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  • 6:20s isn't hanging about! Once the fitness comes together though it's much easier and better running quicker with sessions 

    I can't see it taking too long to get the fitness back for you though! 

    Had to complete my session this morning as work wouldn't shift the shift so I could get to the group tonight. A bit tight seeing as it's a matter of 90 minutes and my penultimate shift. 

    3 x 1km (2:00) 5 x 400 (60s) 

    5km volume, the shortest session I've done apart from rebuilding ones. This wasn't targeting paces on the track too so I went in a little apprehensive 

    Targets we're 3:02 / 3:00 / >3:00

    400s quicker than that

    I opened on 2:57 and felt good, could feel lactic filling my legs though and so struggled to move on the 2nd rep, 2:59. 3rd rep I tried to push on but didn't have much to give, hard solo. 2:58. Onto the 400s and felt pretty average, 70,70,70,69,68.

    Pleasing though as this is the fastest KM reps I've done but shows very clearly how far away I am from 9 minutes, even 9:30 would be ok after this now

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  • 8 and a half years and I worked my last shift today! Felt very surreal handing back keys and uniform and saying goodbye to co workers. Some of which I have built a very close friendship with over a long time, some I have helped grow and develop and others I have learnt valuable lessons off 

    Some of them (including me) very sad to see me go and a few tears from them and presents. When I look back over the time I've had, it's been up and down but a massive part of my life so a scary change, so much has changed and I am one of the few original co workers that saw the store opening and being trained whilst it was being built. I have seen marriages, divorces, big success stories and promotions, people move to other countries to work and live, many babies born (Including myself) and sadly a few co workers pass away in that time. A new chapter begins for me now

    A longer day despite being my last and ran much later than I planned. 50 mins became 40 ish but I felt very very good aerobically, just tired all round and legs a bit heavy and the back of the knee + foot just a bit niggly. Piles that I had, seem to be on hold but the odd spasm has triggered me to think about calling the doc up. 

    5.6 ish miles with HR 139 / 73.1%

    Big day tomorrow with different things going on...Will be back tomorrow to update :)

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    Well done Scott, that was a strong session, and must have been tough to do by yourself!

    All the best for the new role today mate, let us know!

    Good to see you getting out regularly Scott P! I bet you're itching to get back to training now :)

    An update from me.
    Did parkrun on Saturday as another progression effort, coming in at 19:24 - with splits of 6:57/6:04/5:51. So getting to a good position with the latter miles without pushing all out!

    Sunday, I only did a short run - my right calf was achey and although was getting better with the run, it seemed like it would get sore post-run... And it did. Wondering at that point if it's a little strain.

    No running since then, and on Tuesday it was feeling as if I'd rolled my ankle, with the ache moved to the outer side of my right calf, and an ache that feels like it originates on my shin bone, strangely, only when my right foot bears weight going down the stairs (which I do on my toes/forefoot) - making me think it's due to the position of the ankle/knee joint.

    Having looked up stress fractures, I'm pretty sure I can rule that out - there's no pain when just walking around, it's not tender, and there's no swelling.

    It's strange, because if it was muscular it would easier to diagnose. But unfortunately, I know that the positions that causes the ache will be encountered when running!
    It's probably a result of the terrain of the Combe Gibbet run, and not taking a down week following...
  • Very strange Matt, sounds like the Peroneal if it is on the outside of the leg but feels like the shin bone. Have a look at a few stretches and strength stuff, keep everything supple. You're likely to have pain more of the time if it was a trauma injury I reckon so it could be a bit of over use / strain / not resting etc. Best to take the time off running though and don't rush! Hope it sorts out soon :( 
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  • Bit of a crazy day in the end, Inesa was given the day off at the last minute as she was due to work but different things her manager switched her so we enjoyed a day out for her 30th.. 

    We ended up then as planned (Very nervously) going up the Princess Anne and having a scan and I can reveal she is pregnant :) We have known for a while and knew very early as she has been very poorly and actually back and forth up the EPU (Early preg unit) but today was a change moment.

    We were told a few weeks ago at 5 weeks she potentially had an eptopic pregnancy as she had bad symptons, pain, passing out etc and they warned they would need to do something about it and we had to wait agonizingly two days for a scan which thankfully revealed the pregnancy was in the right place but no heartbeat, so then another horrible two week wait till today to find out if everything was ok. Which good news so far it is. We saw a heartbeat

    She's still suffering quite severe symptoms, nausea and dizzyness but a bit of a mental barrier broken with the good news 

    Due date. My birthday end of November :) 

    A life changing week really then! 

    As we changed all the plans I was allowed out to run with the group :) and had an extremely good session

    7:30 (2:00) 3 sets of 5 x 200 (45s) and a last 5 min rep. Grass for tempo reps and track for 200s

    I opened up and felt very good straight away, going through a mile in 4:55 and holding, we shared the 200s and mainly come out 31/32 with the odd 30 and starting on 32/33 for the set. Last 5 min rep I headed out and although I felt the session by then I went through a mile in 4:52 and added the change :)

    Probably a bit inaccurate for the longer stuff as we were on the grass but even adding 20 seconds that's pleasing enough 

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  • Adding in actually we picked up some track spikes for me today with the voucher I got from work for leaving. Shame I couldn't use BOGOF and the voucher.. We did 800 bends and straights after the session to get the legs used to them a bit ahead of next week. Felt strange but foot was good

    I tried arguing that someone had paid 110 quid in cash effectively for a bit of paper to give to me and I couldn't use BOGOF.. I didn't then want to spend out 100 quid cash and then use vouchers and come away with 4 pairs or something so I just got spikes and have left over 60 quid for another time. Tried on some Hokas so next month will add the cash difference I think
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  • Yes back last summer when I was fit my steadies were aiming to be around 6:20's so easily bridges the gap then to rep paces! 

    Looking at this weeks session I believe you'll be under 9:30, probably around my 9:17 3000m I ran last summer. Think you'll surprise yourself. Who else from the group is at Watford next week?

    Hoping it is simply a case of not taking some down time Matt and a week's rest cures things

    Congratulations mate big news for you ending at Ikea, moving to the new job and the baby news, exciting times  :)

    After the good run on Sunday, during Mondays' run the knee flared up again for no particular reason. Managed 45 mins mostly on grass Tuesday morning and it was okay, spin bike Wednesday and today did 40mins and the knee was a little better but still niggly. Got a 30min biomechanics meeting at The Running School on Sat and think I'll book in to see Steve again as really need to sort this out! Gets better for a while and then it seems like I am straight back again  :(

  • Somethings not right there buddy for it to flare up so easily. Heard good things about the running school let's see what they say. 

    My knee too now was giving me some problems yesterday, a bit of cramp and weak feeling but I'm covered in bites (Probably from the grass up the sporty) so maybe it's just a bad reaction and flaring / inflammation because of that. I am also known to have bad reactions in the past so will do all the right things, ice and stretch but hopefully should all settle by Wednesday. No pain running.

    Opposed to Thursday I felt bad before the session and performed ok but didn't feel any extra gears. Andruis and Steve ran very well and the session was probably more suited to me given I've led out the longer reps lately but is what it is. 

    We did a grassy measured loop by the common, slight windy uphill climb before turning and coming back down.

    6 x 1200 (90s) + 4 x 600 (90s) the 600s being half way round, thus 2 up and 2 down..

    3:59, 3:56, 3:54, 3:54, 3:59, 3:59, 2:01, 1:48, 1:58, 1:45

    As you can see which 600s were up the hill :) Overall all running under 5:30 m/m for grass is solid. 

    God my 10KM Number next week too, seen there could be a few 33 ish runners in the mix so will be good to get dragged round 
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    Hi guys. I've been living in Staffordshire for the past month now. Really enjoying my new job but haven't had as much time for running. Only really been going 4 days a week or so, hardly done any sessions and slowed my long runs down significantly (by around a minute PER MILE). It's been difficult to push myself on sessions, too, as the paths around where I'm living are all so rocky and I'm constantly trying not to slip on all the tiny pebbles. The lack of lampposts forcing me to train in the dark doesn't help either. When I have been doing reps, they've tended to be much shorter too. In fact, I went over a month without running a single rep further than 800m. The times I've been getting for reps have been really good, which has lead me to suspect that my watch GPS isn't accurate and it actually exaggerates the distance I've run.

    I'm back home in Yorkshire for a week now. Decided to test my fitness by doing a parkrun so I did one this morning. My only previous time was 18:08 (from just before I moved away) so I was hoping for sub 18:30 to show that I haven't lost too much fitness. Everything went wrong this morning too. I overlaid, only just had breakfast at around 10 past 8, forgot my barcode and arrived with only around 5 minutes to warm up. Still feeling bloated from breakfast, I started to think sub 19 was a more realistic aim.

    Unbelievably, to my total surprise, I pulled off a whooping 17:24, finishing 3rd out of 294 and feeling very comfortable throughout, only really working hard in the last 100 metres or so. This is far and away the fastest 5k I've ever run (An improvement of over 40 seconds). No idea where that came from. I'm both elated and devastated since I forgot my barcode and did not get an official time, therefore to my frustration my PB remains 18:08. It was also my first ever sub 18 and my first sub 17:30 run. Hopefully not my last though.

    I have absolutely no idea how but apparently training less frequently has done wonders for my level of fitness. Perhaps I should have stuck to 4 days per week all along? I'm looking forward to finally getting the opportunity to train on the track again and see what sort of times I can produce. I'm hoping low 70s for 400m should feel pretty comfortable now.

    EDIT: I just weighed myself and I am now 11 stone 6 which I think is about half a stone heavier than I was before I left (Due to my new, less healthy diet). Clearly, that's a big factor.

    2ND EDIT: CONGRATS SCOTT!!!! A Baby AND a new job! Sounds great!
  • TTI great running and thanks, good to hear the job is going ok too!!! Maybe 4 days is a sweet spot for now combining with slowing things down too.. you're still young plenty of time but ideally you need to supplement sessions with some easy running. Having said that, before I left work we had a young lad join, found out he ran with soton and chatted to him, he currently runs 4 x a week. Tuesday / Thursday sessions at soton and weekends generally just 30 + 35 minutes. Didn't stop him running a 16:15 parkrun the other week and soton isn't the fastest route!!! 

    I'm "only" running 6 days a week, don't get hung up on miles though. It's consistency you want. 

    I think it's worked out for you too by not having specific lap times or focusing on distance as much in reps just like I've been doing in the group. So just basic hard running over X time and it's come together for you!! 

    Let's hope you progress through the summer and see what you can do by August 
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  • Thanks man. It's really interesting. I think different things work for different people.

     We had a girl join our group a few years back who was seriously talented. She trained with us for a couple of years and pretty much got worse and worse, before she left after a fall out with members of the group (I wasn't involved thankfully). She had become a fairly average runner by this point, generally finishing towards the middle in races.

    A couple of years later, I heard she won the national XC for her age group. Goes to show that my coach's training methods clearly didn't work for her.

    I guess I'm similarly weird. Try as I might, 6 days a week didn't work for me. I felt achy all the time, had lots of trouble with injuries and struggled with motivation too. At 4 days a week, knowing I get 3 days a week off, I'm much more motivated, knowing that if I can't be bothered to run I can just do it tomorrow really helps. I've also had very little injury trouble since dropping down. I was starting to get pains in my Hamstring towards the end of longer runs, but slowing down got rid of that too. Also, eating a less healthy diet and gaining weight has done wonders for me too as I generally have a lot more energy due to no longer being borderline anorexic (though I'm still underweight by quite a long way.)

    So you hear all this about "It's all about mileage" "Diet is 50% of the training" "Avoid fatty food at all costs"
    but for me it seems that it's literally the opposite for all of those statements.

    Also, based off a 5k of 17:2x (On the road) what do you guys think I would realistically get for 3k or 1500m (on the track)? I tried using one of those calculators which convert run times and they basically said I'd struggle to run a sub 5 1500m which is an absolute load of crap in my opinion if I'm honest. 5m for 1500 is definitely WAY easier than 17:30 for 5k.
  • You could look to XT or gym / swim on the other days. Doing something will be better than nothing and as you say more running could be detrimental so that's the best bet. A great aerobic booster plus if you still happen to get injured there's something you're used to doing 

    As for 1500 / 3k / 5km comparisons I think they suck looking at the converters for now and I have no idea, Scott ran 4:14 1500 last year but didn't break 16 for 5km but given circumstances he has the ability, where as I broke 16 and "only" ran 4:48 for a mile so it's wildly different. If you get chatting to a coach and focus on the track you'll see what comes really

    I'd say based on the speed you have shown close or sub 9 should be on your hit list where as the 5km maybe a littler bit "weaker" naturally for now. 
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  • Good to see you back TTI, and what a stonking run at parkrun!
    Like you say everyone is different, and you've gotta find your sweet spot for training - but slowing things down on easy days definitely helps!

    Funny you should say a 5min 1500m would be way easier than a 17:30 5km - my 5mi PB is 28:19, which should be a 5min mile, or a 4:40 1500m... Neither of which I had a hope of hitting at the time, as I don't have the speed from a track background.

    Glad to hear all is good with you Scott, especially with the baby news!

    Scott P, it sucks to hear that the knee is twinging again, but I'm sure it'll pass - just gotta be patient and all will be grand!

    As for me, still no running this week, but on Thursday I stretched, rolled and iced my leg. I found that my sore point was actually my soleus, just beneath the calf heads - rolling it was not fun! 
    However, feeling a lot better now, no aches or anything, even when putting my weight on the leg and bending the knee like before.

    Planning an easy run tomorrow, then get back to it :)
  • Since last posting knee has been better, Friday did a short session 3 x 5mins (2) on the Spin Bike followed by a 40min run later in the day. Saturday did another 40+ min run, legs were tired though. Then went to The Running School and had a short biomechanical analysis, turns out when landing on my right foot by hip drops and knee folds out with the foot coming in, may explain why all my injuries have been on that side. Need to work on hip flexors and glutes! Today headed out on the bike for an hour, tomorrow will run longer in the morning

    I know the exact grass bit on the common you used the other day and from doing a fartlek on it the 'uphill' section sur eis hard work. Bet you're buzzing for Watford!!

    Good to hear from you TRI and pleased to hear you've found a training schedule that suits you well and produces results based on that parkrun result!

    Adding to Scott's points about conversions if you put in my 800m time (2:02) on Mcmillan it gives you 15:43 for a 5km  :)

  • Good news Matt, I think a similar to thing to what I have just gotten into (See later) but a knot of inflammation which you have flattened out was probably causing everything else to tighten and be achey. Keep the ice and rolling going! 

    Scott - Running school sound like it was worth it, if you don't mind could you share how much it was? Or text me the details? Good to come away with some specific strength focuses. Two decent runs from you! 

    As you just saw on Strava I have not long finished my session, to be fair a "big" 3 days really. Relative.

    Was buys with Mia over the weekend and ended up having her again last night through to today so ran later. Managed to get everything to go to London early hours now for 1st day at the new job.

    My knee flared up, like you Matt, it's not painful to run, twingy when I do certain things or that sort of weak pulling feeling. Feels like a proper knot and swell on the inside of the knee. Kind of a good thing it feels isolated and I can "feel" something so I should be able to manage it out, Steve probably thinks the races this week will be a no go unless I am pain free in the morning which I have complained about being niggly for a while now so I don't think luck will be on my side. However it's not terrible so I could get away with the 3KM but then rest and not do southampton which wasn't the focus as such anyway. 

    Will be popping ibrupofen and icing / rolling through tonight 

    Oh session was meant for 20 min tempo then 5 x 60s + 5 x 30s but as the knee was feeling a bit naughty after turning at 2 miles I settled for 5km then the rest of the reps.. Happy with how I ran and HR was kept inside 90% for most the tempo which was my goal so didn't over cook things. 

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  • Monday did 50mins at sub 7 pace, Tuesday ended up taking a rest day. This morning did 2 sets of 4,3,2 on the spin bike and will run this evening.

    Have you made a decision on watford tonight Scott, judging by your comments on the group your still going? If so have a cracker! I had a 30 min special offer at The Running School so was only £15 think it's quite a bit more than that normally

    How's the new job going so far?
  • Hey hey. Busy few days, non stop really. Up early and drove Tuesday morning to 1st day on the new job, lots to go over, lots to learn but seems ok and funny how alot translates from stuff I have allready done. 

    Finished in reasonable time but was shattered and so went back to the hotel and had a nap before planning to run however a convo with Steve about my knee turned out to be a forced rest day. The idea would have been 40 mins easy continuing no taper theme for now. Watched few episdoes of Billions instead 

    I stretched and rolled as I had my car so I took my roller :). It was and is painful, but only when I apply force. If I touch my toes I can feel it snagging and pulling though but otherwise walking around I wouldn't know

    I then spoke to Steve (Via text) Wednesday morning who said do not run for 4 days and no racing. Bugger! Although I really felt like I could race on it, I haven't had any pain at all whilst running, yes maybe a little naggy or limiting sensation but I (perhaps stupidly) thought I could get through the race and then have the rest period. 

    We later then spoke on the phone at length and given my history I wasn't too fussed if I needed to rest but felt like I could escape a race and we agreed after going over everything.

    Did a few interviews mucking in with the recruitment on the new role, they host monthly assessments for co worker level, left and drove over to Watford. At 5:30PM the traffic round the M25 was a little bit of a joke!

    Long long delays for our race, 25 x 800 m races and then over 130 in the 3KMs. I made the right choice to put 8:59 as a predicted time as race 2 was won in 9:16 and our bracket for race 3 was allocated 8:59-8:35 which meant I would get pulled along.. 

    Not much else to report really, warmed up and could feel the leg / knee, tight peroneal and stiff but lot's of driving in the last day and a bit too.. Spikes on and suddenly the bell was ringing on the 2nd race so I felt my stomach tighten knowing were had a minute or or so before racing! 

    On the line we had 35 lads in our race, all super skinny looking fast. Think Jess Judd was in our race too.

    Gun goes and instantly everyone is pushing and shoving from all angles, elbows in the chests and arms. It's like a cycling peloton but I really navigated it well and made sure I stuck to the front, 70/71 opening which was slower than what I thought but really happy as I didn't want faster. About 73s was the aim. Settled back and 800 in 2:23 ish and then through to a mile in 4:49 which was fine, I suddenly found myself going backwards and Andrius swept past being sucked round in a group of 10 or so in which i should have responded! I know he has pace but session wise we have been on par or he has been behind me....

    I didn't work hard enough but come the last 600 tried to pick up the pace and past 2 lads and didn't get overtaken so that was good. 

    Finished in 9:09.01 officially and felt like I had way more to give so a good learning race and opening one to the season.. 

    I then drove back to Southampton and am here for today before going back and working a week or so straight.. 

    Good news is my knee feels better, even after the drive, better warming down and stuff. Pain when I touch it still but may be able to not miss much. Will probably XT for the next few days or small jogs before session on the W/E

    I will not be running Southampton 10KM though now, work does clash and I will have to drive that morning which means leaving maybe 6 AM and then going straight back and putting my knee through that could put the rest of the season in question..

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  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Nice run/report Scott.
  • That is a stonking result Scott - especially considering you had done sessions on Saturday and Monday, and no taper! The fade in your splits isn't bad at all, you held on the 3min/km mark pretty well.
    It's wise to take some time off running for a few days to rest up, and make sure you don't jeopardise the season.

    Just a quick update from me.
    Ran on Sunday rather than Monday, legs were feeling a lot better - although I still had a tightness and ache towards the end. Rolled and stretched following, but think I was a bit rough on the part of my soleus that was sore, as it was aggravated on Monday.
    Ended up seeing my coach for a check-up on Wednesday - he said he couldn't find any inflammation or really right spots, although there was a small gap in the muscle by my shin, which could have been a tear and part of the problem. Came away with legs feeling good.
    Ran today, in my new Hyperions (A6 replacements), and started off easy but HR was climbing from about 2mi - stuck with it even though HR was low-mid 80% for the last couple of miles. Was feeling good, and although I could still feel the niggle, it felt as though it was getting better with time. Thorough stretching and some rolling after the run, and no sore spots felt.

    Wondering if part of my issue is ankle mobility - the right is much more limited than the left, and would explain the feeling of my ankle being rolled! Something to work on.

    Depending how leg is tomorrow, may do a shorter (30 mins) run, or just leave it until Saturday.
  • Thanks Reg, thanks Matt. 

    Good news about the leg Matt. I think running on it can help if it's had some massage / manipulation. Work on that mobility for sure that'll only cause issues 

    Are you running tomorrow, good luck!

    For me a down week, I could feel my knee / shin / behind the knee niggle and it flared up so I had only ran the 3km this week upto today. I didn't run Thursday / Friday and it feels better, it's still isolated so I feel like it's more an impact / tear issue rather than overuse in which I think more of my leg would hurt (if that's makes sense)

    I've been back at forth with work, probably 1000 miles or more in a few days now and some late finishes (last night was 1am) and then woken up by a stag do coming home in the hotel. Went back to soton for my day off and back again.

    I did complete a session today, big volume, fast and legs seem ok. I kinda realised with running that 3km I am obviously in low 16 min 5km shape now as I would have 'only' neeed to run 7 minutes for 2km to run 16:09 so that's exciting. Especially with no taper

    Session was 7 minutes (2:00)

    3 sets 3:00 / 2:00 / 1:00) off 90/60/60

    Then 4 sets of 45 + 30s off 45s

    7 minutes was 5:26m/m and everything else quicker. Probably near 3:10-15km pace for the 3 min reps 
    With WU / WD 9 miles just over so that's good. Was tired with broken sleep so it's ok. 

    Means I wont be at Southampton 10km tomorrow but I'm here in Kent anyway

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  • Cracking season opener at Watford, sub 9 definitely the target now. Jess Judd ran 8:55 in the end. Long long night Watford not the nicest place to drive to with traffic. Having a couple of ret days won't do you any harm and clearly helped as that session looks a good one  :)

    Glad things seem to be coming together Matt, keep on the stretching and foam roller!

    Had a lovely 40min run in the forest on Wednesday evening, plenty of deer around. Followed it up with 2 45min runs on Thurs/Friday and today a 40min run this morning followed by a quick hour on the bike before the gym. Longer run tomorrow whilst hoping to watch some of the Soton marathon then home to watch VLM

  • That's another strong session down Scott! Like you say with the 5km, you should be on for a good result soon - look forward to seeing what you can do!

    I'm decided not to run tomorrow. Warming up to parkrun wasn't great, felt twinges up from the ankle, and almost decided to walk home, but jogged around with my friend which helped.
    Although, after stretching and rolling when I got home, the twinges came back. I say twinges, because there's no real pain, just uncomfortable.

    Going to rest for the week, and see how it is for parkrun next week. Resting can only help! And I'll be icing/strengthening the ankle.
    I've got a rather busy few weeks coming up because of the end of a module and dissertation hand in, so rest and building back up is likely all I'll manage anyway!
  • Probably a sensible decision Matt and the course isn't a quick one anyway. The week off should sort everything out and then you can crack on again ready for some races over the summer

    Yesterday did a longer run of an hour, managed to keep it sub 7's and was very pleasing. Ran along part of the Southampton course with stewards thinking I was leading the marathon and 2 even trying to direct me through the stadium until I explained to them. Another easier 45mins this morning
  • Right choice Matt! No need to go silly!!! Hope the workload doesn't get too much! 

    Scott - Nice running and lol leading the marathon! Cheeky ;) . Nice to have local winner. Dave is a nice lad (Beating me at Lordshill last year) 

    Youll be joining the group soon I'm sure.

    So I was dejected Sunday morning, feeling awful, I've eaten McDonald's everyday twice a day at least since I've been here. Too lazy to go to the supermarket and buy 5 days worth of proper food and keep it in the hotel room, until yesterday I went to go and the lock broke so I had to spent time waiting around to be moved rooms!! Ending up working quite a lot of hours although I don't mind, finishing a 1:30am last night though, back in 8:30 today. I made the right choice not to run soton 10km based on the shambles of the lead bike going the wrong way and the cross over in the bridge where people had to walk behind slower runners. 

    Abdi had been (secretly) targeting this since October and ran well under 16 for the 1st 5km before slowing with confusion and running nearly extra 1.5 miles because then lead bike took him on the HM route...They DQ him which is disgusting and he misses out on at least 100 quid odd voucher and the winner apparently was awarded to 4th place which ran near 40 mins? 

    Um I tried to run yesterday and felt like shit, sick, heavy and felt like a bloody cheeseburger and I don't really feel motivated to run for some reason. Only ran Watford last week so it's 7 days off basically now. Knee causing me a bit of trouble and I think I'm going to just quit. I've said this before so just ignore it lol and then I've come back stronger but I can never get a few months together it's bloody frustrating 

    I'm home late Tuesday night, midwife Thursday and will drive back up Friday a little more prepared food wise and maybe rested enough to run. Plan is session Thursday at soton with Steve having a look at the leg to see what the situation is before hand, may end up cheerleading 
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  • Oh yeah, and I'm currently eating McDonald's as I post this with an ice cream. 

    Talk about making an effort and looking after my body! 
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Probably not a good time to hear the announcement that McDonald's are going to start doing deliveries in the UK then?  :)
  • Absolutely not Balle!!! How are you? Saw the odd treadmill run from you? Real life getting in the way I presume :) 

    Came home Tuesday night and just rested, had Mia after school Wednesday and we went out and had a late night for her. Sorted a load of stuff out ready to go back to Kent Friday morning. 

    I totted up last week and actually not so bad my long run being longest in volume and time in which I really think that was a bad idea. It seems I get pain or aches frequently now but also after more than half hour running so I may drop down to short doubles 

    Today my knee / hamstring / quad is (or was) pretty bad. I can't quite pinpoint what exactly is going on but all I know from some extensive reading is it's the medial joint / ligament side. Now I can't really stretch my hamstring that makes it worse, when I walk or run it feels like I'm running with a resistance band wrapped round me.. 

    Some youtube videos later and some stretches at home today it does feel better, some glute and IT band release and also some massage around the patella has in fact taken away that initial achey weak feeling. I can feel adhesions and lot's of grinding grounding feeling inside  

    I'm going to head to the track tonight and see Steve. If I end up running easy on grass that's fine. 

    I have a busy schedule ahead, Saturday I may not be able to run as working Friday night till 1AM ish then early through Saturday and driving straight back to the New forest for a wedding and then driving straight home that night for work Sunday. 

    A few off days won't hurt (Need to keep realising that) and other than Saturday with lot's of spare time in the hotel room with no Mia / no PS4 etc I have ZERO excuse not to be doing plenty of rolling and strength work 

    My next plan if all goes well will be..

    Watford 1500 - May 3rd - Aim > 4:22.94 (PB which I set in 2008) 

    Hampshire 5KM champs May 13th - Aim >15:52 (PB set in 2014) 

    It's nice to be able to think about targetting PBs. I feel confident of the 5KM based on my 3KM time. I think I'd do better there than the 1500 which running 68s or so seems a big ask. I really wanted to run the 3KM again but Steve has said with the 5KM the week after it'll serve as a good sharpener and not take too much away. The 5KM should be a great race with most of our group doing it and some of the faster lads, seeing the 3 Mahamed brothers and 2 Costleys all crack well under 16 minutes at lakeside 5KM last night

    Really hoping my legs hold out, I haven't had a rest week all year and amazed to have made it this far. 
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • How are you? Saw the odd treadmill run from you? Real life getting in the way I presume :) 
    In a nutshell, yes :smile:

    After illness at the end of 2015, a few attempts to resume training in Jan-April last year all resulted in showing how trashed my immune system still was. So I had a year off from running to focus on family life and home improvements (had a lot of changes to make ready for arrival of the second baby!).

    According to Garmin stats I've ran 57km in the last 12 months so that's about one week's mileage in one year :neutral: - and most of those were this month! I'm just starting to fit in the occasional short run around work+family again now that the bulk of the DIY is done. Unsurprisingly I'd put on 8kg (over a stone) from my old racing weight, have recently shifted 1.5kg of that, but fitness is obviously a long way away and I doubt I could even manage 5K at my old marathon pace at the moment!

    Hoping to give parkrun a bash on Saturday whilst we have help with the kids whilst visiting family. It won't be pretty but providing I can find where I left my heart rate monitor it should give me an idea how bad my pace for effort has become and then can work out some training paces from there.

    Anyway good to see things are finally coming together for you Scott.

    And it sucks what happened to the guys at front of the Soton 10K. They should have stumped up duplicate prizes for the misdirected leaders as an apology for the podiums and PBs they were robbed of. It's not like a mass event of that size wouldn't have the budget.
  • It's great to see you back even if just as simple a hobby for now! I will be looking to move house again to prepare too! 8kg is a chunk to gain but hopefully it'll drop off and you will get the fitness back quickly even with a few runs a week, HRM will be a good friend making sure you don't over do it and wind up injured or really fatigued 

    It really only does feel like last week you were running consistently though blimey!!!

    I ran tonight and came away pleased. Warm up with Oli and Chris Hilton and made way to the meet point. Only Matt and Dan showed up, Dan who has been poorly and Matt still on injury comeback. Everyone else was busy or sick too

    Leg felt ok running (warm up) then after drills and strides 

    Session was ~ 

    10:00 (2:00) 5 x 300 (60s) 3 x 300 (75s) 2 x 300 (90s)

    Grass for the first part then onto track. Came through well and rounded off to 2 miles in just over 10 mins (GPS being generous probably) but we've used the same loop before so I know that is a decent pace, 4:54 / 5:08 splits. Like I said probably dodgy GPS but even adding 30s a mile that's 5:30 pace so pretty happy

    2 mins jog over to the track and progressive 300s with recoveries going up slightly 

    Splits were basically 5 x 51s / 3 x 50s / 2 x 47s

    It was solo, slippery and weary of the knee but came out ok. Steve reckons I should be faster so again another pep talk about pushing more. A lot is a mental block, pre session if I was told I needed to run 45s I would have laughed but after the 47s I came away thinking yep I can go faster so it's another learning session and we did agree running this fast is still new to me (After many years not running track stuff like this)

    He maintained I should run a 1500m PB and then agreed if the race is right at the county champs I could go sub 16. Pressure on 

    He then looked at the leg after I warmed down. Hard to be accurate with a diagnosis but we think it's the hamstring as it attaches behind the knee. Some makeshift massage and release on the back seat of my car which really really helped and he said he could feel release happening. I wasn't in loads of pain and didn't have that bad weakness feeling with doing some basic resistance exercises so pretty good outcome. 

    Some exercises / rolling and stretching to go and will book in for massage when I'm back from Kent now as leaving mid morning tomorrow. Need to work out the knots and inflammation and make sure it doesn't lead to anything that'll stop me 

    Positive in a way then just need to be sensible 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Southampton really will have to sort itself out for next year and have a rethink if they want to do multiple races.   

    Some cracking times at Lakeside last night, any news about what the knee issue seems to be? Hopefully this doesn't disrupt you and can race at Watford next week

    Good to hear from you Ballesteros, fingers crossed you can now get back into it!

    Following my last post on Monday haven't managed much, 45mins on Tues but then at a conference with work so no running Wed/Thurs

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