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    wow, Posh Twat!

    Loving all the race reports, this is what summer holidays are made for ..... and it gives me a reason not to do anything more constructive with my time image

  • AMAZING.  Well done Posh T.  Superb performance.  So happy for you.

  • Posh T you deserved that awesome race result and maybe the lack of running helped you get stronger on bike Do need a bit more swim training though then podiums all the way for you !!

    Enjoy the rest of summer and start planning your race diary for 2017 I can see Kona on the cards in future for you

    From the first pirate home to the last pirate (me) the support was simple the best on course. This is a must do race for all Pirates to experience the support and also a chance to give back on feed stations. Thank you too Posh for all your Twitter support & enocouragement too.

    Now give those stupidly long legs a rest and recovery time then repeat your great performances next year.
  • Apart from the Swiss 70.3, I've been training and taking part for short course this year, so my only goal was to finish (and in daylight for a change!) 

    Swim:  First lake swim with nothing that would eat or sting me made me a bit lazy!  Learnt that nose clips and sunscreen don't mix.

    Bike:  Flew until my saddle worked loose and tried to bugger me!  (I'd show the pictures of my seat related blisters, but my Facebook account would swiftly be blocked!)  Fixed that and then the seat mounted bottle cages and tools worked loose.  Very thankful that the Pirates at the feed station gaffer-taped the hell out of it whilst I washed the sweet from my eyes.  Still knocked 30mins off my bike PBimage

    Run:  Having not eaten as I felt sick (managed 5 gels and some of the PSOF M&M's all day) and a knee that will likely need surgery I crawled around at just under 6hrs and my slowest ever marathon time.  Enjoyed chatting to the pirates out on the course and seeing Alice and her clones.  Got interviewed by Annie Emerson, think I talked more bollocks that usual.  I was about to stop and grab a goose for the BBQ when my kids dragged me in pain 600m to the finish line, so I've stopped their pocket money!

    Managed to get a PW by 30's.  But glad I did itimage

    Had a great time at the finish line with you all.  Shame I missed the fireworks but my daughter (aged 9) was flagging even more than me.

    Hope to be back again in the future and next time I'll put the tent up in the right place!  

  • Annie Emmerson talks bollocks too so she probably understood every wordimage


  • All your great race reports have inspired me to write what is possibly my first ever..

    In the week leading up to the race I'd worked myself up into an absolute tizz of nerves, which I think impacted on the race - so don't do that anyone new to Outlawing. But once at the campsite, with vodka in hand and having been introduced into the Pirate circle I finally calmed down.

    Swim: I was hoping for a swim near the 1 hr to 1hr 10 mark, having swum 33mins at Cotswolds 113 a few weeks ago, but alas, that didn't happen. I partly blame having the Adele song from Skyfall in my head the entire swim, it's not a speedy tune. I also lost my swim caps along with my goggles a couple hundred metres out from the finish. I caught them in my hand, but decided I'd finish quicker if I just carried on blind, so I did. Swim completed in 1:20 something.

    Bike: I had a cracking time on the bike, piratey support was wonderful and I looked forward to seeing them on the way round. Particularly enjoyed Mrs Diggs telling me I looked strong at 80 miles, I felt that way - until the wind hit moments later. Balls. But still, finished in 6:40, hazaar. 

    Run: On the run I played 'annoy the pirate.' For 5 hours I would find Lithium-Dude, chat for awhile, continue on, hide in the next portaloo until he ran past, then pop back out and sneak back up on him. I highly recommend this game to all. However, trips to the portaloo add a fair bit of time, so I finished the marathon slower than I would have liked. BUT - if you play the game of portaloos it does mean your legs still have a bit in them at the end, and you can sprint finish, which may go down as my favourite race finish ever. 

    Total time 13:32, which is still half hour faster than I decided I wanted to do it when all this started (I wanted to make sure I was a faster Ironman than the former prime minister and chief misogynist of Australia Tony Abbott) and I succeeded in my goal, despite the betrayal of my stomach. Hooray.  

    Also sorry to have missed the finish line, body wasn't working after avoiding all fluid/food for the last few hours of the run. I think at the time of the fireworks I was having a little lie down on the grass between my tent and the toilets. I swear it was just more comfortable there than in my tent.. 

    Big thanks to all the pirates supporting and on course - it made the experience extra special and I hope to see you all again next time (but probably supporting at the aid station thanks). 

  • Wahay - Lithium Dude glad the Peanut M&M's did the trick image 

  • SuckitupButterCup wrote (see)

    Wahay - Lithium Dude glad the Peanut M&M's did the trick image 

    Cheers, I needed something solid and full of E numbers to fire me upimage

  • Ok so i didn't do the whole thing, but I did enjoy the whole experience ver very much!

    Saturday night was a bit reckless with an additional bottle of red (Duda you are supposed to be my performance COACH) on top of the  bottle shared with Citizen 146 (Ian) earlier.

    Raceday was Oarsome, Citizen blasted out a 1:10 swim having said 1:20 was a target, having thought I had another 10 mins Ian's appearance took me by surprise!

    Out onto the bike and what a fast first few miles that course is! unfortunately I was projectile vomiting at mile 15 and then not far past the first feed station, (PIRATES YOU ARE OARSUM) Mexican wrestler dude made my sickness evaporate, at least for a short while.

    Then I threw up again! but luckily after that I felt better and better, then stronger and stronger, passing quite a few people before the end on the bike,

    I will take 5:48 as a huge PB thanksimage

  • First time anyone has ever said I've stopped them feeling sick, usually the other way round.
  • More great reports! Well done all, too many to mention but all inspirational.

    Thanks for your kind words everyone.

    MC - cheers mate. I remember that conversation well!

    Redstripe and MC on swimming - only too true! I had a lesson once. The instructor said, "Ah yes, I see what the issue is. You and the water are not friends. You're fighting each other and at the moment the waters winning!" Hopefully I can get this sorted, improve some more and live out the Kona dream! Redstripe i'll need a sherpa! image

  • Fantastic race reports , inspirational and good use of an hour of my workday!  I am reminded of what someone said to me when I walk/walked the cotswold 226 in 2014 clocking a 6 45 marathon-  I was grinding out the miles with the" thousand yard stare" and" one foot in front of another" mentioned in the earlier race reports , and an athlete coming the other way smiled and said  "relentlesly moving forward",  I would have cried if not for the dehydration, and it summed up the bloody minded battle that so many have gone through on the run and the bike at Outlaw and also the value of a kind word / M&M/ hug or an aaaaaaaaaaaggghhhimage.   Great to see what it means to finish, and or get a PB  and mostly to be a pirate!


  • I may have only done a "Man" look but does anyone know where the official event photographs are being hidden?

  • Thanks Mallowpuff darling!

  • There are various other photos about the place too, I'll try and dig out the links.

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    That photographer took 2 of us, a 'normal' one and a 'fun/silly' one. The one in the gallery is not the 'normal' one and we look very silly!

  • image looking very silly is my default setting, never have been very photogenic!

  • Posh Mars sign me up as your Sherpa

    Better start saving airmiles for Hawaii

    Keep fighting the water and you'll get a win soon
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