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  • Ceal

  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    Well I never!

    Just read the previous page, good to read that your aerobic fitness is resuming again. Lots of talk about weight! Your are tall enough to carry it off, but I guess it does affect your running.


    How is your injury, have you been cycling?

    I heard from JJ. He is still involved in a lot of gardening. Still doodle walking. Put on weight. Now where have I heard of that before!! All in all he is fine. Talks about a running comeback sometime!
  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭


    Yes it is still Garmin Connect and you can input manually. I like to use my own software as I don't trust Garmin to maintain my data over a long period.  I export a file from GC and import it to my software. I would like to be able to do this automatically but Garmin charge 5000 dollars for the API. They have also made it very difficult to talk to the device directly unless you do it from a website. I could probably hack something together but it would be a lot of effort and I am too lazy.

    It looks like I will be able to run outside today as it has warmed up, only -10c. I see that our cold will reach you by the end of the week. We still have lots of snow so I will be running on packed snow for most of it.


  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Ceal Normally 2 nights a week with 3 day shifts. Though this week and next week it'd looking like 4. Getting shop back to normal. Think the only way I could do permanent days is to leave. As doubt I would be released from nights. No one else would do it permanently

    Thanks for update on JJ. Send him my regards

    2.19 miles run walk 4 hours sleep only got up as not working tonight sleep too much and I won't sleep tonight
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    Well done for getting put on minimal sleep. Continuing nights must get harder as one gets older!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Does get harder but its only twice a week it has its bonus' we are left to our own devices no one looking over our shoulder all the time.

    But we do work hardimage
  • good morning

    Sound like tough shift patterns to fit exercise around - well done for managing it!!

    I expect you to post just after this one.........
    At 3 sec/pound/mile I could be 45 sec/mile faster by doing nothing but lose weight!!
    Nice to hear JJ is in the same boatimage

    4 miles last night with the Hash. Friend with brain tumour turned up and he has an amazingly equable and accepting outlook on his situation which I would certainly struggle to emulate - he was even making jokes about it!! Still no definitive news on longevity but its not long. 
    We are going to do some blokely things together shortly - beer will be drunk and sports watched!!

    I struggled to get out this morning mainly because of the ferocity of the wind battering my house - not in gusts but in just solid movement of air. Although my legs were a bit stiff from last night I still managed 5.2 miles in 50:30 (9:44m/m) with avHR 130 and a max of 144 aided in part by the wind mainly being at my back or side on

    09:41  121  130
    08:54  127  135  definitely wind assisted!!
    09:31  131  137
    09:30  134  138
    11:00  137  144  Hipps Hill and a head wind - killer
    01:24  134  137

    Even with all my ballast I was nearly blown off my feet on more than one occasion so you lightweights had better take care out there!!!

  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    A bit late, I had nothing to say!

    However, now I have, your northern wind sounds abominable! Wonder if it will carry some snow for you later. I like the wind assisted mile, but not the killer hilly mile!

    Gosh your friend is so very brave, it must be so awful. Hope you do some good blokey things together. It will be hard for you too.

    Just off now to walk into town.
  • Graham - good to hear that you are making progress. I think your approach is totally correct. I was trying to explain to my young  training partner that it's not that we (oldies) get more injuries as much as that they take much longer to heal plus it's so hard to get back to anything like top form. I don't think he believed me!

    Columba - sorry to hear this; I thought that you (or your knee!) were responding to the advice of the gait therapist and that things were looking up.

    Mick - I remain seriously impressive by your capabilities with respect to the functionality of gadgets. You must have been a VERY useful bloke to have around when you were cycling.

    TS - I'm sure your poor mate finds huge comfort in the understated and (in Ceal's words) 'blokey' support he's getting. I'm tying to imagine the strength of a wind that would blow you over..................something out of The Wizard of Oz comes to mind. My wife had a huge laugh last year when we walked up to the top of the Malvern Hills whereupon we were met with a wind that nearly blew yours truly back down to the bottom again. I think the south is going to cop for some grim weather tomorrow.

    Ceal - thanks for the JJ update. I used to see The Shard from my train to London Bridge every day. It never failed to impress. (This was back in the days when we had trains!)

    I tested my hamstring injury today - about 15 min run. Thankfully it seems OK.

  • John
    Useful easing back in of the hamstring
    I took some grim satisfaction from looking at the weather map which appeared to indicate extensive snow across the south whilst we get off scott free!!
    My young nephews who live in Hampshire have never seen snow ................
    It is starting to blow again now after dying down a bit over the afternoon. Really  looking forward to a run in the morning.................not.

    nothing to say - unusual (ducks!!)image

  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    You ducked just in time image now awaiting the southerly snow!
  • good morning

    nice to see my reflexes are still in good shapeimage

    well the one thing one can count on to be wring is the weather forecast. The wind moderated last evening and this morning here was dry and cold with a light breeze carrying a touch of wind chill. I did see someone on the news trying to make something out of a snow fall that looked no deeper than the hard frosts we get as I got ready to set out.

    Legs felt a bit battered by yesterday at first but they perked up and I did my now usual 5.2 miles in 50:14 (9:41m/m) with avHR 131 and a max of 149

    09:52  121  132
    08:58  130  137
    09:33  133  139
    09:27  132  138
    10:49  139  149  Hipps Hill
    01:36  131  134

    Remarkable similar to yesterday despite the absence of wind but it felt a lot easier

  • .......just finished the last of the Christmas cakeimage

  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭

    TS,Well done on the run and for finishing the Christmas cake.Not to bad here at the moment weather wise,hope I don't regret that but we are pretty lucky in London in that respect.Going for a gentle run about 1pm today just in case it does turn nasty.

    John-Good news on your injury.

  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    I think you have more energy than all of us out together. Maybe the Christmas cake helped!!


    Hope you get out before it freezes.


    Hamstring sounding encouraging.

    I walked ran yesterday, the usual 30 mins, av pace 12.03 mm, av HR 123. Lots of other walking to choir and back.

    We have had some snow and this was followed by very cold temps making the underfoot lethal this morning, lots of crunchy sounds coming from outside. Plus the snow is sort of melting from the top of the conservatory and making very loud crashing sounds as the snow moves slightly. I will not be going out this morning. Although, Stewart informs me that he hopes too!
  • Ceal - not quite as bad here on the coast but still hardly optimal running conditions. Nevertheless I ventured out for a mighty 2 mile run! Not quite in the Shackleton/Scott class of achievements but better than nothing!

  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    Good luck
  • So sorry to hear about your friend TS. It's nice that you plan to have some blokey evenings together. Well done on finishing the Christmas cake - I was sorely tempted to buy one in Lidl, as they were down to half price, but resisted.

    Good to have news of JJ. Hope he reappears on the tread one day.

    Bad luck on the knee Columba, hope it doesn't require weeks of rest. It's a shame that you seem to end up running on your own with your club. Ours is very good at doubling back, so the faster ones get some extra distance, and the slower ones get collected up at intervals.

    Hope the recovery continues for you Graham.

    My run on Hayling Island last Sunday was with three others. It was an out and back course on the old Hayling Billy line, so totally flat. You could do as many laps as you wished in the 6 hours maximum allowed. It was cold and drizzly, so we had all had enough after completing a half marathon distance. I was slow, but pleased to actually run it all, as I've not been doing distances over 8 miles (and only a couple that far) since last September.

    I then went down with a sore throat, which must have been brewing, and not helped by getting cold and wet, but was back out for a forest run this morning, which turned out to be 10k exactly. No snow at all here, so not sure if TS's nephews will have seen any, but a very chilly breeze, and lots of frozen puddles.

  • good morning

    yippee -  snow here too!!
    Of course its not as bad as darn sarth - we only have a foot or two (slight exaggeration - more like 1- 2")

    your HR is still nice and steady in the lower ranges 
    Christmas cake is a good energy source..............

    A little bit slippy underfoot on dry snow and with a strong, keen NW wind blowing it was suitably bracing. However the new Helle Hanson and Gortex jacket took care of that and I was nice and cosy.

    Usual 5.2 miles done in 5117 (9:53m/m) with avHR133 and a max of 148

    10:01  123  135
    09:13  130  139
    09:44  135  138
    09:39  135  139
    11:01  139  148
    01:38  132  136

    Wind increased as I went round and at one stage my HR went from 132 to 145 on the level just to maintain pace into it!!

  • John
    it will toughen you up for a foray oop northimage

    that didn't sound like a very attractive course for long distance running so very well done for sticking it out particularly if you had a lurgy lurking.
    I saw my nephews a couple of months ago and they were keen to come back with me in the hope that we would have snow up here!!  I hope they manage to see some but it doesn't appear to be as bad as predicted

    Thanks - it has been tough news and it is his wife's birthday this weekend so we are off to her party - keeping everything normal is the motto for as long as possible

  • Diana - I've done the Hayling 10 in the last couple of years. I thought the course was OK but we did a circular route (which included the Billy line). As something of a doyen of faded south coast seaside resorts, I could see that parts of Hayling Island had seen better days. But there and again so have we all, I guess!

    TS - Gortex jacket?? I thought you be running in a string vest, you big Jessie. Talking of which (tough northerners not Big Jessies!)I saw some coverage of the Manchester marathon on TV. They asked Ron Hill to start it, which was a really nice idea. He looked pretty well............I suspect he could have joined the field and overtaken most of them!

  • good morning

    the string vest was under the jacket - didn't want to shock the neighboursimage
    Missed the Manchester coverage but Ron HIll looks like a good advert for running!

    There was a documentary on BBC4 on Thursday night late on looking back at Bannister's sub 4 min mile. He was only ever a part time athlete and his training was done during his lunch hour while training to be a doctor.
    It also showed the classic race with John Landy from the Empire Games (how old that sounds) where Landy looked back over his inside shoulder as Bannister was overtaking on the outside - leading to that racing truism of "never look back"
    It's worth a watch.

    easy 3 miles this morning just to keep the streak going in 28:53 (9:42m/m) with avHR 127 and a max of 137. 
    No big hills !!

  • TS - yes, I think I've seen that programme a year or so ago. It  was wonderful as social history as well as pure athletics. As you say, a part time athlete shattering a world record - surely never to be repeated in these professional times?

    Parkrun for me. 300 brave souls along a very chilly prom - suspect a lot of New Year's Resolutions were sorely tested today! I actually showed a bit more sense this week and rather than go flat out (my usual mode) I shadowed a fellow vet who usually runs a little slower than me.

    This worked very well as I summoned up a bit of a finish to edge him out and win the category and did a 22.04 which was pleasing in the circumstances. Also pleased to say that the hamstrings were not too traumatised.  

  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭

    Well if JJ makes a comeback I hope he comes back on here.

    Just a sprinkling of snow here. I was quite shocked to see that TS's nephews have never seen snow. We certainly get a lot less of it here than we did in our first few winters here (nearly 30 years ago) but I don't think we've had any winters with no snow at all. Impressed by all of you who have got out in the cold; especially Mick, at -10 degrees and on packed snow.

    Continuing to rest the knee, which just feels a bit stiff and twinges slightly with certain movements. The two books which my daughter's gait analyst recommended have arrived ("Chi running" and "Total body barefoot") and I am reading them and putting some of the exercises into practice but without running as such.

  • Mick6Mick6 ✭✭✭

    Glad to see Canada's present arrived Ok.  The weather here is still being difficult. I did 6 workouts this week but 3 of them were on the treadmill.


    Good luck with the knee, rehab'ing a knee can take a while, a year in my case. Even now I have to be careful. This week running on uneven snow got complaints from it.


  • good day

    reading about running avoids injuriesimage
    "Feet in the Clouds" by Richard Askwith and Born to Run by Christopher McDougall (the latter if you can get past the Jack Kerouac "beat- style" generation language) are inspiring reads with your feet up!!

    not really Canadian stuff but because it fell in the south as well it made headline news and panic ensued as people panicked that Waitrose would run out of extra virgin olive oil and Quinoa  - or whatever the latest trend is in foods.
    A good weeks workout despite,or because of, using the treadmill so often

    I trust you told the other guy that you were just returning after injury and had been taking it easy??
    Nothing like getting the psychological advantage in when one canimage.  Great time despite the layoff, or is it because of the layoff?

    Spent 6 hours or more standing yesterday at the birthday party which always upsets my back, but it was well worth it and it went off well.
    However I felt a bit stiff and out of sorts this morning as I went for my 21st consecutive day of aerobic build up in rainy, cold and breezy conditions.

    8 miles done in a slightly disappointing 80 mins (well 79:52) with avHR 131 and a max of 148

    09:54  123  138
    09:12  130  137
    10:04  131  137
    10:16  134  137
    09:42  132  135
    10:55  139  148  Hipps Hill
    09:33  131  136
    10:23  134  141

    Just about held the HR despite the wind affecting progress at times.

    38.8 miles for the week, and 100+ miles for the month so far, and this is the first time that my legs have felt properly tired after a run despite refuelling on a brunch of a bacon and fried egg buttie in crusty, wholemeal breadimage

    Followed by a mug of Betty's hot chocolate - in the words of an advert for a different product - "this is not just chocolate, this is finest Venezuela chocolate beans flavoured with Madagascar vanilla pods"- and it is quite nice tooimage

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Took 3 days off working nights but took myself on my 2.1 mile loop. Initially was going to do my 90 seconds run minute walk on my garmin bit forgot just started garmin ad normal so just carried on felt ok. Rain was drizzly. But nice

    Another 4 nights this week so any running from Tuesday maybe hit and miss
  • Ray A2Ray A2 ✭✭✭

    Mick-Well done on the 6 workouts.The snow was a total non event hardly anything at all even us southerners can handle that I would hope.

    John -Good parkrun comeback time.

    TS-Impressive mileage and the bacon/egg buttie is definitely worth the effort

    Did run this morning in the rain not to bad really.Watch decided to go haywire but I think I did about 12miles at 9mm..

  • TS: sure you'd appreciate would that the whole community down here has been taking shelter in a Waitrose-sponsored bunker since the temperature here dropped below 15 degrees C. But the shortage of extra virgin olive oil has triggered an outbreak of collective PTSD.

    Actually I did mention to my rival that I had adopted that tactic and he took it very well, between gritted teeth. I think I've made a friend for life there. image

    There are some seriously impressive mileages being racked up on this thread! I ducked out this morning as it was raining. I think I need to top up my stock of gumption! Do they stock it at Waitrose anyone?


  • good morning

    sounds good for a leg stretcher outererimage

    so I have only got 4 mils and 1m/m to go to be on the same chapter as youimage
    I reckon bacon & egg butties are the perfect refuelling tool - protein, carbs and fats all wrapped up in one neat package - of course the bread has to be artisan made with hand ground wholemeal flour image

    I do understand the sense of fear that would grip whole communities under such a state of siege.....
    It's nice to have friends.................
    Gumption is to be found in the Waitrose hardware section along with glue for cementing friendshipsimage

    Slight mistake in my previous run statistics - it should be 100+ mile since Boxing Day, not in January - ie 3 weeks worth and it actually totals 114 miles!

    Grey, misty, drizzly morning here but it has warmed up quite a bit. Took my legs out with some reluctance but they felt ok and did a daring 5.6 miles as I edged the daily run up by 10% in 54:58 (9:45m/m) with avHR130 and a max of 145

    09:55  123  132
    09:05  130  136
    09:45  130  135
    09:22  130  134
    11:11  135  145 Hipps Hill + distractions
    05:27  133  140

    The distractions on Hipps Hills, in no particular order were

    1. trying to keep HR down
    2. meeting my near neighbour out with their new golden labrador puppy
    3. the puppy is very cute and friendly
    4. the neighbour is a very attractive young lady with a dazzling smile who always speaks to me
    5. Take your pickimage
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