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  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-It is indeed,not even done one in wales  :)
    Ian - that's exciting, it's lovely to travel to an overseas marathon.

    Are you doing Wrexham, that's in Wales isn't it?
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Not sure what my plans are yet.Signed up for Manchester April 8th,Wrexham is 3 weeks before that,so I need to decide whether to do Wrexham or have an extra 3 weeks training.I think if I'd done a half I'd be better placed to know where I'm up to.
  • Shades - I think they still bwe queueing for ages to get served and apparently someone at work went and queued for 30 mins to be told they had no er chicken when they got served.
    Ian - I did see on Wrexham's website that online entry is open until 4th March, I don't think it fills up, but I don't actually know that.  So should be no need to rush into making a decision.

    Keith - a KFC that runs out of chicken..... shakes head in amazement 
  • Shades - Manchester April 8th, Liverpool May 20th, Chester October 8th.
    Just yoga today - my abs are still sore from Hot Inferno Pilates on Thursday. Oof! New Year parkrun tomorrow.
  • Don't think I'm in the running for any consecutive marathons yet then Shades.. still haven't managed one recovery run yet. Well I sort of did after Blaye but you refused to accept an 8 minute hobble as a qualifying Shades recovery run..

    Do you think that kingfisher is there for good now.. or does he need to find a partner?.. or do they migrate?? I know nothing  :|

    Hope that cold clears up soon Big G.

    Cal - I'm sure you're making some of these class names up.. Hot inferno pilates?! Dear God...

    Threw caution to the winds and went for a run today. Couldn't stand it anymore. Went very slowly and back/neck sore but no worse than if I hadn't run. Had a couple of odd looks from the hunters but I bet that's because they've never seen anyone running with a neck collar and a green and black face before  :D

    Whilst in the mood have entered that coastal 28k trail race that I love but missed this year. That should motivate me now. It's in early February so hopefully nothing can happen beforehand to sabotage that  :#

  • Shades- Stirling April 29th, Berlin Sept 16th hopefully more to follow.

    Not been able to run much this festive period due to busy workload. It has been the silly season at work with tonight probably going to be the worst so roll on 0400 hours tomorrow when hopefully I will get finished.
    Squeezed 8 miles in today which included the 4 miles back into a v/strong headwind, that was tough. One more day of unhealthy eating then time to knuckle down into training.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Sounds like you've been busy Steven.  I'm doing Dry January again and I think I need to shift a few pounds too - not that I've checked, as I somehow don't want to know!

    Here are my January marathons :)  There will most definitely be no PBs at any of these 3!  Not guaranteed sub-4s either, especially at Plym Trail where my two times this year were 4:29 and 4:44....

    Winter Enigma day 1 - 6th Jan
    Winter Enigma day 2 - 7th Jan
    Plym Trail - 20th Jan
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-I'm pretty sure you're right about Wrexham not filling,I will be there in one of the races.
    Got out to complete my 1800 for the year,14 miles,strange how sometimes 20 can feel easier than a shorter one,but I had chippy tea last night and out later than normal so not fuelled very well,last few days of efforts now then taper.
    I must say this is the best year I've had both running and personal life with getting promoted and smashing all my pb's with some times I never even dreamed of at the start of the year.Heres to more in 2018.
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    Thanks Cal for your races.   No Chester for me next year as I have a 6 hour the day before.   I don want to run Chester again sometime.

    mamafox - I'm pretty sure kingfishers don't migrate.  I think they live in a hole in river banks, this has reeds and mud banks so guess he lives there.  I don't know what the female looks like I expect, dull and brown so probably not seen one.   The flash of blue/green is all you see, they are very fast.

    Edit - I've just checked on internet the female and male are similar colour, the way to tell the female is that she wears lipstick, red/pink on beak like this one.

    Running with a neck collar, that's a first, the hunters probably thought you'd escaped from some 'hospital'   ;)  Glad that you've put your race entry in for that Feb race

    Steven - thanks for your races, I'm sure you'll have a few more in mind too.   Hope work isn't too hectic and you've eaten all the unhealthy food by tomorrow so there's no temptation when you start the healthy eating.

    Big G - thanks for your January races.   How's the cold?

    Next weekend's double should take care of any Xmas weight gain.

    Ian - I haven't done Wrexham before, I've been told it's well organised but the course is dull but quite fast I think.   Fish and chips is my favourite pre marathon meal, obviously not yours though :D 

    You've had a brilliant year, but it's been well deserved you've worked really hard at your training, and I'm sure your job too.
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    I'm also doing dry until 20th and RED run every day for mind and back to healthy eating. Eaten so much junk want to detox. I'm doing Parkrun tomorrow. Quiet night in front of TV  Happy New Year to you all. Have a good night.  
  • MF - glad you got out for a run AND to Lidl, that sounds like good progress. :)

    Big G - I hope you don’t get full blown man-flu. My 17 yo is coughing and sneezing all over the place and keep inhaling over bowls of water with Vicks in. I swear I can feel a sore throat coming on.

    Shades - I didn’t have a mileage target for this year but I was so close to 1800 miles that I ended up doing 16 this morning so that I could end the year on a nice round number. Feel knackered now as haven’t run that long for ages and it was quite tiring jumping over and through all the puddles along the canal. Hope I can make parkrun tomorrow as I have a party tonight.

    HNY to all Shadies :)
  • Happy new year everyone! Here’s to many happy miles in 2018! 
  • JugulaJugula ✭✭✭
    Wishing all Shadies a happy, injury free 2018.
    Happy New Year Shadies :):)  Let's make it a good one.

    Jelly - what's the RED run  every day for Mind?

    SK - I knew you wouldn't be able to resist doing that 16 miles in some way but you might have been annoyed with yourself if you hadn't done it.    I'm sure your legs will be fine for a good time at parkrun today.   We've got lots of puddles here too.

    Although it's NYD I still need to book my Pilates class for 10 days ahead at 7 am this morning, then out for my first run of the year.   I like running on NYD morning, nice and quiet. :)
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Mind Charity the one the prince William and Harry promoted  @ London are doing a run every day in January challenge. I've paid entry fee but not fund raising. I've done it as suffered mental Heath in the past and focus me before DD training starts. Lots of the people doing it are none runners and in my view anything which get people active is good, 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Not the best start to the running year - I expect I'll be in bed most of today :(  And I'm not even hungover as I only had one Scotch at midnight!
  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    Shades - Thanks for the kingfisher info.. I've learnt something there!

    Big G - Sorry you've been struck down, is that because of the cold that was coming on? - hope that doesn't migrate to your chest.

    Jelly - That's a good way of getting stuck into the new year's running. How does that work then.. no matter what distance the run as long as you get out there, run and then log it on their site or something?

    Ian - you really have had a great year on all counts.

    SK - Well done on giving in to OCD and getting that nice round number!

    Got out for a run this morning before the storm really set in. Only my basic 10k circuit, I got soaked and was dying on my feet for the last 2k but still feel better for doing it.

    Happy New Year to all Shadies!  :)
    Jelly - good for you doing that for Mind.   By committing to running every day for a month instils a great training discipline too.   Not that I think you ever lack motivation to get out there and run, you love your running.

    (((Big G)))) - so sorry to hear you're poorly.   Cold, man flu or worse?   

    Waited ages to go out for my run as it was raining heavily but it didn't look like it was going to stop so in the end I just decided to just get out there.  Had planned to do a flat run (Teigngrace/Stover Way) but with all the rain I thought it would be flooded so went for an undulating run instead with a couple of good hills and really enjoyed it.   Had to run through a lot of water pouring down the hills and across the roads, got very wet but had a lovely run.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    MF, yeah, it's the cold that was developing yesterday.  Shades, I hope it's just a cold, and doesn't go to my chest although these things do have a tendency to go to my chest for some reason, so hopefully that won't happen.  My hotel for the Enigma events is refundable, so if I have to I'll cancel that, but obviously I'll lose the race entry fees.  I'll just see how I am later in the week.
    xpost mamafox - well done getting out for another run.   Did you have to run with the neck collar again?

    Big G -Let's hope that cold doesn't end up going to your chest.   Up your Vitamin C and Zinc and take echinacea if you have it.   Losing a couple of race entry fees is better than getting a chest infection.   But at least if you can't go to MK you can cancel your hotel.    I don't suppose Foxy has a reserve list of hopeful entrants that you can transfer to.   I don't know if his races fill now. 
  • Happy New Year everyone!
    Big G - commiserations. I missed the Millennium because I was down with the flu (and I mean actual flu, not the common cold). Feel better soon and take it easy.
    Mamafox - glad you're back out there. Running in a collar must be awkward!
    Jelly - good luck with RED. Thought about doing it myself but figured it wouldn't be smart since I'm coming out of the injury zone and am sticking to every other day for the moment.
    Shades - glad you enjoyed your run. A bracing start to 2018!

    As for me, didn't go out, didn't party, went to bed before 11. Woke a few times but ultimately slept until the unholy late hour of 7am so I felt pretty rested. Did parkrun. Slightly faster than Saturday (28:58) but pacing was terrible (Saturday I ran the first couple of laps at around 9:30 pace and then 9:13 for the last one, whereas today I started at 9:09 and run out of gas, so the last two were in the 9:30s). I suspect Hampton Court half will be a lot slower than last year's - more like the year before when I was coming back from that groin strain.
    Took my time stretching once I got home, since the yoga studio is closed today. I don't really make NY resolutions any more as they tend to fall by the wayside after a while, but I do intend to make a habit of stretching propely rather than going straight to my PC to analyse my Garmin stats!

    Anyway, I am writing the run report today so I better go and do that. Happy trails!
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    Just starting with January's races for now

    Date   Event       Time
    06-Jan   Winter Enigma Day 1   Big G    
    07-Jan   Winter Enigma Day 2   Big G    
    20-Jan   Plym Trail   Big G    
    20-Jan   Plym Trail   Jelly    
    20-Jan   Plym Trail   Keith    
    21-Jan   Gran Canaria   Ian    

  • mowzermowzer ✭✭✭
    Happy New Year to all Shadies  :) Hope all the injuries, niggles, flu, colds etc disappear quickly and stay away for 2018. Looks like people have already set out their races and goals for the new year. I just want to keep active and up the running a bit more. I haven't entered any road marathons as I'm unsure of how fit I can get again, but I've entered lots of walking events.

  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
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    Not sure if you have to log anything on website, if you fund raise you get medal but I'm not doing that as don't want extra pressure. You can run just a mile so on my normal rest days I'm just doing short 2 mile around block. Kick started it today with Torbay Parkrun. Perfect weather but huge puddles on last little bit. My fav London Marathon buddy was there and her dad over from France so that was a real treat. 
  • Happy New Year to all Shadies.

    No running for me today absolutely knackered after working through the madness of last night.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
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    Mama-well done on getting out again.
    Big G-Bad news about the cold,hopefully it clears off before the weekend.
    HNY to everyone.
    Had a nice run today,I did 6 with the wife to help her training then a couple of miles to my hill loop.I haven't done this one for a few months,came out 10 sec/mile quicker than last time I did it.Think I was hoping to be quicker but the 8 before the hills took it out of me a bit,but a nice 14.5 miles to start the new year off with.
  • Afternoon Shadies and HNY. I got home at 2am, so it was an effort getting up for parkrun at 9. Legs felt quite heavy from yesterday so I ran the 2nd parkrun with a friend who was doing her 100th. Then back to her house for a celebratory brunch. Oldest son still in bed!

    Jelly/Cal - I get that these running streak things can be motivational for some, but I think they’re a bad idea for beginners. OH has a friend doing it who is unfit and overweight and currently does zero exercise. Even if he just runs a mile on alternate days (and longer in-between), that’s quite a lot when you’re starting from zero). I can see him running through injury (he already has shin splints after today’s parkrun) and then come February, he’ll just go back to his old habits. It would be far better for his long term physical and mental health to start something like couch 2 5K, that he’d be likely to stick with. Just my opinion, but I think some of these challenges encourage the all or nothing approach. I know for me, having recovery days is really important and trying to stick
    to a streak would not be great for my running and I’d probably end of resenting it. My 11 yo is going pescatarian for January (he wanted to do Veganuary but I persuaded him to keep the fish,eggs and dairy!). He has just tucked into a pig-in-blanket from the fridge! I reminded him of his challenge and he spat it all out in the sink!!
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    On the Facebook group a lot including myself are encouraging activity everyday and walk or another activity on rest days and do C25k. The website is saying you don't have to run everyday but to be active everyday. 
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