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  • Yeah, under two weeks now - not this weekend but the next.
    I've never had post-mara blues, mostly because I've always another race to think about.
  • *decloaks* Hi, everyone.  I hope all the great MLR people are in great shape.

    Today was the 1000th day of my Streak.  Ran a warm five miles on Crosby beach - where else?  

    Thanks to Hazel for her post on my blog on
  • Swittle!  Welcome back, good to see you.  Congratulations again on the streak milestone.  Please drop in every now and then and let us know how you are doing.  Fetch has some handy analysis tools so I have been loading my training there for a few months now. 

    Don't know where the last few weeks have gone Cal.  Good luck for the taper.

    6 miles for me yesterday evening with my group.  Haven't been out with them for a while as the type of run we generally do didn't fit in with other training plans or often the heat so plenty of chat as I needed to catch up.  No issues with excess warmth yesterday.  Beautiful evening with the run starting at sunset and finishing more or less in the dark but with a chilly wind - wore a long sleeve top for the first time in months. 
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    1000 - bloody Nora! Streaktastic, Swittlem. Very well done and great to see you back here.

    I'm having a few days' rest after my back-to-backs but going to start my 5am rising tomorrow to get me used to the get ups for my forthcoming mara training.
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  • The moon was still bright in the dark sky as I set off just after 5am. A good little stretch out over 4.5 miles. Form felt good and legs well rested. Right knee a little tender but nothing serious. No birdsong or people.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Thanks for the inspiration Will!  I had woken up feeling tired and unmotivated with regards to the coming day's work. Read your posts with my breakfast and a cup of coffee next to me.  Looked out of the window at the beautiful weather and shoved plate and cup to one side and got changed to go out.  Work could wait!

    Route: walk the first few metres up the steep bank into the woods, then run along tracks and a minor road to the other side and out into the sunshine - good thing as there was a bit of a nip in the air. Down into what is known to some local runners as Death Valley (depending on the sun and the strength of the wind), half filled with thin mist and through the hamlet of Ottiswil past the steaming manure heaps and several cows peering over a fence.  Back up the hill again towards home (what goes down must come up) working according to effort rather than pace.  5 miles in 47:19. 

    Definitely worth going out - awake and ready for the day now.
  • swittle, you're alive! I was worried about you! Congratulations on the 1000! So has everyone decamped to Fetch now?
    Steaming manure, Hazelnut...lovely. :D
    Being in London, it's now getting light as rushhour starts, and after my last dawn run where I was hampered by traffic, I decided to wait until after 9 today. I was rewarded with lovely sunshine and even got to wear shorts again (I was in tights, long sleeves and gloves on Tuesday!)
    I did 7 miles, with 4 at MP, but my achilles is in an angry phase right now (it wasn't bad initially, but it got steadily angrier over the course of the run) so I'm going to try and see my physio again before Chester. My number arrived yesterday, I would rather not have to pull out.
  • Welcome back Swittle, great to see you here again, and hello to everyone else! I see the attraction of the early mornings and it's something I've done once or twice over the summer this year but it gets ridiculously hard when you can be starting work at 3am! I'm more likely to get out after late shifts around 10-11pm than in the early morning.

    Today was a pretty memorable one, my longest training run since November 2015 and an inevitable extension to last week which was half of the Meon Valley Trail before turning back on myself back to Fareham for a total of twenty miles. Today's plan was the full length of the trail then some road running to get me to Petersfield and a train home. Twenty two miles in total in a leisurely 4h09m. It was uphill most of the way and when I came off the trail I found myself in unexpectedly warm sunshine with not much water left and no shops nearby so the last few miles were pretty tough. I feel back to the kind of fitness level I wanted following injury troubles earlier this year and now I can head into a fortnights holiday knowing that my miles in the bank will see me through until my next long run in a month!
  • That's great news, Matt - enjoy your holiday!
    Rest yesterday, parkrun today. Today's adventure was Mile End (my 18th different parkrun - just two more to qualify for the Facebook tourist group!). Lovely, bright sunny day, but not too warm. I'd been stressing about my achilles for the past day but it didn't bother me during the parkrun (it seems fine with shorter distances), although with Mile End being a surprisingly undulating course, I didn't manage a great time (26:08). The downhills were more problematic than the uphills. They weren't even that steep but my brain just goes into some kind of panic and I have to jog down them for fear of falling over. I have no idea what that's about but it's annoying. I can handle downhills during my normal runs, but not at speed, apparently.
  • Cheers Cal, I missed Parkrun today as I fancied a bit of a lie in, I'm no parkrun tourist as all of mine have been at Southsea but I'm hoping to change that while on holiday next week!

    I did get out this morning however, a one mile steady plod to the gym and then a 5k from the gym back to home in around twenty six minutes, legs still a bit heavy after Thursday's extra long run so a short one was just what I needed today.
  • I'm lucky in that I have a lot of parkruns within an hour of me. It's only because my local's got so crowded (annoyingly so) that I've started venturing out, and now I treat it as a little adventure and a chance to experience a new bit of London (or enjoy some nostalgia, as was the case with some of the parks I visisted during my childhood).
    9.4 miles today - should have been 10 but had tummy trouble. :( On the plus side, achilles wasn't as bad today.
  • Good long miles, Matt and glad the achilles isn't playing up too much Cal.
    I ran with my Dad at Colney Parkrun yesterday - my favourite local one as it's part of the county cross country course, which is my sort of thing. A 2.5 mile jog there and then paced my Dad to another PB of 28:53. His wava score is much higher than I ever get! Then it was up early (with next door's baby) for 9 miles this morning, starting out at a chilly 5.15am. Robins, Wrens and Blackbirds were waking up at the same time as my legs. Today I was trying for consistent LSR pace and so was chuffed that I was on 10:00 min/mi overall - my exact target. In preparation for my marathon training I'm trying to work on getting my pace where I want it and also the very early starts as that's when I'm going to be able to fit in the extra miles and keep La famille happy too! Back home for a shower, a munch and then to Junior Parkrun for a 2km warm down. I've got a sore right knee cap, which is strange. It's bruised, as if I really bashed it on something (I didn't) and a bit painful. Ice is relieving it, but not sure what has caused it? Maybe just my double header Halfs.
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  • I have been through tights to lightweight shorts last week too Cal.  Weather is all over the place.  Wrap yourself up in cotton wool for Chester please. 

    The Meon Valley trail looks like a nice route Matt, just looked it up.  Great work on your long run.  Hope you are enjoying your holiday in the meantime.

    Nice family parkrunning Will.  Getting your paces spot on in training is a good thing.  I am crap at it.  I hope that is just a minor niggle in you knee.

    I am still ticking off some easier paced though sometimes hilly runs post mara and will continue to do so this week at least.  Saying that my recovery(ish) paced 7 miler yesterday evening saw a considerably faster second half as a thunderstorm started to head my way.  Timed it perfectly - got in the door and it started raining 20 seconds later.
  • I just saw my physio, Hazelnut - he definitely helped me last time it got very sore so hopefully his magic elbow will do the trick again.
  • From reading a bit I think it's a spot of good old-fashioned runner's knee, Hazel. Ice and a compression bandage seem to be doing the trick. Going to rest it and only do slow stuff for a while. I think it started after the strains of Ipswich and so is probably a case of a bit too much crammed in to 2 weeks. Hopefully it'll bugger off sharpish :)
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  • Bombing down hills can upset your knees, so if you had any hills in your races, Will, it might be that. Lots of rolling and stretch your quads.

    6 miles today with 4 at MP. Went pretty well - after my physio visit yesterday my achilles wasn't too bad.
  • Hello all I hope you don't mind me joining this thread, am doing Bournemouth marathon this Sunday and it will be my 3rd this year, having previously done Manchester and then Stratford upon Avon in May, Manchester was my first ever marathon, managed to do it in 3 hours 41mins, crashed and burned at Stratford (long story!) so hoping Bournemouth will be good to me, anyone else doing Bournemouth this Sunday?  My last run was the Ipswich half last month, my home town, beat my PB by 8 mins so was very happy with that, 1hour 39mins. 
  • Hi Rob and welcome! Good to have another Tractor Boy on board. I crashed and burned at Ipswich - that hill did me in completely! My first marathon is going to be Manchester 2019. Resting my knee for a few days at the moment as it has been feeling the strain of Ipswich + Bristol Halfs back to back. I want to run but know the rest is needed - tough.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Welcome Rob, I'm sure you'll be ok at Bournemouth although I haven't done the course myself.

    Thanks Cal, not quite on holiday just yet-holed up in a Heathrow hotel for an early start tomorrow. No serious running until October 21st for me and the Great South but I went out for a ten miler yesterday which turned into a half! It was certainly in my top three runs of the year and I just squeezed in a ten mile pb by around thirty seconds but then went on to take a massive three minutes off my half pb which has stood for over three years-a truly fantastic run. It made me look back a few months to a time when I was in the middle of my second medium to long term injury in around twelve months which put me into a very negative frame of mind and convinced me I would never get back to the fitness levels I enjoyed in 2015. I've had to be patient and work hard to get to the level that I achieved yesterday but its so worth it! Of course the down side is that I risk getting ahead of myself and going for that sub four hour marathon-and with a half pb of 1.48 it's certainly there for the taking but I just have to remember to rest as hard as I train, which is another good reason for taking it easy until the Great South!
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    Hi Rob, I'm doing Chester this Sunday. You'll have to let me know what Bournemouth is like. I did Manchester too (for the third time) and got a PB, but I'm considerably slower than you. I also did Liverpool this year, but wasn't quite as quick as Manchester (but then it was a lot warmer, hillier and I'd managed to get shingles between the two, so overall I was pleased with it).
    Matt, sounds like a great run!
    Will, sorry to hear that, but I know how it is having done the same at Maidenhead. Every race is a learning experience.
    A 4 mile leg stretcher today. Achilles got sore during the last mile, which worried me - I think I will have to go for my Zoom Flys in Chester as, while they are more likely to give me sore feet than my Epics, they're also easier on my calves.

  • Welcome to Rob.  All welcome here from those starting on c25k to seasoned ultra runners.  Ahh - maybe not the spammers!

    That is a big improvement on your HM PB well done.  Good luck for Bournemouth!  Do you have a goal time in mind?  Please drop back in and let us know how you get on. 

    Hope you are back to running again soon Will. 

    Your HM PB must be up for a big improvement in a race Matt if you can take 3 mins off it in training.  Such a run must be a great boost for your confidence after the long come back months. 

    Good luck for Chester Cal.  Have a good journey up. 

    The standard 6 miler for me on Tuesday evening with my group - a good turnout of 8.  Initially the pace was easy but after around 2 and a half miles it picked up quite quickly leading to us splitting into 2 groups, the slower one taking a shortcut.  Annoyingly I dropped my watch on the hall tiles before setting out and smashed the glass.  It still works but I guess I need to go shopping.  Will need to umm and ahh over all the different makes and models.
  • Thanks Will & Matt, that hill in Ipswich is a bit of a killer but very nice coming down!  I did enjoy the scenic route going along the river, will be doing it again next year.  My first marathon was Manchester this year and really enjoyed it, great first marathon and the people are fantastic, considering doing it again next year but would like to focus on doing different marathons, have got the bug now, and of course it all depends on the wife!  

    Cal - I remember you from the spring marathon forum leading up to Manchester this year, was a great marathon wasn't it!  Shingles doesn't sound too good and especially leading up to a marathon, bet your pleased you completed it though, good luck for Chester this weekend, what distance is it?  Need to book in some more races, have just got a 10k (Rendlesham) this month and the stowmarket scenic 7 (mile)

  • Hi Hazel!  Sorry I didn't see your post there, sorry to hear about your watch.  Have not been feeling that great the past week so really not expecting a PB but would like to do it in under 4 hours if I can, but just going to go with it and see what happens, main thing is just to enjoy it and soak up the atmosphere.  
  • Good attitude Rob.  You might surprise yourself and do better than you expect. 

    RobFrost said:
    main thing is just to enjoy it and soak up the atmosphere.  

      A tip:  When things start to get tough try doing this actively - I find it helps!  High5 some kids, interact with the crowd etc.

    5 flat miles for me yesterday afternoon on grumbling legs due to ups and downs of the previous day's hike.  Nonetheless a bit too quick for a real recovery run - need to work on that pace again. 
  • Rob, I'm doing the marathon. About to head off up north (staying with a friend and two other friends are coming up as well). I'm hoping my achilles isn't too painful.
    Good luck in Bournemouth!
    Hazel, I may be shopping for a new watch soon too. Mine works but keeps having issues interfacing with my PC - I had to reboot the watch again yesterday. Hopefully I won't lose my Chester data - that would piss me off.
  • Good luck in Chester, Cal! Enjoy the occasion and I hope it all goes well.
    After a 5 day rest I tested the knee out today. A jog to Parkrun and then a 27 min effort with my Dad. A tad stiff and just slightly sore but feels fine now. So hopefully I'll be OK for a very slow 10/11 miler tomorrow. Next Half in 2 weeks so will be happy to rest during the week and just do my weekend Parkruns and longies from now. Happy running all!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal seems to be running well in Chester....  There isn't a Rob Frost in Bournemouth so I can't stalk his progress... :D

    Good to hear the knee has improved Will. Nice parkrun.   Hope the longy (??) goes well today.  Hmm I would add a short recovery (or 2) during the week just to move the blood around a bit rather than 2 days running and 5 days not at all.

    For me:  a 5 miler on Friday with 6 x strides and a 10 miler today with 2 miles WU down the hill, 6 miles progressive along the flat valley bottom and 2 miles back up the hill - doesn't really feel like a CD therefore.  The progressive section was a couple of seconds faster than MP at the end - no faster as I haven't done any speedwork in the last 3 weeks whilst recovering from Berlin.  Felt good to be moving faster than recovery to steady pace pace.   Nice morning for it: cool, partly sunny with a light layer of mist in the valley initially - the tops of the trees were poking out of the top as I ran down the hill.  Saw 4 hot air balloons.  Also 2 birdwatchers with big scopes, a nordic walker, a couple of dog walkers and one guy on a horse.  Pretty quiet for Sunday morning.  
  • Thanks Hazelnut, I don't have any HM races booked until February and that isn't a pb course anyway so who knows when I'll be able to get a race pb!

    I finally became a parkrun tourist yesterday although it wasn't too different from being at home in Southsea with a nice flat, straight coastal run at Singapore East Coast Parkrun! Took it easy to start with as it was less than 24 hours after getting off the long haul flight and also because it was around 28c with ridiculously high humidity. With that in mind it turned out to be a progressive run 13.58 outward and 13.13 on the way back. The 0730 start was a bit tough though! I'll hopefully get a couple more 5k runs in over the next week and then one decent run back in the UK before the GSR.
  • That's a proper bit of Parkrun tourism, Matt! Good time in those conditions too - humidity like that is a killer. Enjoy your holiday.

    Some good spots on your run, Hazelnut, especially the hot air balloons. I'm enjoying the cool conditions too. Not looking forward to the forecast 25C here on Wednesday. Would much rather stick to Autumn.

    A double bonus for me this afternoon as I managed to get out of a kids' party and do my long run in one fell swoop. A lovely afternoon and I got back down to the uni lake for a few trail laps. The hardest part today was not stopping to pick up all the shiny conkers - I'd normally have grabbed them all! Thankfully my knee held up well. I can still feel it a bit but it doesn't affect my expert form or cadence! I did 11 miles at 10:01 mi/min, bang on my target LSR pace, although the splits showed it was up and down at different stages. I put some of my stats into an online thing to show my ideal LSR pace, with a view to my longer marathon mileage. It came out with 10:32 mi/min. I think I'd find it hard to stick to that slow a pace. Thoughts? Good advice on keeping my knee circulation going during the week, Hazelnut   I hadn't thought of it like that, but will do a short run or two during this week. I'll keep icing and stretching it too. 

    I can't wait to start my marathon training in November and have lots of thoughts and questions going through my mind. No doubt I'll be looking for plenty more advice from the MLR marathon legends :)

    Hope it all went well for Cal!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Thanks guys, I had a great race! I stayed with the 4:15 pacer initially but then felt he was going too slow so I ran on my own for the rest of it. The only place I slowed much was the big hill near the end, but I kept a pretty even pace for the whole thing. My new PB is 4:10:42 which is almost 8 minutes quicker than Manchester.
    I'd definitely recommend Chester - great race, well organised and nice scenery.
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