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    JJ do you know how many years he has been running, longer than us I guess/hope. But then you won't know, you are just looking at the results. How was your official time?

    How are the legs today, how was coming downstairs this am? Are you hungry? I would imagine so.

    Do you really think we can compete with that 2 hr 57! I think that a sub 4 hour run is a GOOD one, but Sub 3 hours that is something else. Thats sub 7 minute miles. What country did he come from?
  • Ceal.
    Definitely U.K. Legs are still stiff but much better than in previous years. Time was 4hrs.8mins. I'm afraid I'm always hungry which is one of the reasons I like running.
    I don't think we could ever be in that league. He's probably run all his life and at, or close to, top levels. He is likely to be fully retired and treats running like a professional athlete would. Incidently, I seem to remember that the world best for a V60 is in the 2hrs.30 something bracket. FLM elite time for V60 is 3hrs.31 or better. You get a guaranteed place for that! Now you know what to go for!
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    Any difference in time for men or women for a guaranteed place in FLM. Not that the answer makes any difference to me!

    Glad legs feeling a bit better.

    Have you any idea what time Pussy did?

    I feel tired this pm after my run this am. So will most likely take you advice of no running tomorrow. It's hard mentally to take. But I guess todays run returned my confidence by about 20%.
  • JJ/ceal
    Don't know about 2hr.57min for Marathon as I would struggle to do the half in 2hours!
    But like you say,JJ, that guy is on a higher plane, done it for years and never let go and those types tend to be relatively a lot more flexible I guess.
    Had a steady plod on gym treadmill this afternoon, 5 miles, enough after yesterday.
    Margaret has just asked me, are we going for a run tomorrow? Lets see how long that lasts! BTW she is same age as me,well 64 on Easter Sunday actually, is half an inch taller 5ft.7in. and pretty slim. Ceal, we also remarried 12 years ago,almost identical to your situation!

    Margaret slept poorly last night due to her legs hurting through stiffness after Mondays run. So, I told her thats part of the training effect.

    Now wheres that cat (Pussy) got to.If you know her number, JJ,maybe she is listed on the web race results somewhere.
  • Ceal. Yes there is a different time for women but I don't know what it is. As you said, it's a bit academic.
    LI. Good plod. Two days in succession: are you turning pro?
    You are right to explain that it's nothing to worry about. I'm locked pretty rigid. It's caused by microscopic damage to fibres that are not used to working at that level. As the fibres regenerate while resting (using protein from eating), your body assumes that it is going to have to continue working at that higher level and so it regenerates the fibres a tiny fraction stronger. So you keep the build-up going and everything steadily gets stronger.
    It applies to your heart as well. It too gets stronger which is why your resting heart rate slows down as you get fitter. It doesn't have to work so hard to get the same amount of blood round your system. Of course, as you breathe more heavily so your lungs are forced to open up and they too work more effectively to convert oxygen into a form that your bloodstream can take to your muscles.
    Tell Margaret that if she runs she will be using calories at the rate of 100 or more per mile. It's the most effective way of burning calories that exist - except for a few extreme forms of exercise.
    Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but it's so simple and there's a whole industry out there that has a vested interest in making it as technical as possible. I'm an iconclast.
    Note the 'resting': if you keep over-exerting the fibres they break down under the strain. It's called overuse injuries.
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    Yes I knew all you have just stated, however, I would have struggled to have expressed it so eloquently and consisely. Maybe you should be writing articles for RW!

    Today, I still feel tired, confirmed by my resting pulse, which is up 5 or 6 beats, with resulting frustration.

    What is everybodies resting pulse? Mine is around 48/49.
  • Well, what a lot of chat boxes you lot are. I go away for a few days and the computer is covered with messages. Sorry not to have got back to you sooner but in Cornwall we tend to do things `drekkly' which is slightly less urgent than manyana. Actually work has called and I needed to placate a very upset pussy cat who thought that his people had been locked in a coal shed somewhere for a few days. Thanks to everybody for your kind wishes. I was gobsmacked when JJ cruised alongside and introduced himself. Hey, Ceal, he's a bit dishy. Very tall and distinguished - which was a bonus in the crowd because when we got separated I could home in on him easily. I think we actually ran together for the bulk of the race and thank you JJ for your metronomic pacing. I am afraid I got carried away when the second lot of RW sub 4 pacers went past. Decided to go with them for a while but knew that they were intending to run 8.45 m.m. and at that stage I had no wish to go at that pace. JJ and I were sticking to 9mm. Actually JJ if you compare our splits they are virtually identical until 30 km. I have yours printed off! I am sorry you didn't make your sub 4 but you can't complain about a PB. I wrote in one of my first pieces that I thought that a sub 4 was a dream too far. You all encouraged me and, guess what, 3.58.11! I was relieved, thrilled, knackered and chuffed all at the same time. I was fifth in the FV60 (or the Mad Old Bat category as I prefer to call it). We were all fairly close with the exception of Melody Schultz (a yank, of course, with that name)who streaked home in around 3.15.00! What hope for us Ceal? We will have to find a marathon where she isn't running. Incidentally, in answer to your question, the qualifying time for us is 4.35. Incidentally, I hope you are feeling better. I am also 5`8", weigh 8 stone and have a resting h.r. of 48/50. We could be twins!

    Sorry I am going on a bit. But one thing I really learned in this (my 3rd) marathon was the importance of mental strength. Steady 9 m.miling was not too hard as JJ will confirm but I found that when I got to `halfway' - i.e. 20 miles - I had to dig in mentally much more than physically because it became imperative not to slow down an iota but equally not to speed up. I had really set my heart on this sub 4 and was in grave danger of panicking and trying to speed up a fraction. In the heat that would have been fatal. When I got to 25M I had 11 minutes left on the clock but had a couple of minutes in hand because my time didn't start for nearly two minutes after the official start. So I knew that if I stuck to 9 m.m. and believed in myself I would make it. As I approached the finish the clock was showing 3:59 plus seconds and eventually the dreaded 4. I crossed at 4.00.08 but knew that my two minutes put me inside the 4. Had it been the old system where our time started when the hooter went I would have been gutted! In a way, JJ, I think you were better off missing it by a few minutes. Imagine missing it by seconds. You would never sleep again as you relived all the points - such as our virtual rock and roll session! - where you lost that second. Incidentally, we talked about the rest of you and had a pact that we would lie about our times. But we haven't, honest! Heavens, haven't I made up for lost time. Thanks again to everyone and especially to JJ for his company. My running number, by the way, was 56660 if you want to see my splits. Ignore the christian name - I am never called it. I only ever use my second name but unless you are either Greek or Cornish you would not be able to pronounce it! Stick to Pussy.


  • Pussy.
    In the top five FV60 ! What can I say, tremendous stuff. You were not far behind our JJ then really.
    It'll be a long time before I contemplate a Marathon possibly do a half next Spring. Meanwhile working hard for the next 10k in May.
    Well done both of you, exemplary results for over60s sector!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    Wow, I am gob smacked, 5th in the LV60 that is IMPRESSIVE,in fact ABSOLUTELY BLOODY FANTASTIC. I am so very proud of you. The whole thing is about mental strength, to get one out there in the first place and then to do all that tough training then to run that wonderful sub 4 hr race.

    I am very jealous that you ran all that way with the handsome Johnny, maybe we will have to fight over him!!!! Seriously he sounds a good pace maker.

    So you are tall, I weigh more than 8 stone, I have quite a large frame and obviously more fat than you. I have thought of a better way to describe myself than skinny with bits sticking out here and there. I think that one could call me athletic, it sounds a bit more flattering!

    How did you feel the next couple of days, presumable you came home that evening which meant a long journey being very imobile in a car. Which cannot have been easy.

    What are your plans now re races etc. Will you cut your training dramatically. I am presuming that you are a farmers wife, I have a friend who is such in Yorks and runs marathons and is very very slim like your self. I do not know how you both find time to fit in all the training.

    I will look at yours and Johnny's splits a bit later in the day when I have more time.

    It is harder being a man in this veteran running world, as there are many many more of them still running.
  • LI
    See what happens when you go running. I've not had two ladies discussing me in those terms since I was about 7. You may take me to dinner (I'm fond of the Ritz in Piccadilly) where we can discuss these matters.

    Don't compare the splits. It's embarrassing. Maybe I'm not a marathon runner.

    I'm still soooooo impressed with that run. I keep telling everyone I ran with this lady who went sub-4 and was 5th in the age group. Incidently, Mrs. JJ and I are in Cornwall Monday to Thursday for a break and visits to the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. We're staying at the Rosevine Hotel.

    Will run gently tomorrow and commence summer training routine.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    There is is definately something in the 'air'. You are off to Cornwall next week. Well we are going for a week 17th May, staying in the village of Blisland (where ever that is). It is near to The Eden Project etc. The whole family are going, it is to celebrate Mrs ceal's husbands 50th birthday. I have not been to Cornwall for 39 years. Far too long.

    Feeling much better again today, still coughing, but less so. Will definately be out for another hour today, make the most of the warm sunny weather while it lasts. I do not look forward to cold weather again.

    LI I expect you are off to the caravan again this w/e, have a good one with good training by the sea.
  • JJ

    Firstly congratulations to you and everyone else for your Marathons, all very impressive.

    I thought you might be interested in reading this short book by Gordon Pirie (if you haven't already) as like you he felt a lot was over complicated by people with a vested interest! I wouldn't necessarily agree with all he says and the training is somewhat extreme, but he raises some very interesting points and I found it an interesting read. I must confess to not recognising the name or knowing who he was until after reading the ‘book’.


  • JJ.
    Now I know why you finished so well. Most of the women runners were chasing you hoping to molest you.
    We are not going to caravan this w/e. Weather is looking decidedly colder then and especially on East coasts. Probably after when Easter crowds have gone and weather warmer again! Always happens.
    Going down today to book hopefully for a week's tour of Scotland in May
    Ran another 6 mile yesterday,third day on "trot". Marg enjoyed her 2+mile stint and then we both soaked up the glorious sun by a leisurely walk around the birds lake and fishing lake. You just can't beat being retired, we thoroughly recommend!
    Keep on running...................
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    I ensorse JJ's words, good training running. His advice is invaluable as usual. Glad Marg enjoyed her run too. We will have her on this website yet!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Well I got out for my run in the lovely sunshine. I ran an old route which I thought I knew all the mile markers, I did not realise how roughly I had measured them in the past. I came back having taken 68 minutes to run only 7 miles. I was so despondent for most of the run, thinking that this virus must have taken more out of me than I thought. I kept making excuses like it's a very undulating route etc. None of which helped my attitude. In the end, later in the morningI took the car out and measured the distance, (I cannot do this with most of my runs, because either one cannot take the car or I have taken footpaths or shortcuts etc). I was so relieved to find that I had ran 7.6 miles. Hence the mood quickly changed.

    I found the run not as easy as the other day, my stride was stiff, for whatever reason.

    I shall do some gentler than usual faster running tomorrow with a minute longer than usual rest inbetween sprints. Rest on Saturday then I do hope to do a long run on Sunday, 13 miles I hope. May 11th is looming along so quickly, I could easily panic.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    You are right of course. I think it was just that I thought the situation was beyond my control, and it is that I do not like. If I DECIDE for whatever reason not to do a race, training session that's OK. But for my body to decide on it's own it cann't do something, well that is a different story. Perhaps that does not make sense! But I hope there is a glimmer of sense there.

    The half coming up on 11th is a marie curie daddodil run at Sandringham. I thought it would be a very scenic race to enter. I have tried to find it in the RW events, with no luck. Because that would lead me to a thread if there is one. However, it would not come up on the events. I find not much comes up unless you put in all the info. some of which one may not know. However, I will look later, together with the FLM splits.

    You are marathon runner, no maybe I am not etc. from you. I would be thrilled with your time however, I do detect a disappointment.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    I hope you get to read this before you set off on Monday. I just wanted to say to both you and your other half have a brilliant week in Cornwall. Have a good rest too, very justified and well earned.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭

    I envy both of you being retired. The only drawback of being married to someone 13 yrs younger is that I will have to wait a long time for him to be retired!
  • Hi Ceal,

    I have the details for you.
    Sandringham, Norfolk
    Sandringham visitors centre
    £10 (reduced to £9 for affiliated runners.
    closing date: 02/05/03 (no entries on the day.
    limit: 1500
    enquiries: Mel Ford 01604 442313
    unit 9
    Mobbs Miller house
    Ardington road
    Northampton NN1 5LP
    Free Tshirt

    good luck!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Thanks Spud, are you running this one? Have a good easter break.
  • Hi All,
    Off to Cornwall are we? Why not you L.I. Have we offended you? Enjoy the daffs and Eden. Blisland is up on Bodmin Moor where you can climb Rough Tor, Ceal - the highest spot in Cornwall. Pronounced Row(as in having an argument) Tor. JJ can shoot across to Perranporth on Monday and take part in the Piran Surf 10K starting on the beach at midday.
    How did I feel after the marathon, Ceal? Not too bad actually. Slightly spaced out for a while but physically fine. As is norm I had the most discomfort in my lower legs about two days later. Last time I was foolish and returned home the same night. Stupid and I really paid for it by feeling stiff for days. This time I walked for a couple of miles in the evening and then went home the next day after a good nights sleep. I didn't eat a great deal but have had a huge appetite since!

    I will now go onto my summer schedule of a 10 miler and a 5 miler each week. Nothing more that that until the sailing season eases in October. Then I will build up to four sessions a week (one long) and aim to do at least one road race a month simply to give myself goals. Although I will have a guaranteed place in the next 2 FLMs I certainly won't do the next one. I am planning on joining our local running club Hayle Road Runners but can only take part in their sessions occasionally during the summer. They train on sailing nights! I race three days a week and teach sailing on a fourth. Yes, I am involved in farming. Some of my best training has been chasing sheep - both here and in New Zealand!
    I agree that it is important to have your miles measured accurately. Otherwise you are in danger of thinking you are awful or brilliant when neither might be the case! I use a car on the roads and pinch the GPS from the boat for off-road!

    Snake Hips - this running business is definitely over-complicated by the vested interests. I saw someone in the marathon running with a heart monitor. He was so busy trying to read it that he never saw me overtake him! I don't need a heart monitor. If I am running a bit too fast I get out of breath. If I am running far too fast I keel over. Not exactly rocket science!

    Have a good Easter break everybody. Enjoy Cornwall. Can't get to see you JJ. Just as well otherwise they will be talking about us. Identical split times plus the fact that we will almost certainly be captured on camera running side by side all the way.

    See ya. Some nice person videod the whole of the marathon for me so I'm off to watch it from a different perspective. To find myself I will have to watch out for JJ because he will stand out in the crowd!

  • Hi Ceal,
    No, I am not doing it. Good luck with your training.
    Have a lovely Easter!
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Hi Anna . Who are you? Nice to have you join this web site. Tell us more, please.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Pussy, JJ

    How do I look at your split times? I tried on the LM official site, managed to get you result but that is all.

    As for me not able to go out today to do long run, my resting pulse is up too much for that or any training. the virus is obviously still around. Infuriating. I do still feel tired. Saw Russell Watson in B'ham in concert last evening, brilliant performance.

    We are looking forward to Cornwall, and possible climbing Rough Tor.

    with ref to NZ we are meeting our friends from NZ next w/e, he is British and wife from NZ, they are on a 1 yr contract in the UK. He is a sailor of course, and of great repute.
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Hi Anna, I have just read through some of the messages at the commencement of this thread and I realize that you are Spud in disguise or the other way round!
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