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  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-forgot to add,no issues with the achilles during or after the race,just usual morning tightness,only really soreness is the usual quads,always sore until about Wednesday.
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    Ian another alternative is Boston (UK) it's flatter than Manchester although seen they have changed the course but in case Manchester isn't kind with the weather could fallback on Boston as its usually a week or two later.

    MF any luck with the PF?

    Shades glad the new shoes work well

    Steve do you find alternating bike and run helps on impact? am considering a bit of cycling especially warmer weather?

    BIg G best rest rather than risk running.

    Cal would it be worth considering a bit of trail running? it would still have less impact on joints and helps strengthen?

    I'm still self medicated/diagnosed off running for at least another week maybe two.  Am quite happy just doing classes for the short time as its good core training which mine is quite weak.

    Exciting news!!!! I've been selected by the lovely peeps at Centurion, to be a pacer at London Landmarks Half marathon on March 24th.  I've been selected as a 2hr 15 pace group.  

  • Ian- brilliant time Ian and good to hear the cramping issues didn't come to anything. Huge congrats to your wife impressive time especially off only 2 runs a week.

    Due to my left knee causing some pain on my 12 mile run I've not run until today. Went for a 6 miler where about 4 miles I began to feel some discomfort in the knee again. I don't have any issues with the knee at any other time and it only causes issues when running. I have made an appointment at the doctor's for tomorrow to see if I've caused any damage to it when I feel as at the time I never had it x-rayed.
  • Rob - I was just talking about the fact I was scared of running on hard surfaces when I first started getting more serious about running. A fear that proved to be unfounded.
    I don't mind running off-road, but it's not so easy in London. Although there are trails on some of the commons, I have to cover a lot of pavement to get to them. And this time of year, it can be pretty muddy.
    Congrats on the pacer selection!

    steven - I hope it's nothing serious. :(
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    Cal, I’m not seeing a physio as yet. If in a day or two I still come back from a run and it’s not right, I may go and see one.  At the moment I’m just hoping that rest will sort it - ‘rest is best’, and all that.

    Heard back from Torbay Tri and they’re going to raise the issue of a second claim member getting the leisure centre deal at their AGM at the end of March. The problem is that they’re aware that people are getting the membership, with no intention of ever training with the club, just to get the leisure centre deal. Not sure how they’re going to overcome that as it’s still a bargain with the full club membership.  I suppose they need to be careful though as they don’t want to upset the leisure centre with having too many people taking up the deal if they’re not really training with the club.  Maybe some kind of registration system on club nights could be implemented, but then what about if someone is injured or on holiday etc. 

    Anyway, I feel I could run today but I’m going to take another day off as a precaution. I felt OK on Saturday and the issue came back, hence taking another day today. 
  • As I didn't do my long run on Sunday, I did 16 miles today, seeing as I woke up early. Did 11 miles on roads while it was dark and then the last 5 on the common once it got lighter. It was cold but fortunately the pavements weren't frosty, so I didn't have to worry about anything beyond a couple of icy puddles.
  • Rob - the bike is low impact, so helps me get in a extra hour or so of exercise a week. However if I find I need to drop it in order to focus just on running I will. It's been good for building up leg strength. Plus lots of ultra runners use cycling to get more cardio in with no joint impact.
    Early start today for a cold but enjoyable 10 miles.
  • Steven good luck at the docs.

    Cal, how far is Fulham (Thames Path) I know it gets a bit muddy there too but could also be a bit less relentless on the joints, well done on the 16 miles.

    Big G bit of a dilemma for Torbay Tri and the leisure centre, if people are using it as a way to get discounted leisure centre access and if it's a problem I can only see an increase in costs or restricted access as the only viable option.  That may then have an impact on the Tri club membership however if people were only doing it and not using the club for training it would have only inflated figures.  Fingers crossed they don't cotton on and they keep the offer open.

    Steve, imagine the advantages are the same for Tri athletes can keep up the volume for fitness purposes.  

    Had a short kettlebell class yesterday then my spin was cancelled just done 15 mins on the x trainer.  Defo considering another week off running as bit of discomfort last night but feeling the improvement.

  • BG - Injury is behaving fine for now, not exactly doing high mileage yt though. too darn cold for that ;)

    Did Parkrun saturday and clocked 27:29 which is a course best for me and fastest for nearly 2 years. I can see that dropping some more at some point just not yet as its too darn cold and i need to get back into running more first. Went faster on the downhill bit last time i did it in october yet was over half min faster this time which is more to do with going up the hill faster first. There is an aart to this uphill first out and backs in using just the right amount of effort to get up quickly. I have alreayd decided i'll be further forward next time so i can go off quicker then settle into a steady climbing rate. Being behind faster people may help drag me up quicker and then i merely need to try and hang on following htem back down hill
  • Today was planned as a recovery run, but it turned out to be even slower and shorter than intended due to ice. I did go out first to check the pavements and they seemed fine, but it seems some other surfaces are not. I guess concerete paving slabs absorb water whereas stuff like tarmac and asphalt does not, so any moisture freezes. After pussy-footing my way through 5 miles (average pace 11:43!) I decided that was enough for today.
    Cal - UA Bandits are road shoes. I rarely look at trail shoes although many have just as much cushioning as road shoes these days. The last few pairs of Brooks Adrenaline that I used for my races I bought the trail version as they were at a better price, I actually found the cushioning lasted longer than in the road version.

    Runs like that are so frustrating as you can't relax having to look for ice all the time. Mentally tiring too.

    Ian - that's good news on the achilles. Hope you've enjoyed the rest of your time in GC.

    Robert - I expect Cal does a lot of strengthening work in her yoga and Pilates and I wouldn't advise any off road with a troublesome achilles. Unless you can find a perfectly manicured golf course, the golfers would  then probably chase you off. When we do balance stuff in my classes it's a really powerful workout on the ankles.

    I used to do kettle bell classes and loved it, great workout.

    Steven - hope you get that knee sorted. You maybe need a physio assessment and perhaps a scan rather than an x-ray.

    Big G - what a shame folk are abusing the Tri club membership, hope they can find a solution.

    Keith - your running is progressing well.

    No running for me, I've been poorly since Monday afternoon, have a V & D virus, first 24 hours I felt so I'll. Am feeling a bit better now and eating small amounts carefully but my stomach is still not right. Felt well enough to take my RHR today and it's 20 bpm higher than my lowest reading last week.

    No snow here. Rain and I expect ice in places.
  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    Absolutely nothing to report from me. I only went out for a 5k forest run on Sunday, my foot was sore and I was hopping round the next morning. I’m going to stop running completely for a couple of weeks as there really is no point, I think it’s just making things worse. 
    I hate PF with a vengeance!

    Ha! No Shades I haven’t murdered the cook yet.. she’s being a bit of a drama queen mind you which is getting on my bloody nerves so it’s only a matter of time!

    Those shoes sound good.

    Will continue to lurk around on here and keep up with your news.

  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    xpost.. sorry you’re ill Shades, that doesn’t sound good at all. Rest up, eat well and recover.
    I suppose the one thing you can console yourself with is that the weather is pretty awful for running anyway.
    Look after yourself.
    Mamafox - so sorry to hear the PF is not yet getting better. Must be so frustrating.

    Do you think the cook will stay or resign?

    Yes very pleased with shoes especially as they were a great bargain at £24.

    You're right, weather not good for running here. I just looked out the window and can see snow on the hills and on a couple of passing cars. It's freezing and we've had rain so probably not safe for running.

    Just had one scrambled egg and half a banana, am trying to eat even though I don't feel like it.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
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    Shades, sorry to hear you're not well.  You're right that it's not safe for running here at the moment, as it's icy in places.

    MF, I think Robert is trying a couple of weeks of no running at all as well.  I've not had the injury but I know what you mean about wondering if a bit of running is helping or hindering longer term recovery.

    Cal, glad you got around your run safely.

    Keith, well done on that time.  That's one of the things I like about parkrun as if we do a course regularly we have a time to chase.

    Talking about parkruns, there is a small chance that I could end this year between 17 and 19 different locations.  I have done 12 different locations so far, with two more within an hour of me.  Then all being well I'm aiming to do Inverness, Southampton, Cardiff and Berlin to coincide with trips away.  There's also a small chance that I may stop on the way up to Windermere on the Saturday AM to do one as well - there are a few different ones available not far off the motorway on the way up.  It's a bit odd as it seemed to take me quite a long time to get from 80ish to my 100th parkrun, but I've now done 120 in what seems like quite a short amount of time (I suppose helped slightly by doing two on NYD, which wasn't a Saturday).

    As for me, if it does get a bit warmer and the icy conditions completely go, I will try a short run a bit later this afternoon.  There is no pain/discomfort in the knee at all today - walking around is totally fine, and up and down stairs is fine too.  I do feel quite "creaky" with a few general aches, pains and stiffness in my legs, hips and especially my lower back, but I think that's because I haven't ran much recently.
  • MF sorry to hear you're struggling with PF too!!!! It's a bugger, so frustrating!!!! and there really doesn't seem much available other than rest and stretch.

    Shades rest up and hope you start to feel stronger soon and back up running!

    X trainer for 20 mins then Pilates last night.  I can see the benefit but didn't really enjoy the class, I'd consider it again and will probably try with a different instructor.  Tried a little jog on the treadmill went a mile (1.6km) in 10 mins just to try and gage 2.15 half pace foot felt a little sore last night but okay this morning so still not going to risk running till parkrun a week on saturday.
  • xpost

    Big G good news about the knee pain, hopefully all sorted.  Took the dog out earlier and nearly slipped and ended on my @r$e!
  • MF - Sorry to hear the PF is still an issue.
    Not so slipping around here, so easy 5 miles this morning.
  • Shades, sorry to hear you're not well. There's nothing that makes you feel quite as wretched as a gastro virus.

    You're right about my run being mentally tiring. I didn't enjoy it at all. My achilles didn't enjoy my exagerrated horsey trot over the icy bits, either. I've noticed that my my achilles is much happier at speed than it is going more slowly - I don't often notice it during a parkrun. I guess my form is better the faster I go.

    I was supposed to have a massage this morning but my masseur is ill so I ended up going back to hot pilates. Shoulder didn't much like all the planking but I felt good for having a bit of a sweat.

    Good luck with your run, Big G. I always feel creaky after a few days off. I hope it's not icy where you are.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Unfortunately the test run didn't go so well.  I had planned 4-miles, but after 0.5 miles I knew it wasn't right.   I was taking it very steady so carried on to see if something would change for the better (wishful thinking!) but after 1.5-miles it still wasn't right, so I turned the watch off and walked back.  I'll call the physio (NHS) tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment I think (it's a telephone self referral service, but the line closes at midday).  It's odd as like I said walking around the pain isn't there, so I really thought it was going to be okay to run today.

    Slightly concerned as I'm supposed to be doing a marathon next week.  I've just rechecked next week's marathon and there is quite a big cut off I think so I could probably more-or-less walk around it if I absolutely had to, but that obviously isn't what I was hoping for when I set out my plan for Malta (I was hoping for 3:45-4hrs, and for it to feel very comfortable).  I have a 5-mile race this weekend and unless there is somehow a very marked improvement by then, I really can't see me doing that either as although I could get around it, racing it is not an option at the moment so there's little point really.
  • Shades- sorry to hear your poorly there's a lot of viruses going around at the minute.
    Regarding my knee I attended at the doctor's who told me as I suffered quite a bad injury when I fell my knee still has not fully healed yet and due to the injury I have lost a lot of strength in my knee and this is what is causing my pain. Told me to ease of running and to build the strength up in my knee by doing some exercises. I was relieved to hear that there is no long term damage to my knee.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Seems to be quite a few on the injury bench at the minute,hope you all get better and heal up soon. 
    No running for me since Sunday,the achilles was sore Monday afternoon and didn't want to aggravate it so will see how it is tomorrow,due home tonight but stuck at GC airport at the minute,currently got a 2 hour delay hopefully no longer.Decided not to bother with a marathon before Manchester so I can get some training in,always some in May if needs be.
    Robert - you're doing well keeping up your fitness with alternatives while you're not running. Pilates instructors vary so much, it's worth trying to find one you like.

    Big G - sorry to hear your test run didn't go well. Annoying that you can walk painfree but not run. Hope you get a physio appointment quickly.

    Steven - well that's good news. So leg strength exercises for you then. Quad, calf and hamstring and ITB if you have discomfort on the outside of the knee.

    Ian - hope the achilles eases soon. I just heard on the 6pm news that Manchester airport was having problems due to the snow, hope you get home tonight.
    Feeling a little better today, RHR down to 10 above normal, so on the mend.

    First time I've switched PC on since I was ill so apologies for a day late with the marathon list showing our first PB of the year.

  • Ian - Hope the achilles is OK.
    Shades / Big G / Steven - Hope your injuries/illness heal soon.
    4:30am start for a 10 miler today, was -5c, so very cold. However run was good, averaging 8:30s.
  • Big G good luck with the physio, I'm in the same boat as being able to walk pain free but when I run pain in the foot, very frustrating and I'm playing the waiting game patiently but have no races planned other than the pacing half and DD.

    Steven, glad no lasting damage on the knee, just takes time I'm assuming?

    Ian, IMO Making Manchester your A race seems most sensible, hope you got back okay and not on the injured bench for more and a day or so.

    Shades it was a while since I did anything other than some core work or run, I used to enjoy the classes but got out of the habit.  Glad you're feeling better. Also I think I said my Cambridge Boundary Run was on the 1st of March? It's on the 10th... Unsure if I'll run, will either use it as the 1st half pacing 2.15 for the half or just drop to the half.

    Steve minus 5 geez, as long as it's not icy it's okay and can wrap up.  Prefer freezing to rain!

    Rest day today, foot feeling okay but still twinges of tightness, have gym and spin tonight.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Thats great seeing a PB up there so early,especially as it's me  :)
    Hope you're better in the next day or so.
    Rob-Must read back and seen your pacing,great news on that.
    Steve-Thats crazy early and cold,well done for getting it done.
    Achilles is fine again,just sore for a couple of days,1st run since the race today so nice 6 miles,very icy in places so pretty slow at times but just glad to get out.
    Steve - you're still managing to train well despite the winter weather, hope it's OK for you to get out there today too.

    Robert - I'll put Cambridge Boundary on the list, it can easily be removed without anyone noticing ;) should you decide not to do the full.

    Ian - and a very well deserved PB it was too. :)    Glad the achilles has calmed down again.  Be careful on that ice.

    Today I feel normal again, RHR normal and I'm raring to go.  I'm ready for a run but unfortunately we're iced in here.   We had heavy rain yesterday afternoon then early evening that suddenly changed to heavy snow and the roads quickly became difficult even though the snow wasn't deep, I had an entertaining half an hour watching cars trying to get up my road.  I currently have a nice BMW and a sporty Audi abandoned outside my flat, it's not much of a hill but the camber makes it deceptively difficult to drive up when it's icy.  The snow turned to rain again and most of the snow has gone but everything has frozen so everywhere is treacherous, pavements too so I will have to stay home today, it's not going to warm up enough for it to melt later either max 2 degrees, but should thaw tomorrow afternoon so it may be Sunday before I can get out for a run.   I have cabin fever as I feel so raring to go after being ill so I'd better put that energy to use and do some spring cleaning instead :o   

    Incidentally the Jamaica Inn pub where the stranded motorists are being looked after is on the route of the Cornish marathon, lovely race.
    Ian - I've just had an email about Snowdonia Half, entries are filling, have you entered?   I watched the video, looks fabulous race, if I was nearer I'd do it.   I see it's going to be hillier this year, as requested by the runners ;)
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, a fellow Trotter was stuck somewhere near Jamaica Inn - he's a lorry driver and I believe slept in a lay-by all night.  Funnily enough, I just had a look at his facebook picture and it's from Cornish Marathon....

    Still no running here, but even I could have ran yesterday I very much doubt I would have as the weather was horrendous.  Today it's okay where I am, but I still can't run due to the knee.  I have a physio appointment booked for Monday AM. 
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