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  • Thanks for the welcome everyone!

    Cal - yeah, maybe! I've done quite a few races - I guess I just benefited from a lot of serious mileage (around 50-60 mpw over lockdown, helped me to keep sane!) and the re-introduction of races that I've not trained for specifically/spending a bit more time rock climbing than running has probably not helped.

    Ian - have always found the half to be my worst distance (not now, just it usually is the last one to line up if that makes sense after I get a shorter distance PB) so I think for my first marathon I should probably go a bit more conservative..

    Shades - thanks for the nudge - have entered the Ballot!

    Rob - good to hear that I'm within range! I've said "No" to charity as well - not a huge fan of the tops that they give out.

    BigG - sorry to hear about your DNS. I've not felt right a couple of races and raced anyway - always regretted it in the end (I ended up dropping out halfway at Aintree Half in May for this reason)


    Just over 14 miles for me today on mixed trail/path - not a bad pace (around 8:30 min/mile avg) but definitely find running in trail shoes more difficult than in road shoes. Started to feel it around mile 10 so there's another sign that need to work on the endurance.

    We were recce'ing some of the Warrington Way Ultra (ran with a friend who is doing it) - not sure I'd be that keen to do 25 more miles of it though ... ran next to a motorway across a muddy field for quite a few miles.

    Finishing the week on 48 miles with a bit of variation in pace and terrain. Not a bad week but still feel like I need to get to work and get some HMP work in.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Bradders-Nice to see another North Westerner here,good running today.
    3rd major completed today,found it pretty tough from 17 miles on.I went out at 3:15 pace,got to halfway pretty much on time but the second half I struggled,finished in 3:23:35.OH managed to see me twice which was nice.Main gripe was the start,I was in red wave 2 and it looked like wave 1 had the age groupers in it,for their age obviously they are excellent runners,but a 75yr old wasn't running 3:15 pace so we had lots of weaving to do,would have made sense for them to start in time order,at one point in a tight area I literally had to stop and walk,only a few seconds but it was frustrating.Anyway apart from that I enjoyed it despite the tough finish.I preferred NYC and the crowd was a lot bigger and noisier there.
    Ian - well done.  The weaving around that you have to do in London is very frustrating and mentally tiring.   I thought you might be a little disappointed with the race as you've done NYC first.   I thought London was a good race until I did NYC and then it paled into insignificance.   But another major ticked off.

    bradders - nothing to lose entering the ballot.
    I too find a weekly mileage of circa 50mpw is good for building fitness.   Well done on your run today, I wouldn't fancy that ultra your friend is doing along by the motorway across a muddy field.

    Cal - I haven't read my RW yet, I must read that article.  I appreciate what a tough time some race event organisers have had but some are just overcharging.   Because of that a lot will go bust and that will be their own fault.

    Starcross Shuffle for me today, local 6 hour event with a choice of 10k, half marathon, full marathon or ultra.   Although Starcross is local to me about a 20-25 min drive I've never actually driven there, just passed through on the train.   It's a village on the Exe Estuary with amazing views across the estuary, popular for sailing and wildlife.   First event I've done with Winding Paths race organiser and I was very impressed.   Race limit was 100 runners and the event was full.   Free parking and friendly atmosphere, quite a few Trotters from Big G's club.    Route was 4 out and backs of just under 6.6 miles per lap.  All tarmac  :) and very good running surface, really scenic.   As we set off we have the estuary on our right hand side and on the left hand side Powderham Castle with its many deer in the park.   First mile and a half is on a road, which had the occasional car as it was an access road and then we go onto the path which is cyclists and pedestrians and wide enough that there was no congestion from other users.   Route completely flat except for 2 bridges, my Garmin recorded 222 feet for the whole 26.2 miles.    However, I didn't run well, I really had a mental problem with the laps.   Maybe it was because last week I did a single lap marathon on a lovely course and just struggled to get back the laps again.   Weather was good except for a few squally showers and a little windy in places, but generally it was much better than the forecast.   Another gorgeous medal for my collection.    Finish time 5:10, a minute faster than last week which I'm surprised at as I did have a very difficult run.

  • Ian - Great time in the circumstances. Briefly walked by the course and it did look congested even a couple of hours in with folks at varying paces. No idea if this is more than usual though. 

    Shades - Well done bettering last week despite the laps playing on you. Do you pick your races based on the medals because that’s another lovely one 😀?? All of mine seem quite garish in comparison. 

    Still no running from me. Won’t be any tomorrow either as first day back at the office for 18months and don’t want to try run commuting with a rucksack with my dodgy core. It seems to be improving but slowly. Will try a run on Tuesday after seeing physio again. 
    Rcouture - I don't know how many runners there were at London but I wouldn't be surprised if it's less than recent years.   Quite a few of my running friends chose to DNS for various reasons and there would have been less overseas runners due to travel/Covid.  London marathon is very crowded, when I did it first there were 28k runners, now close to 50k.

    No, the medal offered never affects my choice of race, the race is far more important to me.   But I guess just lucky with nice medals lately.  I don't care for the tacky bling ones.

    Hope the return to the office goes well.  You're right, a run with rucksack could aggravate your core muscles.  But you are healing, that's the main thing.
  • I don't care for laps either, Shades, as you only attempt at a lapped marathon ended with a DNF. Speaking of which, congrats to Rob who finished Dorney today in 4:15.
    Well done Shades, and well done Ian...not all marathons can be PBs but I think you can always pat yourself on the back for finishing one that needed a lot of grit to get through.
    Good results for a lot of my Chaser clubmates today...Rose Harvey was 2nd British woman (elite start...amazing to think we've got two elite women in the club) and two of our guys were 2nd and 5th in the mass start.

    As for me, my injury's been making life difficult, particularly in bed as, while I can sleep, every time I turn over it hurts and I wake up.
    I knew running was off the table today but thought I might manage a slow walk to try and get blood into the old legs. I spent the first half mile limping and cursing but when I got to Tooting Common I saw a woman around my age with a virtual London number on, walking, so I got chatting to her and ended up walking for three hours and 10 miles! 

    I did feel a bit looser after that, although my lower back ached (not surprisingly...been a while since I did a long walk). I suspect my injury may keep me out longer than a few days though. I have a very tender spot just above my iliac crest so it's something abdominal, but it's impacting the whole hip/left pelvis, which isn't great. Not what I need.
  • Big G 100% right decision, on my way down I did ponder it that may happen, conditions were perfect but would scarper your future races is you ran today.  Hope you feeling better soon 

    shades London marathon is a super price when you consider the prices that the others do. As cal said some of these companies have been hit hard, it’s our choice of to pay or not.

    bradders nice mileage, that doesn’t appeal too much as an ultra…. Leave your friend to that on their own! 

    Ian well done, shame about the weaving but it probably would have been the same pre covid.  I love London as a city, a few years ago I wanted to have a chance to run it ‘properly’ was my 1st three marathons and never did a time I was happy with, hoping this time next year I could put a decent effort in.

    Rcouture glad to hear you’re recovering, good luck in the office, I’ve been in 2 days and have a new admin system next week so we are in full 2 weeks!!!! 

    Shades that’s a lovely medal, well done on an improved time from last week! Sounds an enjoyable race again.  I’ve done a couple events for the medals and regret it now, TZ runs had huge medals for their roadrunner events but they started to get tacky by the end.

    marathon 27 for me today at Dorney Lake, 6am alarm, just before leaving i closed the kitchen door balancing my coffee on cornflake tub and dropped the coffee everywhere so a bit of a clean up op.

    arrive plenty of time, number pick up was different, they found you on their list and allocated you a number, I got another iconic number in 50 but gutted as had I known I would have asked for 27 (a internal family joke which isn’t that funny but also my 27th marathon but it had been taken already) had a quick look for G, I assumed he may have DNS.  

    The course same as last year, 4 horseshoe laps round the lake, target was to get round. 4:17 was last years time but set off and thought nothing to lose, 4:17 was a time plucked out the air, I didn’t think I could get back under 4 but what the hell nothing to lose.

    The pace felt a bit too fast but stuck with it, 1st lap 58:30 mins, half marathon 1:57, mile 16 pace dropped with a 9:24 but 9:24 would get me to sub 4, tt e pace was dropping and by 21 was 10 min mileling so time to hold on for dear life.  22 game over walked most of it to 24 with a 5 min sit down with Elle at 23, cursed the world and knew it would pass and I’d be okay but I cramped in the hammies, it was painful to walk, even a few hundred meters from elle with a seat I considered dropping to the floor.

    I got up and walked another half a mile and felt better, managed to finish the last couple of miles in 9.30ish pace to get in just under last years time 4:15:50.  

    Fairly happy with the time, disappointed not to have got under 4:10/4:15 but time is a number and no point crying over it.  I hadn’t trained for the event specifically and will be back in April for my take 2 sub 4 effort.

    will watch London marathon tonight but couple of epic performance from Ware Joggers (who were at DL last year) a 2:25 and a m40 2:33 insane!!! Massive pbs 
  • Conditions were perfect, warmed up for the final lap and about an hour or so after I finished a bit of rain to cool the final runners
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-That's a great time considering you didn't enjoy it,what's your best in the last few years?
    Rob-Really well done on finishing,have you ever tried gherkin  juice for cramps? Works for me,shot bottles worth does the trick.
    Just been for a walk around Highgate with OH,and had a good talk about it,always good to get a sensible perspective, I still finished top 13% of all runners ,3 months ago I'd have been delighted with it, no cramps or injuries so move on to the next race.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Well done Shades, glad you liked the event.  Although I haven't done that one, I know the section of path well, so thought you'd be okay with it in terms of it being tarmac etc.

    Ian, shame about the crowds, but that is a good time and as you say another major ticked off.  I was tracking you along with a few club mates.  Recover well, and go again for Barca!  I think you’ll find that less busy - when I did it they were quite strict on only letting the correct people into the relevant start pens. I had plenty of space to run (apart from when the pace bus breezed past me....). 

    Robert, well done to you, that is a great effort so close to your ultra too.

    Cal/Shades, I think some of the other races can't really be compared to London due to the income streams that London has.  Don't some of the charities pay quite a lot to London for the bond places?  It is interesting though as if they charged twice as much for the runners, they'd still sell out, but they choose not to for some reason (which I am sure we are all happy about!).  If we compared London to other majors (which I think is a fair comparison), it is good value for the runners though. Personally, I didn’t think Manchester was a bad price really. 

    Bradders, good running from you. 

    Not great news here as after -ve LFT results on Thursday and Saturday before I travelled, I came home yesterday and got a +ve LFT. Genuinely thinking it was possibly a false positive, I got a PCR and the results for that are positive so I’m self isolating for 10 days. In terms of covid, at the moment it has developed into what feels like a fairly bad head cold and I don’t have the main symptoms (although last night I was feverish for about 2-3hrs) so I obviously hope I don’t get worse. Very much worried about Dad now as I’m not sure how to get fresh food to him (I was due to go over Tuesday). I’ll need to call the carers later and hope they can do it.
    Cal - I don't mind a 2 lap marathon.   I've done quite a few lap events but the ones I like the least are the out and back ones, circular laps I find easier to deal with.   I'm telling myself that as my next event is 16 laps, I think a circular lap not an out and back though.

    Your gentle walk certainly turned into a day out.   Good for you helping that VLM virtual runner.   

    I'll never understand the appeal of a virtual event but I do understand why last year charity runners for London did the Virtual as a chance to do something to justify the fund raising and pass the money onto the charities.   Yesterday we saw a lot of VLM virtual runners, quite a few doing the same marathon I was but many more out on the route that we were using.   Those doing the event with us were all fine but what what horrified me was the state of many of those virtual runners not doing the event, they were really in a bad way and struggling even though many had support with them, but you could se the virtual appeals more to those that have little distance running experience.   Why an earth would anyone put themselves through that when all they're doing is a training run, and buying a medal and shirt, they still haven't run a marathon.

    Robert - well done, you improved on last year's time and it was a great attempt at sub 4.   I wonder if you found the course too flat for you after CW50 and that caused your hamstrings to cramp up.   That's a lovely medal too.

    Ian - there's no need to feel disappointed with your race, you did well.   I would never recommend London for anyone wanting a good time unless they're sub 2:45, it's just too crowded and the last couple of years pre pandemic even the 2:50-3:00 runners have said it was too busy and they couldn't run freely on the course.

    Will you be doing a recovery run this morning?   Your skilful avoidance of them has not gone unnoticed  ;)

    Big G - oh no, so sorry to hear that you've got Covid.   It was only a matter of time before at least one of us on the thread tested positive.   That's just such bad luck when you were poised for a marathon PB.   but hopefully you will sail through it with no after effects.   Any idea how you caught it?

    5 miles recovery run done, quite chilly this morning, legs are in good shape post marathon.    Lazy day planned watching the marathon, only managed to watch the first hour last night and then I found it too tiring.
    Ian - here's my last 3 years races.   My best time this year was at Shepperdine 4:55, incidentally that now would be a GFA time for me as I've moved up an age group since.    Just noticed when copying this that yesterday was my 300th road marathon, 23 trail marathons and 72 ultras make up the rest of my total.
    If I'd been able to run a marathon last year in April I was training so well I believe I could have done a 4:35/4:40

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-About 50mins in to the mens race,they cut to the Cutty Sark for the masses,you may spot someone waving at the camera 😁
    I've been spotted 3 times now,sark,15 mins from the end and I've seen the finish line video.
    There were just under 36k finishers,I'm 2019 there were 42500.
    Not too sure about run today,we are leaving about 11 so see if I can fit one in.
    Ian - I'll look out for you when I'm watching later on.   :)

    That's quite a fall in numbers, not unexpected though.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Hope it's not too severe,hopefully not with you being jabbed.Thats the pattern we've seen,the LFT negative isn't much use,but the LFT positive has always resulted in a positive PCR.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, not sure really.  Presuming New Forest is too long ago to start developing symptoms a week+ later, I think probably either shopping or possibly at a fish and chip shop mid week as the last week I haven't been anywhere else.  I have been sent a link by the NHS to fill out, but it isn't working, so it says someone will call me for my contacts.  From my own perspective, I really hope it doesn't go to my chest, but I think it may as these type of things often do for me :(   That has always been my main worry since this all started last year.

    Ian, yes, I am double jabbed and have been careful too, especially since Dad has been home.  I thought I was doing the right thing with the very regular LFTs (especially since Dad has been home); I had none of the main symptoms (well not according to the official guidance on the NHS site, as what feels like a general cold isn't down as a main symptom), but I reckon I probably had it Thursday and/or Saturday (definitely Saturday), even though I tested -ve those days.

    OH is getting a PCR done now so we’ll see if she has it. Yesterday I stayed in a separate room so hopefully she’s missed it, although probably not if I did indeed have it Thursday/Saturday. 

    3 club records went at London - MV40, FV55, MV55.  Especially pleased for the FV55, who is a fabulous runner and PBd on the day too, getting under a time she has been trying for for a number of years.  A few other PBs too, with 3 coming in just over 3hrs.  The MV40 did a negative split (the only one I saw from the people I was tracking), going through half way in 1:23, finishing in 2:42, which was impressive.  I though the app was good.  It allowed you to track both actual London runners and also Virtuals which I don't think it did last year (could be wrong)? 
    Big G - I'm not sure about the time for incubation but I've heard 5ish days, so that would almost fit with NF but you would have been outdoors.   Unlikely shopping or chip shop unless you were in close contact for a while.    Hope it's not from your OH.   Everyone I know has contracted it from their family or friends that they spent time with.   Re symptoms I have seen a lot saying that currently it like a bad cold, whether that's the variant that's around now I don't know, but they haven't mentioned it developing into chest infection so hope it doesn't either for you. 

    Hope your Dad hasn't contracted it. 

    That's great news on the club records, that must be JW you mean, she is a great runner.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes, JW - 3:27 she did, having not gone under 3:30 before.  She said she ran a lot of it with Chair.  I was talking with her the other week and she is a Trotter who has changed her routine since the pandemic started, as she runs from work now I think, and hence frees up her club evenings a bit more.  She said it is taking time for her to get back into her old routine of running with Trotters, but there are a few Trotter ladies that she runs with on the weekends.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-I thought the app was good,OH could track me by the map so knew roughly were I was,first half as I was running very consistently she knew exactly when to expect me,as her first spot was about 13m in.
  • Ian - not sure if I could stomach gherkin juice any more!!! Although when I was a kid I used to drink it all the time.  Hope you feeling okay tomorrow, glad you realised how amazing your run was yesterday when put into perspective.

    Big G - Sorry to hear about Covid, not much consolation but least there was something underlying and very wise not to have run yesterday.  Hope you don't suffer too much more and recover fully.  Hope you manage to find help for your Dad, also hope that he's okay.

    Shades - I loved seeing so many runners at DL doing the virtual and pleased they took the opportunity to do an event along side it.  I did bit my lip when I overheard someone yesterday say this was their 2nd marathon after doing the virtual last year. Well done on the recovery run.

    Cal - laps don't really bother me, I switch off alot of the time and focus on my running and time, DL is 4 laps is quite a good way to break down 4 hours.

    Back in the office for 2 weeks, was tough getting to the station this morning.  Will at least stretch the legs at lunch and see if I can run this evening.  On reflection I'm okay with yesterday, I ran for 20 miles at sub 4 pace which I didn't know if I was capable (knew 26.2 miles was out the question) , that will come with training, weight loss and s&c.  I managed to finish strong after I thought race was over and most importantly I enjoyed the day.

    Big G - JW races very well, she certainly deserves that club record as she would have prepared well.

    Ian - I've watched as far as first Brits have finished, not spotted you yet, it's incredibly hard trying to pick out individual runners.

    Good to see some class running from Brits and achieving qualifying times too.

    Too tiring to watch any more today.

    Robert - good that you can see how good your run was yesterday and you know what you can do in the future.

    Unfortunate timing that you had to travel to the office today, just when a day WFH might have been appreciated.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    I'm on at 28mins on the 10am start programme by cutty sark,I may not able spotted myself if a clubmate hadn't seen it
    I'm still watching the 10 am recording, I'll rewind when I finish watching it.   It's always easier for a club mate to spot a runner as the club vest is so familiar to them.

    Big G - At the wave starts I saw quite a few Trotter vests.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades/Ian, yes, I can spot a Trotters vest a mile off :) 

    I was just looking ahead to when the DD opens, and I remembered I am supposed to be going out to the theatre that evening, with the show starting at 7:30pm.  Entries open at 7pm, and the theatre is around a 20-min walk away!  Could be tight!  I will have to try and pick the tickets up in the run up to the show.
    Big G - I'm sure you'll find a way to enter DD on time.  You could go to the theatre early and whilst having a drink pre show enter DD via your phone.
  • Hope you're OK, Big G. An American friend of mine caught Covid after being double jabbed - he was sick for a week or so but not really bad. I guess the jabs will keep you from the worse, in most cases.

    Shades, the woman I walked with was doing it for charity - she hasn't run for a while but walks a lot so a colleague recruited her and she thought why not? She messaged me today and said she was very hungry but otherwise fine.  :D I agree about virtuals though...I personally don't see the point. I see a lot of posts from people on Facebook saying they got a PB in a virtual event or even a training run and I'm thinking well, yeah, but no. 
    Ian - I found you on the recording, smiling and waving and obviously enjoying yourself, 26 mins in on my recording.  :)   From what I watched of the masses race it was definitely less crowded and looked more comfortable for running with 10k less runners.   I expect there have may have been bottlenecks in places but it looked OK, certainly compared to recent years. 

    Cal - I can understand someone doing the Virtual London for charity.   Just can't understand why anyone else would do a virtual when there are real races to do.   

    When I was walking back to my car on Sunday a woman was standing on a street corner and she said to me "Have you just run the London marathon?"  I laughed and said "Of course not, I've just run the Starcross marathon"

    Rest day for me today.  

    I see Loch Ness is open for Early Bird entry £54.   I don't think that's too bad a price, coach travel, post run meal with live music etc included, shirt, medal, goody bag.    I don't know what the full price would be but certainly not as much as Manchester's £75.   Years ago Loch Ness used to be one of the dearest in the country.   It's the same day as London, 2nd Oct 2022.   Loch Ness is a lovely race, I expect the EB price will be open for a while.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Chester is open for an early bird too. £39.75 + fees. In a few days it goes up to £49.75 and then 1 Aug £55. Same day as Loch Ness and London again.  I’ve entered and booked refundable accommodation, but if I get a London ballot place I’ll try and transfer my number. It’s one I want to do and again had an entry for 2020 that was cancelled. In 2020 I paid £33 + fees. 
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