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  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Rather you than me at dorney,hope it isn't too bad for you.
    Shades-He has a few and they are all the same,just released a taper one I found amusing.
    Big G-He does a lot of his runs with Sage so they must be mates.
    Kit bag finally arrived yesterday so packing that tonight.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, I am afraid it is one of those that I entered when things were getting back to normal but at that time there weren't many other races.  Since then, there are loads that have sprung up.  I would rather not be doing it, especially now I have got Newport, and there is a local one I could be doing instead, whereas this is going to be 3hrs+ drive each way.  I did have a Travelodge voucher to use so in some ways it feels like it is free accommodation (of course I know that isn't the case, as I still paid for it at some point - it was just many months ago!).  But, if it isn't too bad weather, I will give it a good crack. 

    Speaking of the watches, the data on my fancy Garmin isn't accurate.  Even though Garmin Connect knows that I got those Half and 10K times recently, for whatever reason the watch hasn't updated the race predictors, even for those two distances.  No idea why it wouldn't do that - it appears it's making its predictions off my day-to-day (low HR) training but hasn't actually updated the times from recent races on the watch itself.  It is also really inconsistent with one day telling me I am doing too much, and then the next day saying I need to step it up as I am doing too little, and its recovery suggestions don't align with this.  I think all these algorithms rely on the runner doing some hard sessions, which I don't think I do enough of to give the watch the data it is looking for.  The Body Battery stuff does seem to work slightly in that it knew I was ill the other week and if I don't get a good sleep it appears to know that too.  But having said that, when I did that double the other weekend, that confused it as it thought I was basically drained after the first one, and then of course I went and did it again, where afterwards it then said I wasn't drained.  Certainly in terms of my training, most of it appears to be just a gimmick really, and it is not something I pay any attention to, apart from finding it amusing.  The maps are really good though and I used them a lot on my holiday, and the battery life is brilliant compared to my past watches.
    Cal - switch the HR off, what's the use of flawed data unless you want to increase your anxiety levels.   ;)

    Was really gloomy here too this morning, I had to wait ages for it to get light enough just to see where I was going as fed up with my street lit routes.   

    Ian- lots of folk had to pick up their bag at Expo as they didn't arrive on time.   That's very remiss of VLM as they should have realised that post is slowed in places due to Covid.

    I might have a look at his other videos too, taper one would be interesting.  
    Big G - If you don't do a PB at Dorney I think it will still give you a real advantage to get that PB at Newport.

    That's so funny about your watch.    Just shows how useless that 'extra' data is.   But it does what you need it to do, the important stuff.

    My friend has forbidden her other half to sleep wearing his Garmin, she says it's the equivalent of sleeping with a man wearing his socks.    :lol:
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    Shades, yes, that is what I am hoping.  I was saying I hadn't done enough long runs, but New Forest and Dorney will count in some ways for a long run, especially if I do dial it back a bit at Dorney.  I reckon I will know within the first lap if a PB is on or not (it is a 4 lap race), but I think a big factor will be the weather, so I will just have to wait and see.  I haven't entered it Shades, but I am also looking at that Top Gear event, but I want to see how it goes at Dorney first in terms of any injuries/niggles etc.  I know a potential 3 marathons in 3 weekends wouldn't make its way into many training plans for a long run strategy before Newport, but from the past, I know I am fine with it if I am relatively sensible with pacing (which I was at New Forest).  And of course if I do Top Gear, it would be another one ticked off, but as I say I haven't entered it yet.
    Big G - re Top Gear this is the first event that Infinity have held at that venue, small laps but I believe it is all/mostly tarmac, I'm not 100% sure.   I had a deferred entry from a cancelled event to use up so chose this one.   I've done one of their events before and very friendly, well organised, well stocked nibbles at drink station, that was pre Covid but I think that won't change.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, from my point of view, it looks good as there is a campsite right there and also I think a parkrun on the Saturday is on the same course. But I’ll wait and see before entering. 
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    Big G - it does look a lovely park, very convenient that you can stay there.   

    The parkrun route may well be the race route too, I don't know.

    I just looked at the race info and it does say all tarmac, laps are 1.75 miles so 16 laps for the marathon.   They do have a chip timing system.
  • Big G - Think I mentioned before but for the first few months my fenix training status stuff was absolute garbage. It takes a while for it to gather enough data to start producing anything reasonable. You’d think for the price it wouldn’t take so long but there we are. 

    No running still today and haven’t tried. I am definitely better but it’s still at the stage of affecting my gait so will wait a little longer. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t driving me nuts though. It’s not even the race prep or lost fitness that bother me but I think I’m just addicted to going out every day. On reflection my OH was saying that I’m generally in a bad mood on normal rest days 😬. Scary really. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Just over 2 miles purely to test out my race shorts and stretch the legs,couple of hills to keep me honest but that's it done now really,may go for a little leg stretcher on Saturday but may not,will see how I feel.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    RCouture, I can be a nightmare when I can’t run too! For me though, the Zwifting does take the edge of that even, partly because there is so much on there. Easy rides, different routes, short races, longer races, etc. It isn’t in any way the same and I much prefer the simplicity of just getting out the door for a run, but I’ve been surprised how much I like it. Thanks for the info about the Fenix. I’ve had it a few months now, so I’ll see if it improves. I can’t understand why it hasn’t updated the race predictions though, even if it was just for the 2 distances I’ve done - that is odd. 
  • Big G - Honestly that’s the reason for wanting the zwift setup. I have limited interest in cycling and certainly hate cycling on London roads but need a fix for when I can’t run. Admittedly this particular injury, I shouldn’t do anything but will get a setup for future occasions. 

    Ian - Where are you staying in London?

    Rcouture - can you just go for a gentle walk instead, being out in the fresh air will help.   Good that you're healing, just a little more patience and you'll soon be back training as normal.

    Ian - have a good weekend, don't wear yourself out sightseeing.

    New go faster shorts.   :)  ;)

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture-I am staying in Archway Premier Inn,its a little out the way but easy to access everywhere on the northern and we like a premier inn.
  • Ian good vibes when you enjoy your runs close to marathon day, any plans for a gentle parkrun in London on Saturday?

    Shades Subsports remaining stock definitely is at bargain low prices, grab it while you can.  I've always considered decorating the house with medals, both myself and Elle had made boards, Elle made me a wooden board and engraved my times from 10 first marathons, I made elle a board which she could change and personalise.  Both now skipped my medals are in a rucksack.

    Cal well done on the 1000 miles, still a good milestone after the year you’ve had.

    Rcouture hope you’re resting up! Try not to go stir crazy! 

    Big G keeping an eye on the weather at DL it seems to change on the hour, think it’s just a case of seeing how it is on the day.

    5.5 miles earlier 120 for the month (50 on one day) and hit 800 miles for the year.  

    Still unsure if going DL if I do my plan is to sneak inside last years time 4:17. I’ve not trained for it as I prioritised CW50.  Im
    not too excited by it, ATW do organise their events well but they aren’t the most exciting of places. 
  • Top board was mine
    (elle modified it after her VLM)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
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    Nice idea, Rob! (I can see why she'd like the Cakeathon one :lol:)

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    Robert - those medal boards are great, such a good idea.

    I'm tempted to see if there's anything left at Subsports, I wore one of the tops yesterday, lovely fabric, washed it this morning and by the time I've come back from my run it's 90% dry just being on the clothes airer.  I've found them really good when running in the rain as they dry so quickly.

    I can understand that it's hard to get excited about DL when you trained and completed your target race and did it well.   I believe the forecast has improved now for Dorney, the wind dropping, which is better for you all.   
    Wind forecast hasn't dropped for my race unfortunately, but I wouldn't expect a decent time on Sunday as the race is cupless which adds extra time.   

    5 undulating miles this morning, warmed up again, a balmy 14 degrees, very windy in places but when the rain started the wind dropped so more pleasant for running.  
  • shades I think it’s warmer outside this morning than in the house! I refused to put the heating on in September 

    hope the wind dies down for your race! I’m off out tonight to drive around for petrol.

    Big G seem protestors are now hitting m4 around Heathrow way, not sure if that affects you in any way. 
    Robert - you can put the heating on, it's October today  ;)

    I haven't put mine on yet, won't be long though.    Still waiting to hear how much my new tariff will be from my new supplier.

    Good luck with the petrol hunt, hopefully supplies have improved today.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    7-miles this morning, nice and steady.  Quite blustery again, but had an enjoyable run out :) 

    Ian, are you wearing your new Next % for the race, or a different pair?  I am wearing my Next % on Sunday - I just had a look and I was surprised to see they've got 58 miles in them, although I've not done a marathon in them yet.  They're like new, although I expect I will get another pair in December when it's my birthday, presuming the code works.  A few from my club travelled up yesterday on the train.  They're staying at a Travelodge somewhere a bit out of town, but affordable.  When I did it, I stayed with a friend who has got a lovely flat, just around the corner from Tower Bridge.  Turns out Tori Amos lives (or at least has a place) there, too.

    Robert, thanks, hopefully I'll be okay as I don't go that close to Heathrow.  I am staying near Reading, and then from there it is a drive down the M4, getting off at J7.  Heathrow is J4 I think.   Fingers crossed!
    Big G - are the Next% the shoes that Rcouture said only had a advised mileage of 200 miles?

    Hope you don't get stopped by those idiotic protestors, don't think they bother at weekends do they as they want maximum disruption for business.

    Final reductions at SubSports Products | Sub Sports

    Everything down to £5, bought 3 long sleeved tops, and paid £1 for carriage, can't argue with that.   
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rob-No we won't be doing parkrun,might go for a couple of miles though.
    Big G-Yes I tested them last weekend so good to go,I will have plenty of sudocrem on my feet so should have no issues.
    Expo today,easy drippimg bag and getting number,despite insisting I wouldn't I have bought a tshirt,and probably going to treat myself to the framed pic/medal etc ,I got the NYC one and still have my number from Berlin so thinking of putting all my majors on the wall.
  • Ian glad the bag drop was easy, its hard to resist purchases when caught up at the expo.  Marathon foto usually have some prepaid deals before the race.

    Shades had a quick look at sub sports but other than a couple of pairs of shorts nothing of interest for me.

    Big G hope you don't have any disruption from the protestors or trouble with fuel.

    Was having 2nd thoughts about making my April marathon DL,  Seems only Brighton and Southampton are possible alternatives.  Peterborough doesn't seem to be listed and nothing on their website.
    Ian - nothing wrong with a bit of marathon memorabilia shopping.  :)

    Robert - I think it's probably a bit early for some races to declare their spring races, you could email Peterborough and ask.   I have a feeling they are often a bit late to advertise.   Halstead is on 8th May, Solway 24th April, Milton Keynes 2nd May.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes, I think the Next % is what RCouture has.  I think they may start losing their 'pop' after a couple hundred miles, but I have seen people get 500+ out of them, using them for tempos or some speed sessions after they've been retired from racing.  I reckon if I cleaned mine properly, you wouldn't really know they'd been used.

    Ian good news you've got the expo all done and dusted.  Good to get it out the way early.  
  • Rob...what about Manchester? I'll almost certainly do that one.

    Well, today could have gone better. As I'm not doing Manchester I decided to enter the Cabbage Patch 10, a race I've done once and like (not many 10 milers) but usually skip due to Autumn marathons. It's the week after Manchester. So hooray I can now do it.
    But then I went to the gym and promptly injured my back/side (probably obliques or TVA) doing a set of cleans with the same weight I always use for cleans. Hurts quite a bit when I move so I'm sat here alternating hot water bottle and ice pack in the hope that I can still do parkrun tomorrow, because I already bought my train ticket. Ugh. (Rcouture, if yours feels like mine, it's not much fun is it?)
    Big G - sounds like Nike just preying on folk's insecurities and encouraging a new pair every marathon.   I'm sure you'll get decent mileage out of them.

    Cal - I forgot about Manchester as I was looking at Spring races from RunBritain website and its not there yet as of course 2021 still to be run.   I did see that entry fee for Manchester 2022 is £75, there was an early bird price of £59, that closed yesterday.   But they usually have price offers on several times, don't they, but hasn't the race been sold on, so might not be the same this time.

    Ouch, that sounds really painful, hope it will be OK tomorrow.
  • Good luck with all the racing this weekend.

    Cal - Yes that sounds similar to me. Hope you get better sharpish. Very unfun. 

    I can tell I’m still a good 48 hrs away from running at this stage. Will have been a week off most likely 😩.

  • God, races have suddenly got a lot more expensive haven't they? Next year's Ealing Half is 50 sovs... I remember thinking it was a lot when I paid £30 in 2015. There is a discount if you ran this year, though so I may well have another go, it's a great race. But ugh, Manchester was £50 or so last time. That's a big hike.
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