Snowdonia Marathon



  • Applications in...

    I'm nervous already!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    You usually get a lovely slate coaster for finishing, but I see this year you get a commemorative 25th yr t-shirt. I hope that the shirt is in addition to the coaster, cos they are a very nice souvenir.

    Application also gone, cant wait!!!!
  • About to apply, but this'll be my first marathon.
    Is there usually plenty of places or do they have a ballot?
  • PS: There is some mention at the beginning of this thread about applying online. Is this possible, or do I have to print off the applic and send it through the post?

    PPS: How bad is the hill at the end? It can't be that steep or long, can it?

    Damian - it's first come, first served, no ballot. I think it's only postal entry, as far as I know.
  • Ok, gave my PC a kick and it has finally decided to print off the application. Will get my applic off this weekend.. :D

    Gulp... when I get accepted I'll have a place in my FIRST EVER marathon... then it will really sink in.
    Good for you Damian, just the training and the race to do

    This is a fantastic race and you'll be guaranteed a PB!
  • DM2, this was my first marathon a couple of years ago. I have done a few since then and this always sits as number one.

    Spoke to Jayne Lloyd (Event Organiser) a couple of weeks ago, postal entries only and talk of a 25th Anniversary party on the Saturday night! Sounds like a good time to cut some shapes on the dance floor!!

    As Shades quite rightly said - Fantastic Race...
  • DM2 - as for the hill at Waunfawr, yes it is! Both! But an amazing sense of achievement as you race down the other side towards the finish at Llanberis..
  • Shades - I notice you are also running the Isle of Wight in May, so am I. As it's your 5th time and my first time round how does Snowdon compare with that one?
    RGR - IOW is up and down all the way, can be fairly warm too. The challenge with Snowdonia is that the longest hill starts at about mile 21 and more of less carries on until mile 24 which is tough at that stage of the race.

    I've done better times at IOW but that may because I've usually done Snowdonia as part of a triple or double so have been conserving my energy for Dublin the next day.

    Am not doing Snowdonia as part of a double or triple this year so should get a better comparison.
  • Shades - thanks for that, I thought the climate would have some bearing on the race. Waunfawr is very character building, last year I managed to run most of it up towards the forestry section on the right, managed to make up quite a few places in that mile and a half. Doing alot of hill work at the moment to instill muscle memory in the legs...head down, steady the breathing and keep going!
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Application in a couple of weeks ago - cheque not cashed yet! Hill training going well - working Llanberis way next week, so am hoping to do the run from the start to the top of the Llanberis Pass then.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Post race party on the sat night I hear?! Might have to book the hotel for 2 nights then!!
  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭
    Just out of interest, when do you get your race entry confirmation?
  • Been talked into doing this one by a friend but am I too late if i send application now?

    Also, is there a course description anywhere so I can figure out how hilly this is and what specific training I need to do post FLM?

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Caterpillar... You should have no problem with an entry if you send it in now.

    In terms of course description, its not as bad as your prbably imagining! The first 4m is pretty much a slog up llaneris pass, but then your on a down gradient until just after the halfway point. It then undulates for a few miles before flattening out again until about 21m. You then have the big hill that everyone talks about, which goes off the main road onto a track. It is tough, but the vast majority of people walk it as running doesnt seem that much quicker! You are then left with a super fast and exciting downhill sprint for about a mile before a short lap of the town into the finish. The last mile was changed last year to include another short testing hill, but im not sure if they will do the same in 2008 or revert to the flatter finish. I personally prefer the one with the hill!

    That is a rather rough summary, I could try and email you the elevation detail from my garmin if you wanted
  • Thanks for that Mr P. How long is the hill at 21 miles? Also, how much longer would this marathon take than say London which is completely flat? Hopefully I should be fairly used to hill running as I aim to do lots of fell running in the summer.
  • Mr P - I'd be grateful if you could email me the elevation detail.. I'd like to know what to let myself in for.. :)

    As its my first marathon can anyone advise what would be the best strategy - the marathon training schedules only start at 18 weeks. Bit confused to be honest.
  • Hi CG

    Nice to see you on this thread. I've signed up for this one too, it will give me something to look forward to post FLM.
    Toomuch - what level of fitness are you at now?
  • currently built up to 4.5 miles hills ones session, 4 miles intervals other session, 8 mile long slow..

    Was planning on slowly increasing for 3 (i.e. next 9, 10, 11 on the lsr and dropping back for a 5 and then to 11, 12, 13 etc) weeks then dropping back for an easy week until early Oct. Increasing the hill work (esp downhill as don't get much practice with this) as I go, but aiming to get mileage under belt rather than toughness. Does that sound sensible? More worried of going hell for leather later and ending up injured..
    Toomuch - that sounds OK but when you start doing longer runs you might find it too much increasing your long runs every week, alternate weeks is better.
    Perhaps you could aim at doing a half marathon somewhere along the way
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Caterpillar Girl- you have mail!

    Toomuch... You dont seem to have the "email member" tab activated on your profile. If you enable it or pass on your address I will forward the course profile. In terms of your long runs Id go with the advice of shades. Definitly try and enter a half or even better a 20m race on the approach to the marathon. It will be good for training, but also good for your confidence in having already covered a good length in a race scenario prior to Snowdon.
    Another option is to use one of the RW marathon programmes suitable for your current standard. I have used them in the past, and as long as you do your best to stick to them each week (which is always hard!) then you should be well on track to your goal.
  • Sorry forgot to mention I'm already in the GNR on 30th Sept! Thanks Shades - I've sort of lengthened out the Hal Higdon one as it appears to be fairly sensible - but I'll have another look at it and re-work so I don't wear myself out. Agree it might be a bit much increasing each week and as have the time may be best to increase bi-weekly.

    Poss looking into another half around end July time, to give an earlier goalpost.

    Mr. P. Think I've enabled the email thingy... address is anyway. Thanks :)
  • Hi All,

    Application in the post as I write this.

    Should be fun.

    Clive - if you are out there 'lurking' then I suggest you get your application posted and we can see how we go on the are still going to do this aren't you?

  • Have posted my application too...

    and booked accommodation for Fri and Sat evening...

    can't wait!
  • Application posted... :D

    Now all I have to do is start running.... again :rolleyes:

    Shall we draft a list of people on this thread who have applied, like there are on other threads...? :D

  • Fellrunner... just because I've got time on my hands... :D

    Maybe I should go do some training rather than being a message board addict!

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