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  • Greetings, back from the course. Drunk six pints on my first night due to my nagging colleague and a complete lack of will power, common sense and being brain dead. Anyway the good news was that I didn't drink again all week and everyone seemed to accept it. (Like I really cared anyway.) I also managed to clock up 25 miles Mon - Thurs as I was able to run in the mornings before the course and after it as well. (I was knackered by the end of the week though!)

    What I did realise was that I felt a whole lot better when I wasn't drinking! I'm doing the Swansea Bay 10k on 3/10/04 so I'm concerntrating on that and alcohol is definitely off the agenda.

    Good luck to everyone with your demons!!
  • Hello Weaver - 25 miles!!! I'm impressed! I've had a bad running week again - work stuff and home stuff have meant I have only been out once - Grrr!!! Right fed up with that, am aiming to go Sat morning for at least 7 miles and then do a Sunday run this week. Wanted to hit 20 miles over this week but we'll see.

    Have decided that as of next week everyone can fit round my running!! Not fit my running round everyone else....

    Blimey! Soap box city!

    Feel really moody today - I need a run!

    Funny reading your comments Weaver. That's how I think I'd feel. I'm enjoying not drinking, I'm not enjoying the reaction you get from other people. I think they feel like your making a statement about them sometimes, do you know what I mean? Like your saying I'm not drinking cos of "X" and whatever the reason some people start trying to justify why they drink or why they couldnt do what your doing etc etc... I find that quite annoying.

    I think I'll just get used to it!

    On the good news front:-
    Think the fact I've not been able to get out has had a good effect on my achillies tendon!! (see there's good in everything!)

    Boyf is giving me compliments about my skin looking miles better and that I look thinner (havnt lost a bean!! Got on the scales this moening and they ar estuck solid - two stone overweight forever I'll be!) BUT I think I do look better - less puffy...LOL

    It's sunny outside and we're set for a good weekend! I'm off for a calm saturday with my best friend and boyf looking over her wedding photo's and generally catching up - cant wait! Will be first ever non-drinking weekend with her, that will be interesting!!

    What's everyone else got planned?
    How you all feeling?
  • How have I only just found this thread?

    The last three times I have been out drinking, the following has been the result:

    1) I don't remember ANYTHING about my best friends wedding reception four weeks ago. Except getting to the venue and falling on the coach back to the hotel. And the stories I have heard about what I did are enough to put me off booze for ever - BUT I still don't learn and a quite Sunday afternoon drink a fortnight ago turned into a

    2) full blown argument with boyfriend in Thia restaurant over our third or fourth bottle of wine on a Sunday night resulting in a wasted day in the office on Monday but STILL I don't learn and

    3) a surprise meal on last Thursday night for a friend who is leaving to go to travelling turned into a houseparty that I don't remember leaving. Woke up at 4am (when boyfriend vomited in the bed) to find that I had badly cut my wrist (still not healed) and severly bashed my knee and pulled my Achilles ten days before the GNR. Not to mention another wasted day in the office. I have been told that I said I was going to Cartwheel all the way home.....

    My relationship with Alcohol is clearly not healthy. Nor is my other halves.

    I had a glass of wine on Tuesday night but have had nothing since (got an excuse you see - preparation for Sunday).

    Alcohol is destroying my attempts to shift weight and is negating my hard work training.

    I'm off it. I'll be back. 'Nuff said.
  • was really hankering for a drink last night cos I was feeling rather miserable and carp and a bit depressed about STILL not being able to run cos of my bad knee... but I thought of this thread and it really helped me to stop myself.

    Woke up this morning with a sore throat so maybe I'm coming down with something, but anyway I feel v.glad that didn't indulge as it would've only made me feel worse - both physically and mentally.

    lunacy, it's scary when you have mental blocks like that. At least though it was your friends wedding that you couldn't remember, not your own... if anyone asks me for advice when getting married I always say (from experience) that it's best to drink as little as possible!

    Drinking less def helps with losing weight - not only cutting out the empty cals from the alcohol, but avoiding those late night munchy snacks and the greasy breccy cravings the next day (or pot-noodle, if you're me!)

    There's not much good you can say about drinking when you stop and think about, is there.
  • Lunacy - your not alone! Reading your comments I found myself nodding my head and going - "yeah, been there" - "yeah, done that" - I've been eactly where you are. I've done untold damage to myself thorugh drink, not to mention relationships!! My boyf wont see how bad his drinking is, I find it scary to watch now cos I would have been right there with him in the past!!!

    I'm not spouting "seen the light" stuff here - just saying that I am feeling so much better for giving it up. As you'll read I still do all the stuff I used to do, like going out on the tiles in Blackpool and making an idiot of myself on the karoke, wearing silly hats etc.... I enjoy it so much more cos I know I wont feel crap in the morning and I wont make an idiot of myself and have to listen to cringeworthy stories of my behaviour!

    I've always had a reputation of being good time girty, but to be honest I was embarrased about it. Cringed everytime someone would come along and say "you were so funny, you did X,y,z".

    Regards drink and running - I get so much from running - stress relief, personal pride, happy feelings - could go on. Point is I now get so much more from it because after 5 weeks booze free I am more energetic and find that I want to get out and train.

    I do also think that running does something to your body that mean syou dont tollerate alcohol that well any more... I cant decide what it is but I know since running I have felt worse when I drink.

    Go for it - slips ups are slip ups or occasional blow outs are occasional blow outs. I keep saying it but just do what you thinks right - any kind of cut down/out is a good thing.

    Good luck in the GNR Sunday by the way. Could use this week as your starting block.

    Vanilla - I've had the worst week ever at work, tears, stress, arguments - but I've decided to run it out and sleep it out. I feel better for it. I think you just got to find something else to put where drink was.

    I'm off for a treat today - not a bottle of wine but something equivilent - a nice thing for friday.... will let you know what I find!

    End of friday essay - for now!!

    Lunacy - one of my worst things was gabbling when drunk - and look at me now - it's bloody worse!!LOL!
  • Treats of the day:-

    Huge jacket spud with chilli and cheese - it's way naughty but blimey it's nice....yummo

    American soda glasses, wanted some of those for a while - so that'll be me after the gym - lots of ice and cranberry juice!

  • Thanks Egglett

    I think you are totally right - Sunday isn't the end of a training schedule its the start of my booze free period.

    Now theres something to think about for 13.1 miles!!

    Speak to you after the weekend!!

    Look out for me on telly race no 15976!! It'll make a change to be on Grandstand rather than Crimewatch - "have you seen this drunken idiot risking life and limb cartwheeling down the road....."

  • Food for thought indeed!
    Go for it Sunday - am green with envy!!

    Have my first ever half marathon planned for January - am hoping that booze free 4odd months will help me tackle the mileage increase and also the weight so I can zip round the course.

    Want to enter GNR next year as well.

    GO FOR IT! Good luck for Sunday - let us know how you do...
  • Egglett,
    I think you're dead right about people seeing you not drinking as some sort of statement about them. It must be, why else would they get so excited about you not drinking. If your mate smoked and offered you a fag and you said "thanks , but I don't smoke" they'd probably say fair enough and wouldn't bat an eyelid. When you say you don't drink though, it's like they think you're some sort of weirdo and they want you to drink, to make themselves feel better, as if your drinking somehow endorses theirs. My work colleague (who I don't like much) actually thanked me for drinking with him the night before! It made me more determined not to drink again.

    I've an exciting weekend ahead, cleaning out my garage, again!! Long run Sunday morning. Then watch the GNR on Grandstand.

    Keep up the group therapy!!!!

  • Well, managed a full week without any seroious amount of drink. I'm really proud of myself. Even tonight, thought I would actually treat myself so either drink in bar after squash or drink at home with meal (would normally be both and many). Did latter but actually feel worse for it, wish I hadn't. So I reckon I can go total no alcohol now.

    Having read recent responses I definitely feel there has been a performance related effect with drink. I had some of my best 10K times early this year but despite an increase in training the times have been going down. Except last Sunday, after a weekend of no booze I done a good 10K time on par with begining of year. Can only be the booze.

    So that's it, no booze, no treats and no exceptions from now on.

    Good luck to the rest of you.
  • Nuts - just a quick reply as I'm being nagged to get ready early!! Cheek!!

    Anyhow - top tip - I've always felt from day one of not drinking that I'm really not missing out on anything. One aor two and it's enjoyable, but I never could do one or two so I focus on enjoying the day/evening out and feeling brilliant when I see the rest of my friends drunk as lords and not in control of what they are doing.

    Your not loosing - your gaining. ANd your gaining one hell of a lot!!

    Weaver - happy garage cleaning!! Hee hee! One week canada (or was it new zeland? Cant remember) this week garage clearning!!

    I'm gonna go for a run tomorrow in aid of supporting the folks who did the GNR!!

    Have fun
  • Morining all - just watching the GNR... cor I'm jelouse!! Cant wait to attack my first 1/2 in January, that's inspired me today.

    Am off to do the dreaded Tesco run in a mo (deep breaths - I can do it! I absolutley hate supermarket shopping!) and then.....

    I'm off for a long run. Want to get 7 today -
    be ace to get 8 but wont go barmy cos I have that coldy feeling. Hopefully run that out

    ANYHOW (God, yak yak yak!)

    How did you all do this weekend? We had a fairly calm time, the boyf didnt go on his usual rampage Friday night and yesterday we went for a few drinks in town and then dropped into our old local for a couple but were home around 10.30pm - is really funny - I am actually starting to realise that I enjoy going out and ebing sociable but I also ENJOY not drinking!!

    Was well pleased with boyf cos he took it easy and it was a nice time to leave, didnt get that horrible "just bear with it" hour of the night.

    I keep thinking now that I never need to drink again!
  • Egglett. Great North Run was as good as ever. Loads ofhappy smiling faces at the beginning, and loads of limping and groaning at the finish. A good (even if painful) time was had by all.
    Word of advice about booking in for next year. It is worth getting your name down on the 'i'm interested list' before hand. It took about 36hours for all of the places to be booked up this year.
    Managed a 1:41 time, and had two beers last night to celebrate. It was my first beer of the month. Thanks for the motivation.
    How did the run go yesterday?
  • Well done!! That's a mega time!

    I'm hoping to get in next year so I'll heed your advice. I dont think I'll be that fast though!

    My run was awful - got twinges in ankle about 3 miles in (Achillies tendon) so ende dup walking half a mile and managed to run rest of way home - so 5.5 miles in the end but it was a tough one... today I feel a bit "coldy" so think that's what was up!

  • Hi Egg and all.....

    Had faulty laptop so not been posting but back now... still not drinking! Had half glass of red in restaurant 2 weeks ago... does that count?? Plus managed a black tie do last week on table with free wine/champagne but managed to avoid it. Despite unsupportive friends and colleagues!! The thread has already covered the fact that non drinkers seem to upset the drinkers so wont go about that!

    Not sure if i'll always not drink... much happier to drive now which prevents it but i know there will be occasions where it will be difficult not to - at least i believe i can control it now.

    So did GNR yesterday - well done Gettin Better - that's no beginner's result! I did 2h24 - thighs are on fire tonight and i kept a cold at bay which has come out in full force today! So soup and bed for me i think!

    Take care

    PS Gettin Better - where's the GNR 'i'm interested' list??? Cheers.
  • Well done Pink Daisy!! On the non-drinking and the GNR!
    I was green with envy. My training is going a bit pear shaped at the minute but I'm hopeing to get back on track and be able to join that next year.

    I watched quite a bit of it and it looked like a great day.

    My sunday run wasnt so good - awful in fact and like you I've been a bit poorly ever since! AM going out tonight and see what I can muster.

    Non-drinking is becoming a habbit for me. I actually feel sick at the prospect of drinking!! I'm taking that as a good sign at the moment! I have odd times when I think about the fact of never drinking again, you know where you really start to think about if you'd really miss it.

    My biggest problem at the moment is that I'm finding myself binge eating more... I assume that's taken the place of binge drinking!! LOL... nightamre! I'm going to start taking it in hand somehow, have let my self off in the first few weeks of non-drinking but I want to get a grip on my weight so I think it's time to drop the excuses.

    I also find "i'll drive" a great ploy. It's so weird though. A couple of months ago I'd have killed anyone who suggested I should drive!! Loose out on the oppertunity to get plastered - now I dont mind at all, I actually think it's better cos I know I can end up in my house (and not at friends) in my bed ready to do what i really want on sunday morning (which is usually have a decent lie in)

    Anyhow - well done on that run. I hope to know how you feel this time next year!!

    how's that cold?
  • Morning all

    Well I had a strange night!! Went out with "the lads" watching a:footy and b:them all get drunk! Was tierd so I was glad to get home.

    Got to say though (as sad as it sounds) in one pub I got my sparkly water in a huge long glass, loads of ice a slice of lemon and a red swizzler... felt ace! Will try and get that treatment again!

    Got home - shattered and when I woke up I had just dreamed that I'd been to this big posh castle thing and the owner had handed me a glass of red wine which I drunk. In my dream I was all confused and guilty!!

    Am on for a run tonight - didnt manage to get out mon or tues - been feeling a bit off colur. Not tonight though. Attack - attack!!

    How's everyone else?
  • Hi
    I have my head hung in shame. Having gone the whole weekend and Monday without a drink, last night I had a drink with my ex, which was no big deal, but then went shopping and bought a bottle of wine. Why did I do it?
    I hated myself this morning, still do actually. So I need to go out and punish myself with a run tonight.

    Have 10K on Sunday so I'm hoping that will motivate me for rest of week not to touch the stuff again.

    Egglett, I wish I had your will power.
  • Nuts - give yourself a break over it. Dont dwell on it. giving up a habbit is never that easy, just accept it for what it was and start all over again. By not drinking what you'd usually have drunk your doing your body the power of good so the odd drink here and there isnt a major disaster.

    I'm having a bad week with food this week - feel terrible, very low and that on the verge of cold. Had all intensions to run tonight but now dont have the energy. Is awful - want to cry and eat chocolate and cheese!! Boo hoo

    ANYHOW- I'm giving myself a break tonight and having a recovery night in. Listening to my body instead of punishing it.

    I still find it easy not to drink, I cant tell you why. Had lunch in a pub today - really enjoyed the sparkly water - now WANT that rather than a pint. I find it bizarre!!

    I think I might well hit a point where I do have a drink but at the moment I'm just not interested. I dont feel like it's a loss, I dont crave a drink... but I truley get where your coming from!!

    I think my time's gonna start when we go to Edinburgh for xmas - we usually have champers and nice treats... we will see what happens

    Nuts - concentrate on your10k, forget about the slip it doesnt matter in the big scheme of things - your doing bloomin great!!
  • I fell off the bandwagon Monday night - had a really crap day which I'd usually sort out with a run... but cos my knee's still not right and I can't run I felt even more miserable and depressed and ended up drowning my sorrows instead.

    I can't wait for my injury to sort itself out, as much because it's the one thing I can happily go without drinking for as the fact that I miss being out pounding the pavements.

    Off to do some pysio exercises and then a turn on the turbo bike this evening....

  • Thanks for the support Egglett. In a very positive frame of mind tonight, back on the hot chocolate!
  • Go nuts!

    Vanilla - I am exactly with you this week. Very fed up egg trundled off to bed at 6.30pm then snuck down and got hold of museli and Tuc biscuits! I'm well peeved cos the edge of cold feelings had me all week.

    Decided to just rest but it's so frustrating! My achillies tendon isnt helping either. Mabey this week's resting will do me good in the end.... have to think that way anyhow.

    Am hoping that I will feel able to run later, might go for a short one just for the hell of it!

  • Sassie - thanks for the admiration, I'm pretty chuffed so far in I can tell you!

    Weird really - when I started this lilnk I wasnt sure I'd last a week - let alone a weekend - without an alcoholic drink, but once I started and got through the first few weekends I'm now seeing drink for what it actually is and what it does to you.

    I'm getting used to getting annoyed at 10.30ish when everyone else is well drunk and being sober means that you just cant get on the wavelength...just one of those things.

    I'm also starting to take a look at some of the reasons why I thought it was great to be totally pissed at the weekend... I'm starting to feel like I need to sort a few things out and make some changes!!

    On a positive note I believe that's a good thing.

    I've spent so long hiding behind a bottle and being goodtime girty that I'd forgotten all the things in life I'd actually like to be doing!

    It's a bit of a revelation really.

    Now almost 6 weeks in I am starting to consider sorting small bits like:-

    1. Computer - so can scan in photo's and create cards and prints from my work. Been wanting to sell my stuff for years - never been bothered.

    2. Look at my eating habbits and make some positive changes. I comfort/anger/fed up eat. Not unlike a few people I've met but I'd love to kick that habbit as well.

    3. The house! Need a few bits sorting - might even think about selling and moving..... SCARY! Like I say, start small - get the house fixed up first!!!

    4. Training - got to kick start self and start training for the half marathon in January!! Scared! Any idea's from the GNR runners??

    So Sassie - if it's on your mind that you might want to give up boozin I'd say try, it's worth a shot. I'm finidng it easy but I think that's because when I gave up I felt like I couldnt get any lower and was truley sick of the person I became when drunk....

    ANYHOW - roll on the weekend - i'm off to York - see my little sis, we're running and shop shop shopping!! Oh yeah - and eating and going to the nice bars (sparkly water for me!!)
  • definitely worth giving up, did so for about 5wks but fell off the wagon on Sunday night when I simply couldn't resist 5 pints of guiness. Best thing I ever did, gave me the iron I needed (weak excuse) and I felt absolutely no effects on the next day's run. That'll keep me ticking over for the next few weeks!!

    Remember people....Guiness IS good for you!!!
  • Hi All,
    Sorry it has been a while, but I have been really busy at work, they actually try to make me work hard!!??!! Nevermind.

    Thankyou for the encouraging comments about the GNR, will done Pink Daisy, good time!
    I have decided not to do the Great North Run again, it is too big. Not that I am a spoil sport, but done it 4 times now, and it is just getting tooooo busy. The metro was bedlem, even though the krak is fantastic, I can run more races supporting local events. I will leave the GNR to the fund raisers.

    The 'I'm interested list' is on the website. Can't seem to get through to it today....Crap Connection. It is a list you can add your name to and they will send you an email reminder when you can apply. But you have to be there fast. It sold out in about 2 days for the last run!

    Egglett, hows is the Achillies tendon?
  • Hi GB - a GNR vetron eh.. I'm gearing up as of this weekend to get my first ever half under my belt.

    Had a terrible week with running - not been since Sunday. Achillies Tendon feels okish - is a bit twingy, I think I might need to think about physio :( - it's a bit nobbly so needs streching out - ough!

    Am aiming to run with my sis tomorrow morning - then we're off to Whitby for a long walk and fish 'n chips! She's a runner and not really mad into drinking. If I were still a drinker we'd have gone for a few beers and a curry no doubt, but as I'm not anymore and she's not bothered we're gonna spend the day at the sea side which we both love and dont get to do anymore.

    Will be brill! Cant wait!

    Then next week I am going to be gearing up for the weekend run on Sunday. Is cross country so might have to get some new kit next week and a map. Could open up a whole new world of running for me!

    Happy weekend folks, good luck if your fighting the booze! I'll be sticking to sparkly water, cranberry and soda and coffee!
  • Egglet,
    Been following your progress with interest and respect. Keep it going - it's worth it.
    If you are planning a 1/2 marathon I recommend the "First 1/2 Marathon" thread on beginners. Loads of experience and tips. It was started early this year when several of us were planning our first 1/2s. Since then most on the thread have done at least one - some as many as three.

  • Thanks Slug, it's funny really, when I started I was convinced that I wouldnt do it cos I thought I'd miss drink so much. Now not drinking is becoming a habbit... and a much healthier one!!

    Will have a look at that thread - cheers

    After my week of no training and feeling rubbish I need to kick start up again, that could be just the ticket!
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