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  • Did my three miles today and could feel the effect of my cold. I'm going to stick to little and often this wek and start back on my schedule next week.

    I hate treadys :-(
  • JJ, look after yourself, I hate treadies too, so only use them when the pavements are too icy to run on.
  • Hi again
    Thanks for the hugs, really needed today.
    My little boy gave me a big hug this morning and said - its okay mummy she's with greatgrandad in heaven now - made me blub even more.

    I've been talking to my husband about aiming for 5hours in the marathon - he reckons it will take me around 6 1/2. I suppose you never can tell what will happen in such a long race and for my first I just want to get round but do you experienced peeps think with a half time of about 2hrs 30 I should hope for 5 hours in the marathon - or is that too ambitious? I am slowly going to upp my training though.

  • TT, who knows how well anyone will do on marathon day itself. When did you run your half marathon? A better indication would be to run another half marathon about 6 weeks before you next marathon. You may find as you increase you training mileage each week and do longer runs of over 13.1 miles your half marathon time will come down naturally. But if this is your first marathon the main aim is to get round in one piece and enjoy the whole experience, but aim all your training towards the sub 5 hours goal.
  • How are you feeling today TT.

    X-training this morning at the gym and a run this evening with a few others.
  • Hello everyone... can I have some advice too on running sub 5hr? I did Flm 2004 in 5.38 but had had IT band problems and was wearing a knee brace. I'm getting into the solid training early now but what do you think I should be concentrating on? I do 2 x 3 miles, 1 x cross training and 1 x 8 miler in a week...
  • minniemoo, I don't know how much time you have but I would suggest slowly building up your weekly mileage. Maybe add another day of running or cross training so you are exercising 5 days a week. Add no more than 10 percent to your weekly mileage and have an easier week once a month to get plenty of rest. Maybe think about entering one or two races, maybe a 10k and a half marathon and aim to build your training up to them before really increasing you long runs for the marathon itself. Good luck and lets know how you are doing.
  • Thanks Jane - I'm just getting back into early morning pre-work runs and had forgotten how horrific they can be! Definitely planning a couple of halves in the next few months - I am so wary of injury now though = last time it put me out for 5 weeks but I learned my lesson. Do you think I am being unrealistic hoping for a sub 5? I say sub 4,59.45 would make me happy!!
  • Minniemoo, what is your best half marathon and 10k times? and as you are planning a couple of halfs you can get a better indication from your finishing times. Main thing is to enjoy your races and just do the best you can. I would say if you are comfortable with 11 min miling then a sub 5 hour is possible.
  • 10 miler was 1'44 - I was quite pleased with that and felt I could have done a little better. My half was 2.32 but that was just weeks after recovering from an injury (I should not make excuses -I was v pleased as it was my first!). I think I shall keep plodding along - this time I hope I have more of an idea of what my training should consist of etc. And I joined a running club which so far has made a big difference in my motivation and stamina!
  • Minniemoo, 2.32 for your first half and just returning from injury is a great time. Your 10mile time is alot better than my recent 10 mile race(it was very hilly).
  • According to the MacMillan calculator your 1.44 10 mile time means a 2.17 half and a 4.50 marathon time, a good indicator as long as you put in the necessary training and long runs.
  • I'm going to head to the gym now and keep on training! Thank you. I'm going to keep over this thread for more hints and tips.
    Night x
  • 4 miles brisk walking.

    Going to try an early run tomorrow as I have a client all day tomorrow. Means I'll have to get up extra early. eeeeekkk.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Minniemoo - I did my first marathon just after a few months off with ITBS. I did 5.24 and then did another one less than 4 months later and did it in 4.58, so I'm sure you can too!
  • EP enjoy your runs with your club.
  • I had the most incredible run last night with my club - the run itself was good fun - doing tempo runs - but what made it special was running under the Northern Lights. It was spectacular!
  • Hi guys

    4 very slow miles in the bank but it is an hours running and 500cals and that's what counts.

    BTW it's 22 weeks to FLM. I've mapped out my long runs and I have time to do 2 20 milers with 2 weeks recovery between each.

    I WILL do this.
  • Thats one mile further than me Pixel :-)
  • EP don't worry about it - you will be amazed at how quickly you can build the distance and speed. You'll soon be doing 7 miles as your short fast runs - not the long ones.
  • Not doing Reading Pixel as I'm in the Bath Half the week before with Mr J and my Bro's.

    Maybe you should stop worring about getting sub 5 and concentrate on doing the distance. On the day I will be running to my HR NOT to a pace. If I get sub 5 great, if not then I will have got through the training and the race in one piece and will be happy with that.
  • Hi all,

    feeling good after a plod round the park. One of those chilly windy days when you start, which then turns out in the sun to be warm.

    I'm so slow.

    Anyway, my current plan is having just worked out its sooooo long to FLM I'm going to run 3/4 times a week for November before starting to think about any serious time or pacing.

    Hopefully this will keep me injury free and keep motivation high - whilst helping me lose a bit of weight.
  • 41 mins for 3.7 miles
  • beat ya :-)

    50 mins for 4 miles
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