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    Aquarius - all programmes seem to do it. I had a letter printed in Radio Times when I complained about a perfectly good programme ruined by that technique. Maybe they should stop padding programmes out and switch off the transmitters occasionally ;) Hope the weather in Ullswater is being kind to you. Don't blame you binning that previous 10K and hope you're feeling fit enough by this coming weekend.

    HS - yep, thought I had probably moaned about Countryfile before ;) Well done re the spin session and 8ml forest run.

    Will be running with the club tomorrow - hopefully, won't get left behind this time!

    We've been out for lunch today to the local Beefeater - had a 'free main course' voucher for my birthday and a £5 off voucher because my points had built up over recent months.. so a cheaper than usual meal today.
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    Afternoon peeps,

    Just back from a session with Mary Massage Lady ahead of the Brightin marathonon Sunday. No idea whta time/pace will be and it will be a casebof see-how-it-feels-on-the-day!

    WtnMel, hope you didn't get left behind again. I like our Smart meter as it helps focus the mind on how much daytime electricity costs - eek! I too have abandoned Countryfile and several other progs when they've been repetitive and dumbed down.

    TE, good news on your spin seesion and your running too. Your speedy days are certainly not over yet x

    Aquarius, hope the weather in Ullswater is nice. I love the Lake District and used to spend a lot of my weekends in Ambleside decades ago before I moved down South.

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    Good luck with your Brighton marathon on Sunday Red, you must be really encouraged by your progress recently. Do you think all that strength work has aided your recovery?
    HS I wish I had your stamina. I've never got around to trying out a spin session, but I'm sure if I did, and was as "hard core" at it as you are I'd certainly not be in any fit state for a long run the next day, hilly or otherwise. Well done, much respect.
    WtnMel - I remember you telling us about that Radio Times letter. Perhaps it's time you dropped them another line or two.....? Glad you enjoyed your birthday meal, good news about the voucher too!

    Despite my good intentions to rest until Sunday's 10k I decided to go out again yesterday for another run along the same route as the previous day. I really wasn't in the mood but it was a lovely sunny (if rather cool) day so I just laced up my shoes and headed out on the spur of the moment. It was actually quite an enjoyable run, and like the previous day I just took it slowly as the footpath around the lake was quite undulating and difficult underfoot as it was mainly loose stones and potholes, so you tended to slide about a bit and I was worried my knees might complain today. However no ill effects noticed this morning when we went for a walk, and this afternoon Steve is sailing. The guest house we are staying in overlooks Ullswater so I'm able to type this and watch the sailing at the same time. I've just been watching some people practise their capsize technique, always an uncomfortable thing to see, and no doubt much worse for the participants. I remember Steve telling me how you have to stand on the upturned hull and pull the boat back upright using one of the lines, extremely strenuous work. I think I'll stick to running!  :)
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    Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, I hope you enjoyed your meal yesterday at the local Beefeater; food always tastes better when you can get it at a reduced price.

    Red, good luck with the Brighton Marathon on Sunday. I believe it is quite a fast course? You have definitely been doing plenty of core work over the weeks, so hopefully this will help make up for your lack of mileage.
    My speed is gradually returning, and I have been introducing some faster efforts into my training runs. x

    Aquarius, I have been attending the spin classes for nearly 2 years now, but have recently reduced attendance to once a week. I'm running 4 times a week now, and am 11th in the fetch 1000 miles league. Last year I was in 50th place at the end of the year, so have made some improvements. One of the Instructors advised that it took 6 weeks of spinning before any improvements were noticeable. When I first started, I just cycled in a low gear at around 70 rpm. I have obviously got stronger and fitter, the more sessions I have attended. It helped keep my fitness up all the months where I was walking/jogging.
    Good that you have had no ill effects from yesterdays run and todays walk. You should be "rearing to go," now for Sundays 10k. Best of luck for it.

    I ran 6.76 miles on roads this morning. It was meant to be a slow recovery run, but I got a bit carried away and ran much quicker than intended. :astonished:
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    Afternoon ..

    Red - good luck with Brighton tomorrow. I didn't get left behind on Thu - on one uphill stretch I overtook 'the pack' who had slowed down and Virginia shouted out my 'intervals' last week (chasing the rest of them) seemed to have had a good training effect!

    Aquarius - I have written to Radio Times again! Complaining about the participants of 'Pilgrimage' (group of comedians, actors etc.) 'walking' the Via Francigena to Rome. Except, they're using transport as well as walking until the last 100Km and at the first big test, the St Bernard Pass, three of them opted out and caught the bus to the top. I suggested maybe 'real' pilgrims might have been better participants who wouldn't have given up quite so easily. Glad to hear you enjoyed your spur of the moment run. I've seen people doing that capsize drill - as you say, rather them than me.

    HS - the meal was very enjoyable. That's a very good placing you have there in the 1000 mile league. That's unusual - HS going out for a 'recovery' run a getting carried away? :-) LOL

    I did my 6ml route around town again this morning. Well-behaved pedestrians, dog-walkers and traffic abounded. I didn't have to take any walk-breaks which was good. I'll repeat the same route a few more times before the Corsham 10K which I'm doing at the end of the month.

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    WtnMel, what a surprise, a much hyped programme where "celebrities" tackle something arduous but make up their own rules as they go along, generally taking the easy option when faced with anything too taxing. It makes my blood boil that licence payers money is wasted on things like this. As you say by all means make a programme about real pilgrims doing a real pilgrimage, but this celebrity nonsense makes a mockery of it. You seem to be making good progress in your preparations for the Corsham 10k later this month. If you feel yourself flagging during the actual event remember how you felt when getting left behind in your training run, that should give you a good burst of adrenaline that will get you around! 

    HS To be 11th in the fetch 1000 miles league is very impressive, well done. Do you think you will keep on with your spin classes now you have regained your fitness? 

    Red, good luck for tomorrow, enjoying the event and getting round injury free is more important than pace. The weather in the Lake District was much nicer than it is here at home. It has been bitterly cold today, I hope it will be a bit warmer for my trail 10k tomorrow. 

    Steve has come home from the Lakes with a nasty cough and cold. I'm hoping I don't catch it, although I do seem to be full of aches and pains today. Rather worryingly we can't use our gas fire at the moment. When we got home yesterday there was a letter waiting for us from the developer advising they had come across a problem with the fire they've installed, and until they have been able to do safety checks we shouldn't use it. It looks like this letter has gone to a number of houses across their developments, so heaven knows how long these checks will take. Thank goodness the weather should be getting warmer soon.
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    I just thought I'd call in to wish everyone well who has run or is about to run.

    HS: You just can't keep a good man down! Waking up in the morning and unable to resist a run. Good on you! It really sounds as if you're able to compete on any level, now.

    Aquarius: I was born in Cumbria (or Lancashire as our bit was then). I always feel a pull whenever I'm up there. I expect you get a wee bit nervous when Steve is doing capsizing training. My Dad had a boat which was most unpractical and far too heavy. I remember we took it out on Coniston a couple of times but only for a row without the sail. I do remember him capsizing on Lake Rudyard in the Peak District once. Me and my brothers were on shore and could only see an upturned hull in the middle of the lake. I always remember how the three of us took our clothes and shoes off and plunged into the water and swam over there in sheer panic. We found my Dad like a bit of a cartoon Popeye, spitting out water into an arc while he wrestled with the sheer weight of the boat and mangle of ropes - swearing his head off. Commiserations on the lurgy and also on the house problems that never seem to end.

    WtnMel: I'm glad that you're Mr Indignant of Cheltenham. I know exactly what you mean by those programmes. We watched Coast (on the computer) a few weeks ago, with Neil Oliver. The exact same thing that you've complained about. 

    It's been a funny week. On Monday I did the screening for the forthcoming clinical trials and felt like a laboratory rat once the day was over. I did so many cognitive tests I was dizzy plus all the physical stuff. Worse to come!

    Also, our computer died at the beginning of the week and had to be stripped back to factory condition. I bought another as a distress purchase. I seem to have spent the whole week in front of laptops getting them up to speed for Mr E to work from home. I lost so much data from the hard disk, stupidly not backed up. Photos are the most missed. Hopefully, I'll be able to replace them from others who have copies. 

    Red: Best of luck for tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you! 
  • . The weather in the Lake District was much nicer than it is here at home. It has been bitterly cold today, I hope it will be a bit warmer for my trail 10k tomorrow. 

    It usually rains up here.
  • I managed a 55min 10k run tonight.
    I think it might be time to join a club to get some better times.
  • Morning all, bright and sunny, but today is a rest day, always the way. I have run 36 miles this week, Monday to Saturday, and was tempted to run 4 miles today to make it up to 40.
    Common sense prevailed, however, as weekly mileage should never be increased by more than 10%, and I don't really need such a high mileage. It's just that after so long struggling for fitness, I'm enjoying running relatively freely now.

    WtnMel, keep up the good work with your training, and you should set a good time in the Corsham 10k. Have you run it before, and if so, are you hoping for a pb?

    Aquarius, thanks, my mileage this year is much higher than last year, and I'm trying to make the most of it whilst I still can. I'm only attending spin class once a week now, because as you said, I'm regaining my running fitness, and am up to 4 days a week. I'm sticking with the one spin day though, as I'm able to work really hard at the sprints and hill climbs etc, whereas I'm still not risking hard running sprinting. I have introduced some faster efforts into my training runs though, and my average pace is improving.
    Sorry to hear that Steve has a nasty cough and cold and I hope that you don't catch it. All my running friends seem to have colds at the moment, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't catch one.
    That's bad news that you can't use your gas fire at the moment. Is it a blocked flu, do you think? Luckily, it is forecast to get warmer next week.

    Exhausted, thanks. I'm still not as competitive as I would like in my age category, but am getting there. I'm concentrating on mileage mainly, especially on hilly trails. You would expect that with my "User Name." :lol:
    I had to smile at the thought of your poor Dad, spitting like popeye, swearing his head off. It must have been very traumatic for you and your brothers, just seeing the upturned hull of the boat, at first.
    Feeling sorry for you going through all the tests and with more to come!
    Hope you soon get your laptop "up to speed" again. I still haven't got the October update for Windows 10. Apparently there have been so many problems with the roll out, that they are still ironing them out, before completing the  download. 

    Damien, good luck with your 10k trail run, hope the weather is ok for it. It's a good idea to join a running club, as you will get structured training, which will help improve your pace.

    I ran an easy pace 8 miles on road yesterday morning with Helen. She is doing the Southampton 10k in May, and needed to get her mileage up.
    Had a message yesterday from my very tearful Daughter that her beloved dog had to be put to sleep. She had had him from a puppy, so it is a big loss for her. 
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    My eldest son and I did a local trail 10k on Sunday in very cold, but not windy, conditions. Apart from a few steep downhill sections of steps, and one very steep uphill section it was a relatively flat course around which I averaged just over 10 minute miles. My last mile and a half (the course measured 6.45 miles) I averaged 9 minute miles and I overtook a number of runners. Although my overall time could have been better I was pleased that I got around without running out of energy, which I’d feared having felt a bit under the weather recently. I was also pleased that I managed to speed up for the last mile and a half. On the downside though my right hip was very painful for the last couple of miles, not sure why, this is a new thing for me. My son, who rarely runs, finished 27th in 50 minutes. I wish I could persuade him to join a club as I’m sure he could improve with proper training.

    We’re on babysitting duties this week, so probably no more running for me until Sunday, when eldest son and I are doing a 10k along the coast (providing my sniffles and sneezes don’t develop into a full blown cold).

    Looking forward to Red’s marathon report.

    Damien that was a good time for your 10k, and I would endorse what HS says about joining a club. You won’t regret it.

    Exhausted those tests sound pretty daunting. When you say “worse to come”, do you know what the next steps are? I suppose the way to look at this is that hopefully something positive will come from the results of all this testing. Sorry to hear about your computer, it’s amazing how much our lives revolve around these machines, and when something goes wrong with them we feel lost. The loss of your photos is the worst thing though, I do hope you will be able to replace them. Your tale of your poor dad capsizing on Coniston made me smile, but how awful for you and your brothers at the time.
  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭
    I had a quick check to make sure Red was OK and she did get round the Brighton Marathon in a respectable time. 

    No running for me yet this week although yesterday I went to see a performance of St John's Passion at Exeter Cathedral. Mr E was waiting for me at the car park a good couple of miles. I did my usual of running all the way back despite being in a skirt, posh shoes and carrying a handbag and library books. I must look a bit nutty. 

    Damien: 55 minutes for 10k isn't bad is it?

    It is a pain having lost so much data and I've sat here solid for most of the day trying to piece together important stuff I've lost from disparate sources. 

    Aquarius: I think your fatigue and aches and pains are quite natural and to be expected. You've been running quite a bit lately.

    HS: I think it's good to keep up the spin sessions at least once a week. There is alot of research to back up short burts of highly intensive exercise (says she who has sat in one position all day!)

    On the clinical trials they do a bit more physical stuff like MRI scans to see if I've built up any plaque and also a lumbar puncture. They've already taken blood etc plus a few other things. The cognitive tests run right the way through the trial. 
  • Aquarius, well done for the trail 10k race, very impressive speeding up for the last mile and an a half. Sorry to hear that your right hip was painful during the last couple of miles. Perhaps it was because you had sped up. Hope it is ok now? That was a good time by your son, considering he seldom runs. He would definitely get quicker if he joined a running, club. He would, hopefully, train on a regular basis then.
    Hopefully your cold will have cleared up, and your hip will be ok for your Sunday 10k run with your son along the coast.

    Exhausted, I hope that you enjoyed the performance at Exeter Cathedral?  Had to laugh at the thought of you running in skirt and posh shoes (hope they weren't stilettos!) carrying your handbag and library books. Passers by might have thought that you had pinched the library books, and were running away from the crime scene :lol:
    Bad news that you have lost a lot of data. I must admit that I never back up mine.
    I did a spin session yesterday, which included a crazy HIIT workout of four x 30 seconds flat out with just one second recoveries. That was mind blowing, but very beneficial as I discovered in todays run. Details below.
    Hope your clinical trials won't be painful!

    I ran 8.26 miles in the forest on Monday with Sarah H at a nice easy pace. Yesterday was a spin session, as mentioned above, and today was the same 8.26 miles in the forest, but I ran it alone, as a fartlek workout. My quickest "effort" was 8.14 minute miling, so I'm getting my pace back :astonished:
  • Afternoon everybody, is anybody there?

    A nice sunny day today, but not too hot. I ran 6.77 miles on road this morning at a relaxed pace, and ran quicker than expected. I think yesterdays fartlek run must have been beneficial.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    HS - yes, sorry I've just been really busy as we've had our son and granddaughter staying with us this week, although they've gone back home this afternoon. You're doing some impressive running (and spinning) at the moment, how nice that you can enjoy some quality running again.
    I got up early this morning and managed to get a short hill run in before starting on breakfasts. Rather annoyingly my Garmin didn't pick up the first mile, then although I thought I had stopped it when I finished I noticed about half an hour after arriving home that it was still on and recording. It's been quite sunny here too, I'm hoping it will continue until the weekend at least, for our next 10k.
    Exhausted - it would have been even more spectacular if you'd been juggling your handbag and library books (something to aim for next time perhaps? ;) )
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone - back after a few days away seeing my Mum

    Aquarius - I've not checked yet to see if my 'rant' (read 'carefully argued complaint' ..) about "Pilgrimage" has been printed in the Radio Times ;) Re Corsham - had another good run this morning (see below). Sorry to hear Steve has caught a cold lurgy (was that after getting dunked in the water?) - at least the weather is warming up a bit now you can't use the gas fire? Good result for you at that trail 10K I see. On the website HS & I use to log our running ( you can manually enter route/time details for those that Garmin doesn't record correctly.

    Exhausted - nice to hear from you. Showing my age but I enjoyed your story about your Dad and could picture him spitting out water in an arc like Popeye. Re being Mr Indignant - someone has to do it! :) Hopefully you'll organise better backups in future - once bitten, twice shy? Just a possibility - depending on where they were stored and/or what software you had on the computer there's an outside chance they may have been backed up without you knowing (Google Photos backup; OneDrive for instance?). I've been caught out with hard-drive problems in the past - these days I have an external drive for my laptop and softare to automatically backup files. But I also backup important documents and photos to cd/dvd. I trust you hitched your skirt up and tucked it into your waistband in the time-honoured fashion before embarking on your 2ml run to the cathedral? ;) 

    Damien - well done re the 55min 10K .. I yearn to be fit enough again to get close to my PB of 59:55 from six years ago.

    HS - I've done the Corsham 10k several times in the past. It's an undulating course with a 'sting in the tail' (short sharp hill) at 9K. I doubt I'll get anywhere near my PB of 59:55 but I'll be trying to get a close to 60mins as I can (course best is 61:02).

    Had a good club run this morning. Was feeling strong at the end so wound up the pace and did a 'sprint' finish at the end. I even managed to beat Karen who has the advantage of being dog-powered as she runs with "Bradley Waggins" ;)

    Mum update - my Mum had her name down for a warden-controlled flat and one became available very quickly and as she's downsizing, she was first in the queue (had the most 'points'). I went to see her on Tue, stayed overnight and yesterday we went to view the flat the council flat were offering. It was bigger then we expected, fully carpeted and she's accepted the offer. We already have the keys and she'll move in as soon as the council have organised everything (they will supply packing boxes and will even pay to move her). I helped her de-clutter and took a load of stuff to the recycling centre on Tue - this time I came home with my brother's bike and a bag of cd's my Mum found when clearing more of my brother's stuff.

  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    WtnMel, so glad your mum managed to get that flat, and you must both be delighted that it’s larger than you expected. I hope she’ll settle in quickly and make lots of new friends. It must be a load off your mind.
  • Aquarius, good luck with your 10k tomorrow. It's forecast to remain hot over the Easter weekend.

    WtnMel, good luck with the Corsham 10k tomorrow. I think that you will do a good time, as your training runs seem to be going well. Well done beating Karen who was running with dog power!
    Good news that your mum has accepted the flat that she was offered, sounds like a "good move!"
    Hope you make good use of your brother's bike, and that some of the CD's are "to your taste?"

    I didn't run yesterday, as I went for a picnic with Karen and the 3 year old twins. It was in a park in Lymington, and there were swings and slides etc, which they loved. It was very hot, so we sat in the shade whilst eating our sandwiches.
    Another very hot day today and I ran another 8.26 miles in the forest. For some reason it felt relatively easy, and I was running most of the time at sub 10 minute pace. Hopefully, this means that some of my old pace is returning. :sweat_smile:  
  • Happy Easter everyone :smiley:
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    A belated Happy Easter to you too HS, and everyone else.

    What a scorcher it was yesterday for my 10k. I’m not great in the heat at the best of times, so I usually try to avoid running in it as I know from experience I have no energy and usually end up with a headache and feeling sick. Yesterday started with sunshine but a bit of a cool breeze so I thought it would be ok, however by the time I was on the start line waiting for “the off’ the breeze had dropped and I could feel my head and shoulders starting to burn. I knew this wasn’t a good sign for the race so decided to keep to an easy pace and hope for the best. I know the conditions were the same for all, but amazingly a number of people still managed to get PBs (my son included), whereas I was just glad to finish. I didn’t do too badly until the last mile when I had to walk for a minute or so as I was feeling so nauseous, but then, after encouragement from a fellow runner, I managed to pick up the pace for a fast finish (and even managed to pass some people in the last few metres - always a great feeling isn’t it!). As this is a local race for our club loads of club members lined the route and shouted support and encouragement, which was a real help and motivator. 

    I’m very envious of your ability to run fast in the heat HS, you are really going from strength to strength at the moment. Your spin classes are no doubt partly the reason, but I wonder if, after years of running, your body has been reinvigorated by your recent enforced layoff from running? Whatever it is, it’s great that you are injury free and running so well now. Your picnic with Karen and the twins sounded lovely, good idea to take advantage of this hot spell, I believe we are back to rain in a couple of days.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Oh my goodness, apologies for my absence everyone but the last week has been manic with fund-raising stuff. Just to let you know that my Brighton marathon last weekend was a marathon of 2 parts - first half 2:05 then 2nd half 3:19 as my chest got all gunky when asthma took over! Several others had exactly the same thing which must have been weather-related. Hey ho, that's just the way it goes sometimes. No idea how I'll get on in London so will just enjpy the day. Off to read back..........
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Belated Easter wishes to you all. Busy day gardening today then off to the VLM Expo tomorrow to collect my number for my I've-no-idea-what-time-I'll-manage marathon at the weekend!

    Aquarius, well done on your 10k in that heat and with a sprint finish too! Just seen you did another one too and well done to your talented son. It must run in the family :wink:

    TE, if you can do a decent pace in that heat then you are definietly getting right back there. Brilliant news x

    WtnMel, good news for you and your mum. Hope your 10k went well. LOL at Bradley Waggins!!!

    Exhausted, well done on your trials and thank you for taking part. Chuckled at the image of you legging it in your skirt and heels. Hope the Passion was performed well. Nuisance about your computer though. Thanks for checking up on me x

    Damien 55 mins fo a 10k is not to be sniffed at, especially on trail. Well done.
  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭
    Aquarius: That sounds a horrible run in the heat. I also hate (used to hate) running in heat. I really can't cope with it. You did well to finish. Well done to your son getting a PB. Oh for the energy and resiliance of youth!

    WtnMel: It sounds as if things are shaping up well for you with a sprint finish and helping your Mum towards her flat move-in. I expect that you will have a few poignant moments over the time to come as you stumble across your brother's possessions. Good luck with the Corsham 10k. 

    HS: ...and a Happy Belated Easter to you, too. Cor Scorchio! The picnic in Lymo sounds nice. One of my favourite places. It has everything including, of course, crowds of tourists all the time. Are the twins identical or fraternal?

    Red: It's great that you're back there doing marathons every weekend like falling off a log, so it's also good that you're taking it as it comes. I always hated the drag over there to pick up my number so it's good that you're doing it during the mid-week when it's quieter. Mind you. I love travelling on the DLR. It's sobering to see how much the landscape has changed over the lifetime I've known it, from post-war rubble to tower blocks and marinas. There's always some new development to see with a Hawksmoor church dwarfed into insignificance. We'll all be thinking of you on Sunday morning and cheering you on. 

    Over the weekend I did the sort of running that you always get to do with a toddler around - in and out of waves (at least 100 times), backwards and forwards across the lawn, always contriving to trip up and fall to my knees or go in slow motion at the end to allow him to win (you know the sort of thing!) I also ran about a mile ahead to get lunch ready when we were all getting a bit behind one day. It all adds up, I suppose.

    The bombings in Sri Lanka were distressing. I have Sri Lankan family. Finding they were all safe does not diminish the tragic outcome for all the others. Such a scale of viciousness. It's difficult to comprehend. 

  • Afternoon all,

    Aquarius, well done persisting with your 10k race whilst feeling unwell, and even increasing your pace in the final stages. Well done to your son as well, for getting a pb in the hot conditions.
    I think my ability to run well in the heat is due to the fact that for many years, I used to run in my lunch hour, therefore running at the hottest time of the day. I suppose that I became "acclimatised." I'm not sure that I was invigorated by my time struggling with injury, because that was really tough and took a lot out of me. I think my "resurgence" has been since I started running reasonably injury free, which helped me to get my mojo back. The spinning which I have now been doing for nearly 2 years, really did help me a lot to retain a certain amount of fitness, and helped to strengthen my core.

    Red, well done for your Brighton Marathon time. That was very impressive,  struggling with your asthma, which must have made it very difficult breathing. Very best of luck with the London Marathon. I think the conditions will be perfect for racing, a bit cooler, and possible rain showers.
    Thanks, I am getting "up to speed" at long last, and having to try and stop myself from over doing it x

    Exhausted, thanks, the picnic was really nice, but surprisingly, for a Bank Holiday, the park wasn't that busy. Probably many had headed for the Coast. The twins aren't identical, a boy and a girl. I was going to post a picture of them, but thought better of it, as  anyone can look at the posts on here.
    Sounds like fun, your running with a toddler. Hope your mile run to get the lunch ready was done in sensible shoes :lol:
    Those bombings were terrible in Sri Lanka. It appears that one of the bombers was educated at a University in the south of England, and then in Australia. I believe most of them were from middle class families, so it is hard to see how they were motivated to commit such dreadful crimes. I'm glad to hear that your family members there weren't caught up in the atrocities.

    I ran 10 miles in the forest on Easter Monday with Sarah H, did a spin session on Tuesday and ran 8.4 miles in the forest this morning with Chris. We were caught up in heavy rain during the last mile, which then cleared up. Its been sunny all afternoon, despite heavy rain being forecast for the afternoon. I think we will probably get it tomorrow.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    The London Expo was nowhere near as good as usual and there seemed to be a lot more space with fewer stands. Still, I got to try on a new pair of HOKAs to see how I liked them and they were perfect except for the price - £135. No worries though as I popped off to my favourite online ultramarathon store when we got home and bought them for £97 including postage :smiley:

    Exhausted, I tried to take a photo of the church as we went past but someone moved in front of me just as I clicked! Docklands is a strange and very alien place for me as I dislike most of the sterile architecture, with some exceptions of course. Mike loves it though. What I did enjoy about our visit was the rejuvenated London Bridge Station, the walk along Tooley Street (fab new buildings) and then along the river towards Tower Bridge.

    TE, glad you had a nice picnic and not too busy in the park. Good run/spinning too.

    Those bombings in Sri Lanka were just awful and even more upsetting that the perpetrators appeared to be well educated and supposedly sentient.
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    Afternoon all,

    Red, that's a shame that the Expo wasn't as good as usual. Good though that you were able to try on a pair of trainers, and then purchase them on line at a big saving.

    Had a very good pace road run this morning, battling the wind. I ran 8.0  miles at an average pace of 9.57 minute miling. The fastest mile was mile 8 at 9.13 pace. :joy:
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    Hi everyone - I see it's been a week since I've managed to pop on here - oops. BTW, the Corsham 10K is this Sunday (28th), not last weekend .. sorry about any confusion I may have caused! :)

    Aquarius - I think my Mum will settle in to her new flat very quickly as she already knows some of the residents from a lunch club. One hurdle will be getting used to the lift buttons - as the flats are built on a slope, there's an upper/lower ground as well as upper/lower 1st floor!. Shame about it being too hot for your 10K but well done for finishing quickly (my strategy in races is always - start steady; finish strong).

    HS - some of my brother's cd's are to my taste (Coldplay) but he seems to have also been a Madonna fan too. I'll give those a listen and see what I think. I took the front wheel off my brother's bike to transport it home. Have yet to put it back together but then it will need a good clean/overhaul before I can start making use of it. I've come back with a bag of tools this week (spanners, pliers etc.) most of which I'll be handing over to my son. 

    Red - Karen's dog being called Bradley Waggins always makes me smile too. Good luck at the VLM this weekend.

    Exhausted - now my grand-daughters are 8 and 10 I don't have to contrive to fall over so they beat me in a race .. they do anyway. Glad to hear your family weren't caught up in the Sri Lankan bombings.

    Good news re my Mum. We have a provisional moving date of Wed 8th May (waiting on confirmation from the council) so hotel room is already pre-booked in anticipation. In the meantime, been there this week to help with more de-cluttering etc.

    Had an email from the Corsham 10K organisers a few days ago with reminders about parking etc. Was excited to read an 18-strong Navy contingent will be turning up with a field gun they'll use to start the race!

    A busy day for me on Sunday because it's my naturist swim's AGM in the evening. The Chairman and Treasurer both wish to stand down and I've volunteered to take over Treasurer duties. It shouldn't be too time consuming as it's mainly keeping the attendance spreadsheet updated and paying in the money which I can easily fit in as and when. On a related note, I found out yesterday that the Rev Kate Bottley (from Gogglebox, Thought For The Day etc) has signed up to take part in the North East Skinny Dip which we do every September.

  • Evening all,

    WtnMel, good luck with the Corsham 10k tomorrow! Hope your mum soon gets used to the lift buttons in her new flat.
    Hope you get the bike up and running and use it for cross training, as well as for pleasure.
    Good luck with your offer to undertake the Treasurers duties at tomorrows Naturists AGM.

    Ran a very slow 8 miles road run with Helen this morning, battling the gale force winds.
    Looking forward to watching the London Marathon on TV tomorrow morning, and wishing Red the best of luck. The wings are on their way.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Just popping back to say I ran the Corsham 10k this morning in 1h 4m (perfectly happy with that time given I'd not done enough training)
  • I did the park run a week ago and I got a pb on it.I also beat the two blokes I often use as pacers.
    I have another park run on Saturday and I am doing the Avenham park 5k run in Preston on Bank holiday monday (last year I got dead 25 mins in this race so it will be a good marker to how much slower I am after the ankle injury).

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