Snowdonia Marathon



  • gj - with the climb near the end i think we did reach heaven
  • How steep is Waunfawr and does it really last 3 miles ?? Have kicked off my hill training but be good to know how close I can get to it - some steep hills round here but generally only around 1-1.5 miles long. Am sure I have been round that area on bike / foot / car but not for a long time so can't picture it.
  • Collie- cheers for info. I think I will do Belper. Just need to find out about cut off times.

    MP- My brother was on the footie too this weekend. Shifts eh. Rhyme with something else when it comes to training. No way could I do anything after 12 hours on my feet!
  • Awesome run, done it 5 times but can't get this year :(
    Have a great day!
  • wp - i've got some pretty exact info somewhere. i'll look it up for you.
  • wp - i've got some pretty exact info somewhere. i'll look it up for you.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Dave, you get up earlier than I do!

  • mp - i'm a bit of an insomniac helped by my little lad who still trots along to get in our bed usually around 4am. so i use the time in the summer and go for a nice trot out. by 9pm i'm ga-ga.
  • hi guys, sent off the form today fingers crossed not too late to get in. its going to be my second marathon (first in 4:28). as far as training goes two halfs planned, exeter and launceston with serious training in between ... is that enough?
  • Hi all,
    i'm going to post mine today too, hope i'm in.

    You all make it sound like a great race.
  • Got chest infection today. Naffed off. :(
  • Hey too much, best wishes for a swift recovery. better now than in the weeks before the mara.
  • C-D, great if you can, thanks.

    Must get my running partner to post his app !

  • I seem to have also agreed to the Blackpool half in a few weeks...

    Not sure how that happenned.. *confused*
  • Cheers moggy btw.. hopefully will sort itself out by the weekend.. :)
  • I'm up for it this year for the third time - and looking for a Snowdonia pb - which is somewhat perversely my pb as it's the only marathon I've run - althouugh that is a bit strong with regard to Waunfawr - remember seeing it the first time and thinking - 'i'm just going to plod gently on and pass all those folk who are walking - oh I'm walking too!'. However if you're prepared to fly then the descent to Llanberis is steep enough to gain the odd minute!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Nice to see that so many other people are coming on board!!!
  • my cheque hasnt been cashed yet,i posted entry 3 weeks ago!!!Hope i have a place and they recieve entry o.k ?I gave email address,do they confirm your entry via email or just wait and see if they cash cheque,im panicking as im bragging to everyone that im doing snowdonia!!!Feel a bit of a nit if i dont get a place and dissapointed!!!!
  • Taffy,-
    In my experience theydon't confirm by e mail. I just checked my bank statement for confirmation.
    if you are worried, just e mail the organisers. They are a friendly crew.

    Re Belper: I have received a friendly e mail fron the organisers, there is no cut iff time, the race is open to both walkers and runners.
  • thanks for that ,will do aunty moggy:)
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    We can all use belper as a warm up then!

  • MP: I really want to do Belper, just need to confirm that I have the time off with work. A warm up indeed! A slog up more like.

    Off to Snowdonia in 7 days. Whoopee. I shall see if i can book into Pen y Pass again. A bit noisy, but I never sleep the night befor anyway and if the malts in the bar are still there then it is a goer for me!
  • aunty moggy Weather forecast isnt good for next week in Snowdonia pack your rain gear just in case! It don't care at the moment if it rains on me too as I quit in a race last Saturday due to lower leg pain and looks like I'm going to miss at least 2 weeks training. Anyone heard of compartment syndrome seems like I have it in both calf muscles, great NOT :(
    dpryce - you do not want to have compartment syndrome, have you had a diagnosis or have you been surfing the injury websites?
  • wharfdale runner - that 'hill' at the end is officially 700 ft in 2.5 miles. sounds nothing written down does it. can't see what all the fuss is about (not).

    aunt moggy - glad you'll be joining us for a trot round belper. lovely run. i'll have charlie my sheepdog running with me so be sure to say hi!
  • Definitely you don't want compartment syndrome.. that's not nice *ouch*. There are a few things it can be confused with and its difficult to diagnose properly - what's the doc said? You poor thing :(

    Another Belper one now that I know I can shuffle in at my own pace.. just making sure with the other half that its ok for the day out. :) I guess the dog makes you easily spottable Dave?
  • dpryce: Agree with the others. Compartment syndrome is not an easy diagnosis to make. Have you had it confirmed?
    Sorry to hear that you are injured. I really hope it is not CS.
    Thanks for the weather warning. I always pack wet weather gear for Wales :-).

  • toomuch - yes, last year we were the only man and dog. i guess that makes us winners of that cat. first time i've ever won anything!
  • thanks everyone for the info! I have had it as confirmed as i can without having a pressure probe stuck into my muscle, which is what they say the next step will be if it doesnt ease off :(

    It was a real bummer as I was doing very well for me in the race got through 4 miles in 23:30 which for me is flying! Then my calves just got worse and worse till i had to stop and waddle back to the changing rooms. I have searched the web for info on CS and i really hope it isnt it just a very bad case of swollen muscles. It isnt shin splints or a torn muscle so i hope it will ease soon. I am walking ok now after a week so fingers crossed!! Thanks Shades, toomuch and aunty still hope to see you guys at the start line in october :)
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Well dpryce, doing the first 4 miles of any race in 23.30 is also flying according to my standards too!! Whats that, ave pace of 5.55 or similar?!

    I do hope that the organisers are including your dog when laying out the refreshment tables Dave! I should hope to see little bowls of water along with plates of glucose enhanced dog biscuits being handed out at the same time as the mars bar chunks inside the last 10 miles!!

    So tell me, who is the fittest?!
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