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    Shades, I can just do without the Strava comments at the moment as, despite the positive physio appointment yesterday, I'm still feeling a bit peed off at the minute!  Self preservation :)  Generally speaking I like Strava and people are supportive etc, but at the moment I just want to keep my head down and get back to being fit asap.

    Anyway, I got rid of my Humdinger place very quickly on the Trotters group.  It's a Club Champs race and so was snapped up in about 5-mins.
  • Shades glad you're feeling better and back out running

    Ian, thats a great time to be running your doubles 7-3 weeks out before Manchester.  Personally I found it too much it was probably me telling myself mentally more than physically but as shades mentioned keep the 2nd run easy pace. 

    Big G thats a great physio service, the s&c exercise question just takes me back to MT Tony Audenshaw "do you stretch?" "hmmm not as much as I should".  Hope you're able to be running back on full in time to get the desired training for Malta.

    Cal I meant to post the course a couple of months ago.  It doesn't look great however runthrough know how do plan events, it's still fairly flat with very small inclines just to mix it up.

    MF, you have my sympathies 200%, your doc is right, the physio would be a waste of money, rest is the only thing.  Even walking distances is frowned upon.  I haven't done any research or asked for opinion on cycling but as long as you're not feeling any discomfort in the foot then the pressure is alot less.

    I'm still not running, I'm walking pain free and still doing spin/ bodysculpt classes and they seem to be having less affect on my foot.  The discomfort has reduced but I'm still in no rush to run.  I am however going to take parkrun on Saturday very slowly and see how that goes.

    I did a Pilates class yesterday, other than the instructor (52) I must have been the youngest in there by 25 years.... I wondered if I should be in there, I was chatting after the class with the instructor and we were talking about PF.  Again the physio bit came up and said nothing they can do, Also her theory matched my latest thoughts on the shockwave.  Basically it only heals the area you're treating and if your foot isn't the issue then it's a waste of time treating it.  

    Last night went to watch our local derby football Hertford vs Ware, it was weird the manger left at the weekend and only 2 players stayed.  The were rushing papers to the FA yesterday morning in time for them to play, these guys have came from all over and never met each other, from what I saw they did well to only lose 3-0! 

    One of the hertford players got injured dislocated their knee, I rang for an ambulance, we were told 7 hours, he was starting to feel ill and lose feeling in his foot but we werent able to get his boot off, any time we touched his foot pain screamed up his leg.  We ran the emergency services to update and was told 5 hours.  Thankfully we managed to kept him as warm and as dry as possible, kept him chatting and the ambulance arrived before the end of the game.
    Big G - shame you won't be at Humdinger but pleased to see you were able to transfer your place so quickly.   I'm still planning to run although I'm not fully recovered from my virus, RHR is fine but training HR is too high.   There's a generous 3 hour time limit for the race so I may walk the hills and just potter round depending how I feel.

    Robert - glad to hear that you can now walk pain free, that PF is really a nightmare for you and mamafox.   Have you tried taping the foot yet, maybe try it for your parkrun?

    Ha, ha at the average age of your Pilates class, we have some in their 80's in our classes and they've been going for years and can do stuff that the younger ones can't    Did you enjoy that Pilates class better than the one before.

    That's a long wait for an ambulance, thankfully they arrived before the 5 to 7 hours.

    Circuits this morning, I've missed 2 weeks and found it quite demanding today but a great work out.   Like Robert's Pilates class most are a good few years older than me, only 2 younger.  For the last few minutes we played basketball, strict instructions that it was to be walking basketball, no running and no physical contact.  Within 5 minutes one was knocked to the ground, another hit in face with the basketball and the instructor had to stop a scrap/wrestle that ensued.   Was really funny.   Next week we're doing core :'(
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    Shades, regarding your basketball, that must have been funny to see. Wouldn’t get that in Paignton I’m sure (he says, whilst moving from Newton to Paignton ;))

    Robert, nasty about that player. Good news the ambulance arrived more promptly than anticipated though. Fingers crossed the parkrun goes ok on Saturday. I think that’s the thing with something like PF and I suppose also achilles issues. Rest is best, but you still need to walk and move about so it can’t be total rest!

    As for me, this morning I went out for a 7-mile walk (in walking boots, so no running at all) just to get a favourite, hilly loop in. A nice day here. 
    Big G - the basketball was funny, seeing pensioners having a scrap.   Afterwards the instructor said 'well I can see you are all competitive'.

    I assume you were on the coastal path, that's a good work out, knee OK?

    I just looked at last years results for the Humdinger, you did a great time on that course.   Had race info this morning.
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    Shades, yeah, I did run well last year at Humdinger.   I got to the top feeling really good, and then just cracked on going back down.  I knew from that I was running well last year.  I hope you enjoy the race.  I'll be interested to hear what you think of it in comparison to Tavy 13, in terms of the elevation/difficulty.

    This morning's walk was Paignton, Cockington, Scadson Woods and then back down to Paignton.  Yes, knee felt okay whilst walking today.  I've decided I'm not going to run tomorrow either - I may do a walk, and then just drive up to Shrewsbury.  Hopefully I'll be okay for Friday and I at least finish the race.
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    Big G - I think I'll enjoy the Humdinger, my sort of route, very rural.   I just went to recheck any time limit and RO had assured someone that the time limit would be at least 3 hours, but I see the last finisher is usually about 2:30 and it's nor forecast to be very cold so I can relax and run as I feel.   

    That's good that the knee was fine today for your walk.   Good idea not to run tomorrow, save yourself for Friday.  
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    We've got our new club kit now, and I picked up my items on Monday.  However, I still don't like the new design, even "in the flesh".  

    Out of the blue, a fellow Trotter messaged me yesterday and it turns out he's doing Darwin Day marathon too - he noticed my name in the entry list.  Shades, you met him that time at Plym Trail so he's continuing to keep ticking them off before his 100th at DD.  I told him I'm inured and he reckons I'd still lap him, but I'm really not sure about that!  

    It's actually 43.5 laps, so if I do resort to walking and end up finishing in 5+ hrs he'll lap me as I think as he does around 4hrs often.  As it's so many laps, I need to make sure I try and keep to the shortest route as I don't really want to go massively over distance.  The RD has sent out some details about how the course was measured, politely telling people not to complain if their Garmin reads massively over - the course is accurately measured, using the shortest route.  Part of the email reads:
    "A good illustration of how much this could impact a GPS measurement is the fact that if you ran right in the middle of the cycle track with no deviation you would run exactly 1 kilometre, but if you take the shortest possible line you would run 0.97 kilometre. This means you cut about 30 metres off per lap.  This sounds a lot but it is because of all the bends around the course."
  • Shades, I've not tried taping the foot yet, I've got these bands on which offer a form of support, may pop into decathalon and pick some up, unfortunately missed out on aldi that had some in the other week.  Haha at the basketball, is core work a punishment for not behaving? ps hope it wasn't you causing mischief!!!

    Big G PF is a killer NHS and pretty much anyone says rest, reduce walking, which doesn't help with staying active.  Over the last few weeks after spin/ gym classes my foot hasn't been as bad so must be improving however just afraid of undoing all the healing by running too early.  Sounds like a nice walk, hopefully the pain free walk gives you more hope to be able to complete Friday! 

    Interesting stuff from Centurion running, they have announced they have 3 new races, Currently have 4x100miles and 4x50.  They have the scope to expand as all their events sell out well in advance.   Rumours include Wendover Woods 100 10x10mile loops with a total elevation of 20,000ft (this one is pretty much happening) others include possible 24 hour race/ last man standing, on a track. looped circuit.    

  • Reading all your posts, I'm thankful I only have a grumpy achilles rather than PF, which sounds absolutely awful.
    Big G, sorry about your knee, too.

    Another 10 miles logged. I was going to run shorter today but the sunrise was so lovely I wanted to stay out a bit longer. Two 10 milers is probably not the ideal prep for a half but I did opt to skip pilates at least.
    Big G - maybe you'll get used to the new Trotters kit. I do like the colours but not the Born to Run logo. There are a couple of event companies called Born to Run!

    I'm planning to wear my new kit on Sunday if the weather suits, I'm still waiting for my short sleeved top, should have it for my next race.

    I think I know the Trotter you mean, wears glasses, nice chap.

    That's a lot of laps and will be hard for Garmins to measure it accurately depending on the corners/turns. I would expect my Garmin to over measure  a lot on that course.

    Robert  - the taping goes from base of toes to heels and very easy to do, I think certainly worth a try.

    More races for you to do!

    I think next week's core work is to keep us under control, but he does try to vary our sessions.

    Cal - I too am very grateful I don't have PF.
    No need to taper for a half when you're marathon training, I'm doing a 10 miler on Friday but I might take Saturday as a rest day.
  • Cal you're a few days away from the half and you've already said how you're not using it for a PB so prob wont do any harm.  In regards to PF I now feel guilty towards anyone I never felt sympathy for who suffered.  I really hope I'm starting to come out the other end just need to be patient.

    Popped into Decathlon picked up some kinesiology tape and another massage ball to roll about under my desk.

    Also found out that I didn't get in London 100 which I'm not too concerned about but hopefully they'll take that into consideration for next years VLM ballot ---- doubt it very much

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    Big G-I like using Strava too,not too bothered about the Kudos,and have had no negative comments at all,mainly use it to keep track of my miles and paces,also got some decent run ideas from others.
    Rob/Big G-Hope the injuries go soon.
    Cal-I'm with you and preferring my Achilles to PF,at least we can still run,if we manage it right,wouldn't worry about your Half if you're not targetting a fast time.
    Big work meeting yesterday and an annual booze up after it,so no running but got 8 in today after work,little easier now it's getting darker a bit later.

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    Robert - I had a quick look on YouTube and lots of good clips on taping for PF, hope you'd had fun!

    Bad luck on the ballot, but not too much of a disappointment.  Is it organised by London marathon then?

    Ian - good recovery from your works annual booze up :)   Definitely noticing this week that the days are getting longer.

    Got out of bed this morning and ouch :'(  to sore quads and a sore calf.   My quads were a bit sore warming up for Circuits yesterday, so think that was the Pilates on Tuesday that caused that.  My calf is the same pain I've had before post circuits, sore to touch and stretch but I can run pain free, not sure what I do that causes it.   Anyway 6 miles done, had a good run, training HR still too high but legs felt a bit stronger today.   Squally showers in places but generally good for running.   I love using new kit, even if it's just new running socks today and they're lovely, Sports Direct, using up the voucher I had.
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    Shades, it's funny the things I remember when I look back.  I know it was only last year, but at Loch Ness when I was hopeful for a decent time I made sure I was on the racing line as much as possible.  There aren't many races where I've actively done that but it gave me something to focus on.  Loch Ness isn't twisty obviously so it probably only saved a few seconds, but it all helps :)  

    For this Darwin Day one I'm going to try and do what Ian suggested and press the lap button on my watch after each lap, so I'll know what lap I'm on.  Hopefully I'll remember to do it, and again it's something to focus on really.  The only issue is that it is a relatively large event for such a short track, so I'll just have to see how it goes on the day.  There are 164 runners in total, with 68 in the marathon.  It's also the first event I've done where runners have to provide their own cups/bottles, so I've labelled mine up this morning :)  Hopefully it's not too much faff at the aid station.

    Despite the injury, I am still looking forward to the event as it does look a nice one and for me it's practice of doing multiple laps before my planned track one in March.  I'm just fed up with the knee now (it started hurting a bit late yesterday afternoon....)!  If I get up there in time I may try and go into town and see the Darwin museum - I'm pretty fascinated by him actually and recently read Origin of Species.  Oh, and the medal looks quite good too, I think (for someone who is into Darwin, anyway!).

    Big G - nice medal.   Good idea to use your Garmin lap counter, not knowing how far you have to go in a race can be very demoralising.

    When I did Faversham marathon which was about 40 laps we had lap counters and could check with them as we were going round to see how far we had to go.

    At Frankfurt I could follow the blue line on the course all the way round.

    Shrewsbury is a lovely town.   I went there for Shrewsbury marathon and it really is a beautiful town, lots of red brick and leafy green areas, might not be quite so leafy in February. ;)    The race was 3 laps but I think logistically it was difficult for the organisers so after the first one they ditched the marathon. the half is still going strong though.

    The pain in your knee seems to come on fairly randomly. 

    Another challenging Pilates class, was really good though.   I've taped up my calf and that got me through the class with no discomfort even with the balance exercises.
  • Big G, Like the medal, I like to make trips more about just the running, means if the race doesn't go to plan it hasn't been a complete waste.  (used to do it when I went to Chelsea away games).

    Shades, new socks defo put a spring in your step.  yes Ride 100 is the same people as London Marathon, I thought it would be easy to get in but one of my pals has been rejected 5 times!  Hope Pilates were a bit more calmer than walking basketball!!!

    Ian well done for getting a run in after a few beers the day before.

    I've never had any negative feedback from Strava, I do like the idea of Kudos and the extrinsic motivation it provides but then I get as many kudo's for a 4 mile even run as I do PB big at a race.

    Had a play taping the foot up yesterday at work, seemed to be okay, also decided to have a jog back from the station.  I don't think it was just the tape as my foot was feeling better but no pai

  • Rob - I saw the WW100 race, the 50 miler looks scary enough, the 100 is just evil!!
    Ian - Nicely done to get the run in after the beers! You seem to have recovered well from the marathon and got on the MT podium!
    Cal - If you are not PB hunting then the 2*10 milers won't cause any harm.
    10 miles this morning and 5 yesterday, but HR both back to normal levels, as it's been high while I have been on my "come back".
  • Ian well done on the MT podium, I managed to get on it last year with a 4hr 24 marathon! It was a quiet weekend!!!

    Steve they have also announced a 100mile track event, with 17 hour cut off and only 30 runners. I'm yet to experience a lap of WW but have the 50 mile in November, I don't foresee me considering the 100 miler version if it appeared in the calendar again.  I'm awaiting their 3rd race and hoping it's a bit more accessible.

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    Big G-Good luck for tomorrow,Shrewsbury is a really nice place,my daughter trained in the hospital for a year,she did say they have an abundance of car crash injuries so watch on the roads.
    Steve/Rob-Yes I sneaked into 2nd on the podium,quiet at this time of the year.
    Went to do my hill loops today but after nearly 1 loop I realised it was going to be too much so did the rest at easy pace as I didn't want to push too hard,looking forward to my half next weekend,be interesting to see where I am at.
    Robert - I do hope that you can soon get back to training, you're being very patient, but you've made definite progress.  How is Elle's PF?

    I had a mental picture of you sitting at your desk at work taping up your foot whilst your work colleagues watch in amazement ;) 

    17 hour cut off is quite a tough for the track event but with only 30 runners would make it quite a competitive event.

    Steve - good to hear your HR is back to your training aerobic range now.

    Ian - hope you get good conditions, i.e. not windy, for your half next weekend so you can have a true test of your current level of fitness.

    Big G - have a good race today.

    I woke in the night to go to the bathroom and when I got out of bed my calf was really sore and I was hobbling.   Very annoying as I realised I'd have to bin any idea of a run today.   But when I got up this morning it didn't feel too bad, still sore to touch though.   So I slapped on another piece of Kinesio tape and had a lovely 6 mile run, I did want to do 10 miles but decided I maybe need to be a bit careful.   Very windy here with squally showers, lovely and mild.   Will rest tomorrow and hope my calf will be OK for the hills on Sunday :)  
  • Shades, I often have aches and pains in the night that seem better (or less bad, at any rate) in the morning. I think being immobile can make things feel a lot worse.
    Since you don't rate massage I'd just advise rolling it out.

    I am still not done with this annoying virusy thing - felt quite ropey yesterday, enough that I overslept and missed my first yoga class. I get to a later one, though, so all was not lost. It was a rest day as such but I did go out for a couple of walks to keep my steps up.
    I'm not sure what is wrong - I have no head cold at all, but my throat feels occassionally scratchy and I have an intermittent tickly cough. If feel fine some days and under the weather on others.
    I had a bit more energy this morning so I was able to run as planned. Did 7 miles - 6 easy/recovery and threw some strides into the last mile. (It was actually 7.26 miles in the end as I hit the end of the last stride at 7 miles and didn't want to go straight into a walk from that point without easing down first).
    Much the same weather as you got, Shades - miled but with strong gusts and a bit of drizzle. Running into the wind was hard work.
    Cal - I can't roll it out, my calf is tender to touch.   This is the 3rd time I've had this niggle, twice in my right calf and once in my left.  I've been racking my brains as to what it is in Circuits that causes it and I think it might be the step ups we do onto a bench.   I tend to favour my right leg and use that as my lead leg most of the time which might explain why it's usually my right calf.  It will be gone completely by Sunday morning I expect.

    Do you check your RHR?   It's usually a good way to judge if you're carrying a virus or overtired.  At the worst of my stomach virus my RHR was 84, next day as I started to recover 64.   My usual RHR is 44-49.
  • Mine's usually in the low sixties and hasn't really changed, that I can tell, anyway. So yes, I could just be a bit run down rather than actually sick.
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    I managed the marathon today and the knee held up ok in that it didn’t get worse through the race. The vague pain was basically there from the end of the 1st lap and I was worrying a bit at that point, but it remained manageable. I did have a couple of paracetamol right before the start so maybe that, along with two days of no running at all and the stretching, helped.  I also didn’t attempt to ‘race’ this one and started off quite steady. 

    As for the course/event, I really enjoyed the set up. We got given a timing chip that was attached to our ankle so the lap counting was automatic and displayed on a TV screen. I still pressed the lap button on my watch though, and I didn’t forget!! With the timing chip (which looked remarkably like something that someone with an ASBO might wear) and us all doing laps of a course, I couldn’t help but think we all resembled criminals that were getting rehabilitated, so I had a chuckle to myself about that.

    I ran as close to the racing line as possible but my Garmin still shows 27.01 miles for the 43.5 laps. They just don’t like going around corners! I’d worked out it was going to be quite a bit over on my watch, but tried to put that out of my mind and just count the laps, knowing the course was accurately measured.

    I went through half way in 1:55 so I knew that all being well and everything stayed manageable I’d be on for a sub-4. I did get some pain in my right achilles at around 16 miles which was a worry for a while, but it passed. I ended up finishing in a bit under 3:54 - I’ll post an accurate time when they’re published.

    So on one hand I have to be happy with that - earlier in the week I was seriously thinking I’d be walking a lot of this event, but that didn’t happen and I was fairly consistent. But on the other hand, I can’t say I found it easy in the closing stages. I feel I’ve lost fitness, and I did check the scales yesterday and I’ve put on 2 or 3 pounds, which I need to get off (again...). I think from today a PB at Malta is unlikely to happen, but I suppose you never know.

    All in all then, I’m pleased I did a good time that didn’t seem possible a few days ago, and I’d do the event again. I’m not where I wanted to be with my training for Malta, but there are other events I can target. 

    Let’s see what the knee is like tomorrow...
    Big G - that's a great result today considering you are carrying an injury.  Hopefully you'll have no more than a bit of DOMS in the knee tomorrow. 
    Today must be a good confidence booster for Malta.

    I've had that type of timing chip before and it does make you feel like a criminal wearing an electronic tag. 

    I take it you skipped the KFC today as you want to shed those couple of pounds you've put on.  ;)

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    Big G-Considering a few days ago you didn't know if you'd run/walk or even finish that's a great time.
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    SHADES said:
    I take it you skipped the KFC today as you want to shed those couple of pounds you've put on.  ;)

    Ahem, I wrote the above post from KFC :) Diet starts, errrrm...tomorrow. 

    Thanks Ian. It was a surprise really so I have to pleased in the circumstances. 
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