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  • Nice parkrunning Wardi.

    Race well guys - looking forward to the reports.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Sods law there wardi

    So 12m Friday tea time, 10m yday and then 20m this morning, so 3 double digit runs wirhin well under 48 hours. 20 on tired legs after yday tough 10, but 20 on tired legs is worth its' weight in gold.

    Was a lovely day for those racing.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Sods law there wardi

    So 12m Friday tea time, 10m yday and then 20m this morning, so 3 double digit runs wirhin well under 48 hours. 20 on tired legs after yday tough 10, but 20 on tired legs is worth its' weight in gold.

    Was a lovely day for those racing.
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    TR - nice 48 hours there including that 10 miler yesterday. I want to build to that kind of session as that has served me well in the past. Not just yet tho.

    In contrast today's 20 was on fresher legs than yours as I had two enforced rest days due to work/family stuff. 

    Didn't fancy the 5 mile loops so headed for the hills (on road) up to the edge of Sadleworth Moor. 840ft ascending and a slight net up-hill route. 

    Totally different ball game to last weeks opener and felt really strong last 7 miles. 

    I have run this route a lot in previous campaigns and I often wonder about the specific training benefit since this route is lumpy and Manchester is pancake flat. 

    I don't suppose it matters too much and my enjoyment levels outweigh any thoughts about it not being an ideal route to run. 

    Only 40 for the week but got the main ingredients in I think.

    Ditto looking forward to reading some race reports. 
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    Wardi - nice one - sounds a good day out. Congrats on the 1st old git placing. 
    A great couple of sessions there TR, a good 10 miler. 
    SJ I reckon the ups and downs of Saddleworth Moor would be really beneficial in giving your legs more strength/ power. 
    20m for me too yesterday, including a fast 11m ranging from 6.05-6.22 av, 6.15.  So 58 for the week.  Followed by an enormous hunger, so all the recent culinary discipline, went out of the window as I hunted down the chocolate, cheese, M &Ms, beer and pasties.  Glorious. 
    Looks like a good day for racing. 
  • Wokingham half done and dusted for another year.  1:18:55, 93rd overall and 3rd V50.  Started OK, a few gut issues in the middle miles but held it together until 10m in 59:07, then a bit of a fade in the undulating last 3.  It was always going to be 1:18:xx so no complaints.  Passed Joe at 4 when he dropped a bit from the group in front, he came back a couple of miles later looking pretty strong. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    CD - bodes well with training to come before mara time.

    OO - 11 av 6.15 is shifting.

    SJ - I do most of my long runs on loops of a local hill, which meant three 5min plus climbs today, but also means 3 long descents (rest time which isnt idea) I will do some flat long runs bfore vlm though as 20m on the flat is very different and relentless with no downhill to rest in. But like OO said for now hilly is fine as it builds tough legs, I had to do a climb at 18m today and it was hard work on tired legs.

    Abo opens tomorrow, prob about time I got another abo number I never use.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    Well raced CD.
    Good LRs SJ, TR & OO.
    Wokingham short story: Nailed it with probably my best paced race ever.
    Especially pleased as I raced ridiculously hard last w/e: parkrun Sat, Dursley Dozen & hilly XC Sunday then managed 50M of plodding Mon-Fri including 3 HM+ MLRs Tues, Wed, Thurs & then a 90% parkrun Saturday to remind the legs how to go fast.
    Near perfect racing conditions meant I'd only have myself to blame if things went awry.
    I kept a close watch on the pace for the first couple of miles to ensure I wasn't going out too fast but equally I couldn't afford to relax too much. All my training has been 8-9 m/m plods or 6-6:15 m/m parkruns so it would've been easy to get things badly wrong at this stage.
    Mile Splits: 6:29/6:28/6:22/6:30/6:21/6:26/6:19/6:22/6:32/6:31/6:41/6:29/6:24/5:37(0.1M)
    Chip & watch agreed on 1:24:27 which is a massive 3:32 PBB

  • I think 20 hilly miles is good marathon training SJ.

    Some fast V50s at Wokingham CD!

    You're getting some good miles in TR. I think I'm going to look at Hull for an autumn marathon this year.

    Well done Jooligan.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Dave - good to see you out there. Sorry, I didn't realise it was you at the time - a great run from you all things considered.

    As people have said, a pretty great day for racing. I didn't know what to expect going into Wokingham, having only averaged just over 30 mpw since the start of Jan, with a long run of 13 miles. Granted, I've been doing a lot of bike training, but had pretty much zero running 'sessions', apart from a few shorter distance races.

    Main goals were to execute a good race and be mentally tougher than I have been in previous races, when things really start to hurt. Got caught up in a quick first mile (5:35), before settling in and clocking a nicely consistent miles 2-9 (all within 5:45-5:52 mm). During that period went through 10km in 35:50 (just 10s slower than my 10km PB) and 10 miles in 58:30. 

    Really started to hurt as we turned into a (slight) headwind during mile 11 and that combined with the dreaded motorway bridge saw me lose a significant 14 seconds (mile 11 - 6:14). Brought it back to sub 6's but that was enough to see me miss out on a PB by 14 seconds, finishing in 1:17:07. 

    All in all though, really happy with that, as I don't feel like I could've given any more, and my legs certainly agree today. For this stage of the season and considering the lack of run training, that'll do nicely. Wokingham is such a great race - I'm always suitably impressed. 
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    A successful Wokingham race day for the thread.
    - Thats quality, a great run and time, and could have been quicker.  Inspirational stuff to a fellow V50. 
    Jooligan - You did well and truely nail it, like a race being nailed by a runner with a nail gun. A massive PB too. Fantastic stuff especially given your racing and training load. Preety consistent splits too. 
    Joe - You pulled it out of the bag again. A fantastic performance and to miss a PB by such a slender margin given your relatively light training shows plenty of gains to come.  
    Really pleased for you all and a real positive boost.
  • CharlieWCharlieW ✭✭✭
    TR -- you've rediscovered the "Coro 10", nice! Well done on the 20, too. You too SJ & OO.

    Wardi -- good work in the parkrun.

    CD -- looks like you're in good shape then, good stuff.

    Jooligan -- congrats on the big PB! And nice one for you too JB.

    I was torn about what to do on Sunday; with my target Cambridge half in two weeks and wanting to taper for that, I wanted to grab maybe the last chance to get a proper long run in for 3 weeks, yet wanted to tune up for speed a bit too in advance of Cambridge. Also I'm out all day this Weds and want it to still be a big miles week, so I didn't want to kill myself and not be able to train Mon & Tues. So I decided to either do reps/tempo training and then extend it to a good long run, or use the number I had for the postponed Milton Keynes HM and do extra miles either side of that, and not race it full beans, but then what's the point?

    Anyway, I woke up quite early and it looked like a good sunny day for an adventure, so I did after all decide to do MK, with a longish warm-up (4.4M in fact) and cool-down (10.1M as it happens). Even as I began the race I realised I didn't know how I wanted to tackle it. Maybe if my legs had forgiven me for the 100M Sun->Fri completely I should race it hard after all; but my HR was quite high for pace so I slacked off a bit so as not to beat myself up too much to do a long cool-down or run today. All good until 5M when I carelessly cut across the grass slightly on a corner to avoid some pedestrians with a dog -- and wiped out on a bit of mud, sliding across the (actually quite smooth) tarmac some way. I lost quite a lot of skin on my hip, also shoulder, arm and knee, but fortunately didn't do any real damage. My Garmin was thoroughly scratched up but I managed to land on the stop button, so at least it paused itself! I lost less than 10 sec, though being wounded made me even less inclined to run too hard; finished in 1:19:54 officially, so just outside MP overall. I got the nice medics to tend my wounds, without explaining to them my intention of running another 10M...

    Now as a mini-spoiler, I didn't knowingly see SC2, but as I passed the race encampment on one of my 2.5M cool-down lake laps, I heard his name and (impressive) time being called out on the booming PA system during the presentations. I looked all around but couldn't actually figure out where the presentations were being done, so I missed his moment of glory, but appreciated in nonetheless!

    So overall I got my endurance in, and some speed which exceeded what I'd have put myself through in training, but slightly short of racing. I do feel quite beaten up today though (and not just from the road rash), so I probably overdid it a bit really. Certainly felt like I'd earnt my curry last night.
  • That's just awesome stuff Charlie. Hope you enjoyed that curry... Well earned I'd say. 
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Hard as nails CW. Impressive training run.
    Cheers OO: my slow mile was the same as JBs slightly uphill into a breeze.
  • Jo Blogs - Wimbledon was tough wasn't it! Quality is silly now, especially since xmas. I was 38th at Mitcham and ran well. Must admit I was below par at Wimbledon, but didn't expect 76th! Really strong league now, shame Clapham have gone down.

    CW - Would like to try and imagine where you came a cropper, hope you are healed up ok now. I must admit there were a few corners where I was treading gingerly! Yes yesterday was one of those where you start loads faster than you were planning to (5.35's instead of 5.50's)...and just manage to keep it going..we all have these races now and again. So unexpectedly ended up with 1.13.51 for 2nd place, 6 secs outside my PB (bit annoying). The presentations were in the main bit, near the start. Which leads me to..

    Jooligan - We were discussing prizes? Now I'm not greedy (honest) but yesterday I got a little plaque, a hoody and a drinks bottle with some gels in it. This race gets 1,500 people plus paying £30 each! Bit stingy isn't it..but I suppose they don't really need faster runners to do it.

    Good stuff at Wokingham, liked the reports, a gang from the Stevie G thread did it too, plus a few Herne Hill and Kent I know did it also

  • Hope you recover quickly Charlie.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭
    Always expect something exciting from CW when he races. Good running from Joe, CD and Jooligan at Wokey.  Always good for a fast time that course.  Would have liked to have done it myself by that can wait until the Big Half next month.

    Was actually organising the pacers for the Hampton Court half.  Had done a very satisfying 2h45 the day before in near perfect weather, but felt up for a leg stretch when I saw everyone warming up.  Decided about 15 mins before the start to strip off, pick up a spare flag and jump in with the sub 1h30 pacers.  Felt pretty comfortable considering, so got a bonus workout that I wasn't expecting.  Probably the shortest lead time before deciding to do a race and getting running that I can remember!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Jools - good run that esp off all the miles in the week too. You are approaching sub3 shape, you might have to have a think about the next 2 months and decide what you would like and what you are prepared to do (and not do, to get there.

    Joe - Nice, I have run well at 1/2 and below off low run miles mixed with bike/turbo, it' a really good training mix

    CW- good days work that, a casual sub80, but do you have to make every long run so far now?

    LMH - Nice, sounds good. I got an abo number (just in case I don't want to do it again).

    Dan - a nude sub 90?

    6m easy on some tired legs.
  • Well done to everyone that run at the weekend some really good times! To put in mildly. My run at Milton Keynes half went well even though I was talked into starting faster than I knew I should by a couple of club mates. I wanted to set out at 6:40 minute miling however I ended up going at sub 6:30 with my first 5 miles being between 6:22 and 6:30. I felt good though but knew I was pushing my luck.  all was well until 8 miles and then it really started to hurt where I started posting 6:45 and 6:50s however I was still inside my overall goal pace. My A Goal was to finish in 1:27 and I crossed the line in exactly 1:26.00. A minute faster so really pleased with the outcome. I still prefer to run at an even pace and that will certainly be the plan in Brighton. I can't afford to pull off a stunt like this again as you can grin and bare it for  few miles in a half when you know you have perhaps overcooked it you definitely get found out when trying the same in the Marathon. I good confidence booster. Now I need to do a lot more endurance slower runs in the final 6 week. The fact I faded a little in a half means that I don't have what it takes yet for the same not to happen over double the distance even if I do go out at even pace. I reckon my 1.26 translates to a 3.05 and that 5 minutes is the hardest to find so I have some work ahead of me. We shall just see how the next 4 weeks of training goes.

    Massive congrats to fellow club mate SC2 who nailed it. 2nd place overall and 1st V40 is a brilliant results. And agree Simon those prizes do suck a little. For our own club 10 miler with a field of just 300 runners we give more than that including a banquet meal for 2 at our best favourite local Indian restaurant in town. Now that's a prize!!! 
  • Hope you recover quickly Charlie.

    You sound in good shape Dan.

    I shall probably wish I had nearer the time TR but Mark won't commit to holiday dates yet and that's usually the sort of time of year he wants to go away.

    I agree Stu, you can blag a half but not a full. Sounds as though more miles are needed.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Agree UDS - Its just taking the piss basically. Its weighing up whether to reward the better runners, or keep the profits to the company/shareholders etc. I'm sure they'd come up with an excuse.
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    Sounds an exciting day at the MK Half.
    CW - Eventful, a whole host of different runs in that 27 miler.  Hope your not too sore.
    SC2 - Congratulations on the performance and the second place - lack of generousity from the organisers, tight gits. 
    UDS - Nice one, my running pal did 2.57 in London last year off 1.26.XX in a Feb half marathon, so your still in the ballpark, especially with a few 20 milers in the bag.
    DanA - Nice impromptu run around my old stomping ground. 
  • CharlieWCharlieW ✭✭✭
    SC2 -- brilliant run, especially as all those little wiggles and bridges must have added a bit to your time. I get the impression that prizes are more generous up north! Sorry I missed you though. Likewise UDS, well done on the quicker-than-expected result.

    Dan -- I'm sure I'd struggle to run a sub-1:30 half the day after a 2:45 long run, good going.

    TR -- yeah I did more than I had to, but partly because I knew that tomorrow I have a long work day out with probably zero exercise, and wanted this to be a biggish week overall (before tapering for Cambridge). Having said that the Brass Monkey was my best WAVA HM ever after a steady 28M the weekend before, so maybe I've been getting my tapering wrong all this time and should try that again...

    I was clearly running harder than I wanted to admit on Sunday as my legs were pretty trashed for my (minimal) commutes yesterday. Still pretty wooden this morning, but better. Hopefully after my day off tomorrow they'll be on for a good bit on Thursday though. My wounds still look impressive, but don't actually hurt much, all being very shallow -- I was lucky I didn't do any real damage.
  • SC - the standard is crazy. It was a shame we got relegated but I think we'll have fun in Div 2 and no doubt be back again next season. Great run @ MK.

    Dan - nicely done, very casual.

    CW - sounds like an eventful day. Glad no real damage done, not surprised the legs are trashed.

    Talking of prizes, just found out we won the team prize at Wokingham. £50 and an engraved brandy glass - that'll do nicely!

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    SC2: Congratulations, agree very tight prizes.
    I organise a 10K, for my club, with a field of 150 & award prizes for top 3 M & F as well as Age Cat prizes in 5yr increments + M & F team prizes. Prizes are usually choice of beers/biscuits/gels or chocolate so nothing very fancy however only £6.50 for an entry.
    JB: Now that's a proper prize. Icing on the cake for you.
    UDS: well done on getting a minute under target even with a fade. As you say: not a pacing strategy to risk in the marathon.
    Legs surprisingly OK after Sunday - definitely less trashed than last week. 4M yesterday & will be 2 eights today by the time I've run home.
  • Simon Coombes 2Simon Coombes 2 ✭✭✭
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    Cheers All - glad you agree about the prizes, luckily there was a feedback section, so they got some from me! Probably muttering about 'serious runners' as we speak. Trouble is, they don't really need faster runners. Also, many garmins had it at 13 miles dead - they had to change the course and may not have measured it correctly.

    Probably won't run that one again ;)

    JB -  I'm sure you will be back easily. Then it's trying not to be a yo-yo club!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SC2 - well done at MK you should have done wokingham and would have Pb's with company.

    Disco - Nice one.

    CW - I hope yr legs recover.

    LMH - you could always get an abo number as contingency, you will sell it easily if it' not needed.

    7m inc 10x 2min 30sec/30sec.
  • Oh SC2 you didn't have to go and tell the others the course was short! That was our secret. Yeah my Forerunner made it 13 exactly and my pace accordingly was 6.38mpm. If it was full course distance my pace would have been 6.33. I'll still take it though. But have factored that into where I need to be for sub 3 chance. Thanks for the encouragement OO! Great to know your mate ran a 2.57 off a 1.26 half. That's a great conversion. I know I can achieve it. Just need to knuckle down and get those long runs in. Haven't run this week yet. Club Run On Wednesday will be first post half outing. 
  • TR - Cheers. I knew loads were going to do Wokingham, but I don't really do half's anymore tbh - I entered because it was local and would have been a good social with UDS and the LBAC lot.

    I suppose I would have been looking at 1.13.30's or so if I had run at Wokingham (barring any mishaps), but the weather would have probably been crap if I had entered it :)

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    SC - Maybe you should consider setting a 1/2 PB whilst you are still speedy, you might look back and regret it otherwise.

    13 (inc BAC 20min, 5x4min, 20min) and 7 commute for me today. My quads were proper achey, but I have pushed the envelope a bit since Friday. I had best put the womble suit on for a wee while now.
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