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  • Well I got huge with my my 1st. I didn't watch what I ate at particulary. I ate healthy but had a bad cake and mince pie habit!!! It made me very cross and frustrated with myself afterwards and took a while & a lot of determination to loose it all again.

    Out with my friends last night who are connviced I am having a boy this time as I am all bump and nothing else. I am not convinced, I think it is just that I am not eating all the pies and chocloate I can get my hands on this time around.

    I don't expect to spring back into shape this time, but I am trying not to make it too hard for myself this time and keeping an eye on my weight gain this time. It is hard though as I just seem to want to eat bad things all the time. Constant debates in my head - shall I have that piece of cake... arrrghhh!!

    My friend had her baby early - last night. A little girl! I am so excitied I cannot wait until it is my turn again :-)

  • Hmmm did not mean to repeat myself - don't know what happened there!
  • >wanders in with chocolate cake, balloons, streamers and lots of noisy squeaky things<

    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear mini-hegs
    happy birthday to you!

    mitchie moo - fingers crossed for today. what time are you going in? let us know how it goes as soon as you can!!

    austrorunner - i have this personal theory that the female human boday needs to evolve one step further in the light of the supermarket. all this fat is laid down for breastfeeding (apparently), but what the body doesn't yet realise, is that we can just nip down to tescos and buy donuts once the baby is born if we need some extra lard.
  • I know exactly what you mean Astro. I've been trying to lose weight for the past year too, and it does feel very weird letting go. I keep looking at my trousers and thinking 'they should be looser than this' then I have to remind myself that it's okay.

    I know I'll put on weight - I'm prone to it, and I also put it all on my belly and top half. So I have big top half and skinny little legs & hips underneath. I am the ultimate challenge for Trinny and Susannah!

    Still - will give me a challenge and get me back out running asap!

    Mitchie Moo - let us all know how you get on at the scan!
  • Good Luck Mitchie Moo!
  • I was never skinny either, have probably always been about a stone overweight and size 14/16. Was 13 stone when i got pregnant (had put a few pound on over christmas and never lost them) and am now up to 14 stone already, only 18 weeks and not much of a bump showing yet. My belly definetly has more fat on it and think my bum and thighs have expanded a wee bit. Hopefully the baby will sook it all away once he or she is born.
    Not got any cravings, but my resistance to chocolate and cakes has definelty plummeted. Probably eating really healthily if you don't count the chocs and cakes !!!!!
    Went for a hill walk with one of my friends last night and took me about the same time to get to the top of the local hill, so although my running is knackered for the moment, at least i'm still as 'hill fit' as normal. Got friends coming up from down south this weekend and they're hoping to do some walking and maybe get up a munro on sunday, so keeping fingers crossed for the weather.

    Good luck today Mitchie Moo and happy birthday also to mini-Hegs
  • May not beable to get on the thread till monday, but will try tomorrow. Am away all weekend. Thanks for all good wishes, so many positive vibes coming my way. Have to wait till 6pm though so a long day.
  • Haven't been able to post a message cos I deleted the cookies on my PC which meant the site didn't automatically recognise me anymore and I couldn't remember my password. It's come back to me now...
    Just wanted to wish MM all the very best for today, too.
  • Hello everyone. Well it appears all your positive vibes worked really well. Two beautiful babies still, bouncing around on my bladder. I am 12 weeks 2 days today, so they have also caught up with their growth, which am very pleased about. It means we can now tell everyone, what a relief that will be.

    They are currently lying like a double decker bus one on top of the other, the top one was very active jumping around on the wall between them like it was a trampoline, and other obviously fending off these bounces was all curled up just occasionally stretching out its legs.

    Am so pleased. Thanks again. Off for nice weekend now.
  • Wow - HUGE congratulations MM - no pun intended!
    Am thrilled at your good news.
    Pregnant Runners' Club unite.
  • That's brilliant news. Enjoy telling everyone!!
  • Brilliant news, Mitchie Moo, it is such a relief to get the dating scan past and see that everything is ok, you can sit back and relax a bit now and enjoy all the congratulations as you tell all your friends and family. Have a lovely weekend.
  • Congratulations Mitchie Moo. Have a fab weekend!!
  • yippeeee! that's WONDERFUL news. you must be sooooo relieved!

    have a fantastic weekend, enjoy the wedding, and here's to you starting to feel a little less grotty soon!!
  • MM - excellent news! That's made my day!

    I so pleased for you. And have fun telling everyone!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    MM, so pleased for you. You must feel greatly relieved to have got this far in view of your past experiences.

    I'm feeling quite positive too. I started doing a BBT chart this month as I was concerned I might not be ovulating, and my temperature appears to have done what it's supposed to when ovulation happens - i.e. it's gone up and stayed up for the past three days so far. We've also been much more "active" this month, and according to the chart, active at the right time too. Even if nothing happens this month at least I feel it's a step in the right direction.

    On another note, I'm like you, MM - tiny and skinny! Am already dreading where on earth I'm going to get maternity clothes and I'm not even pregnant yet! At the moment I can only buy clothes in Gap, Principles Petite, French Connection (tops and jeans only as trousers are WAY too long because they don't come in different leg lengths), and Next Petite (although I'm really not a fan of Next these days, and the clothes seem to be bigger than they used to be - even a size 6 petite swamps me). Am dreading having even more difficulty in finding clothes than I do already. I'm sure I'll feel uncomfortable enough about my body when I'm pregnant without feeling I look like a bag lady in ill-fitting clothes too! MM (and others), where are you managing to find clothes?
  • minks - that's great news. fingers crossed that something happens for you soon!

    re: maternity clothes - i am not small, so don't have your problem, but i have to say that i have been singularly unimpressed with maternity clothes. i bought some trousers from blooming marvellous in the sale (had been 36.99 so not exactly bargain basement to start off with), and they didn't last me past 6 months (and my bump is tiny!) because they were just not expandable (this isn't obvious from the catalogue) AND both hems came down the first time i wore them.

    i have bought other stuff from jojomamanbebe, including a pair of linen trousers with a drawstring waist, and one of the strings has detached itself already on the 3rd time of wearing them, so they no longer stay up, and the string was stitched in internally so i can't do anything about it!

    i think in general maternity clothes are badly made, because they know you aren't in them for long.

    the best stuff i have found is actually from next. not sure how small they come in in maternity, but i bought some stuff in the sale at christmas and it's actually comfortable and ... shock horror... looks nice!

    you may find that you can get away for a while with just the next size up (ie not maternity), and that by the time you need maternity clothes you actually fit into a size 8 maternity, of which there should be an abundance because few women are that size when pregnant!

    as for looking like a bag lady - the news is that, unless you are a yummy mummy, you are pretty much going to look odd when pregnant. we all do! and after a while, you stop worrying about what you look like. you just want something cool (i am constantly SOOO hot) that more or less covers all the hideous lumpy bits.

  • the other thing is that you may actually find that once your bump develops a bit (and particularly once it shifts upwards), you can wear hipsters again that sit below your bump. that way you *might* find some non-maternity trousers that you can get into. i have a pair of non maternity trousers that still fit because they sit very low (have to point out that they were too big before i got pregnant, and now fit, in case anyone thinks i haven't put any weight on on my bum. i have put on stacks!). the same is also true of drop waisted skirts (particularly those with elasticated waists which you could position below the bump), so you don't HAVE to get maternity. quite a lot of tops these days are baggy enough around the tummy to wear for most of your pregnancy until you get very big (at which point it's t-shirts, i guess!). i was looking at some in tescos this morning (was there at 6am because still not sleeping!), and they have them in size 6 as well, i noticed! those are the kind of gypsy tops which are fitted around the boobs and then all floaty... i should imagine they would be fine to wear for most of your pregnancy, as long as you didn't mind dressing in tescos tatt!

    if you can avoid having to buy maternity clothes, i really really would! they are very cruddy (unless, presumably, you pay lots of money for them).
  • Top Shop Maternity jeans are fab and can be bought online if you cannot get to Oxford Circus. They are trendy, low waisted and have expansions on the side rather than nasty elastic with buttons on.

  • MM congratulations on having a good scan. Have fun telling everyone your good news!! Oh, all the depressing threads about weight... What's the solution to those pockets of fat on my hips that I now have?? I could try and convince myself that they are storage units for my breast-milk, and that they will disappear once I stop breastfeeding but.. I may still sneek out and get the Davina DVD, have so little time during the week to run that that may be the solution. Went for my first run in three weeks yesterday. Only did 3 miles as I didn't want to push it with only just getting over sinusitis and cold (sorry, moan moan) but very glad to have been out.

    Oh, and just got a bike organised. Bought a little seat for Liesje in Holland and as soon as she can sit she'll be on the front of my bike! I can't wait, the only problem at the moment is finding a little helmet small enough for a six month old. Any ideas? I might just make a foam hat for her if I can't find a helmet, and cycle very careful! Have a good weekend you all
  • Actually i just went shopping on friday afternoon for maternity clothes as the cheapy size 16 jeans i got from Matalan that i have been using are starting to get a bit neat (and i put a hole in one pair on barbed wire !!). Got some stuff and some of it quite nice. Got a lovely pair of dark navy jeans from Next which have wee elasticated panels at the side and sit under the bump and they are actually really smart and comfy and only £24.99 which i though was cheap for Next, also a nice smartish v neck top. Got a pair of jeans in Asda for only £10 which have the big jersey panel over the front (they're still a bit big really, will do when i really start to get a bigger bump). Also got some nice maternity t shirts in Mothercare. Also dorothy perkins and H&M had maternity stuff. Not a huge range of stuff in any of the shops, but if you have a search about there is some nice stuff out there.
  • Morning all, and thank you for your birthday wishes last Thursday! Turns out that mini-Hegs has decided to become an obnoxious little git now that he has turned 1 and got over his ear infection and he cried and sulked throughout his party on Friday unless he was being cuddled and entertained non-stop.....
    Ah well, a week back in nursery ought to sort out his prima donna behaviour (I hope!).

    I found Top Shop excellent for maternity gear, but other than that you are all correct it is woeful. I ended up living in Gap t-shirts with my Top Shop jeans and I did actually manage to get a really nice pair of cropped off jeans from Next that were good, but the sizes in Next come up pretty big.

    MM - fantastic news on your scan - congratulations - hopefully now you can really enjoy your pregnancy and no doubt all of the gymnastics that will be going on once you can feel them moving!!

    Hegs x

    PS. On the weight loss front: I had a stubborn 4 pounds that wouldn't go until this last week when I had a horrible stomach bug that put paid to all 4!! I guess every cloud has a silver lining, although no doubt once I am properly back to eating again they will sneak back on.
  • As early days for me I haven't given much thought to clothing. Appreciating my regular clothes still fitting and hope this lasts a couple of months.
    Do realise though that - if all goes well -I will be at the height of my pregnancy in the colder months which is probably not ideal (clothes wise). I live in Austria where winters are real winters and summers real summers, if you know what I mean.
    My sister was pregnant during the summer and didn't have to buy too much - could live in shorts and T-shirts most of the time.
    PS. Feel like my boobs have exploded!
  • My bump has exploded, I now really cannot hide it, so a relief I had the scan on thursday really. I am currently wearing hipster type work trousers which are on widest strap usually too big for me. They are fine when I'm standing but have to undo them for sitting. I have lots of tops that fit round my boobs then are baggy, so these should last a few weeks I think.

    At nearly 13 weeks I now look closer to 20 weeks, scarey. I'm going to need a wheelie stool to support my bump! Think I will start exploring the clothes options this week.

    Have told all family and friends now except for a few which require more phone calls and need energy, which after a weekend away I have none of.
  • I have also found the following places good for clothes

    H & M
    Isabella Oliver (a bit pricey can get loads of it second hand & in good nick on ebay!!)
    Crave (which used to be business bump)

    I must say though ebay has been a great source. I have got a few really nice formes dresses for work and for a tenner!

  • Yes, I found H&M really good actually - but I got a lot of it in Switzerland (my sister lives there). Very good vests which are excellent for bridging the gap between top of trousers and bottom of top!
  • So pleased that everyone went well for you mm - take care now.
  • So far I've also gone for 'the next size up option' but I'm only 9 weeks. The problem was my trousers were a bit tight to start with.....

    The biggest problem I'm having at the moment is bursting out of my shirts.

    I've had a quick scan of maternity clothes and Next do seem to offer some decent ones, and they're not too expensive.

    Had the in-laws down this weekend.....oh God they are so excited.
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