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    Shades, yes the hip feels the same as what I have had before, but it is very mild at the moment.  I think it probably is from the terrain and camber, as you say, and I think/hope it will just go over the next few days.  It eased off during my run this morning, although I can feel it is a bit tight now.
  • My side problem got very painful last night and struggled to even stand up today at times without a bunch of ibuprofen. Have booked myself into the physio tomorrow but not looking great. The issue is that I did 20 miles and then 7 miles with this thing in the background when it wasn’t so bad so can’t imagine the damage that will have done. Would be just my luck to avoid running injuries all this time but then get injured when doing injury avoidance strength work! 
    Big G - hopefully should ease up quickly.   I don't think Dorney has a strong camber so you should be OK.

    Rcouture - don't panic, it may just be a few days rest and no strength work to give it a chance to heal.  Good you were able to get a prompt physio appointment.
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    RCouture, you have done so well keeping injury free up until now.  I have had a few 'non running' injuries, including when sitting down over a couple of days in cramped conditions to watch the snooker at Ali Pally :)  

    I have just sent my spreadsheet off for vetting for the 90th, explaining that I haven't got firm plans yet for my 100th.  I think if that gets vetted I am permitted to order the vest (obviously I can't and wouldn't wear it until after the 100th), but I will check all that out in due course, as there is no hurry.  Presuming I stay injury free I can fairly easily get to 99, but as I have said many times (I am getting repetitive!) I need to figure out the 100th yet.
    Big G - yes, you've certainly had your fair share of non running injuries.  I've had a few myself too.

    Good news on sending your list in, so once that's verified you can order the vest and medal too.  Are you going to have your name on your vest?    I guess you need to wait until the end of the year and see what you might choose in the Spring for your 100th, unless you're planning to do it this year?

    5 miles this morning.   Checked the weather apps on my phone, it was raining heavily, so after a bit of faffing decided on a thin breathable jacket but had to stop after 15 minutes and take it off, apps were so wrong about the temperature.   We've had lots of rain and got very wet feet from the surface water, discovered my Cliftons 6's are really good in the rain, feet felt dry again a few minutes later.

    Pilates this morning.
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    Shades, I’m not sure if I have to tell them of my plans before I order the items I want, so I’m just querying that. The website says allow 6 weeks so as you say, if I do end up aiming for a Spring one, there is plenty of time.  100MC vest, medal and a badge to sew onto my Trotters vest is what I’d like.  Yes, I probably will get my nickname printed on the back if I can.  In theory I could get to 99 this year, although I expect I won’t try for that.

    I didn’t fancy running this morning as although I slept well, I feel quite tired.  I did 45mins on Zwift at an easy effort, and then walked to work with OH and Tigg.  

    I had heard that the Mens Cycling World Champs Road Race was very good.  I had managed to avoid hearing the result, so I watched a repeat of that yesterday and it was indeed incredible racing, for who gets to wear the coveted rainbow jersey for the next 12 months.  270km, with full on racing pretty much from the start.
    Big G - I'm sure you don't have to tell them which event would be your 100th before allowing you to order the medal and kit.  I think they will do the name printing for you too, not sure.   I didn't want it on mine so didn't ask.

    I was talking to a couple of running friends on Sunday, they love their overseas marathons and are now booking up lots of events again.   Incidentally Pisa Marathon is the third week in December and that is usually a popular one, just in case you want to get the 100th done this year.    I remember Danny Kay did his 500th there a few years ago.

    I haven't watched the WC cycling as I still have several stages of the the Tour of Britain to watch plus the last Diamond League final from Zurich and a load of non sporting stuff that I need to clear down this week as I like to record London marathon, the elite races I don't delete, I keep them and watch them now and then.
    I believe the Women's WC race was good too, I only arrived at my Travelodge in time to see the presentation on Saturday, the Dutch didn't win which they normally do.
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    Shades, one the Eurosport/GCN presenters is an ex-pro, and his daughter won the junior race.  Have a look at this for some footage as he watches his daughter win whilst on air and trying not to scream (unmute the video, so can hear the commentary)!
  • Rcouture, I hope you get it sorted, it sounds painful.

    5 miles for me this morning...saw the sunrise, which was pleasantly pink for the short amount of time that it lasted. I decided to concentrate on cadence so ended up a bit quicker than I normally would for an easy run, though I was never out of breath.
    Having said that, I have a bit of a niggle in one of the tendons on the front of my left hip. My hamstring was really pretty grumpy during Ealing and I suspect I may have overused the quads to pull my leg through the gait cycle as the hams and glutes weren't working as well as the should (this is just a theory). 
    I am hoping it'll ease off but will take a bit of extra rest if it doesn't sort itself out.
    Went to the gym a bit later - just upper body stuff. It's a little distressing how much weaker I am now compared to how I was when I was focussed on lifting, but them's the breaks, I guess. My heaviest set on bench press is what I used to warm up with.  :D
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    Cal - Love a run during sunrise. 

    Saw physio who isn’t entirely sure what my problem is but thinks it’s manageable. The issue with diagnosis is that the pain is kind of spread across two muscles (don’t ask me their names) across both my back and side of the abdomen. In addition it’s driven by movement (turning, standing up) but isn’t consistent as to when it flares up. Anyway he seems to think it was due to the lying side leg raises and that stopping strength work, ibuprofen at night and keeping the muscles loose should sort it. My range of motion seems normal. He is quite happy for me to run now but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that. Will see how i feel this eve and have a follow up with him next week. 
    Big G - that was a good clip of a very proud Dad.

    I did record the women's WC race, will probably watch just the final hour.

    Cal - hope that's just a short lived niggle in the hip after Ealing.

    Is your next race Alton Towers?

    You can't really compare your weights with what you do now when your focus is on the running.

    Rcouture - that's good news.   I would take a few days off running until running is pain free.   You won't lose fitness with a few days rest and you'll want that pain gone before Royal Parks.

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    Very quick turnaround as always and the 90 is all vetted. He recategorised two as road (I had them as trail), but other than that all was fine. The absolute earliest I can order kit is 3 months ahead of time so it is too early, unless I’m looking between now and early December, which I’m not. 
  • Shades, yes, if I don't sneak a little 5 or 10K in next month.
    Just found out my godfather died so I'll have to go back to Cambridgeshire for the funeral next week (no objection to that, but being somewhat broke this month due to repairs on the rental flat, I'm not thrilled to have to stump up the train fair). Very glad I got to see him last month.

    Rcouture...I'm guessing it's your QL right? Mine was an absolute sod last year for a few weeks but then faded away. This page is quite good for advice.
    Big G - 3 months is end of December  ;). Was it one of Foxy's that was reclassified?  

    Cal - sorry about your godfather but as you say good that you were able to visit him recently.

    You must be feeling more confident about racing if you're thinking of squeezing another race in.
  • Shades - Yes I’ve not run today in the end. No sense being reckless at this stage and the pain seems a bit better. 

    Cal - Yeah he initially thought it was just QL when we spoke but after giving me a thorough poking, decided it wasn’t. He kind of left it as ‘you’ve got generic inflammation across your left abdominal muscles but you’ll be fine’. I suspect he thought I was a bit of a wuss since as is typical, the pain happened to be much less sharp during our appointment. 
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    Cal, really sorry to hear about you godfather :(

    RCouture, good news the pain seems to be getting a bit better.  Hopefully it'll clear up soon.

    Ian, how are you doing?  When do you travel to London?

    Shades, here is what he said about moving two from Trail to Road: 
    - CODrc Darwin Day, which is on the Sundorne Cycle track where the marathon distance has been independently measured and Certified by the UK Association of course measurers.  (I didn’t know this!).
    - CODrc Groundhog Day is a track marathon which can count as 'Road' up to June 2020.  After this date, the membership voted track marathons would count as 'trail'. (I did actually know this, but categorised mine incorrectly as I misunderstood the date change.  Incidentally, I don’t know how a marathon on an officially measured 400m track should count as ‘trail’ from June 2020.  Doesn’t seem to make sense to me, but never mind). 

    As for me, I really do need to get some diesel.  It was raining heavily yesterday so I drove up to pick OH up from work, and made a convoluted route to try and get some, but the 4 stations I drove past had all sold out :(  I have roughly a quarter of a tank, but I need to do a 400-mile round trip on the weekend....  I am going over to see Dad today and I will drive past 2 or 3 different stations on the way, and hoping they may have received a delivery overnight.  If I can get a full tank I should be able to get up there and back on one long as I am gentle with the right foot ;)    I don't really want to leave with what I have and take my chances on the way up on the Saturday, as that good end badly!
    Rcouture - it can be extremely painful when there's inflammation/damage in the ab muscles.    Even after some of my Pilates classes I've had DOMS in my abs and can even be sore to touch.   A few days rest will do you good.

    5 miles this morning, no rain but a chilly 6 degrees.
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    7-miles this morning on my regular route again.  I ran past 2 of the 4 petrol stations I drove past yesterday and they were still empty.  But I had a good run this morning.  It was cold (I was wearing gloves!), but I felt light and I had plenty of spring in the step this morning.
    Big G - I think the 'trail' refers to any that doesn't have a course measurement certificate.  But it is confusing as a 400m track would/should not require one, but I suppose it's an oddity and the general rule is that if it's not road it's trail.  :/

    There's no queue here in NA at the petrol stations, I went past Tesco and Esso yesterday and Sainsbury's this morning.    But they all seem to have some pumps closed off/empty signs but I can't be sure if that's the diesel pumps.   I'm sure you'll be fine to get a tank by the weekend as the situation is easing all the time, unless you follow the press that are inflaming the situation.   
    I went to Sainsbury's this morning for my food shop and the shop was so quiet, I think because over the last few days the petrol queue at the mini roundabout has delayed traffic accessing the store.   I expect McDonalds sales are down too, what a shame  ;)

    Driving home on Sunday Exeter Services the matrix sign said no car diesel, so I wouldn't rely on that one.   I suppose that's a fairly popular petrol station due to the location.

    Hope your Dad is OK and happy now back home.

  • Popped out to test ability to run but lasted 100 yards or so. Pain is better today but still too much discomfort when running without painkillers and it changes my gait. A bit depressing to have a layoff when I’ve been so careful in general and fitness felt like it was really motoring. If it’s looking like a longer break by the weekend then I will finally get my zwift setup going. 
  • Shades great run on Sunday, well done! Sounds like a very enjoyable event, nice bling too, do you keep all your medals? they must take up some space?

    Big G hope that irritable skin is okay, I had some after CW50, thankfully wasn't infected either.  Great stuff on the vetting thats a very quick turnaround, can really start to plan that 100 now.

    Ian, yes great to see some races on the board, my effort on Sunday may not be considered as 'racing'

    Cal sorry to hear about your godfather.

    Rcouture hopefully it goes away with a few days rest.

    Rest day Monday seemed to do the trick as felt good on 5 miles yesterday, will attempt a couple more shorter runs before Sunday, however will need to find petrol before we go to Dorney.  I'm more concerned about Elle being able to get there as she is marshalling than my running.

  • I hope you all manage to get your must be stressful. I'm rather glad I don't have a car to worry about.
    Rcouture, if it changes your gait then you're right to rest. Fingers crossed it won't last long.

    6 miles today, focussing on cadence again. Hip's still a big niggly but seems to be less so than yesterday.
    Rcouture - you have to rest for a few days and let it heal and definitely never train on painkillers.  I wouldn't do your Zwift either, if you rest it will heal far quicker.  You won't lose any fitness if you don't exercise for a week or so.

    Robert - I keep all my medals, I remove the ribbons from most of them and put them up in the hall, as per photo which is just a few of them.

    Good to hear you've got some bounce back into the legs.

    I think the petrol situation is far worse in your part of the country than down here.  But hopefully should improve for you too by the weekend.

    Cal - good that hip niggle is easing.

    My SubSports order arrived.  2 winter long sleeved tops and a pair of winter tights, such a bargain less than £22 for the whole order and free delivery.
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    Cal-Sorry to hear about your loss  :'(
    Rcouture-Hope you get back soon,don't stress over missing a few days though,unfortunately when we run the distances we do getting niggles is part of it,just need to keep it a minor one.
    Big G-Going good here,we head down very early Friday so will be straight across to the expo.
    Not managed to run yet this week as I've been boxing stuff off in work but got a very easy 4 miler in tonight, took it really easy and enjoyed it
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    Big G/Rcouture-I know you guys watch YouTube videos sometimes.Have you seen serious runner? He only has a few videos but takes a very sarcastic approach to youtubers and runners who take themselves too seriously. Here is one on HR training that will resonate
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    Ian, yeah, I’ve seen him and saw that HR one before :) I saw one where Sage was in it too, so I think they’re mates. 
  • Ian - That’s funny and hits close to home. ‘Why would I listen to my body when I could listen to my watch?’ 😀 Will have to check out his other videos. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I just watched that video again and remembered that Sage made a small cameo in it.  It is funny and does resonate - there are loads of people who put 'easy run' on their strava activities, when it is basically marathon pace :)   

    6-miles this morning.  Blustery wind today, but had another good run.  This week I feel like I am holding myself back in distance (I was even, briefly, contemplating going over to Trotters last night for a leg stretcher even though I ran yesterday morning, but there is no point at this stage).  I suppose it is a good sign as I want to feel fresh on the start line for Sunday.  Feeling good at the moment, and the forecast for Sunday appears to have improved (it is now sunny intervals and a moderate breeze), so very much hoping the wind/rain doesn't pick up.  A bit disappointed that I will be missing all the London etc, as running around the lake probably won't have quite the same feeling!

    On the way over to Dad's yesterday, stations had unleaded but no diesel, but on the way back Sainsbury's had a delivery diesel so I went in and filled up for the weekend, and there were no queues.  Seems things are heading back to normal in that regard, but I am glad it is done and I don't have to worry about it now.
    Ian - I watched that video this morning waiting for daylight and I roared with laughter, it is so funny and so true and he manages to keep a straight face, loved it.  🤣

    Big G - that is a good sign that you're holding yourself back this week on mileage, will make you even more eager to be on that start line on Sunday.    :)

    It does look like we'll have breezy conditions this weekend, London will be OK as so much of the course is sheltered but I'm expecting it to be very windy for me as I'll be by the sea at Starcross, but we are doing an out and back so hopefully won't be too bad.   At Dorney at least with laps you should have some respite from the breeze.

    That's good news getting your derv for the weekend.   I don't need petrol for this weekend but will need a full tank next weekend as I'm going to Wales.

    7 miles today, blustery here too, wind picked up significantly on the way back.   Started to drizzle too.   Wore my Reeboks, love those shoes, haven't put my order in for another pair yet but will do even though I still haven't had the plumber's bill.    :/

    Gym later
  • He does make a lot of good points. My first two watches didn't have HR on them so I never used to worry about it and always ran by feel. Now it's something else for me to analyse and stress about...OMG my HR hit 195...should I be dead? :lol: (And this is with my optical watch which I know isn't accurate).

    Another 6 today, which I did earlier...around 6.20am when I went out. I thought it ought to be getting almost light by then but it took about three miles before I could see the pavements properly so I stuck to main roads initially, which are a bit better lit. Didn't worry about pace but found, after two days making an effort to pick up my cadence a bit, that I naturally settled around 175 (aside from the slow first mile). 
    Hip was a little niggly again but warmed up...I suspect it may have reacted to a leg abduction exercise we did in yesterday's pilates class. Tomorrow is a rest day so hopefully it'll calm down again.
    Anyway, that 6 means I've hit 1000 miles for the year. Last year I ran 2020 miles, but given I've spent most of the first half of this year injured, I'm rather pleased to get to 1000 this month.
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