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  • Lee, lookin for something flat after leeds, not to bothered about the scenery. I find I get a bit of tunnel vision when running.

    Stoxy, it looks like your right. I was fortunate on the support front, a runner behind me did shouted at the supporters to pick it up just before the half way mark, and they responded. So I also got that benefit.

    As a new comer to races though, I did leave to early. Next race I will be stayin to support the other runners, and will try not to be a selfish sod.
  • Not sure where you are Michael, how far you're willing to travel, and when you want to do your next one, but Blackpool in a couple of weeks is pancake flat. Sheffield on Sunday coming is surprisingly flat, and there's the Brass Monkey in York in January (fills up within a few days so get your forms in quick when it opens!) as well as the 4 villages in Cheshire which isn't too bad.

    Of course it is difficult to find a 13.1 mile course that truly is flat, but Blackpool and Brass Monkey are probably as good as it gets.
  • Micheal- Ive done Blackpool (the June one). Flat so great for a time. Not a bad course really right along by the sea. But I love the seaside so I would like it.However they always seem to have problems with water so take your own. Not the best organised race but I enjoyed it.

    Apparently Selby half is also flat. Havent done it myself but may do this year. I think its beginning of October week after GNR this year.

    Re the support-yes it does seem to have been better sub 2:10!! I too saw the couple at the roundabout with the wine. And yes I was tempted.

  • Michael I've done Selby the last couple of years - it is flat, well organised and the weather in that part of September/October is usually good. Further ahead - Ackworth near Pontefract is a good one - that'll be next March.
  • Thanks , Blackpool would be ideal but I am away. I am on the Wirral by the coast so would have been a home from home.

    I will take a look at Selby, York.
  • I would suggest Selby on Oct 7th. I Run for the club, so would have to i guess.

  • Michael, I too did Selby last year, and it is a fast, flat course. I remember part of it goes through a forest, which was nice (on road I mean, not off!) A course with def PB potential, and would recommend it. Freckleton is also coming up (near Blackpool - other side of Lytham) - which I would imagine ought to be flat although i've never run it.
  • I do like to beat my PB, still looking for a half marathon which is all down hill, but have to remain realistic.

  • Photos are up!!!!


    Mine arent particularly good, but thankfully not too bad either!!!

    Bib number 4890 for those who like a laugh!
  • pictures not to bad, however when i look at the certificate they are not my details or on the photos with other details on this is the same, has anyone else had this problem?

  • Yes adie. Apparently my name is Gareth.
  • not Mann perchance?
  • No afraid not!
  • details on mine too are completely wrong - named as someone else, and time 30 mins too slow - won't be purchasing that! Photos of me are particularly hideous also...best forgotten.
  • Sorry to sound like Im whinging (again) but they didnt make it obvious where the camera was so we could smile and wave and stuff so my photos are a bit boring! I knew there'd be a camera somewhere near the finish but I dont remember seeing it.
  • For the certificate, I suggest typing in every number starting from '1' until you see yours.

    And while you're doing it - if you see mine, let me know.
  • hi guys, i'm new so hi ! I ran my 1st half on sunday in leeds and was looking forward to the photos ..... mine were also wrong but i emailed via the link on the photos website and a this morning they are right .... might be worth a go !!
  • Ta. Ill have a look.
  • Hi,
    My certificate was wrong too, but I've emailed them so fingers crossed they're right.
    Really enjoyed the Leeds half, did it in 1.57 so knocked over 8 minutes off my PB from GNR! Thought it was well organised although the crowd support was a bit thin in places. Had friends there who I spotted cheering crazily at about the 10 mile mark which really helped spur me on for the last bit and the support at the end was good.
    Doing the next one in my home town Malvern (if anyone even knows where that is!??). Not sure what it will be like doing such a small one but definitely up for it after Leeds. Well done to everyone who took part!
  • Malvern, that should be fun, Just did the Hereford one this last week. nearly as hilly as Leeds but 3 mins quicker

    From: <a href="mailtoimageport.Development@leeds.gov.uk" title="blocked::mailtoimageport.Development@leeds.gov.uk Sport.Development@leeds.gov.uk">Sport.Development@leeds.gov.uk</a>

    Thank you for your enquiry.The Half Marathon will not be taking place in 2008, as we will be supporting the Jane Tomlinson 10k Run for All that will be taking place in June.  

    We will be carrying out a consultation exercise next year for the holding of the Leeds Half Marathon in future years. If you needed any more information please don't hesitate to contact us.


    Kind Regards

    Sushma Bachra

  • It's an absolute shocker that the Leeds half appears not to be happening in 2008. 2000 finishers last year and 141 relay teams, so it's clearly not down to problems with numbers. Did the 2 events not live together quite happily in 2007? Or is it that the residents of Leeds can't cope with the ring road being down to just one lane for a bit one Sunday morning as well as the city centre being restricted twice?

    A city the size of Leeds not hosting any kind of half-marathon sets a bit of worrying precedent if you ask me - I know it's not the prettiest of runs, but I've always enjoyed the mingle in Millenium Square before hand and it'll be a shame that looks like disappearing. With the Kirkstall 10K also falling foul of the authorities, the future looks bleak for road races in Leeds, unless they're attached to charities...

  • Right. Time to rant. And as I'm hopping mad you may have to excuse any uconstructive rubbish!!!!

    I found out about this a while ago but I kept my mouth shut so the lady who told me didn't get into trouble!

    I see no reason why the Half Marathon cannot go ahead apart from the ineptitude of the council. I compeletely agree Lee that a city like Leeds not hosting a half (and in fact a county of such wonderful sporting heritage such as Yorkshire) is worrying. And frankly a disgrace. The Abbey Dash (which I have done several times) is disorganised and overpriced. There are far better ten k's for much less. The Jane Tomlinson, although I won't be running it myself, is for a great cause but as others have said esentially a fundraiser. I would argue that really the half and the Jane Tomlinson are attracting different crowds anyway.

    I should also point out that I am a Kirkstall Harrier and, as Lee rightly points out, we have also lost our race (though we are planning an alternative and I'll keep you posted). There was very little we could do without potentially upsetting the various authorities and never having another race in any form again. There are all sorts of rumours about other races in Yorkshire. 

    I am however going to write to the local paper about this as I'm so bl00dy annoyed. And it bu££ers up my race plans for this year!!!!!

    There are a hell of a lot of running clubs and individuals in this county who put a hell of a lot into this sport and have supported local events like this for many years. Surely we deserve better than this? 

  • Totally agree with both previous posters.

    I have contacted Sport Develpoment at Leeds City Council and John Procter, the councillor who is Executive Member for Leisure to ask for further details and also feel tempted to write to the paper.

    This was my first half last year and was really looking forward to trying to improve my time.

    Leeds not having a half is a scandal..

  • Shocked this one wasn't going ahead. Done it for the past few years and really enjoyed it. I knwo last year a few residents complained about the mess of water bottles left on Stonegate Road - one man complained that they were still there after an hour. Its a shame as a lot of people raise a lot of moeny for charity for this one. I have emailed the sports people at Leeds as well to see if can get any more information. Been training to to get time for this one under two hours, so close at the moment!!!
  • I,m another one thats shocked as well, Leeds ranks as one of my favourite half marathons i have always enjoyed the way you have  to graft for the first 6 miles or so and then you can up the pace on the second part where its downhill and flat.

    I hope the council will get their act together and bring it back for 2009, it would be a shame if its lost forever.

  • See tonight's Yorkshire Evening Post or visit


    The third paragraph is a link that enables you to email the Evening Post.

    Please contact your fellow club members and training partners

    4 months is plenty of time to organise a race - it's not as though they're starting from scratch!

    Bob (23 Leeds marathons or half marathons)

  • Thanks for the link Bob and well said.

    I have sent an email to Sports Development and a letter (with the same content) to my local councillor. And will comment add my comments also via this link.

    I will also be enlisting the help of my club members later after our run (Kirkstall) and perhaps write a mass letter.

    I really think all runners in the area and all clubs in the area should get together on this one. How much support we'll get I don't know. Some people are happy to let these things happen without a fight and moan about it later. I'm not one of those people!

  • Really disappointed about this. I participated in the relay last year, really enjoyed it and had planned to make this year's HM my first half. Found out a few days ago that it was not to be - becase of the Run for All and the council not wanting to close the city centre for 2 Sundays.

    Terrible decision. I can undestand the support given to the Jane Tomlinson event, she was an inspiration and what she did for charity was phenomenal. But to completely cancel the longer running HM in favour of this really is a shame image

     It might be a good idea to organise another HM event in Leeds this year - maybe later on in the year (say, September/October) to avoid closing the city centre on 2 Sundays so close together.

    (obviously I'm also saying this for some selfish reasons as I'm now doing the Sheffield HM in April and the London 10,000 in May image)

  • My reply from Sports Development - I am still waiting for a reply from Councillor Procter but I am sure it will be basically the same

    I have also emailed the YEP - I agree with Bob and Stoxy  - we should fight this


    Dear Stephen,

    Many thanks for your email regarding the Leeds Half Marathon and your comments have been noted.  The decision to cancel the Leeds Half Marathon in 2008 was due to several reasons, the main one being that the City Council will be focussing our resources on the Jane Tomlinson 10k 'Run for All' that will be taking place in June.  This year it is anticipated that 12,000 people will enter the 'Run for All' ensuring we are a City that hosts one of the largest 10k events in the Country.  There are also many issues that arise out of the road closures for the event that were also included within the decision.

    We will be carefully reviewing any public feedback received so that we can consider the options of holding a half marathon race in 2009 to ensure that any future decision on the long-term proposals for the race are taken in the context of feedback received from all parties concerned.

    If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards

    Sara Birkinshaw
    Principal Sports Development Officer
    John Charles Centre for Sport
    Middleton Grove
    LS11 5DJ
    0113 3950166

    'Working Together To Get Leeds Active'

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