Sub 5 hours



  • 3TL 11:06 min miles
    Pixie 12:20 min miles
    JJ 12:30 min miles

    I WIN :-)
  • Well done JJ on winning that race :)))

    Had a good run last night and another 7 miles this morning. The 7 miles were easy paced and slow, next week will try to do the 7 miles slightly faster. Cold and windy for most of the run but the sun peaked out for about 10 mins so I managed to take my gloves off after that!!!.

    I have a 5k (which I think is about 5.5k) x-country race on Saturday so haven't decided how much running to do the rest of the week yet. May try a short faster 3 miler tomorrow and rest or swim on Friday.
  • If there is not a place for me at FLM which there probably wont be then I think Halstead in May is looking good, Docs tomorrow and then I shall enter.
    Managed 4 miles on Tuesday which was good and no niggles... 2 miles today, the only thing I havnt done since the rehab started is 2 consecutive days so will try again tomorrow and see !
    Once I am back up to 6 miles again then I think I will join my local club.
  • wow that fantastic EP you must be feeling great to have worked so hard.

    I would have to work really, really hard to do 62 mins for 6 miles. A rest day tomorrow?
  • just over 2 miles for me
    legs almost back to normal

    no maras till FLM---eek
    will have to practice during my ultras

    well donr pix
  • Imelda, glad to hear you are able to run with no niggles.
  • hippo and when is the next ultra? no other races planned? not even a half or a 10k or are they too short for you:))))
  • january

    dont know what ill do inbetween

    i ike halves
  • I like halves as well.
  • I have 3 10k's in 2 months :-) (possibly 4)
    Pix - I'm a bit concerned at the advice from your coach. You will not do a sub 5 (or anywhere near it) if you don't work on your endurance. Base and endurance phase first, work on speed comes later. It sounds like they just want you to run in the club events.

    (sorry, if it sounds like I'm interfering)
    So you can run 20 miles comfortably at the moment?
  • I can't run 20 miles comfortably at the moment either, I could run/walk it but not sure about the continuous steady running for 20 miles. I think you need to build up to it gradually and you can work on both speed and endurance. If you have a good endurance base then speedwork will be less stressful on the body.

    Did 4 miles this morning and was slow but steady and tried a new route.
    I agree Jane, though I'm sure you could do 20 miles if you were going slower than marathon pace. (not that long since LNM)

    sorry Pix - I'll shut up now, I think we do not agree on the meaning of endurance!
    I wish you luck with your training plan.
  • One speedy session a week won't hurt.

    It is very easy to 'cruise' one's training runs. Thats why I use my HR monitor, not just to tell me I'm working too hard but also when I'm not working hard enough :-)

    Rest day for me as my sinus's are playing up. Still on for a 22 mile week tho. I hope to build to 30 soon.
  • hm
    I agree with shades on this one
    i can run 18 miles now
    It aint comfortable
    Not yet
  • The very idea of having "run 18 miles" and "comfortable" in the same sentence - ahhh I can but dream!!
  • Off now to have my first run since Dublin - didn't run in Paris as I was sure that I would get killed by passing traffic.

    Two weeks of indolence - very naughty
    Hi Do Do - how are you? Hope you had a lovely time, I wondered where you were.

    The word 'comfortable' I use loosely! but perhaps 1 to 2 mins slower than your marathon pace (that's MP now, not hoped for)
  • Shades I am sure you are right, I guess if you want to run in lots of short and faster races then shorter and faster training sessions are what are needed but if your main goal is to comfortably complete a marathon then building up endurance needs to be the core of your training week. If you can do both longer runs and speedwork then thats okay but if you are struggling to do both then a decision needs to be made about what is more important to your own self.

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