Swansea Harriers Seaside 5K Series - Race 2



  • STEroids!
  • Ah right I see.So that's 14?

    So I could just turn when I get to the Marquis and go back for 13?

    The road along from Dunvant to Gowerton makes me quite suicidal.

  • Roids poppy are Steroids, deca, sustanon etc then clenbuterol to cut and something else to stop them getting tits and make sure their balls don't retract.

    You are right about the fitness of the roid users Jen. I can be in the gym next to someone with a huge torso yest becuase they are on roids they can't, say, bench proportinally more than me.
  • Stupid me never entered my Head!!!

    Well done on the 600!!

    Oh even more time for shopping if you are at uni;-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.

  • Jen, the road Dunvant to Gowerton (Garrod Avenue past my partents house as it goes) is the worst most psycologically damaging road I know. Had to walk it back from school every day and now have a straight-road phobia.
  • Oh yeah,unfortunately though i'll be poor and will only be able to window shop :-(

    Well impressed with your purchases,a very productive day of shopping!
  • The road is horrific,I know that it's not long but it feels like an eternity running along it.

    Hence why I like doing loops!
  • Jen

    Yes that is 14 but yes turn at Marquis for 13!!

    I tend to do this route on road a few times a week as GPS loses signal in woods.

    Always this route in winter I am used to it and usually have my MP3 player on and usually session involves 2 miles at a set pavce theis 5 at something else so i never get fed up with it but prefer running in woods !

    You know a lot about it Alex!!! never heard of any of them!!

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Jen

    OOh you poor thing nose pressed against window and wont be able to buy a thing:-(((

    I always find if you don't need anything I can come away with lots more:-)

    You 2 will be starting a SNTSR

    I hate the seafront really really hate it and the last 2+ miles up the cycle track from Blackpill is Horrid!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • It's a pretty safe route too as it's lit all the way.

    Think i'll have my MP3 player on tonight too.It's going to be tough getting home at 6.15 from there and then have to go out and do it.But i'll be glad when i've done it.

  • Can't run a nightclub without knowing about it poppy. Lots of doormen use it.

    One of the boys was on a cycle and pulled. Had to take a tablet to get it up and then could not get it down for 2 days !

    You can tell those that do it from their unusual size and the style of their definition.

    The only suppliments I have ever taked are protien shakes and creatine, the latter not for long as it fu's your running.

  • I have entered the Pembs 1/2 rarther than the Swansea Bay 10k.
  • I love Dale half,that was my first ever half and it's got a special place in my heart.

    Unfortunately,due to the timing of it and Cardiff full being 2 weeks after it i'm going to have to opt for Swansea Bay as a half marathon race 2 weeks before is a bit risky.

    I've never done Swansea Bay before and i'm dreading it.I hate the 5K so the 10K will just about finish me off!
  • Rumour has it that there's going to be a half marathon race up at Afan Argoed on Bank Holiday weekend.

    Anyone know anymore about it and if so what're the details????

  • I was planning on the TROT 10k in Carmathen on bank hol weekend but if there is a 1/2 I would be well up for it.

    Don't know but first to hear post it here please.

    Have thought about organising a 1/2 myeslf, perhaps for Ty-Olwen. There is a lack of good races around Swansea. I wrote to the council a year ago telling them to plan a marathon in the city to/from the new stadium.

  • Anyway, off to kicks. Running tonight.
  • Alex

    I hope you did not think I was implying anything just that you seemed clued upon it all thats all!!

    Will ask a friend he will know if there is one!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Go detective Poppy go!

  • Pops, I thought you were just ribbing me, but I also thought I had better make it clear in case anyone did get the wrong impression. Wouldn't want that ;-)

    8 Miles easy tonight.

  • Oh, and 1.5 hours weights in the *GYM* this afternoon. Abs, shoulders and back.
  • Right,if anyone sees or speak to Poppy before I do tell her she's in biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig trouble.

    So,there I was,happily going on my run tonight on the route mentioned previously (Killay,Dunvant,Gowerton,OneEyeLid,The Marquis and back) which I was informed was approximately 13 miles according to Poppy's garmin and I got to the Marquis in 1 hr 3 minutes.

    Now,I know that the route is undulating but I do 8 miles in under 1 hr 3 so for it to take 1 hr 3,yes that's 1 hr 3 to do 6.5 miles I was either grossly underestimating how slowly I was going or it was a teensy bit further that 6.5 miles.

    So,anyway,I turn around and saunter back and get back to my house after 2 hrs 7 minutes of running.

    Let's do the maths.If the route was 13 miles then I would've been 9.769 minute miling which I very much doubt I was doing.

    The suspense was killing me so when i'd eaten and showered I got in the car and measured the route......

    15 bloody miles!!!!! 7.5 to the Marquis and back!!!!

    So,Poppy,you've been doing much more than you thought!

    I was quite pleased that it was 15 miles because if it was actually 13 miles I would've been a bit gutted.

    So,I was actually 8.5 minute miling,which I think for a training run isn't bad at all.

    On the plus side it's a nice route,I enjoyed it and felt fantastic throughout the whole run.So Poppy,I forgive you already :-)

  • BTW------SNTCG

  • Timex bodylink eh ? And she told me that the Exmoor 17 was 20.2. Looks more like 22 now !

    There is a lot of climbing in that route too, especially and more than one would think from Gowerton to the Marquis.

    Well done anyway. A tough route and at 8.5 miles a tidy pace.

    Suerly SNTTBLS ?

    Tried map24.co.uk for measuring routes ?

    Pops, if your timex underestimates then god knows how many miles you are doing.

    No garmin with me tonight.

  • Just thinking jen,

    All this assumes your car is right btw. My last car clocked up 1.2 miles for every mile, although I do think the logic about your pace is indisputable. If I don’t want to take my garmin I sometimes drive the route first with the garmin in the car. That way I can get all the mile markers as well. If you really want to be precise I have a trundle wheel you can borrow !
  • Poppy,I was only joking about you being in big trouble :-)
  • Sorry about last night run but thinking about it if I have run home (I work in Sketty) it is 2 miles exactly it depends where you live?? okay i am now confused and Bodylink and myself will take the blame :-)

    Glad you enjoyed run:-)

    It was to be only 4 miles fast today was up all night with tummy bug!! so got to around 0.5 of a mile and had to get home quick(got home in time) been back to bed and generally feeling rubbish today.

    So unsure how my weekend will pan out it is to be 2.20 run@marathon pace +20% then Sunday 8k race


    I wish I could believe it under estimates but I doubt it!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Sorry to hear about your tummy bug Poppy,there's loads going around.As I was saying before,I had it all last week,not very pleasant.

    That's where the two miles are then!Doh!How stupid am I?I forgot that you measure from Killay so it's 13 from Killay to the Marquis,not from Sketty!

    Ah well!A good 15 under the belt.

    I've got 21 on Sunday in Afan Argoed,2 loops of 9 and a 3.

    Take care Poppy,plenty of fluids and try taking some mineral tablets or equivalent to stay hydrated etc.
  • Jen , glad you are so forgiving:-)

    Good luck with Sundays Long run at Afan Argoed

    Thanks Jen drinking plenty........mineral tablets???
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • I've done 3 runs this week, yes THREE runs!!

    (Hey, they don't call me three times a week Greeny for nothing you know!)
  • THUD

    Poppy faints...next time change your socks between runs Greeny;-)

    Ah but what sort of mileage are we talking about?

    We are the 5-6 times a week folks;-0
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
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