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  • Happy annivesary kk, 30 years and never a cross word:-)
  • Many many cross words BB!!

    Still managed to get to 30 though!
  • Crosswords are fine as long as peeps don't sulk.
  • Ah yes, standing by the bonfire, kk, I remember clearly (twas the date which completely eluded me) Anyone would think I was drunk on Saturday night ;o)

    I suppose you're going to tell me that I said I'd enter Tough Guy on Saturday as well... :o)

    Actually, didn't one or two of my chums say they'd like to make up a team???

    I particularly enjoy cryptic crosswords, but am terminally out of practice...
  • Me and my typoing Crashie, I knew it didn't look quite right:-)
  • Tough Guy

    A little helping hand here Crashie. And your chums said they'ed be only too willing to turn up and.......................

    Cheer you on round the course. They struck me as being far more intelligent than you or I.
  • Gooooooood morning Worcestershire!

    Er, thanks for that, kk, I think, I will consult with senior management...

    Good win for our boys last night as they thrashed Lancashire away. You have to admire a cricket team whose ground spends half the winter underwater...

    I'm on holiday today, but may have to go to work if there aren't enough minions to cope :o), AND my car is in for a service, so there will be some sneaky bike training going on...

    This 8 track is just for me: Tony Christie and Anthrax with 'Show me the way to Kidderminster'
  • :-) Crashie

    Play something soft for me i'm a little fragile this morning
  • Good morning Crashie, coming through loud and clear here in sunny Wiltshire. All is well here although I have to report the sad news that someone has died from Sutton Benger. I've never heard of that disease but will watch out for it in the future.

    Good luck England today, I take it you are
    a cricket fan and will be cheering the boys on during your day off.

    I went to Kidderminster once. Funny place, nice railway though!

    No report from me for a few days cos I'm off to catch the last rays of summer in Cornwall. Best go round up the cows now - play Rawhide for me!!

    Take care all.

  • Enjoy Cornwall, Golly!

    Why fragile, BB?

    And now 'Danse Macabre' by Steppenwolf and a Russian bloke...
  • Go on! Play me

    ‘Eighteen stones and what do you get, another day (year) older and deeper in debt’, by Tennessee Ernie Ford!

    BB an enormous coffee to take out please.
  • Phew, one of my dentists has risen from her sickbed, so we have cover, so I'm officially on holiday again :o)

    Off to do unspeakable things to the pedals of my Raleigh Shopper now...
  • You cant 'owe your soul to the company store' surely, kk?

    (does it give my age away that I know what you're talking about? :o))
  • Pedals swapped on Raleigh Shopper. Why is there always one that won't undo easily? I now have two small cuts for my pains, but I can now at last ride Betsy in anger :o)
    (and yes I do know that one side is a LH thread, it was the RH thread one which was being a proper sod...)

    I leave you with 'Bicycle Race' by Queen and noone else :o)
  • Too much to drink Crashie:-( and not enough food

    Glad your hols are carrying on

    Wave as you go by golly

    large coffee to go for kk
  • Will do BB. Which junction of the M5 are you closest to?

  • BB Mrs 'kk' and I may be passing Friday night on way to Devon.

    BUT mother in law not long had hip replacement so Mrs 'kk' worried about not being around to help her father.

    Might have popped into BB's kitchen this morning but the conversation appeared to be very! girlie.
  • Good luck with the traffic on Friday night KK. Hope it's not too busy round Brizzle way.
  • Not sure Golly I know its the Bath junction of the M4 if that gives a clue:-)

    lol kk, don't mind me and hippo and our funny ways

    Is there any one else who could deputise for Mrs kk?
  • Back from the gym, play me something congratulatory:-)

    I think I'm getting addicted
  • And here, just for BB, is Cliff Richard and the Stormtroopers of Death with 'mistletoe and...' nah just kidding local DJ-stylee, 'Congratulations'

    Just been out on Audrey III (my new bike, was stuggling for a name til the little bugger cut me twice trying to get the pedals changed) 21.09 miles at an average speed of 14.6 mph.

    Now, for a prize of a no-expenses-paid day out in the Forest of Dean cheering on me and kk during the duathlon, who can explain who Audreys I and II were?
  • Best I can come up with is "Little Shop of Horrors" - Audrey being the singing plant.

    Audrey II was the one created for the stage production and is available for hire at "www. can't be ar$ed finding the" (I know this as my brother tried to stage a production of the musucal at his school, but were told they had to hire the 'Audrey II' prop at a huge cost to the school. They did Grease instead. Again.)

    Oooh, does this mean I can come and watch you run?
  • Don't see what it has to do with your bike though?
  • Oooh, close enough, Wickett!

    Audrey was the girl who worked in the shop; because 'our hero' (can't remember his name at all) fancied her, he named the alien plant Audrey II. Audrey II was in fact 'a mean green mutha from outer space' (one of the best song titles ever, IMHO) who fed on human blood. Audrey III cut me twice while I was trying to change her pedals. The rest is history :o)
  • Ah flashing around your average speeds eh!.

    While I been locked away in a monthly board meeting with my colleagues........

  • New 'puter from Wiggle, bless 'em...

    You'd think they'd send me some freebies for doing them such a shameless plug on local radio...
  • <<staggers in with a tray of tea and cakes>>
  • Should I worry about 'cadence'?
  • he most common mistake made in cycling, and training for cycling, especially among casual cyclists is to push too big a gear, too slowly. You see cyclists plodding along with very slow leg movement. Everyone should learn to spin their pedals. For several reasons spinning, or a high cadence which is the term used to describe the rate of spinning in rpm, is the key to fitness and specifically to increasing aerobic fitness.

    First, we have what we call the muscle pump. When you contract a muscle, the muscle cells shorten and get fatter. When they get fatter, they put pressure on surrounding blood vessels forcing the blood out of them and towards the heart in a forward direction. This accelerates the flow of blood through the body while decreasing the workload on the heart, if the contractions are short and fast. If the contractions are significantly longer, this causes a backpressure against the heart forcing the heart to work harder and slowing the blood flow through the body. This backpressure is OK for the short distances a racer may need to make a break, jump a gap or chase a group but work against you for the longer distances.

    Second, it is easier to control your speed and keep it smooth and steady when you spin. Pushing too big a gear does not provide a good feel for your speed and your speed subsequently fluctuates up and down which beats up your legs very quickly. Spinning will also improve your bike control.

    It is generally thought that a cadence, the rate of spinning, should be between 80-100 rpm. In research carried out on Russian cyclists they found that the optimum cadence is 92 rpm. It probably applies to cyclists even if you are not Russian!

  • Cadence Clearwater Revival?
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