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  • EP sounds like you had a good session. You are bound to be feeling a little tired after two fairly hard sessions. I am resting today as I have this 10 mile race tomorrow, so will be an early start.
  • Hi Jane

    Yes, we get plenty of questions about the weather, but not 30 in one day, from one person. We've had a fair few running questions which have been interesting... normally along the lines of should i go for a run tonight or go for a drink!
  • 3TL and what do advise then re: the run or the drink and of course you can do both. I am fairly good at having a drink or two.
  • Normally you'd have to text 63336 to get the answer!

    But we often say go that rest and relaxation is as important as running - you can always get up in the morning and wipe out that hangover.

    But I do have a question - does anyone have a good tried and tested sub 5hr training schedule that they could send to me? I note earlier there may have been some flying around.
  • ouch EP .... good lesson though!

    I am going to try another 3 miles tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed ;-)

    (far easier than plodding with your legs crossed)
  • Just back from a very hard and hilly 10 mile race and managed a PW and finished in 1hr 53 mins and not sure of the seconds as I forgot to stop my watch. Some of the last mile was off-road and fairly muddy which is not what you want when you are tired at the end of a race!!, nearly fell flat on my face a couple of times as I had road shoes on with no grip :))

    EP ouch, not a good idea to over do it, maybe a lighter session tomorrow?

    Imelda good luck with the 3 miler tomorrow.

  • this is going to be a tallorder
  • <<slap>>

    Hippo behave ... positive thoughts xx
  • hippo, just have to keep trying :))
  • Well done Jane for yesterday. I didn't race yesterday as work has taken over my life. Still - musn't grumble...
  • yesterday i did 18 miles with no walking
    finish time 5.25.45
    it was bloody hard
  • Hippo - you wouldn't do it if it wasn't bloody hard!!!

    NO WALKING and FINISH are the words to focus on ;)
  • you should have seen the state of me in the last 8 miles
  • hippo, you must walk very quickly to get 5.25 with walking in the last 8 miles, it is brillant. I doubt I could run 18 miles without walking at the moment, had to walk myself yesterday as I found the hills too tough, must get some serious training in before my next race as I don't want to walk in that one :(((

    Was Stevenage a good marathon to do? what was the course and support like?
  • fab marathon
    But only run every 10 years
    no support
    cycle tracks and underpasses
  • Well done Hippo on RUNNING 18 miles.
  • just to clarify-the last 8 miles were run/walk, not just walk
    cant quite believe it myself
    at the bginning of the year id only ever run 12 miles
    and you finished ahead of Superman too!
  • Well done Hippo!

    Not feeling too great today - my grandma died in the early hours. She was 82 and had a good life but I still feel v.sad.

  • (((((TT))))))
  • not being negative Pix
    Just realistic, and respectful of the task ahead
  • Big hugs TT. Agreed about the run to celebrate her life.

    Well done Benz!!!!
    Well done Jane !!!!

    Well I'm going to try and go for a run this afternoon. Just 3 miles and probably on the tready so I keep the cold and damp out of my poor lungs. I'm just going to keep the old legs turning over this week til I am fully recovered.
  • ((((TT))))

    Agree with Hippo a sub 5 hour marathon is a big task and a good bit of hard training but achievable.
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