Shades Marathon Training

I have prepared a training programme based on 3 runs a week with an option for a 4th run.

This programme is aimed at busy folk, who work, maybe have children to look after and just do not have the time to run 4-6 times a week. Ideal for first timers, or if your first marathon was a painful experience then this could be for you.

This is the same programme I used to coach a group of girls doing their first marathon at Dublin. They all ran well, nobody hit the 'wall' and their finishing times were from 3.44 to 5.27.

Email me if you'd like a copy of the programme


  • Hitting the wall is a good thing....

    Its like when I used to work at a Karting centre, clipping tyre walls showed you were really pushing your limits.
  • Hitting the wall is down to nutrition and is easily preventable so shows you were stupid. Having sore legs and walking shows you were under prepared (unless you intended to walk as part of your race strategy).

    Shades, think you'll have a lot of takers for that plan. See if you can get it on the FP!!!!
  • Maybe I've misinterpretted `hitting the wall'
  • Shades

    Yes please - You should have a mail from me!

  • shades - 3:44 off 3 runs a week is pretty good!

    ben - Don't think so! I've only ever "hit the wall" in training, but the result is a catastrophic loss of pace which could wreck any race.
    The Count - don't think I'd want it on the FP, everyone would pick holes in it!

    Not that I'm not up to a good argument though.

    200m - yes, she did 3.44.56 which gives her a GFA place if she wants it in 2007

    The first time I prepared a training plan for a marathon it just scared them so the next time I tried to make it look as 'easy' as possible.

  • Thanks Shades for putting the time into posting this thread - you have mail!
  • I'd did 3:35 on one run per week lol but 2 times per week on x-trainer. Wouldn't recommend it though
  • Yes please Shades!
    Emails sent.
    Sian - email has come back, will try again
  • Sorry Shades - let me know if you've any more problems
  • good girl

    nice one!
  • Please could I have a copy of this as well?
  • email sent.
  • email me please.
  • Please can I have a copy
    Will email copies tonight.

    Sian - even my email to you with no attachment has been rejected, can you email me another email address I can try?
  • email sent. Well done Shades
  • Shades - sent you another email - if no joy, then don't worry. Thanks very much.
    sian - I'll try again tonight, guess your ISP doesn't like my ISP. If it doesn't work I'm sure one of the other forumites can send it onto you.
  • I'm glad some people remember than running is for fun. And just part of one's life.

    Sent you an email asking for a copy of your programme.

    Best wishes.
    Will email you all tonight.

    I'm at work at the moment but our accounts software is having an upgrade so am utilising the time by sneaking on the forum
  • Sounds great Shades. Email winging it's way through the ether.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    And another one..... :o)
  • I would like to see this plan too, please. e-mail sent.
    sian - I've tried again to both email addresses but receipt has been blocked.

    i suggest you email one of the others on this thread and ask them to forward you a copy.
  • sian, mail me and I'll send you a copy.
  • Thanks Shades for trying
    Thanks bah26 for the offer - will email you.
  • Hi all

    You have mail, Shades.
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