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  • Hi Pinkerbelle, I've switched the Sat and Sun around, 'cos I prefer the long runs on a Sun - so 12 miles for me too! I find that its the 3 miles on the Fridays that I miss, I missed last Friday's and will have to miss today's as well. I might go 3 miles tomorrow instead.

    I did the New Forest half marathon last August and someone gave me 4 jelly babies (at around the 11 mile mark) - I would never have believed the effect that 4 jelly babies could have had - I very nearly through up right in the middle of the race - luckily managed to recover and finish the race!
  • Have you tried the High5 ones Pinks they aren't gloopy at all and the chocolate one tastes just like melted chocolate yummy
  • Just ordered from Amazon - Marathon Running for Mortals: An Ordinary Mortal's Guide to the Joy of Running by John Bingham - so looking forward to getting that
  • In the FLM they give out the Lucozade Orange sports drinks - what are they like? I use the Power Bar Power Gels - Apple with Caffeine and Blackcurrent with Caffeine, I agree they're gloopy but its almost like switching into 5th gear when I take one :-)
  • where can you get the High5 ones from? anything is worth a try. i don't like chocolate though - do they do fruity flavours?

    Chris, i'm confused! my plan has friday as a rest day!?

    Where is Lazer today?
  • In training I use a camelbak (which holds 2 litres of water) - what's everyone's opinion of using it during the FLM? Or will there be enough water left by the time I get to the water stations?
  • Chris I found that after running the first London the Lucozade makes me feel really ill.

    Pinks you can buy a sample pack of High5 gels from www.high5-online.com/acatalog/Sample_Packs.html
    if you get the marathon pack you get a belt that carries them too all for £14.99

    Not sure the chocolate one is included but they have other packs from about £7.99 so are worth a try
  • Hi Pinkerbelle, ooops, sorry, I switched some of the days around. I run on Sun, Tue, Wed, Fri, with Mon and Thur rest days. I found that running 3 days in a row - Tue, Wed, Thur was too tiring for me. I also had to swap a couple of the long runs around so that I could fit in the Fleet half marathon.
  • and forgot Sat - that's rest day as well. Generally on the Mon and Thurs I'll go to the gym or swim
  • come on you lot!!! just done my 12 miler (well 12.2 miles actually)...and its 9am!!! felt ok tho...2.20..bit slow but feel ok for it and was only slow coz i kept messing around with gps as i kept losing the signal and was running with my boss for 5 miles but enjoyed the company

    come on pinks..get out there and get the 12 miler out the way!
  • 2 hours and counting, porridge locked and loaded - digestion commencing...still trying to work out my route...
  • http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/episode/view.mb?episodePk.pkValue=440553

    Probably wont work lol, 1:47:41 for 12.5. Really needed ice bath after though, and needed more fuel!!! next LSR im taking 2 gels with me, as 1 wasnt enough. Actually felt hungryy on the back 3 which has never happened before.
  • Hi George, you're fast - 8:30 avg pace - wow!

    You're near me, I'm Clanfield. For my 12 miler tomorrow I'll probably head over towards Oxenbourne, Ramsdean, East Meon and then Coombe - done that route before, works out as a good 12-13 miles and its relatively flat. After I've done the route tomorrow I'll load it up onto Motion Based.
  • George that is a really quick time. Excellent!! You will feel hungry at times. I sometimes get starving so carry an energy bar as well as some gels with me because if you get hungry and keep drinking it starts sloshing round inside you (the gels aren't always enough).
    You will probably get very hungry in the marathon so it might be worth practicing with eating something solid now to be sure it doesn't upset your stomach.
    Use the energy bars that match your gels. You dont need to eat it all just a couple of mouthfuls.

    Got my 10k tomorrow so having a lazy day today. Hopefully it will be a good run. I am trying to give myself positive vibes!!
    Got my can of redbull for psychological support!! lol
    Will let you all know whether I fall apart or not!!

    Happy running everyone
  • Hey all. did my run today too. ended up doing 13 miles as again i had guessed the route before hand. forced myself to go slow - 2hr29 - but actually it was fine except it was so cold here i did suffer a bit on the last 2-3 miles. cold and tired together is not good! oh, and that included a toilet break at my office so could knock off 2 or 3 minutes i guess.

    Cas it looks like we are very similar times
  • George, i am not even going to comment on your time mr speedy!!!

    Rio will be thinking of you tomorrow for your race - hope the weather is good for you and it goes well...do let me know.

    Chris, guess you have your 12 miler tomorrow so hope all goes well.

    anyone know what happenend to Lazer?
  • Rio, meant to ask about the nergy bars - where do you get those from? would that work as an alternative to the gels?
  • Pinks - Rio left this link earlier, has some energy bars there. Thinking i might get a box...Click!

    Chris - yeh, i'll be extending the 12 today up to east meon when i do more mileage. Lovely little village. Girlfriend lives there.

    Rio, what do you mean bars that match gells? are we talking flavours? that high5 website is evil, its got me wanting to buy the Co Q10 supplement! looks very interesting.

    Changed name to 'PogWog' as that is my race name, and its like the nickname my parents gave me when i was 'ickle. also wasnt aware you could change your name, but hey - you learn sommat everyday.

    Anyone on the novice going to do the x-training tomorrow? think i might just go for a walk or a quick swim.
  • Hey PW - cute name!

    will see how i feel in the morning - i am incredibly stiff and sore tonight!
  • Just done 13.03 miles at an average pace of 11:33 and it took me 2 hours 30 mins - so quite pleased with that (according to my Garmin). Beautiful weather today which always helps.
    Here's the route on Motion Based:
    which gives a slightly different time and pace ??

  • Haha, Chris, we actually cross paths for like half a mile. lol! Motion based does sometimes give slightly different readings, and clips corners here and there but despite this its a useful (and adddictive) tool for seeeing where you have been.

    Tis good weather, im off for a dog walk now guys, toodle!
  • Chris, you me and Cas are nearlly exactly the same pace - you did really well!

    decided not to cross train today as i feel like i have been dragged round a field by a tractor at 90mph!! no idea why as i took it slow yesterday and did the whole stretch/cold bath routine then last night it just hit me and i feel really sore and tired today. any suggestions anyone?

    chris, i also find the 3 midweek days in a row too tiring but not sure how to switch it around as i like doing lsr on a saturday am.

    Rio, how was your 10k?

    oh, anyone tried the lemon cola high5 plus gels?
  • Morning

    Pogwog by bars that match your gels I meant the same make as you know that your stomach doesn't mind them.

    Well done to everyone for their runs this weekend.

    Well I would thoroughly recommend the Longleat 10k It was fantastic. It is a very hilly course but the atmosphere is fantastic. The great thing about hills is the down slopes after the climb. I managed to run pretty much all the way and got round in 63 minutes (taking 6 minutes off my pb).

    Pinks if you are finding 3 sessions in a row tough drop the one in the middle but make the other two harder to compensate. Or divide the mileage you should do on the middle day between the other two days. That way you will still be doing the mileage but having a break between them.
    Or just miss any one of the sessions completely. Quality is more important than quantity and you aren't dropping the LSR so it wont hurt.

    I haven't tried the Lemon Cola gels but would imagine they are ok as all the other High5 gels are great.

    Pogwog I only go on the High5 site when I really need something because they do have so many tempting offers!!
  • Rio that's great - you did really well and a really fast time!

    i just can't understand how sore that run on saturday made me! today its the backs of my ankles and feet that hurt but i am going for another sports massage at lunchtime and its a rest day today. trouble is if i drop one of the midweek sessions i would only be doing 3 runs a week - surely that's not enough? at the moment i do tues wed and thurs and then lsr on saturdays. supposed to cross train on sundays but normally i'm too shattered or busy with family life. any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

    anyone got any suggestions on running reading material as i've now finished the john bingham book (excellent!)
  • Pinks 3 runs a week is plenty and if you end up injured on 4 runs a week then......
    It does sound as if you are pushing yourself too hard at the moment.

    Could you do some speed or hill work on Tuesday and Thursday or combine the mileage of Wednesday into Tues and Wed.

    Cross training doesn't need to be hard and fast - what about a family walk for an hour, go swimming. Or Gardening. Just do something other than run for an hour!!
    Energetic housework?!!!!

    Another good book is also by John Bingham - Run Fast - How to Beat your Best Time Every Time. It has some good stuff about how to do speed sessions. Might help you make the most of the quality sessions on Tues and Wed.
    I am going to the Trailplus weekend on Friday. If they come up with any good tips to help you I will email you
  • Thanks Rio. i am going to try it for the next 2 weeks and see how i get on. i've found a suitable hill near the park which i could use once the nights get a bit lighter. what would be a good speed session?

    i looked on Amazon for the book but can't find it - any idea where i can get it from?
  • I am sure I got mine from Amazon but it had to come from America - still only took a week!

    To start with Pinks just do things like lampost reps - run quick to one then recover to the next. Or run quicker for 1 min (about 5k pace) then slow for the next min. Fast for the next 2 then slow for 2, fast 3 slow 3 then back down 3, 2,1. Repeat if you can but if not that is a good session to start with (obviously you do a mile or so warm up before you start and a mile or so cool down.
  • is it by hal higdon because there is one called 'run fast' by him?

    think i can try that on my run home tomorrow night - so it is like a pyramid. only trouble is i am not sure what my 5k pace would be! if i do lsr at 11-11.30 min miles would a 5k pace be about 10 min miles? think i need also to look at my watch to see if it does that or if i have to work out what speed a 10 min mile equates to (in km) and the stick to that.
  • Thats the one Pinks.
    Dont worry about time then if you dont know what your 5k pace is just run faster than you do for your normal running. The important thing is to make sure you keep the same speed for each of the reps. 10 min miles sounds great.
    You will feel it tomorrow so have an easy day then. (ie REST)
  • does anyone take a pack/camel pak with them on the FLM, im just thinking im going to have a fair bit of stuff with me; Phone, gells, food, vaseline, maybe ipod, inhaler etc. (im sure theres more) and my bam bag just isnt going to compensate.

    Rio, how is the water given out on the day? is it in those little white cups?
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