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  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Apologies for absence, been plotting new adventures with my chum Kirsty one of the peeps I was running the 1066 with. Sneaked in a cheeky 28 mile LDWA event together on Sunday and we were both amazed that our legs felt really fresh as it was an incredibly challenging route, with pages of written instructions, so even the speedy runners were really slow! Will read back later as I'm off to yoga now. Ommmmmmmmmm :smiley:
  • Afternoon all,

    Red,  there is no stopping you is there :) Well done for another very long run. Did you have to read the instructions as you ran? I couldn't do that, as I have to wear glasses for reading, and I couldn't run wearing them. Hope the yoga session was good?

    I've started introducing more speed work into my training runs now. I did an 8.1 mile fartlek session in the forest this morning. It comprised 400 and 800 metre efforts, with short jog recoveries between each. My legs felt amazingly light, especially after Mondays LSD run and yesterdays tough spin session.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - the trip to the dentist was okay (as per usual). He said to keep on doing what I'm doing. Good idea to keep your gym membership even though you've cut down in the spinning. Well done re this morning's fartlek session.

    Red - nice to see you here and love the way you casually mention sneaking in a 28 mile event. Ommmmmmmmm :)

    I didn't manage to get out for a run yesterday but there's no reason for me to miss the club run tomorrow morning.

    However, I did get out and play 9 holes of golf this morning. Just my luck that my friend Alan wasn't there to witness it - I managed two pars and three bogies with an overall score of 48 (my average is around 56). I'm playing him on Mon so hoping I can continue my good form and give him more of a game.

    No builders at the moment - they've finished plastering the walls/ceiling after the removal of the wall so now it's drying off ready for the plumber to do the pipework and start fitting the new fixtures on Monday.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    I got out for a run with the club this morning and there were no after-effects from the recent cold. Thought I would share with you this rather delightful photo of us that a passing stranger was kind enough to take for us to avoid the need for a 'selfie' (that's me 2nd from right at the back) ..

  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, hope your club run went well this morning? Sounded like a good game of golf yesterday. It's always the way that when one achieves a good result, there is no one to witness it, or someone you wish had.

    Ran a hilly 7.3 miles on roads this morning.
  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, our posts crossed! That's a lovely picture and I've also spotted a couple of "almost an athlete" tops.

    Its been raining all day, but thankfully today is a rest day. Forecast tomorrow is even worse, heavy rain and thunder storms.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Just popping in briefly to say hello, we’re down at the Olympic Park to see the athletics this Saturday and Sunday. I had a 3 mile run to Hackney Marshes this morning and may return there tomorrow for their parkrun, but thunderstorms are forecast so I’ll wait and see what the weather is like tomorrow before deciding.
    We’ve been coming here for a few years now and always stay at the Premier Inn. This year there’s a problem with the fire alarm, it keeps going off, however the staff have been really apologetic (and generous) about it - so far we’ve had free drinks, 50% off our evening meal and free breakfasts for our five day stay. :)
    Will read back later to catch up with everyone’s news .
  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭

    Redhead: Well done for the 28 miles.  You can't keep a good redhead down! It's a testament to your fitness that you were able to do it so easily.

    I'm with HS in the problem with specs. I can't imagine running or walking with my varifocals! Good running from you, HS.

    WtnMel: The Open beckons! My memory of having bathrooms done is that you can't just retire to a corner. They seem to call you in every five minutes to ask what you want where and are you sure??? etc. When we first moved here we were overwhelmed by the quality of workmanship of everyone we called in on home improvements. Now Exeter is one of the fastest growing places in the UK. East of the city they are building pretty much new towns of houses. Therefore, it's now very difficult to get anyone to come and do anything, as all the builders are on these new developments. Your photo is lovely, with the wild flowers. The wheelchair athlete has done well on such a tough terrain.

    Aquarius: I'm always impressed by Hackney Marshes, and, indeed, all efforts in the greater London area to preserve wild spaces. I've had a week in Reading and Ealing. No running but lots and lots of very fast walking and running up stairs and escalators. I hope you enjoy the athletics. I was a volunteer at the 2012 Paralympics at the Olympic Stadium leading athletes round all the tunnels at the back and leading them out from the call rooms. I expect the layout has changed dramatically since West Ham took it over.

    Our shouty Handel concert went well. The whole Baroque thing of strings, kettle drums, trumpets and us singing louder and louder! An audience of over 90, apparently.

    I'm looking forward to sitting watching our local side play cricket tomorrow. It's a lovely way to spend Saturday afternoons.

  • Evening all,

    Aquarius, hope you are enjoying the athletics, I've been watching all afternoon on the TV.
    It rained here all night, but stopped this morning. Hope the weather was ok for you today. so that you were able to do the parkrun.

    Exhausted, running up stairs and escalators is excellent training. When I lived in my flat in Waterlooville, I had to run/walk up and down 3 flights of steps to get into and out of my my front door. I now live in a bungalow, so don't have any stairs.
    Glad to hear that the concert went well, and hope it stayed dry for you to watch the cricket today.

    Ran 8.6 miles in the forest this morning, making 40 miles, Monday to Saturday, and hitting 900 miles so far this year. I imagine Red has done double that mileage.
  • Afternoon all,

    I ran the club's Solent Half Marathon route this morning on my own. It's a tough course, 100% roads, which I hate, and rather boring running it solo. I had intended to run it at a steady pace, but because of boredom, I upped my pace to make it a bit of a challenge. Mile 13 was my quickest mile, and I sprinted the final .15. I'm feeling shattered now, as it was very humid, and I'm a bit out of practice road running.
  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭
    HS: Well done for your steady and disciplined training, even on terrain you hate. It's getting warmer here today but I don't think it's as hot as it is further east.
  • Thanks Exhausted. I went to the spinning class this morning,  which loosened up my legs. The class was only half full, probably because of the school holidays. It's very hot here too, and forecast to be even hotter tomorrow. Thursday is forecast to be the hottest before it starts cooling down again.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
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    Afternoon all,

    HS - yep, a couple of AA tops on show in that photo. Claire (our Thursday leader and the club's new 'chair') and Jane. Well done re your recent runs.

    Aquarius - hope you enjoyed the Anniversary Games. As I've mentioned before, there's too much banal chat and not enough action when they have live athletics on tv to keep me watching. So I stick to highlight programmes now. Although you may recall I struggle with Premier Inn's duvets' (and have had refunds as a result), we still use them because we can cancel without losing money and nowadays we take our own duvets in warm weather. But great to hear about the free drinks, free breakfast and 50% off evening meal as a result of the fire alarm problems.

    Exhausted - I wish I could get that good at golf! At present, I'm happy if I get near 50 for 9 holes (or 100 for 18). Played yesterday and scored 113 which was a bit better than recently - unfortunately, Alan was on fire and beat me.

    A good day today ..

    I went into town earlier to have my hearing checked. My hearing is no worse than six months ago - one of the 'filters' (goes between the hearing aid itself and the cone that fits in the ear) was slightly blocked with wax which probably accounts for recent feelings it was deteriorating. Surprised I didn't notice that myself. The appointment didn't take as long as expected so ..

    I went to my local Up & Running. Met my clubmate Lynne who I run with on Thursday's which was a nice surprise. And came away with some Brooks Transcend 6 shoes. My 'usual' Saucony Guide have been replaced with Saucony Guide ISO which they didn't have but these Brooks seem an adequate replacement. I tried them on the in-store treadmill and could see my gait looked fine in them (there was a slow-motion film they took which I was able to view). But obviously, I won't be able to tell for sure they're okay until I run outside in them.

    I had an online chat with Amazon as my Kindle Fire has been playing up recently with the screen freezing so I'm unable to use it. It took a 'factory reset' (wipes all data & settings) but it now appears to be functioning correctly again. I've set off a system restore to download all my settings/apps/data from the latest backup so all being well, in a day or so it should be business as usual.

    Bathroom update - the plumber is back this week. Yesterday he fitted the bath in place and did the pipework for the wastepipe/bath taps/shower. Today he's been busy putting up tiles ..
  • Afternoon all,

    WtnMel, good news that your hearing hasn't deteriorated since your last check up!
    I haven't heard of the Brooks Transcend 6 shoes, hope you find them ok when you run outside in them. I never try trainers out on the stores treadmill, because the short time on it, doesn't really give a true picture. Some sports shops allow you to run down the street to try them out. I remember a few years ago when I couldn't make up my mind between Asics and Saucony, they allowed me to run down the street with an Asics on one foot and the Saucony on the other. I chose the Saucony, but have always worn Asics since. If I remember rightly, I found the upgrade of the Saucony model was narrower, so have never tried them since.
    Lucky that you had backed up all your data etc otherwise all would have been lost. I have done a couple of factory resets to my Garmin, but haven't lost any data.
    Sounds like good progress is being made on your bathroom. Gold taps  :)

    Very hot today so I just ran 4 miles. Being such a short run, I ran the last 2 at a  good pace. It's forecast to be even hotter tomorrow.
    Had an appointment with my Hygienist at 2.30. 
  • Hillstrider.. My new trainers appear to have sorted out my archilles bothers.The old ones were firm as opposed to cushioned and I used them to do walk as well, for instance Dover to Deal and back to Dover is a regular longish walk that me and my girlfriend do. So their mileage was probably 800 ish.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
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    Afternoon all, hope everyone's OK.

    Too hot for this redhead so have been hiding indoors for days and drinking lots of water! Have been running of course, just really early each morning - today I was out at 4:30am for a trot followed by strength and weights stuff. It's 32 degrees here now and climbing......

    Exhausted, have you actually been running? <THUD> :wink: I do like a bit of shouty Handel occasionally,

    WtnMel, bathroom renovations are hideous as plumbers are such a strange breed aren't they! Hope it's finished soon so you can get back to your golf.

    TE, excellent training as always. I'm predicting an age group win for you in the near future xxx

    Aquarius, hope you're enjoyed your break and the athletics. 

    AnthonyJ, glad to hear your achilles probs have been sorted. I too have very cushioned runnign shoes which helped ease my arthritis enormously.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    HS - I was aware of Brooks but bought Mizuno when I first started running again and Saucony ever since. I asked about the difference between my (current) Saucony Guide and (new model) Saucony Guide ISO .. the guy said just the name! And that Saucony Guide will be back again in 2020. I remember when at 'Running Bath' (a running shop in .. errr, Bath) I ran in one each of two different shoes before deciding. Anyway, I was able to run on the in-store treadmill for a couple of minutes this time and being able to see my gait via the film they took, it appeared to show they will suit me so fingers crossed all will be well when I run outside in these new shoes for the first time.

    Anthony - good news the new trainers seem to have sorted out your achilles problem. Personally, I always have to go for cushioned, support-type shoes.

    Red - I've been hiding indoors .. apart from playing golf on Monday (warm work) and running today (hot work!). We're lucky as we've found a good plumber who turns up when he says he will and always does a great job. The bathroom work isn't affecting my golf/running .. Margaret and I just have to make sure we're not both out at the same time.

    Been out with the club this morning for a very hot 5 miler .. a select little band of 8 of us plus Danny in his wheelchair as the rest were off doing the trails course on the nearby hills.
    The bathroom is still coming along nicely. All the tiles are now up and he's fitting the new radiator today. Shouldn't be too long before the shower unit is fitted then he'll be able to concentrate on the toilet, sink & base/wall units at the other end of the room.
  • Afternoon all,

    Anthony, good to hear that your new trainers seem to have done the trick. I prefer minimal cushioning, especially my trail shoes, which have virtually none. 

    Red, a good idea, getting out so early in the morning for a run, before it got too hot for comfort. A bit too hot for weight and strength training, I would have thought, unless it was in an air conditioned gym?
    Thanks, my training is going really well, and I'm incorporating some speed work into my runs now. My next race is the Salisbury 54321 21k trail race on 11th August, but I'm not intending to push the pace, but just to enjoy it. I usually pass your Scottish friend who walks with her dog, but can't remember their names now. I do intend to race properly in the New Forest Half Marathon though, which is on 8th September xxx

    WtnMel, fingers crossed that your new trainers will be fine when you run outdoors in them.
    Good to hear that you have found a reliable plumber. I'm lucky as one of our club members is a plumber, and does well out of other club members.
    Well done, getting out for a 5 miler in the heat this morning.

    It's very hot again here, so I went out for a run at 8am. I ran 6.75 miles in the forest, pushing the pace during the last 2.75 miles. I'm gradually getting used to the heat, which probably means that it will start getting cooler again.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Please can you make the thunder and rain come back as it's no better this afternoon and I'm far too hot! 

    TE, no air con in the room over our garage I'm afraid so I've been doing all my weights outside in the garden really early in the morning. Rest day for me today. Carolyn and Bonnie the dog will no doubt be joining you again at the 54321. NF half should be a good one for you after all your hard work x

    WtnMel, glad to hear you're getting out with your club mates.
  • Afternoon all,

    Red, I hadn't thought about doing workouts in the garden. Presume that you are not overlooked? I thought the dog was Bonnie, but had forgotten Carolyn's name. I certainly hope that I run it much quicker than last year, as that was my first race since my injury in June 2017, and I was very race rusty and had to do lots of walking to get round. It felt very hard, but it obviously helped my recovery, as my breathing and pace started improving afterwards. I'm looking forward to it x

    Today is a rest day and I will be going for a run in the morning
  • ExhaustedExhausted ✭✭✭
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    Redhead: No.

    Bye everyone. Good luck in your future running.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Exhausted, where are you going? You can't desert us - we'd miss your culture! x

    TE, thankfully not overlooked as that could be fun!
  • Exhausted, please don't leave us, your posts are always interesting and informative and you are a valued member of this forum x

    Ran 7.3 miles in the forest this morning. No sunshine, but still hot and humid.
  • Morning all, I ran 14.76 miles in the forest with a few club mates yesterday morning. We were nearly mowed down by a pack of galloping ponies. My heart rate spiked with apprehension.
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    Exhausted, your Handel concert sounds great, I love a bit of Baroque. What are you rehearsing now? Lucky you to have been a volunteer at the Paralympics (weren’t the volunteers called “game makers” or something similar?) That must have been an amazing experience. What do you mean “Bye everyone”? Are you deserting us? I certainly hope not.

    WtnMel I expect your builders will have (almost?) completed their work by now and you’ll have a lovely brand new bathroom very soon. You’re lucky to have found some reliable plumbers, we’ve had more than one walk off a job half way through. How are you managing in your Brooks Transcends? Are they a neutral cushioned shoe? I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I run in Brooks Glycerin, as they are both neutral and cushioned. Lovely photo by the way, the colours are stunning.

    Red, hope the weather is a little cooler for you now. This heat and humidity must play havoc with your asthma. Well done for continuing to train regardless.

    HS well done for all your amazing mileage, and for posting on here so regularly. :) I sometimes think you singlehandedly keep this forum going. I always intend to be a more regular contributor but somehow never manage it. Glad you all avoided getting trampled by those ponies yesterday. It must have been quite a scary experience.

    I did get to the Hackney Marshes parkrun whilst in London but the weather was very hot and close and it threatened to rain a couple of times. The weather was incredibly hot while we were down there, but by contrast since returning home last Tuesday we have had mainly thunderstorms and heavy rain. On Saturday I did our local parkrun and was drenched long before it even started. In places we had to run through deep puddles, ending up ankle deep in water more than once. The weather has certainly been very unpredictable lately. I managed to get over to the club last Thursday for training - track interval sessions at 3k pace. I haven’t done much speed work lately and it showed on Thursday. I was completely exhausted by the end. Whilst there I paid my entry fee for the club’s Grand Prix series of races (being one 10k in August followed by monthly 5ks up to March) and all taking place in the evening. 
    The rain has just eased off for a bit, so I’ll try to motivate myself to get out for a run while I can……

  • Afternoon everyone,

    Aquarius, thanks. I try to post every day and don't want the forum to "fade away!" I remember a year or so ago, there was the worry that RW would close down the forums, as they had done that with the USA version. Yes it was really scary with the ponies galloping towards us. One of our club members posted on Strava that she had been chased by a cow, but was able to get behind a tree, and it went away.
    Well done racing and training in heavy rain. That parkrun sounded really tough! 

    Very heavy rain and strong winds this morning, but the thunderstorm hasn't arrived yet. I ran 6.5 miles on roads, as I didn't want to be in the forest in a thunder storm.
    I'm going for a meal this evening in the Italian Restaurant with Alice, Helen and Chris.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Firstly, I'd also appeal to Exhausted not to disappear. I don't get on here as often as I'd like but would just say, it's always nice to hear from you whenever you have time to post so please re-consider leaving.

    HS - useful to have a club-mate who is a plumber! I can't remember now how we found Stu but we hope to be able to use him in future. Stu's dad (who has been helping with the bathroom) has given us contact details for a good decorator he recommends to people. A bit scary to have ponies galloping towards you! We occasionally have to negotiate fields of cows stood around in a field but that's as 'scary' as it gets.

    Red - it was a tad warm last Thursday but we figured we should persevere rather than stay indoors. Mind you, we did stay in the shade of a tree on the way round for a bit longer than usual!

    Aquarius - the bathroom work is still proceeding but Stu thinks he'll have finished by the end of the week. Today he's been fitting the new basin and toilet and will be doing the tiling for the 'splashback' above the basin. Just the wall cupboards left to do then and after that, the final job will be the electrician returning on Monday to fit the new ceiling extractor fan. Hope your planned Grand Prix races go well - unfortunately I had to give my club's handicap race series a miss this year (dates just didn't work out for me to participate in the minimum number of them).

    And a +1 from me about HS's sterling efforts keeping this thread going (single-handedly sometimes!). I remember the scare we had last year about the possibility of these RW forums closing overnight like the US ones did and all of us losing contact with each other. HS and I are members of Fetcheveryone so Aquarius (or anyone else) .. might be worth joining so we've got a Plan B in place should they ever decide to pull the plug? I would have suggested Facebook but I know some people (like HS) don't 'do' Facebook (btw Red, thought we were already friends on FB but just discovered we aren't so found you via Hipps and have sent a friend request - hope that's okay). 

    Chucking it down right now (Gloucs) but yesterday my friend Alan and I played golf and wore shorts as it was so nice (warm, no breeze). I won by one stroke yesterday - first win against Alan for a couple of months so pleased with that.

    My club's Wed evening runs are moving to Cleeve Hill for a few weeks. I can't make it to the Thu run this week (plumber & cleaner in residence) so although I tend to avoid off-road runs I'll try and get along tomorrow evening and will just have to watch my step. There's a possibility of a road run in Bishops Cleeve to do instead but it depends on how many takers there are for that option.

    HS mentioned a clubmate posted on Strava about being chased by a cow. One of my clubmates does triathlons and she posted about a 'skins' swim (ie. without a wetsuit). So for fun I posted about my own 'skins' swim which I did at my naturist swim a couple of weekend's ago ;)
  • AquariusAquarius ✭✭✭
    WtnMel - any chance of sharing Stu with the rest of us? 
    I joined Fetch some time ago but I don’t really like the format. Too many people posting one-liners about anything and everything. The last time I dropped in I found pages and pages of chatter about old TV programmes, I just find it too busy and frankly not very inviting. I much prefer our little group on here. I use Facebook to keep in touch with what’s happening with my club, and one or two other groups, but rarely post on it myself.
    Well done for beating Alan at golf, are you still having lessons? If so they must be working  ;)
    If you do get out for an off road run tomorrow remember it could be soft and slippery underfoot due to the recent downpours.

    HS, yes it was quite tough running the parkrun in heavy rain but I decided to forget about times and just do it for a bit of wet weather practice, as you never know what the weather will be like on race day so it’s good to practice in all weathers. You were sensible to keep out of the forest in case of thunderstorms. When training at the club last week thunderstorms were forecast, so our coach reminded us that track rules state that if a thunderstorm breaks out while we are on the track we have to immediately head for the clubhouse. I wasn’t aware of that rule, perhaps it’s just one our club has decided on?
    Enjoy your meal tonight.

    I didn’t get out for a run yesterday after all, but today managed 6.8 miles between showers. Part of my route was along the Derwent Walk, which I often use as there is an access path for it about 100 yds from my front door. It’s an old railway line much frequented by dog walkers, cyclists and runners. From time to time (yesterday being one such occasion) some sick person scatters carpet tacks over it, presumably they have a grudge against cyclists, or dogs perhaps. I noticed the tacks yesterday when going to the local shop so was careful to avoid them today. 

    Running Fox - I hope you are still visiting this forum. I notice you haven’t updated your blog recently, I do hope you and your lovely partner are well and that you’re still able to get out from time to time for the odd run.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Aquarius - sorry to say Stu is really busy :) I used to chat on some forum threads on Fetch but like you, either found them too busy or cliquey and felt I was wasting my time .. wheraeas I much prefer the mateyness of this little group we have here. The only Fetch thread I follow now is the TYWTSBC thread (things you want to say but can't) as it's often quite amusing. Btw I did look on Fetch and found a user called Aquarius with the same avatar - presume that's you from your previous visits? I've booked some more golf lessons and only had one but it's already helping me improve. It turns out there will be a road run in Bishops Cleeve tomorrow evening - with the possibility of a visit to the pub afterwards ;) 
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Running just ticking over here with a nice maintenance run this morning as I've got the Vanguard Way marathon this weekend which is HILLY so I'm really looking forward to it!

    I left Fetch many years ago when they started those guerilla token things which encouraged people to trespass on farmland, inclusing our fields where there is no public right of way, thus annoying the landowners, plus I found it exceedingly cliquey. I accepted your FB request WtnMel but my public account is almost all about dementia so I just post my personal stuff in certain private groups.

    TE is your 1/2 this weekend? If so I hope you do a stonking time and beat everyone in your age group 'cos you've worked so hard xxx

    Aquarius, how dreadful that someone scattered tacks around and glad you were able to avoid them.
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