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  • sleaversleaver ✭✭✭

    Thought I would pop by to say thanks for the advice I've got from here over the last couple of weeks.

    From about mile 4 - 11 I was with a 4 hour pacer but everyone was bunching around him so I just felt like I had to get out of that and I went past but still kept at 4 hour pace. Felt good going through halfway but the out and back down Church Road got me. All I could see were people all the way up the road and couldn't see the turn. I think that was a bit of a dark patch because coming back I kept saying to myself "Just the training". At this point I was still on for 4 hours but I started feeling it at 19 miles and then at 20 miles the wheels came off and had to resort to the run/walk tactic.

    In the end I finished 4h13 which I am very happy with. Although I had said 4 hours, the main thing was to finish my first marathon and in the back of my mind, after not running for 2 weeks because of my foot, I had actually revised that to 4h30. But in the last 6 miles I worked out I could make 4h15 and that was my new goal along with running down Madeira Dive and I did both.

  • Kathy HKathy H ✭✭✭

    But of course there is a time when it is prudent and the right thing to do to give up.


  • OK - who nicked my legs??

    strange old day out for us 2 old farts celebrating our 60ths.  at half way we were both feeling comfy and on for a 4:30 finish but Petal has alwys said she hates running for more than 2hrs and so it proved as she gradually got slower and I had to keep giving her words of wisdom.   but she's a stubborn, dogged old bird and wouldn't give up and kept plodding along following behind me as I paced it to fit in with the way she was feeling.

    a final push in the last 200m would have seen us under 5hrs but her legs didn't want to play ball so we came in together - which was always the plan - in 5:00:13.  seems I was 1 second quicker which was odd as we crossed the start and finish mats at exactly the same time.  a "comfort break" halted the sub-5 I reckon..image

    ne'er mind, it's done - and P has decided no more marathons now and the way I feel this morning, I'm in the same camp

    until Beachy Head......image

    well done to all finishers and condolences to the family of the young man who died

  • and yes - my head is like a Belisha beacon this morning with sunburn!  but it was nice to be able to run for once in some warm sun so I'll take that burn as consolation

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    Great day and thanks to everyone at Brighton again...wanted around 3:10 with a fast second half but came in with 3:12 and boy did my legs go in the last 10k. I had a bet with someone at work who is doing their first half in Edinburgh that i would do my second half of Brighton 18 minutes faster than he will do his half marathon so wanted around 1:35 second half and was fine around 30k but that last 10k was brutal. Think it was a combination of the weather and maybe taking the early hills to hard, anyone else find the first bit really humid and draining. Still have a a few badges of honour - apart from not being able to get out of my seat, huge blistering on one foot and fantastic sunburn on my shoulders! Still have to be happy with the time as its my second best ever, only 6 mins slower than my PB and a good starting point for the sub 3hr challenge in Berlin this year.

    Well done everyone on some great running and again it hits home how lucky we all are to be able to do what we do and plan another race when one of us never made it home. Just makes you realise what we are all putting our bodies through in each race. Respect to everyone no matter how fast your time was. 

  • fat buddha wrote (see)

    until Beachy Head......image

    My favourite race of the year image Roll on October image

  • Ok lets make a list for Beachy

    Fat Buddha



    Stubborn Dogged Mrs B

    Tracy G?

  • There are some amazing stories here! - This is why the marathon is the greatest race of them all - its a great achievement whatever your time, and in actual fact the slower the time the greater you achievement!

    Poohbear and Snowmaiden - you are amazing - well done! you are the toughest of them all (and I thought I had to dig deep!)

    AndyC - I was 3:13 and would love to do sub 3hr - what do you plan to do to knock a huge 12 mins off your time?

  • I'm having a morning after reality check, some time ago I entered the Bewl Marathon. Reality has dawned that its in 2weeks and 6 days? I'll be going straight from recovery to taper??

    Has anybody seen the Argus today, a few good pics.
  • Hi...hope you don't mind me posting. I was on this thread a lot in the early months but ankle injury had me questioning my ability so took time out. Anyway to cut a long story physio worked magic and I got a call to say that I could do london by my favourite have deferred Brighton. Anyway just want to say well done to you all....especially snow maiden and Poohbear...tough stuff.
  • Still over the moon that I came in 2:58.


    I got a round of applause walking into work today image

  • Well done Neil. Even over the internet you came over as someone who was going to achieve his goal. Sub 3 is no mean feat.
  • when do the full results get released, anyone ?

  • My race report is here if anyone is bored and finding it hard to focus on work this morning!

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    paul - did 3:06 in Berlin last year and can identify where i lost 5 of those minutes in early traffic etc so know it is in there somewhere. To be honest i never really follow a training plan, i just run where i can - for Brighton i have probably done three 5mile runs during the week and usually 13-15 milers at the weekend with two 18-20 mile runs thrown in - i never train well in the winter. In the summer it is so much easier to train where i live in the moorlands of staffordshire so i always target the Autumn marathons for times, Berlin or Amsterdam. I have done 11 marathons now and used to  regularly get 3:40s but one year i just had an epiphany and realised i was taking them too easy and started running a little harder in training and during races and now do anywhere between the 3:06 and 3:13s. I am hoping that for once i am going to do it right this year, actually follow a proper plan and if i cannot find the 6 minutes doing that then i will accept its not possible but surely i can find 6 minutes following a plan rather than just racing the kids in the car 5 miles to my local Asda as i do now. 

  • Neil Spicer (301 white) wrote (see)

    when do the full results get released, anyone ?

    they're online on the BM website

  • andy - similar story here. I only run in my lunchtime and throw a few longer runs in for a few weekends.

    I might target Amsterdam. Done Berlin - awesome marathon (especially the beer at the end).

    Hmmm structured approach does not sound fun, much prefer just going out running. I think i will have to up the mileage though.

    All the best on sub 3 - would be great to achieve it.

    Neil - Well done you git!!!!!! In total envy of you!

  • Neil, any tips to us mere mortals on how to acheive a sub 3 for brighton next year?

  • I spoke to a 2:45 runner about pacing, he told me to get to half way by 1:27 or its or game over.

    Training wise, I was running 6 days a week for 15 weeks peaking at 62miles. 4 x 20milers and one 23miles.

    I followed a strict diet going from 90kg to 80kg.

  • Also all midweek runs were faster than my marathon pace, I would typically do 10k a day in 40 mins and sometimes I would run twice a day.

  • andyc209andyc209 ✭✭✭

    Neil, sounds like you have built up greater leg strength and endurance into your legs. I find that aerobically i am fine its just tiredness in the legs stopping me. I can happily do 1:27 for the half already so maybe its just building endurance so i can carry it through to the second half. Also i suppose running a perfectly flat race helps like Berlin. 

    Paul - done Amsterdam and that too is a great run, staduim start and finish, city then suddenly the Amstel river (although there are no real crowds on that stretch). My next few are Berlin this September, Boston in April then hopefully New York or Amsterdam

  • Holy cow Neil!!!! you have put me off a sub 3hr marathon...... I'm happy where I am (well not happy but will have to live with it).

    Thats a lot of running and alot of seriously fast running! I'm going a for a sit down!

    Message seems to be a hell of a lot more training for very small gains.

  • First marathon and finished in 3:57, so very happy - ran the whole thing, paced myself for enjoyment rather than risking blowing up and apart from a brief low on the road to hell I enjoyed all of it.

    One question from a newbie though, anybody know what was happening with the 4-hour pacemakers? I'd naively assumed there was one pacemaker per time and they ran that time, but reality seemed a bit different. I started from the back of the blue corral with the pacers ahead of me at the front of the corral, start was a bit slow but by mile three I was spot on my target 9-minute mile average pace. I eventually caught and overtook what I thought was 'the' 4-hour pacer a bit before halfway, then about 20 minutes later saw another baloon ahead - confused me a bit, I thought it couldn't be the 3:45 pacer as I wasn't that quick, and it turned out to be another 4-hour pacer. Caught and passed them too, and out on the road to hell found yet another 4-hour pacer who I almost caught and then lost contact with during my low.

    Is it normal to have several running pacers for the same time running different paces? I'd guess the one I didn't catch must have come in a few minutes ahead of me and the second I passed was probably near-on 4 hours, dunno about the first one I passed.

  • I took a different approach to training. Trained for 12 weeks, I peaked at 70 but the vast majority was at 8:00min/mile or slower. I did no straight MP runs, just 2 long runs with chunks at MP and a spattering of runs at HMP. There were probably about 5 sets of intervals at 5k pace. I also did a 10k, 10m and a 20m race. The 20 i did at MP. It was a slightly modified Pfitzinger plan and it gave me 2:52 image
  • Andy same here - aerobically fine, never even close to aerobic limits (even in 10ks), but legs get tired, and mental ability to tough it out.

  • Ryan, that sounds a better plan - you give me hope

    Congratulations on a great time! - Interesting how there are so many different training methods here.

  • Wow wow wow. Impressive to read the training undertaken- worthwhile to achieve great goals. My goal was to finish and my official time was 5 hours 38. I queued for over 10 mins (really!!) at about 9

    Miles so overall really happy with the experience. After the 'comfort break'. I ran to 20 miles and felt fine mentally but suddenly back hurting and legs started to go. I decided to run/power walk and take a gel and compose myself to head to finish. I then started to worry about how warm it was- too much water/too little water/ what if I am sick etc but I decided I need to push on. With crowd cheering and pulling you home Did my last mile in 9.47 (which was by far quickest of whole thing!). I hope that I will do another marathon but I do not really have the time to do it justice at the moment. Best wishes to all of you and good luck achieving your goals in the future,whatever they may be image
  • Well done CathrineP - I bet you are dead pleased today though!

    Its a great achievement 26.2 miles!!!! Talking of gels there was some really nice gels at brighton - I had alovely chocolate one at approx mile 16 and the cliff shot jellies were really nice as well. - It was tempting to stop for a picnic almost!

  • Does anyone have a pair of legs I can borrow?

    While Toby and Poohbear have managed two outdoor excursions today, wandering around the nice, bright, sunny Brighton beach, I am stuck indoors because my legs are currently refusing to do more than just about get me around the flat.

    Well done everyone on some great times, they're all really impressive.

  • Would love to go under 3:15 but 2 minutes short this time. My total training came in at 370 miles over 15 weeks, peaking at 42 miles in week 9 and maximum LSR's of 2 x 20.

    Think it's obvious what I need to do...

    andyc209 - I agree, aerobically fine, it's just the's always the legs!
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