Giving up the booze



  • Slug that is v.impressive - you must have amazing willpower - what's your secret??

    I think the hardest thing is people saying to you "I knew you couldn't do it!" when I had to come clean about my relapse this morning in work. For most people that would probably make them more determined to stick to it, but for me it just makes me think they are probably right and they probably know me better than I know myself!! I'm really starting to doubt whether or not I can do this! But everyone's comments on here are really inspirational and I keep just thinking, well if they can do it, so can I!
    Keep up the fight!
  • Rinky - I think you should be chuffed with yourself. 4 weeks off is a huge achievement for someone surrounded by hardened drinkers!

    I'd say you have done it!

    People are so cruel, it's the same as dieting. I get that all the time "do you want a mars bar" - it's like "do you want a bunch of fives smartarse?!"

    Dont dwell on it - Pink Champers is a bloomin nice drink!

    It's all in the mind. I've changed from "I cant go out and not drink" to "WHAT????!! Of course I can"

    When you think about it why the hell cant you do the same as you would without a drink?!

    Keep going Rinky - if you try giving up enough you'll do it. That's the way I kicked smoking - just kept trying - works eventually and now if I have an odd one I think oh sod it. Mind you since not drinking I havent had any drunken cigs so that's a 2nd benefit!!
  • Rinky/Egglett,
    It's a cliche, but it is all about one more day without alcohol. By the time you get over 100 days, the thought of having to start at day 1 again is a big deterent. I don't think I was an alcoholic, but the medicine is the same. We are all addicted, it's just a matter of degree. For me, just cutting down was impossible. It was all or nothing. I recommend reading "Addiction" - Tony Adams' autobiography. He really deserves respect.

    You are all absolutely right. You can do anything without alcohol that you did with it - probably better - and I really do not miss hangovers.

    On a lighter note, I've found some of the newer non-alcoholic beers are really quite drinkable - Becks, Stella, even the occaisional Kaliber if that's all there is. They are 0.05% alcohol which is near enough zero for me.

    Also a pint of orange and lemonade with ice is really thirst quenching in the summer, or in the pub after training. Some of my mates who drink have even started on it.

    Good luck to everyone who reads this thread and decides to try to stop. It's up to you and no-one else.

  • Wouldn't it be an idea to get a list of all the people who are giving up drinking, and the number of days since their last drink...To be updated on a Monday only, so save the thread getting hugh, or would that be a little AA?
  • Gettin'Better - good idea - I'll join in, although mines going to look pretty sad as I came back from hols at weekend so have only just decided to go for it! I don't drink during the week anyway (apart from on holiday!!) but my weekend drinking is just piggish. Like alot of comments I've seen on this thread - I tend to start off with good intentions then once I've had a couple its kind off 'sod it' - so I really need to break the cycle somehow. Will be easy all week - but must admit, I am nervous of the weekend. Have been inspired by Egglett though and hope I follow in her footsteps - well I'll start the ball rolling

    Leg - just 2 days (so far)
  • I've been inspired by everyone!

    Egglett -15 days

    I'm with SLug - all or nothing - I'm choosing nothing for the time being.

    Leg - you can do it. Along the line of what Slug said you have to remember that it is personal choice and if that means taht you just cut down that's one major step.

    For me I have seen my drinking habbits in a whole new light - I was a pratt with drink - I used to drink to get really drunk at the weekend and think it was clever .... HELLO!! After seeing the sights in Blackpool I can tell you I am no longer thinking that being smashed off your head is big or clever!

    Went to the gym and spinning tonight - was great - felt magic... even managed to do the "racing" bit - dont normally have the energy for that.

    Cant wait for the scales friday either - that'll be really interesting to see
  • right let's get the ball rolling with how long we have/hope to stay off the drink,also a bit of encouragement from a Hollies song.

    it's a long long road with many a winding turn,by this i mean you never know what obstacles life is going to throw at you.

    so if you can overcome your obstacles without reaching for a drink a stronger person hopefully you will be.

    Leg,2 days and counting.

    Egglett,15 days.

    Kippers,17 years 9 months 7 days.

  • Bloody hell Kippers that's some going!

    Was reading my book again last night and it's like turning a light on - why d'you need a drink???? Ever?
  • Egglett,one of the reasons for going so long was previous company i worked for wanted me to learn to drive.

    so i thought they are paying for everything,and the shifts i was working i wasn't drinking that much,decided to pack in new years day 1987.

  • Sounds like they did you a favour!
    Were you running then - or did that come later?

    I'm going to be very interested to see what happens to my running the next few weeks. Today I feel a bit tierd (cos up early) but full of beans... could be part frame of mind but could be alot more to do with not having any hangover's at the weekend!
  • Egglett - that book sounds like something I should read!
    I think I have come to rely on alcohol to have a good time. My self esteem and confidence is at an all time low and somehow I thought I needed a drink to be funny or for people to like me! But I am starting to think that is all crap!
    I never believed that I could stop drinking, but after 4 weeks (and a minor slip up) I'm feeling quite positive that I don't need it to just be me!! And if people don't like me for me then they can lump it!
    I think you are right it's all about attitude! And mine's going to be a positive one from now on.

    Also had a fantastic run last night...which has made me see everything in a different light!

    Good luck to everyone....we can do this together!

    So: 4 days and counting!!
  • Rinky - you sound like your where I am... I go bananna's on drink - talk way to much, get far far far too giddy, act like an idiot and genrally dont like what I remember of nights out. I'm seen as the clown - when in fact I am a very shy, retiring type who cringes the day after when told of stuff i've done... I hated that person in the end.

    Like you I want old me back, the one who's able to be giddy but not be an idiot. The one who can laugh with people and not just be laughed at!

    I had a rough time a few weeks ago - I'd describe it as feeling so low I was below floor level!! I actually phoned the AA at one point. I dont think I am an alcoholic - however how do you define that? I think I've been caught in our generations decision that you a.must drink to enjoy yourself and b.must binge drink to boot.

    I'm actually getting quite sick of looking at pub advertsing - 2 for 1's - happy hour's etc etc... is totally shocking when you think about it.

    Anyhow I am changing my attitudes for the better for me...I just had a conversation with someone who's in the same weight trap as me but after I told her what I was doing she said "yeah I gave up drinking for a few weeks - I got over it though" - I thought - you daft cow!! LOL!

    Unbelievable like not drinking is some vile disease - I shudder to think that I might have uttered similar words in the past - I know I have, never again!
  • I think this is fantastic how everyone is encouraging everyone else.
    The thing that make this so much easier, is that we can still drink. It is not like we have been told that we can't drink any more alcohol, but that through our own free will, we have decided that we want to stop being slaves to pressure to drink, get drunk and be really annoying.
    The added bonus of having more energy to run better, more money in our pockets to enter races and the ability to laugh at friends fall over in a drunked stupor, safe in the knowledge that we are not going to follow them down the next curb!
    Friday will be a tough on for me, as I am going out after work with the lads from work, and I have a reputation for drinking to excess with them. NOT THIS TIME!!! I will not be the laughing stock again!

    Rinky...Nice picture.

    5 days and counting.
  • Getting Better - you can always be kitty holder - that way you could go to the bar and order the first few rounds. I noticed Saturday that once people have had a few they forget your not a drunk as them.

    You could also go down the Kalibre etc line if you wanted to.

    But - to be honest sod 'em! You just have to get out of the frame of mind that says drink, drink, drunk = great time, you can have just a good a time without it. I found Saturday a real boost - made me glad I was sober!

  • Egglett: I think your right about the binge drinking - it seems that if you go out at the weekend, you're not normal unless you are so paralytic that you fall over!!

    You are also spot on about me - I am really loud and outrageous when I'm drunk, but actually I am quite a shy person...although probably no one would believe that! Sometimes I feel like I have to put on this fake personality, as people almost expect it from you - that they invite you out to entertain everyone else! And in the past the only way I could do this was to have a drink first!!
    Maybe I should consider going into acting!!

    I am really struggling to find anything good to drink when I'm out though...I know loads of people have come up with different suggestions, but I'm not sure! What's kalibre?

    GB: Thanks - I think the picture represents me quite well.....a fragile rinky dink on the outside with a poisonous centre!! ;)
  • Kalibre is the low alcohol beer that Billy Conolly used to advertise.
    It is an option, but I think I would prefere to stick to non-alcholic drinks.
    One that I drink at home is fizzy water, by the pint. Another one for at home is the sleor...non-alcoholic wine, or fresh orange and lemonade is another favourite.
    The bars, pubs and clubs are fill of J20 and other fashionable non-alcoholic drinks.
    Or for the cheap-skate (another of my fovourites) any cordial and soda water.
  • egglett,sorry to leave it so long before replying.

    when i packed in drinking i was mainly doing weight training and 5 a side once a week,only in the nets mind you no stamina then.

    didn't start running till about all in all think i have done pretty well with my running up to now.

    when i do go ouy i mainly have orange/blackcurrent and soda.
    not tried the non alcoholic drinks like kalibre.
  • Regards what to drink I enjoyed drining sparkly water saturday. I think I'll carry on down that raod. J20's etc get sickly after a while and really your only drinking something cos everyone else is. Plain old water for me.

    I quite like a kalibre - tried them last year when supporting preggers friend who coulndt drink. But to be honest I think for me I need to drink nothing resembling beer - break the habbit althgether.

    Kippers - that's good going. I started running around 2000 but have been a real plodder only staying at max 3 miles for the first 3 years. End last year I was upto a max of 5 and this year I've just gone for it. 10's the most - but only done that once then did achillies tendon - Grrr!! Went for 6 miles last night - was good, tendon a littly naggy but I want to get an 8 in on saturday.

    Rinky - spot on - that's how I feel!! It's a releif to think that now when I go out I cant decide what I want to be. I've been an excellent actress all my life- used t o be a trainer and boy is it easy to hide the real you behind another mask. Dont want to do that anymore.

    Had a real good chat with me big bro last night - he's never drunk much - he's well chuffed, finally getting his sister back! He's still in Suffolk and he does worry about me, but now he can be chuffed for me. And that means I'll get big bro bear hugs when he comes to visit in October - Yeaaaaaaaaaa!!
  • Thanks for the drink suggestions...I'll sample them this weekend...
    I have had such a rubbish week so far (trouble with boys - as usual..thinking of giving them up as well!!) - all I want to do is go out and get hammered!! But I'm sure common sense will prevail!!!

    I'm trying to plan my weekend, so that I'm not sat in thinking "oh, 1 glass won't hurt!"

    I can't believe I'm already worried about the w/end - it's only Wednesday!!!!

    Anyway going to run like the wind tonight and release all my pent up agression!!

    5 days and counting!
  • I'm thinking cant wait for a trip out Saturday, quite nice not to have to worry about what state I'll be in on Sunday.

    Have been having all kinds of very positive thoughts today about not drinking anymore.

    Going to try some new things myself when out here's some on my list:-

    1. Red Bull
    2. Tonic with a slice of lemon and ice
    3. Bitter Lemon (low cal!) lurvley!!
    4. Dry gin - if you can get it
    5. Cranberry juice, orange juice and sparkly water....

    Which brings me onto - non-alcoholic cocktails... you must be able to get one sorted in most bars - there's a mission!

    Also busy planning what to wear instead of what to drink!! Is a bonus for me as I'm a bit slap dash with clothes normally - going to have big lay in, big run and then spend a whole girly hour getting ready! Never do that normally as know that I normally look a right state by the end of the night!

    Rinky - dont panic, try and concentrate on where your going and who you'll be with rather than drink. I have found it useful to start picturing company and laughs and tie that up with being calm, relaxed and feeling magic the next morning.

    Keep at it
  • If you don't mind I'll put in another plug for Stella and Becks non alcoholic beers. Personally I really like them - they need to be very chilled. Kaliber is a poor second.

    For me the decision to stop was made when I realized all the things I regret most happened when I'd had too much to drink. I am never going there again.

    Keep at it - after a couple of months your friends will know you as a non-drinker and it will get easier.

    490 days (roughly) and counting.

  • well done slug.

    top girl Rinky :-)

    Egglett,your run sat morning,try plodder lane,round to 4 lane ends,turn left,down and across the rounabout.into walkden,left at the big junction,past total fitness,straight onto farnworth,left at shakespear pub,back up to plodder lane,8 miles.

    what do you think.
  • Well Kippers that's roughly what I do now. Instead of going up past total fitness I turn right at 4 lane ends and up that hill, then back down then run into Walkden but turn left at the bookies... Done's I think.. then follow as you've said, I make that 8as well. I've been wondering if I ran up and round past Tesco's (the pub then up past total fitness) if that'd be 9.

    Is a good route though... I sometimes do it backwards as it's less hilly - but the way you describe is excellent for hill work! Going to try for it on Saturday.. can feel energy levels rising!!

    Slug - your reasons for stopping echo mine. Sick of being a pillock and red faced the next day. Plus have done self some seriouse injury thourgh drink. Worst one was falling down flight of stairs in a pub - have BIG dent in leg from that and had very bad time recovering - on verge of blood poisoning - not very nice and not very clever!!

    Kippers - by the way I have always wondered - what happens if you keep going up that hill that's the right turn at 4 lane ends?????
  • right turn at 4 lane ends takes you towards Daisy hill/ the bookies i take it you mean cleggs lane/buckley lane.then turn left along albert rd.

  • Hi all - Rinky - you're not alone - must admit I am already dreading weekend - was thinking of closing curtains, hiding and getting early nights but hubby tells me that there is a barbecue at our local!! ahhhhh - my stomach actually flipped - can you believe that! - if I can go to our local and have a soft drink I will be chuffed to bits - all our friends drink (alot of them too much as well) its just been part of our social life for so long. Do feel reassured by Egg though - since she has done her first weekend - she seems to have got stronger and stronger - don't you reckon Egg? - anyway as weekend approaches any tips/suggestions gratefully received!!!!
  • Leg - if you really think you will be put under pressure, take the car, or tell people that you are on antibiotics and can't drink. I know it's a bit of a cop-out, but next time round you can say "I enjoyed myself so much last time staying sober that I'm doing it again, so people will be less likely to try to persuade you to drink.

    Much easier than relying on willpower if you think you might be swayed.
  • Leg - all I can say is that I had a similar reaction to Blackpool atfirst - dreaded it. But then I thought - how daft! I decided that instead of thinking "It's gonna be awful" - I was going out with a mind to enjoy myself, and I did.

    I think the trick is to take your thoughts as far away as possible from the drink. Your going out with friends and your hubby so why shouldnt it be good? Make it good, get in a good mood and stuff the drink - you dont need it.

    I'm already visualizing my weekend - what I am going to drink and how much fun I will have.

    Thoughts also include putting non-alcoholic drinks in pint or wine glasses so you sort of feel like your not loosing out. I love nice glasses - why not keep using them?

    Just give it whirl is my second bit of advice. If you stay on non-alcholics for part of the night you'll have achived something magic, if you start on non-alcoholic you might then think "just what is the point of a drink?".

    See how it goes - use it as an experience. I was fine when I changed my attitude to having a fun day.
  • You're absolutely right Egg - got to get my attitude right - I should be looking forward to it - rather than thinking God! a get-together without booze!! - crazy when you think about it? - it will make a change to be the sensible one - nine times out of ten I am usually the most hammered and I am kinda tired of being the 'drunk one' - maybe its time to break the mould eh? - feeling more confident now - sort of excited at the prospect of actually being able to succeed!!! - well quiche beckons and pint of Soda and lime !! - thanks for great words of encouragement Egg - Legx
  • Leg you'll be fine if your mates are good mates they wont mind.just go out and enjoy yourself,

    when i first packed in drinking mates loved it chaufered all over the place,

    trips to Blackpool i used to get petrol money and they bought my drinks,plus with me driving they knew they daren't spike my drink.

    you will all be fine,:-)
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