans sober!) - it just kind of happened.......anyway back to square one!

    Well done to everyone else though...ggggrrrrr!!
  • Dont worry about it - just keep trying!
  • Egglet,
    Congratulations on your continuing dedication. It takes real guts to stop in the face of the peer pressure and the tricks your mind plays on you. Do you think that, after 28 days you should have flushed out the chemical effects of the alcohol and "all" you are fighting is the mental side ?
    Sympathies to anyone who fell off the programme this week. It is really tough. There is only one thing you can do - start at 0 again. Since you are all posting on this thread you are runners and by definition mentally tougher than normal folk, so you can do it. The effort is worth it, believe me.
    I'm still not drinking after 18 months. For me it is all or nothing. If I have "just one" I know it is the slippery slope back to the hangovers and I don't want to go there again.
    I'm in New Zeeland at the moment, which is really tough. It's a hard drinking culture and they don't seem to have non-alcoholic beer or any other nice options. Went out to a business dinner last night. At 11.00pm I had to go back to the hotel as the others were starting to embarrass themselves and I didn't want to be there any more.
    But - no hangover this morning! I'm going for a run !

  • Hi Slug - I know what you mean about people embarrasing themselves!! I've started to learn new tricks with my boyf.... fill him up early then by 10pm he's had enough! Works ok most of the time!!

    I'm actually finding it easy going although like you say I think my mind is starting to play a few games.... had a talk with my best mate last night (heavy drinking buddy of old) and she said it'll be weird if you dont drink - but to be fair she is very supportive of what I'm doing.

    Anyhow the talk got round to drinks I would miss.... how stupid!! I keep reminding myself what the last few days of drinking did to me and also what a drink induced hangover feels like!

    I have realised that I am a bubbly person and can hold my own on a night out without drink. The only thing is exactly what you've said - by 10pm-11pm you've had enough, but what i think is that they arnt having fun anymore cos they dont know what the hell they are doing!!

    I hate that last hour - but it's a reminder of what I'm leaving behind!!
  • Had to scarper mid flow! boss!!

    So how's running over there then Slug?

    Blimey - off again!

    Everyone else - as Slug says just keep starting over, dont beat yourself up - it's not an easy thing in a society that says your weird unless you kill yourself slowly on drink!!

    Ahh well - on that happy note!

    By the way Slug it's gales and rain here - I'm planning treadmill runs for a few days - how bloody boring!!!!

  • Cant believe how well your doing Egg, its fantastic!

    I trying to give up because of those embarrasing moments you keep taking about - The wife's 12 and half weeks pregnant and hasnt touched a drop since she found out - it doesnt bother her at all! But boy doesnt she love to tell me what a fool i had been the night before...

    Anyway we'll see how it goes - Got a party on Sunday night - that will hard, but have a race on Sunday morning so hopefully I'll be exhausted and not want one.

    Slug, where abouts in NZ are you? we would both love to move out there - Amazing place!
  • It's weird, I've just not been bothered. I'm finding myself calmer and actually have more fun... the worst bit as I said is when everyone's really drunk - you have to skulk in corners and just brace yourself for that last hour!!

    My face is getting slimmer too - magic!!!!

    I think running and fitness help a great deal, you get to see a huge benefit when you're well enough to do something on a Sunday. I havent done any sunday stuff yet - been using it as a rest day, but think I might start getting into that habbit now. I decided to give myself a huge break the first month - now I've seen that I can enjoy myself sober I am going to start making other changes that will help me get to grips with the excess baggage I have round my middle!!

    All I can say is go for it - wish I done this years ago!!
  • This thread has been an interesting read for me this morning.
    I've given up drinking a couple of times in the past couple of years - both occasions while I was training for marathons - and have felt sooooo much better for it. My mind seems clearer and my body kind of 'cleaner', I don't spend so much money, and seem to have more spare time because I'm not wasting a day (usually a gloriously beautiful sunny day too) suffering from a hangover.

    I admit that I've been having a bit of a glitch recently because I'm not working (just given up my job to return to Uni) and an injury is stopping me from running - so am a bit bored being at home with lots of free time which I'd planned to use for doing lots of training... have obviously felt slightly depressed and frustrated by this.

    Anyway, yesterday I poured the remains of a bottle down the sink, and decided to make a clean start. So this thread had been good to read - very positive and encouraging.

    It's funny how running has seemed to be the one thing that managed to keep me away from drink - mainly marathon training in the early part of the year when it's dark and cold and there's not so much you can do. For me the long runs were hard enough that I didn't need to make them any tougher!

    Abstinance for running/training commitments also seemed to be the one excuse, apart from driving, that people seem to respect and not give me any hassle about too.
    It's sad that we even have to give excuses though isn't it. That drinking, being drunk, and bragging about it, is seen to be such a normal part of our culture.

    Kaliber shandies are a good non-alcoholic alternative (especially in the summer), although as it tastes alcoholic it's not always the best thing because it doesn't help beat cravings.
  • Treefrog - where the hell are you to be "wasting gloriously beautiful days" - Aint seen too many of them this year ;) More like overcast wet cold days !! LOL
  • Hee hee - too true!!

    Tree frog - very encouraging words. I do think you just have to keep giving up if you have a glitch. In the long run if you keep giving up your still gonna benefit in the end... less days boozin!

    I need to concentrate on training - am booked in for first half marathon in January - i'm a slow runner so that's plenty of time to improve!

    Well done for pouring the booze away - good thing that - I used to be a sod for saving it and also hate to admit but sometimes I'd drink it on a weekend morning to save "wasting it" - WHAT!!!???

    Nutter I was... stupid!

    Anyhow glad you've got something from the thoughts on here - it's really helped me

  • Hot Tub - think all hangover days seem sunny cos everything's too bright for my eyes on those days! ;o)

    Ooh, good luck for your half-marathon Egglett. I love doing long runs in the winter - somehow makes the weather seem less awful - and it's amazing how warm you get too! I hope you find it a good motivator to avoid too much drinking over Xmas.
    I actually went for a run on 1st Jan this year after a dry New Years... felt pretty smug!
  • I bet you did Treefrog!
    I'm at home for xmas (Suffolk), my brother and his girlfriend hardly drink so it will be easy to not partake - my sis will be there but she doesnt drink alot and she's a runner (did the FLM this year) so I might be able to entice her to join me, will make plans to run and that will make xmas a better affair than normal! I usually drink like a fish - eat till the seams burst and feel pretty crap afterwards!! Not this year!

    Xmas parties are getting planned but I'm visializing not drinking and driving everywhere - it seems a bonus to me not to have to panic about getting taxi's and not having to book hotels (dont live near work like everyone else) so I've got a few positives lined up.

    Be nice to have dropped a couple of dress sizes by then as well so for once in my middle ageness (it's creeping up on me!) I can look glam in stead of mutton dressed as glam!! LOL!

    First half - cant wait! El sis is doing it with me, she'll be showered and wrapped in warm clobber by the time I get to the end! Mind you it'll be a proud moment for me, I never thought I'd be able to run a mile let alone 13!!
  • Mornin all - how's everyone today?

    Ended up working late (11pm!! Server swap) so never got a run in last night :( Boooooo!

    Hoping to rectify that tonight - weather is awful so once again planning to get in the gym and on that treadmill.

    I was thinking about toying with warming drinks at some stage this week - alternatives to mulled wine etc - will let you know what I come up with!!

  • Egglett,well done on the alcohol front you are doing really well.

    don't bother with the treadmill just get outside running.

    we did a 4 mile circuit from Walkden on as far as the roadworks on cleggs lane then the heavens opened,got drowned but loved it,really cools you down,

    as long as you have got a running jacket you will be ok

    when is your half marathon?
  • Hi all
    I can’t believe I haven’t come across this thread before, it is right up my street at the moment. I am in desperate need of support from people in similar situation. After many many failed attempts to cut down the amount I was drinking I took the drastic step last Friday that if I haven’t got the will power to cut down I will have to cut it out completely.
    The drinking didn’t quite get to extremes, but the spending did. Also fed up with the dead brain feeling the next morning.
    The greatest problem I am having at the moment is finding a substitute. I do like the taste of real ale and red wine, and I do like to meet friends in bar after squash, training etc, but don’t like the thought of orange juice and its variants. At moment I am avoiding the temptation by not going to the bar but feel I am losing out and so motivation takes a bit of a blow.
  • Nuts, I find it easier to completely stop drinking, rather than cut down... 'just the one glass' never worked!

    To be honest I've found it hard to find anything to substitute the taste of wine etc... but when I've not drunk for a while I get to the point where I'm just not that bothered about it any more cos the feeling of waking up clear-headed and sober is soooo worth it!

    I s'pose I've gradually started to hang out with different people while I've been trying not to drink - to people who really don't mind that I'm not drinking or going out to the pub. I tend to arrange more social lunches rather than evenings out now too, partly because drinking during the day isn't quite as expected, but also because my sports activities have changed - at the moment I'm even swimming on Wed + Fri nights 9-10pm as well as Sun mornings 8-9am... and once my knee injury is sorted I'll be running Tues/Thurs evenings too... so I've really not got much time to indulge in a drink!

    Egglett - sometimes the best runs are when the weather is bad. I love being out in the rain (though not the initial heading out into it!)... it's funny if you pass another runner/cyclist cos you kinda exchange mad grins. All v.invigorating, though I have to say that I don't recommend battling out when it's hailing - ouch! ;o)

  • Vanilla, I hope you're right about cutting out is easier than cutting down. In the past I had said I would stop completely but with some exceptions, expect the expections ended up the norm. So now, no exceptions. Certainly keeping occupied helps. I'm out most nights playing squash, circuit training or running. But I used to use the exercise as an excuse to reward myself, but it was only an excuse. Tonight i stayed in, watched a film only for it to show people drinking, which stirs the mind. But I know I will feel better in the morning sticking with my mug of hot chocolate. How sad am I sounding?
  • I guess it takes me a couple of dry weeks before I stop craving a drink, but after that it really doesn't bother me. One sip of the stuff though, and I'm back to square one though so it's tough when I go to weddings etc when I feel that the odd glass as a toast would be nice.

    Keeping occupied and just being too busy to have time for a drink (or being in situations where you'd usually indulge) is handy especially for those first few weeks.

    I guess my best incentive of having a race or something specific to train is because I know that a run the day after a night out just won't be as good - I s'pose I'm quite competive so it's probably cos I feel disappointed in myself for not putting in 100% effort.

    Anyway.... want some marshmallows to go with that hot choccy?

  • Nuts - I think the main thing is to get your head round how much BETTER it is when you dont have hangovers, do stupid things, loose days of training, loose hours of your life cos you cant remember what you've done, spend money on buying things you want not just something that you expel and makes your legs go wobbly!!! etc etc etc!

    I have found it amazingly easy to stop. Scarily easy. I was a very heavy drinker - when I think about what I'd call a normal Saturday it scares me, I dont want to go back there. And I am deffinatley with you on the all or nothing. I think you have to give yourself a few weeks to get out of the habbit. Plus now I'm starting to see changes in all sorts of things - my moods (sometimes worse but I am getting back to having "normal" emotions!!), training ability (getting better!) and body shape this week - face is thinner, double chin slowly dissapearing! I've not changed much diet wise so can only put it down to not drinking.

    I had a brilliant "Lunch" on Sunday - it's a good way forwards. The worst thing about not drinking on a night out is that it actually get's boring the more drunk people get! 10pm is my had enough time. I manage to cope with that by just gritting my teeth through that last hour and dragging boyf off as soon as possible.

    It's a real eye opener I can tell you!!

    I think your right also Vanilla - I can see I will have to make changes to usual social events.... will tackle that one next!

    Substitute's difficult - at home I find cranberry and blackcurrent juice a good one in a red wine glass... at the pub I drink sparkly water mostly.

    ANyhow gotta scarper - I'd say any kind of cutting down/out is a GOOD MOVE!

    Nuts - just go for it - if you fall off and have a few one day who cares - get back on the waggon the next week... has to be better for you

    Hey - let's start a revolution - why dont we open britains first non-alcoholic pub for runners!!

    Went out in the drizzle last night Kippers - did teh normal route - 6 miles - MAGIC! That rain was brill for a runner.... knee felt weird - me age and rain!!!! hee heee
  • Yes, thanks for all the advice, it is just so nice to know others feel exactly the same way. I am really pleased with myself, having nearly gone a whole week now. I would just like to be able to have the will power to say, have one drink in the bar after some exercise and go home with popping into Tesco for that bottle of wine, or to be able to open a bottle of wine have one glass with a meal and not finish of the bottle. But will power is not great enough yet, so it has to be total abstinence for now.

    Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and good luck to you aswell.
  • Whoops, that should read "without popping into Tesco"
  • Nuts I think your doing well... it's only weird cos we live in a society that says if your tee total then there is something wrong with you! I've got to hold my hand up and say that I have called "non-drinkers" in the past, thought it was weird not to drink at the weekend, and at any social gatthering!! How naive!!

    You can get out of old and into new habbits... if I can do it anyone can.

    You have to accept that it will feel odd for a while.. mind you I still go to Tesco on Friday's - now I get nice drink (non-alcoholic) and something healthy for Friday treat tea... works for me and I love getting up saturday morning feeling rested instead of feeling like someone fed me bird cadge bottom bits in the night and banged my head for me!

    I have found it easy - I havent liked the constant pressure from some people to have a drink but I just pesevere... it works for me

    I dont know if I will drink again. It'd be wonderful to say - yeah just one - and mean it! I dont think I can do that.... I'm sticking with the fact that I am not missing out I am gaining... big style!!

    So two fingers to nagging drinkers who want me to fall off the wagon - I'm on it for a while yet!!

    Anyhow peeps - SUN'S OUT!!! Hurrah!! Dry run tonight.... aiming for another 6 miles f poss

    Wish me luck
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