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    Test result was positive, to be fair she has been pretty poorly. My youngest has just had a test, as he had shivers and headache Thursday. Fingers crossed for the next week or so.

    Confined to barracks until mon 15th at the earliest, so 10 days of no running, hopefully i can jam a few miles in for a week or so if Goodwood goes ahead and have a 10day taper.
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    TR - I hope your wife makes a strong recovery and take care all of you, my best wishes.
    SJ - Some great training going on.  You will be good to go in a few weeks time.
    I also bow to the threads DIY skills.  Ticking over here, a mixture of cycling and running - have done 40 for the week, nothing spectacular.  Will hear if I am lucky with the 2021 Mont Blanc Marathon this week, fingers crossed. 
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    That's a shame TR.  You are right to be cautious, I've certainly seen more cases around recently.  Hope you all get through this ok.
    OO.. best of luck with the Mont Blanc Ballot, is that the same one you did a couple of years back?

    SJ/Joe.. our new floor was 3mm higher than the old one so the fitter had to put 'thresholds' across the doorways leading off the hall  - 5 of them!  Not to mention cutting 3mm off the bottom of all the door frames so the new floor would fit underneath. :o

    Got out early afternoon today but the mist and murk persuaded me to wear a hi-viz top regardless.  No wind and a nice temp though, 7.2m done which conveniently takes me to 60.6m for the week.

  • I hope Mrs TR is better soon!

    Sorry to hear your news of a few posts ago, Wardi.

    17 to bring up 55 for the week
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Cheers. Fingers crossed.

    I dont get a test until i have any symptoms, as if i tested negative the isolation period still stands.

    To be fair they both had a local test within hours of requesting it, and theres been no end of track and trace texts and emails all day. All contacts have been contacted and given their rules.
  • Sad about Mrs Wardi's friend.

    Sorry to hear that your SPO has tested positive TR. Hope no one else in the family does and you can stay sane in the self isolation period.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    LMH - the 3 of us will no doubt have been exposed to it, my lad had mild symptoms so hopefully thats all he gets. The SPO has been pretty wiped out at times. Not sure if i havnt developed yet myself, not sure when id expect to develop it by. Who knows, fingers crossed for the next week or so.
  • Oh deary me. sorry to hear that TR. Hope all stays well with you and the wife recovers well soon. 

    Wardi - We've got a blend of old and new flooring in our house now with joins between the two in some key spots. its going to require some screed to keep it level between the two. hopefully worth the money. good weekly mileage again.

    OO - good luck in the ballot. something to aim for hopefully.

    10 miles today. the longer runs feeling less boring than a few weeks ago, perhaps because I'm trying out new routes. 
  • TR - bugger. Hope your wife feels better soon and that your son has had the mild symptoms as you say.

    OO - hope for positive news re mont blanc. 

    Joe - good to have something to focus on. You're going along well too. 

    Capped a decent week with another 20 miler to bring up 110km for the week. Tired run today though. One more big week I think with the time on feet run next sunday. 

    I think I would have jumped off the training if I was further away from the end. I dont think dec 6 will happen with the way things are going if I'm being honest. More important things in life so not the end of the world. 
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    Keep at it for now SJ, grass root sports is suposed to be one of the first things back, but local tier levels will affect things.

    Cheers for the good wishes. She has been proper poorly in the last few days.Sounds like Kelly Holmes experience. I made sure she was ok earlier and then did my turbo hour, my lad kept an eye on her every 5 mins. The bods say most folks experience a mild illness, i wouldnt fancy what they call medium.

    Im trying to work out if my isolation term gets extended if my lads test is positive.
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    Wardi -Yes that's the one run in 2018 and counts as one of the most memorable marathons I've run albeit the slowest though 5 hrs 50 put me in the top 6% of finishers won by the great Killian Jornet.  I remember seeing DanA supporting on the course relatively fresh after his near 24 hour run the day before. 
    SJ - Thats a cracking week.  Fingers crossed the marathon keeps its original date. 
    - Been speaking with two colleagues today whose wife's are currently suffering, one has been knocked for six for 3 weeks but is now recovering and the other so far just the 1 week but also getting better, as you say very nasty.    
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    OO.. definitely worth crossing fingers for, hope the odds aren't too long on getting a place.

    TR.. I remember Charlie Austin (footballer) caught it early on.  He said he felt completely zapped for about 10 days before he started to get better.  Best wishes to you & yours.   

    Joe.. I often drive out once or twice a week to run a different route, I do think it helps to keep it varied & interesting.

    Jools.. nice week again - I assume you're over the old niggles of the last year or two.

    Thanks for the good wishes re. Mrs Wardi's chum.  She was asthmatic, long time smoker and a bit overweight so once covid got into her lungs we feared the worst.  We raised a rather nice glass of red wine to an absent friend on Saturday.
    Still a bit murky here but not too cold so got out for 10k this afternoon.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    OO - infection rates are high now.

    My youngest tested positive, he is ok. SPO picked up but has dipped again. Seeing as my lad tested positive i have a test this afternoon, although i felt ok on the turbo earlier,  i had a sore throat last night, so that sets my start date. Although  i could have had it last week when i thought i had a touch of concussion.
  • TR - my fiance's grandma was worried she had covid but couldn't get a test because sore throat isn't a symptom. good for you to get checked out though.

    SJ - good week. may as well keep it up. don't want to lose those gains. Nottingham mara/half/10k/5k bit the dust yesterday. should have been that same weekend.

    Wardi - fortunately/unfortunately still at fiances parents so lots of undiscovered routes around here even if some take you into Birmingham itself.

    7 miles today. swapped days around as teaching today means I can't get out for my usual lunchtime run. still trying to run in the light if I can. got to be good for mental health?
  • 10 for me this morning, making the most of no court hearings today.

    Sorry to hear about further c19 chez TR but, as you say, rather likely in a family home. Hope SPO improves again.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good miles jools

    Joe - i only had a sore throat but wanted the test so ticked another box to trigger the test. The spo and my lad had the option of requesting more tests when they had theirs so i could have done it then.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Joe.. when I used to run home from work (13m) I didn't mind the dark too much.  I just told myself I was another mile closer to a pizza and beer. 🙄  Nowadays I do much prefer daylight running.

    Nice 10 miler Jools.

    TR.. hope the SPO is improving.

    10m here today, nice conditions again.

  • TR Best wishes to you and yours there. Testing seems to be ramping up. I think ai heard the Liverpool experiment is being opened up to other large cities. 

    Nice miles Wardi, Joe and Jools. Rest day yesterday and 12km tonight on the treadie. Dont much fancy venturing out and about if I dont absolutely need to. 
  • TR - unfortunately all a test will tell you is that at the time you swab you aren't infected. You may have it and the viral load be too low to register (hence just having a sore throat and no other symptoms) or you may contract it two days later if your son has it and is shedding virus. Hope SPO feels much better soon.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    LMH - agreed, im well read up on it. Wether i test positive or not from yday the isolation time remaining is still the same, so i went for the tesr. Ill be surprised if my lad caught it first off her. Maybe its an exposure thing as ive been exposed to a lot of it now. Although we dont really know who caught it off who. I had a few aches overnight, and a bit of a tickly cough but ordinarily i wouldn't take much notice, and not getting much sleep anyway.

    SPO has been proper poorly . Kelly Holmes descriprion of her own time line is very sinilar, re the dizziness, nausea and severe headaches. Hopefully she'll be well enough to eat a little soon. She only has the odd bite and cant do anymore. Yday she improved in the morning and rhen went downhill again........she is allowed out tomorrow, ill be impressed if she is well enough to go out in a weeks time.

    Every day i hope she will be bit better, but ive just had to scrape he out of the bathroom and put her back in bed already. Roll on tomorrow morning.
  • That sounds really tough, TR. I'll never know if march episode was Covid but if so I was lucky enough to only have maybe 4 really lousy days and then some mild fatigue.

    5 easy this morning.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Hopefully you had it and your fitness made it a mild case, so you are less at risk now. It can be caught agsin but it is rare.
  • TR - it might be worth trying some high calorie smoothies/soups for her as obviously the lack of calories won't be helping. Has she lost her sense of taste/smell? I hope she is soon on the mend but I doubt she'll be better tomorrow morning! I'm not sure I'm following your logic with having the test but that's probably me missing something.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    She has all the symptoms, but trying to eat makes her gag etc she has had a few bites of porridge hopefully it'll kick start her. I just gave her some diaoralyte which might  help. She needs the nausea and dizziness to stop.
    Having the test yday was because pos or neg the isolation time left for me is the same. It doesnt really matter wether its pos or neg, but itd be nice to know if ive had it or not. Although agreed, it might be too late or too early. She has been classed as infectious from Nov 2nd, but it could have been earlier.
  • The lack of taste/smell makes it much harder to eat. You could give your GP a call - they might prescribe some Ondansetron or similar without seeing her. Or of course you could have had it, been asymptomatic and passed it to her - in which case your test will be negative now. It's a tricky bugger. Is your lad still mostly feeling ok?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    She is a lot brighter at the mo. Its a rollercoaster.

    He is ok, mainly bit of headache and sore throat, he is 19 and all muscle and sinew. His uni have made sure he is ok a few times, but he commutes in daily so doesnt live in digs. The track and trace have also phoned us to ask to speak to him ( i guess they check up on youngsters).

    Defo, i could have had it last week when i thought i had a bit of concussion from bumping my head on my bike.
  • TR - certainly does sound like a rollercoaster. All the best to your family. Fingers crossed it's swift.

    Wardi - when i'm away (or used to be away) with work i was quite happy running in the evenings and i'm not the type to get out of bed and run. Used to work quite well to run and then have dinner straight afterwards. I'd still do it now if i had to but i could have sworn my eyesight has got worse in the dark. It's either that or the glare from the car headlights is pretty distracting.

    8 miles today at a good lick. I like this current plan for the two rest / stretching days early in the week. Makes for a good reset and hopefully means I can hit my sessions. I'm thinking of wheeling out the 4%s potentially for the next 5k pb attempt..
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    TR - sounds every bit as rough as people have described. Wishing your wife a speedy recovery.

    Joe - I am bespectacled so struggle in the dark with street and headlights causing fractal vision impairment on my foggy lenses in the rain too. 

    Ergo, indoors tonight for 16km including 5x1km. Went off too fast, 3:30/km and paid for it on last two. 10 secs slower. HR was up at 5-10km effort so job done. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Joe - what have you used the 4% for so far, what difference do you think they made.

    SJ - top pace in those reps.

    No surprise that my test result came back positive, i had a slight runny nose overnight, which gave me a tickly throat, but a nice low resting heart rate on waking. I would certainly carry on as normal ordinarily. SPO made it to the bathroom under her own steam today.

    One week of no running complete, im allowed out next Friday. I only did a bit of s and c yday, and will probably only do the same today. Very much depends if the truck that hit the spo is still on its way or not, but probably wise to sack GW off now, as it might not even happen, might blow and gale, and at best is compromised.
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    I did 60mins on the turbo before my lad told me his positive result on Tues, and then had my test, so was positive when turboing early in week. Ordinarily id just think i had a minor cold and would carry on. I guess i just play it by feel?
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