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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nell, my immune system's been up and down all week. Felt OK Monday, not so good Tuesday, OK Wednesday, mostly OK today but a bit sneezy...ugh. I hate marathon recovery.
    I did get out for 5 miles today though and it was fairly pleasant. Feet are still a bit sore but legs are surprisingly good, if a bit heavy.
    I'll absolutely wait for you at Richmond - we can figure out a spot nearer the time.
    I will likely avoid the pacer "bus" at Manchester - when I did Chester I got tired of kicking heels and checking my stride so I went past them. No regrets about that as I finished 4 minutes in front of them in the end.

    Andrew - damn! That's so, so close.

    Nice work everyone else, and good luck to this weekend's racers.

    YTD: 567
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Hi everybody...just sneaking in for a brief up-date...We number 13 in the house at the moment! So life is a bit complicated. However, managed a couple more early morning runs; 20' on Tues, and 8' this morning. That brings me to YTD:593'. Would love to do that 20' run again....without getting lost, but its only three weeks until Newport, so ought to think about tapering soon.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Blimey MrM2, does sound a bit busy!

    3.5 for me last night. Having a rest this weekend to try and sort my achey legs out!

    282 YTD 
  • MrM2 - congrats in advance as your next run should see you over 600 miles.
    Usual 10.19 parkrun sandwich today making my
    YTD = 784.59 miles
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I don't think I could cope with that, MrM2 - very much used to living on my own!
    Wow Harmander - 800 soon!

    6 miles for me today - legs getting back to normal now. Immune system is still a bit down, though, so I can't push it yet.
    YTD: 573
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Out this morning with daughter for a 9.5'exploratory run along the coast.
    (Only 11 in the house now)      YTD:602'. 
  • Congrats on the 600 MrM2,
    Yes Cal, 16.26 miles to get over the figure
    YTD = 800.85 miles
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Well done on going over 600 MrM2 and a massive congratulations Harmander for the 800 already.No wonder you're out all the time running with a crowded house,MrM2.

    Tatton 10k today,hoped for a sub 41 but the wind got the better of me,finished with a time of 41:56.Finished 23 and 5 in the V45.

    13.04 - 5
    14.04 - 6.2
    YTD - 479.26 miles

  • Afternoon all,

    So back to work now after a lovely week in Cornwall, except for a head cold which is unusual for me. 

    Dubai - Congratulations on the 500 mile mark.

    Andrew, Well done on the new PB 43.00 minutes, great run.

    Harmander, Many congratulations to you Sir, I managed to see a picture and what a lovely trophy, surely this is one which will be displayed?

    Cal, Sorry to read about Vienna, but still a great run. I know everyone says that, but there is always next time, and besides if we all got a PB every time it would be boring right?

    Hobie, Nice 13 miler and with 2700ft climb, I did a 6 miler with 1000ft and that was more than enough. The Ultra beasT sounds like well a beasT, I am sure you will be more than ready.

    Nell, Sorry to read about Manchester, but I am going to say the same as everyone, still a great run and 2nd fastest - well done.
    I mentioned the link to "Sikhs In the city" as Harmander is pictured with his 6 major's medal and now his new trophy as well, not just so you could look at the beany hat :D 

    Steven, Well done on the hard earnt 100 miles, sorry to hear you are still having such a rubbish time, hope this soon passes.

    MrM2, Soon be taper time I am guessing, glad to read there is now only 11 in the house!

    JD1, Excellent 10k run, well done.

    As for me, I intended to get a couple of coastal path runs in, however with a head cold which started on Saturday, it was Friday before I went out for a run. I must say huge respect to Hobbie for the amount of climb, I found 6 miles with a 1000ft more than enough for a good workout and really enjoyed the change of scene.
    I went out again yesterday for a 10 mile gentle run around 5.30km pace and over half of it was on a new route that I didn't know was there, very enjoyable but bloody cold at 06.30!

    So will be back to normal training tomorrow, as it is not long to my main event on 8th June, so need to get in some decent miles before hand, I do have a marathon next week and another one in May, both should help with the mileage.

    12.04.19 - 6
    14.04.19 - 10

    YTD = 378.18

  • Got a couple of days off work so....boy woke me up this morning with "fancy a run" could I argue...then I just had to do my planned 10 mile lunch one.

    422 miles YTD
  • I hope that's a big house MrM2!

    14.4 am 10.19 pm 3.11
    15.4 5.23
    16.4 8.58

    YTD 556.13 miles

  • Lots of inspirational comments on this site, I wasn't aware of the 1K club but I'm in, got lots of running ahead of me, where's the door?
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Welcome, davejh!

    Rest day yesterday (I also felt ropey again, damn immune system!) but OK enough for a 4 miler this morning.

    YTD: 577 (You're catching up to me, Dubai!)
  • Welcome davejh,

    What are you up to mileage wise?
  • Trying my best Cal!! Very pleasant 28 degrees this morning. 8.13 miles done.

    YTD 564.26 miles

    And welcome Dave 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    8 miles done for me too. Beautiful morning.

    YTD: 585
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Down to 7 in the house, but increasing to 9 tomorrow. (5 bed house, sleeping 13. Rented for 3 wks.. In Sferracavallo; mid way between Palermo city and airport.) 
    Got out in the early morning sunshine for a 9' run.  V.enjoyable. YTD:611'.
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    YTD: 308.0 + 3.1 (parkrun) + 13.1 (Sheffield half) + 4 (treadmill) = 328.2

    I loved the Sheffield half. Really really enjoyed it. I wasn't super fast, my target was sub 1.50 and I achieved a few seconds over 1.47. Interesting course with 958 ft of climbing in the first 5.25 miles but than downhill all the way.

    Profile - YHM

    The results have three times, an overall time, a king/queen of the hill and the final 10k. I was (from memory) just over 1700th from 7000 finishers, but 2100 on the hill and 1400 for the final 10k. Strong finish with energy conserved early on.

    I worked hard but wasn't on my limited. The crowds on Ecclesshall (sp) rd which you run up and then down with a loop at the top, were exceptional, imagine a tour de France hill climb with a wall of people on both sides, bells, whistles, the lot, maybe not quite Alp d'huez, but really was good stuff. 

    Recommended. A 'run for all' event so the usual relative expense but high quality organisation. 
  • Nice elevation profile Donnie.

    10.11 this morning, was 34 degrees when I finish, the heat is ramping up. What's the temperature in Sicily MrM2?

    YTD 574.37 miles

  • Some companions on this mornings run 
  • Oh and Harmander, I've now seen one of the 6 star medals, a chap near me completed the majors with Boston. 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Morning all


    David,which marathon are doing?

    Great HM result,Donnie,you really seemed to enjoy yourself.

    Are they wild camels,Dubai?

    15.04 - 5.2

    17.04 - 5

    YTD - 489.46 miles

  • Thanks for the description Donnie2 - very tempting.
    Dubai Runner - so you came across my in-laws - they always seem to have the hump (with me)  The missus reckons its because it might be something I said - lol.
    Hope you like the Six Star medal
  • JD1 no someone owns them, their legs are lashed, there will be a herder not too far away. Harmander I seem to have joined you in the dog house today!!

  • Dubai Runner, welcome, I live in the dog house.
    My male club mates have termed the influence I have on them that results in them being in the dog house as being 'Harmandered' lol
  • Donnie, loving that profile...looks like an epic second half. Well done.

    Dubai, cant beat a bit of wildlife to take your mind off the run...all I get are cows and horses...oh and sheep (I live in Wales)...and frogs (it rains a lot).

    Decided yesterday to run to running club (6 miles each way) and managed to make it in time for our club handicap race (3 mile out as warm up and 3 mile back) so 18 mile run last night.

    441 miles YTD

  • Harmander, I'm lying by the pool at the Polo club sipping strawberry daquiris, wife's gone to the gym in a mood. Think I'll have trouble saying Harmandered when I get home!!

    Hobie, didn't see any snakes today.
  • Afternoon,

    Donnie, As Dubai has already said, nice profile, really good time considering that first half, well done.

    Dubai, I am with Hobie, just see cows, horses, sheep and the occasional deer, no frogs around here though. 
    On another note, It is currently 20 degree's outside (T-shirt weather), oh and enjoy the daquiris, one of my wife's favourites.

    JD1, I am just doing a local one organised by Saturn running, and it will be my first run with them, however I know there will be a lot of familiar faces, It is in Windsor and will be a multi lap along the Thames.
    I am only going to get some mileage in with my upcoming event in June, so not expecting to much, should be a nice day out though.

    I did 3 circuits in 3 hours of 4.12 miles this week, which all went okay, and will be doing 6 circuits the week after next as I want to get use to the format.
    I also did a pleasant 8 miler this morning, leg is still not quite right but isn't giving me any pain (just not quite right) strange?

    16.04.19 - 12.37
    18.04.19 - 8

    YTD = 398.55

    Have a good weekend everyone, and enjoy the sun!

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