FLM 09 - 3.45ers!



  • Thanks Funkin I am amazed I never usually win anything :)
  • Well done Mark. How come you've got a place so early?
  • Entered a competition while visiting the expo last year forgot all about it until got the email yeterday saying I have won and did I want the place !
  • Well done that is awesome. You must be over the moon.

  • I am green with envy by the way!!
  • Could someone tell me
    These might be daft questions but when are the cheques cashed & when do you find out if you are in.
    First time entry so not excpecting to get in.
    Have bequeathed anyway so cheque will be cashed whether I get in or not
  • Old Miller: from reading posts from last year, it sounds like cheques get cashed around the start of November, and you may have to wait till December to find out whether you're in or not, especially as you have bequeathed and the cheque will have been cashed either way.

    However, it looks like there was a lot of discussion on the forum about the exact day the cheques were cashed, which some were using to indicate whether they'd got in or not (to some degree of success).

    Finally, I'm in exactly the same position as you. First timer and have bequeathed. Fingers crossed.
  • You might get to know officially the last week in November but definitely the first week in December. This is my fifth year in the ballot, I have been successful once, in 2005 (race year not ballot year).
  • Old miller if you have not bequeathed your cheque start checking your bank account in the last week of November if your cheque is cashed then your in and expect to get notification within 2/3 weeks. If you have bequeathed the money then I think your check will be cashed anytime in November although I have never bequeathed mine.

    Good Luck
  • Thanks alot
    Will be keeping fingers crossed like everyone else
  • Well ive sent my form off and now the wait begins!

    Old Miller:Im not sure if you can tell if you are in by when your cheque is cashed, there seems a lot of variables in that process!!

    Anyway good luck everyone!
  • What If?

    If the probable happens and many of us get rejected...what then. As I have said, I will probably hunt a GB place.

    However...what other marathons are around that time of the year in this country?

    I really need to get this sub 3.45 thing out of my system!!

    Took four attempts to get under 4. Nothing gonna stop me now :) !!!
  • RIPPED I can totally recommend the Halstead marathon which is usually about 2/3 weeks after FLM. Its a relatively low key race 200 or 300 runners two laps around fantastic scenic Essex countryside with brilliant organisation. Ive done it twice crashed and burned first time then went sub 4 last year. was planning on running it this year but went and ran shakespear instead which is the week before, wish I had not, not one I would recommend.
  • Thanks Mark. That's really useful. I think that's the new plan then.

    If London don't want me, Halstead here I come!

  • Hello again peeps :o)

    I've done 75 miles in the past 5 days (most of it vertically and at 5kph-plus-one-minute-per-contour pace) but wimped out of the fell-race. It's been the most relaxing few days I've had in as long as I can remember. All I had to do was walk, eat, sleep, chat, and cook the occasional pot of pasta.

    And shop. I am now well-equipped for those long slow runs in January :o)
  • Last week doesn't seem to have hurt my speed too much. I've just been out and done 6.7 flattish miles in 59 minutes. First time I've cracked 60 minutes for that route since the run-up to FLM2004, and it wasn't at all uncomfortable.

    I've also decided to do an autumn marathon, more as a long training run than as a race, though I'll be aiming at sub-4.30 which will be a PB for me.
  • Which one Velociraptor?

    I am still toying with idea of Cardiff on 15th October.
  • I'm doing Abingdon, RD. I was going along for the party anyway, and to support, then had the opportunity of a place and decided that I'd enjoy the day out far more if I was running.

    My preparation will be a bit sketchy - I barely have time to get a 10-miler and a 12-miler in before the Windsor Half, then I'll maybe manage a 16 and a 19 before it's time to taper for the marathon, but tbh I'll be as well-prepared as I ever have been. And then I won't race again for three months, and will do the schedule thing properly!
  • Best of luck to you! You will have a blast.
  • Im running the Kent Coastal marathon this Sunday on the back of very little preparation. Been on Holiday for two weeks and only had 1 week (approx 30 miles) of running since back so it will be interesting to see how unfit I am :-)
  • The Kent Coastal marathon is definitely on my to-do-sometime list, Mark :o) It sounds absolutely gorgeous, and satisfyingly undulating. I hope you have a great day out and you'll probably be faster than you expect. Enjoy the carboloading now!

    Having trotted up and down big rough hills for 75 miles last week without any problems apart from slightly sore calf muscles for the first couple of days, I was a little aggrieved when I developed DOMS in my hamstrings yesterday after Monday's little flat road-run. Maybe it's a sign that I ought to be a fell-runner :oS

    Ten-miler on the programme for this afternoon!
  • nice to hear you fancy running the Kent Coastal Velociraptor as i am one of the race directors :-) Maybe see you next year
  • Velociraptor - just saw your name in runners world magazine!

    Your famous you are!
  • I do indeed, Mark. It sounds like my kind of race. If I don't do Snowdonia, or Langdale ...

    RD, I trust I was saying something gratuitously unpleasant in response to a perfectly reasonable query?
  • Hello all. I am thinking about running london next year but have 18 months of sproadic runnign due to injury. Much time with physios, gait analysts etc, etc. I would like to build a base up until xmas, does anyone have a good base building programme they would recommend?
  • Hello Mike, Im recovering from injury too. I've just had 5 months off after running the Rotterdam marathon in April. I'm back to four runs of 5 miles each week and now thinking of upping the mileage. I think I'll just up the distance of one run per week and see how that goes. I'll turn one or two of my other runs into speed (Fartlek) sessions and hope by christmas I'm ready for some real marathon training. So nothing flash and keep listening to my body. Good luck with your recovery and think about getting that application soon. You can always defer till the following yeare if things dont go quite right.
  • Howard RR, thanks for the advice and my thought processes are much the same with taking things slow. My weekly mileage is 18-24 miles although I intend to run the Bristol Half in a couple of weeks at a slow pace to increase the long run (already running 8-10 on Sundays). Keeping injury at bay seems to be the secret, good luck with the speed sessions, I find them painful!
  • Started running about 18 months ago and entered my first 10k last september purely to see if I could finish. I did finish and was very pleased with my time of 54 mins. I set my self the next goal I wanted to achieve so I applied for the 06 FLM but was unsuccessful. So here goes :) I have applied for the 07 FLM and I am running the same 10k in september. Trouble is I tore the ligaments in my right ankle playing squash about 4 weeks ago but after lots of Physio and building the milage back up I'm upto 3-4 runs of 4 miles and managed 8.5 miles on Sunday.
    Am I being too optimistic aiming for 3:45 if I get in?
  • Jayos,

    you have plenty of time as long as the injury heals. Let us know your time when you have done the 10K. Good luck with it, fingers crossed for you.


    sound advice, take it nice and easy. I will also be running the Bristol Half, also nice & slow. Strictly and purely for fun.

    My dad was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas last January and given 12 months to live. After lots of soul searching and second opinions, he was given an operation last Thursday to remove it. After 12 hours of surgery, he has come through. He was very ill last night, but much better today.

    As you can imagine, my training has been non existent!

    But it will be worth it to get my dad back home.

    One of the best experiences of my life was finishing FLM this year in under four hours and having my dad at the finish line to cheer me on.

    Will be running the Bristol Half for my dad!
  • I think you need to see how your training goes over the next couple of months before deciding what time to aim for, Jayos :o)

    RD, gigantic best wishes winging their way to your dad. I hope he's able to enjoy seeing you run a really good FLM2007.
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