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  • Great result CD given your apparent lack of confidence. Well played mate. 

    I wasnt tracking that many folks but glad to hear others had a good day. Great work one and all. 
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    What might have been for me.  On course for circa 3.35 as per my last outing.  All good at 22-23m but just after 24m I was weaving and wobbling and in danger of collapse.  Decided to be sensible and stopped.  Who should arrive to coax me to the finish but CRAB who was also having a bad day.  Finished up with 3 45.  A poor return for my training investment but I guess marathons do this to us occasionally. CRAB receives the award for helping an old man across the road
    Good to have a natter with TR, Ode, CRAB at the Red Lion post race.
    TR.. Great run today with a chunky negative split.  Hope the drive home was a smooth one.

    CC2.. congrats on a well deserved PB.

    CD.. excellent run off less than ideal build up, and well done keeping the sub 3 streak going.

    JB..that's a great result off minimal training!

    RS.. good to see you popping in.  One of my club girls (young, very athletic) developed long covid last winter, took her 5-6 months to get back to her old self.  Seems to be the luck of the draw.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Glad to hear you're ok, Wardi - I did wonder when your pace dropped off on the tracker.  Nice of Crab to lend a hand!  I hope you're feeling ok now.
  • Shame that Wardi after the decent training as you say. Rest up and recover well. Good to have a helping hand when you needed it, top stuff CRAB
  • SJ - Peel parkrun in Salford. It's a new one, I think only the fourth running. Quick though, winner clocked 15:23 I think.
    CD - That's a good runstreak and no doubt as sweet as the quicker ones you've managed in recent times. Hope the recovery goes well and you're back strong next year.
    Wardi - well toughed out. Marathons are an unruly beast. Must be curry time?
    TR - Great run and one of the best paced efforts of all the people I was tracking. A fine reward for all of that consistency.

    To all others, well run! Looked like a fantastic day out there...there was a lot of buzz on the whatsapp group for my old club. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well done CD, good to keep the streak going, i obviously didnt see you during or afterwards.

    Wardi - good to see you yday, shame it wasnt yr day, you've certainly done the work.

    RS - i feel for you, my wife was poorly for ages with long covid.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Thanks for tracking me folks, i was aware of others tracking me too, its very motivating.

    The plan was for the 3 musketeers to run together again after a good few years apart, but the AG starts kept ode separate. Crab was in good shape but unwell, so we settled on 2.55ish as he was under the weather and i didnt want to risk going out quicker. We were comfortably on pace for a while, but around 10m i could feel him falling off the back a bit, we were slowing a bit and he said he wasnt feeling good and for me to crack on. 1/2 way in 1.28.01.......mmmm, if i run even i could go 2.56, or a slight fade to 2.57. i feel good and ive run a slight negative split at vlm before. Si i crack on picking my way thtough the field, but decide ill push on at 17ish like i did at Goodwood in April. I was on elapsed time only, and just ran to feel, pushed on at 18m andon again when i felt i could. Had to manage a coiple of hammy cramp wibbles but pushed on when they stopped, 2.56 became a possible 2.55 and then a 2.54 with a good shove in the later miles. 

    2.54.33, with 1.26.32 second half, so posdible underperformed a bit 1st 1/2. But great fun on the embankment. Met pukie for a few minutes just after the finish line.
  • Come on CharlieW, you promised to come out of the woodwork to say hello on here....

    2.57.37 for me, which is a PB by 45 seconds. I found the last 8 miles into the wind quite hard, and not having done any real time on feet runs this time round I did struggle towards the end. No longer the queen of the negative split! I think there's more to come on a calmer day and with some more runs over 2 hours 40 in the legs. So... Manchester 2022? I did fancy Brighton (vegan friendly place) but that's likely to be windy. 

    Wardi, sorry it wasn't your day, but I hope you still got to have some birthday fun?

    I got caught up in the Blackwall tunnel queues this morning. I couldn't work the TV in the Air B&B so hadn't seen any news and didn't realise it was closed. Not that I knew any other way to get home to be fair. I'm all for standing up for what you believe in, but glueing yourself to the road, stopping emergency vehicles getting through and mightily pissing off the general public just trying to go about their business isn't going to make anyone sympathetic to the cause, no matter how noble. Luckily I never intended to go the M1, since that was also closed due to a major accident. One day I'll have an easy journey. I did get diesel at Cambridge services though. 
  • That's bad luck Wardi.  Not what you deserved but it sounds like you were sensible about it.

    Nicely done CC2 - it was blowing a bit in a few places for sure.  Not what you need when you're on the limit towards the end!

    I'm still surprised at managing to stay the course - looking at strava I've been able to average no more than 13 miles a week for the last 20 weeks (and that's including 26.2 yesterday!).  Cycling helps, but still.  Maybe it's the magic shoes.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    CC2. we had all the drama on the journey down.  Our bus to the station was 30 mins late so we only just made the train - only to have to eject people from our booked seats.  Just before that a pigeon shat on our club chairman.  Once again CC2, that's a great run and one you should be very proud of.

    TR.. shame the old trio couldn't start together. Your splits reminded me of my first sub 3.15 - splits of 97/95 for 3.12. Overtaking runners in the last few miles seems to pull you along even quicker somehow.

    Thanks for the commiserations, I'm already planning another marathon between now and spring.  If you remember Callum Hawkins collapse while leading the commonwealth marathon, I was doing a pretty good impression of him at 24m.  After a near collision with the kerb I think I stopped in the nick of time.  I suspect CRAB was  relieved it was me he found rather than his usual stricken runner, Dan A.
    A few days rest then time to make a few racing plans. 
  • ToroToro ✭✭✭
    Great running CD. 

    TR - Sounds like a fun way to run it.

    CC2 - Well done.

    Wardi - Tough day out but nice to finish.

  • I don't think they get any easier do they! 
    Nice to see Ode and TR at the pub. 

    451 miles since 1st of may for me, which I would say is a the likely reason my legs hurt from about mile 6

    Ive no idea if 3:02:21 will get me in for GFA next year as 42yr old will see. 
    otherwise Manchester 2022 training starts right now* 

    *soon as I can actually move again 
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
    edited October 2021
    CD - 13 mpw, a remarkable and very impressive performance, shows the value of cycling and the marathon running in your legs, very motivating.  You paced the race perfectly. The sub-3 run continues.   

    TR - Loved following you too, from running with Crab and them going on and just going from strength to strength in the second half of the race, catching and overtaking some of my running mates (who all seemed to come to grief around mile 22). Pleased you've finally got the run your training has deserved.

    Congrats too Speedy, you've had a great build-up and so pleased yo got the job done on the day.

    Unlucky Wardi - get your rewards next time out.

    Feeling much better now, just did a slow 2m with the pooch this morning and felt fine, so will do an easy 5 miler later.  Still plan to run Newport on 24th Oct  (and will take it very easy if the training doesn't go well) and just entered the Gran Canaria marathon for 24 November so hopefully be back firing on all/most cylinders then. 
  • TR - Doesn't sound like you left too much more out there. The miles seem to come much quicker when you're passing people in a race too. Once again, great job!
    CC2 - Getting PBs but knowing there's more to come sounds ideal. You certainly weren't the only one finding the last 8 miles tough. Saw plenty of experienced people slow a bit from there.
    CD - That's pretty epic. Hadn't realised the mileage was down that much! +1 from you for cross training then.
    OO - Tentative good news there then. Hope it continues to progress. Gran Canaria likely to be the quicker time if you can get back to training?

    8 miles for me this morning with 6x12 secs uphill sprints in the middle and 6x100m strides at the end. Coupled with 2xS&C sessions a week I'm hoping to build some more strength and to be a little bit more robust all round. May be running the national road relays on Saturday so rest of the week will depend on that. Not a race that is going to appeal much to London or Manchester marathon runners!
  • selbsselbs ✭✭✭
    hi all, popping in to say big congrats for a fine negative split run TR! and Wardi, that's still a pretty good run, but sorry you didn't manage to hold it together quite as you wanted right till the end, well done CRAB for helping you out on a likewise not best day.

    CD - amazing stuff off so little running, but with your pedigree cant say i was that surprised to see!

    CC2 - brilliant run, nothing like a good day and PB. sorry about the travel problems though.

    It was a much nicer day than was forecast so i was very happy about that come the morning (where the tube guys didn't seem to know we were allowed to travel for free when i tried to get on around 7am which resulted in needless arguing).  The champs start (last time i'm sure for me!) wasn't very special, plenty of long queues and moaning for different people about the fact it wasn't what it used to be!! didn't bother me mind u still felt a privilege.

    I've had similar issue to many of us older folks now it seems (back/bulging disks/nerve) and lockdown didn't do me any favours.  looking back at training log, for the year till end May this year i averaged 20 miles a week so not quite CD level, but enough for me to put on around 7kg and have to buy new trousers/shorts!

    Just as i got back into working it all off June/July i then got - not covid - but similar which scuppered me for 5 weeks so did 40 miles total in august.  a good september with 1 long run convinced me to run and go for good for age.

    I ran the race to HR with nothing but that on watch (till 22m), trying to keep a lid on it below what i used to manage when proper fit.  I ran a mile or so with flatcap speedo guy whom you all know, which was nice, but he was going to quick for me so dropped back keeping HR in check.

    Managed to get round in smidge under 2:59 so was ecstatic, and enjoyed the race a lot apart from the pain in ar&e/back!  slowed quite a bit, but that was expected with the build up and the fact i start in pain and it gets worse.. so happy enough to be coming in around 7:30s last couple of miles knowing i had a bit of a buffer.

    Hoped to see a few more at RL, but a friend had a table inside (he managed 2:52 as a V50 in only his 2nd marathon so top effort) so i only saw CW who did great as usual, and we left after just a couple of pints.

    OO bad luck on the covid you looked in amazing form am sure you will bounce back well for Gran Canaria and Newport.

    I'm looking for something in March now so i don't fall off a cliff like i did with lockdown.. any recommendations?

    still really enjoy following everyone's training/exploits as it's inspiring.

    oh i saw (well me and flatcap JoeB) Tommy Hughes fly past us around mile 3 - legend!
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    CD - top work bagging a sub-3 on so little mileage.
    Speedy - congrats on the pb.
    Wardi - tough finish but good to not dnf even if you didn't get what you wanted.
    TR - very well executed. More to come next time out hopefully too.
    WTGY - inside your target; well done! See you at Manchester.
    OO - good to see you moving again.
    joe - nice parkrun!
    Not much to report here. Packed gear when I went to Ireland but never even took it out of my bag. 14km earlier and another 8km to come shortly. Will hopefully manage to get back into a rhythm over the next few weeks.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited October 2021
    Well done on the sub3 selbs, its harder to stay healthy as we get older, my hip and hammy issues are no doubt back related, they take some abuse!

    I was comparing my 3.00.00 on a very windy solo GW, to my 2.58.3X on a less windy solo GW to sundays 2.54.33. Sunday was quicker but i had folks to chase, less wind, a crowd, app watchers so who knows which was the best performance. My HR graph for Sunday wa similare to the progressive effort 2.58, which remained even paced into a strong wind.......i shouldn't really be running a 90sec neg split with my quickest miles into the wind on sunday so theres more to come i guess, i just didnt know it.......defo ran a bit further than at GW due to the weaving around Sunday, so thats worth more than a minute........still happy days and it was good to run strongly.

    Some cnut clipped my heels early on, so i told him off, then someone veered in front of me for a gel at 23m meaning i had to hit the brakes briefly, thst made ny quad hurt for the rest of the way, but it wasnt going to stop me. Today its still the most sore leg issue. There was lots of weaving thtough runners at time esp early on and i was over the line in 40 secs ish. Later on i just tried to find a clear path for my overtaking,  i was going well but still had the odd person go past, but it gave me someone to chase.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Selbs.. fab stuff getting under 3 under the circumstances.  You always seem to have a medical or injury calamity when you appear on here so I admire you for persevering!
    WTGY.. great time on minimal mileage.  Not worth second guessing the GFA countback, usually 2-4 mins.
    TR.. I guess as London is a big marathon the trip/collision risk is fairly high.  I got tripped from behind at 16m in 2014, bloodied knees and elbows plus number & chip partially torn off. 
    OO.. I thought Gran Canaria was on Sunday the 21st? 
    Legs slowly recovering here, might manage a steady jog in thenext few days.
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    Great to be reading all your epic tales of perseverance and determination. 

    Some great results off non ideal training from selbs (good to see you pop in) CD, and wtgy

    Speedy - I'm doing Manchester (hopefully), fast course with great support (assuming you've not run it before?) which I would argue rivals most places now for vegan friendliness. In fact me and Mrs SJ celebrated our 20th anniversary last night at an all vegan restaurant. So many places cater for vegans, northern quarter being a hotspot. We have lots of choice. 

    OO - good to read you have got going again. Hope the body reacts well to getting back into the groove. 

    TT - fingers crossed you get going again too. 

    Joe - good luck at the relays. I used to like them 10 years or so ago when I last ran them. Although I never made the nationals of course :smile:

    Wardi - glad to read you are feeling more like yourself and a run is in the offing. I hadn't realised how much of a wobble you had until reading your report. Great that a helping hand came along. 

    TR - some good analysis there of your recent races. It must give you great motivation when you consider there is more to come off Sundays performance. I guess you have some postponed races pencilled in for 2022? 

    I managed a couple of slow 5k jogs last week. Still an awareness that the left ankle is tight/restricted at flexion/dorsiflexion but no swelling or aching post run. 

    I will up it to 3 jogs this week to test loading it up. However, I am still awaiting a scan (mix up with my GP and the letter from the private consultation). I definitely don't think I could run quicker on it or indeed further than 5k currently but to take a positive, at least I can get outside a bit more.

    Indoor cycling started to aggravate my left knee. Lost of imbalances going on. I'm trying to address this with a basic (for me) s&c routine. Squats, calf raises, some upper weight stuff. My son has got into weights recently so the broken treadmill is currently in its folded up position whilst the rest of the garage resembles a spit and sawdust gym with bar bells, kettle bells and bench etc. Its something we can do together still at least as he turns 18 in two weeks so those opportunities will inevitably reduce over time I guess? 
  • CD - Great result for you considering that build up. I think the cycling definitely helps!

    Wardi - sorry you didn't have the day you wanted, I think another race sounds like a solid plan.

    TR - great to see you at the end, and congrats on a fantastic run.

    CC2 - PB! That's all that matters. Great work.

    Selbs - great to run with you for a bit, I was definitely already slightly feeling it by mile 3 which is never a good sign!

    Headed into the unknown on Sunday with 20 miles run (with a long run of 5 miles) in the 6 week period since being knocked off my bike. Was fully ready to be walking come the second half if the injury reared it's head or the legs just crumbled. 

    As always, got caught up in the excitement, heading through halfway in 1:24, which was obviously far too fast.

    The final 10 miles were some of the hardest of my running life to date, my legs went early - I've never had DOMS mid-race before. I think it must just pure lack of conditioning having not used them much recently. 

    Kept the train just about rolling, coming home in 1:29 for a very surprising 2:53 - made up with that. Sub 3 in the bank for another calendar year and therefore no need to do another one this year!  :D

    Great to run with Selbs for a bit, and congratulated TR at the end for a great run.

    Got the bug back - fancy a crack early spring so we've just signed up for Seville in Feb..
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    Different gravy Joe. True grit getting through that second half

    I'm not sure if I feel inspired by your report or contemplating throwing my trainers in the bin !! 

  • Well this is weird. I had already looked at entering Manchester and had at least two emails in my inbox reminding me to complete my registration. They have vanished without a trace. I tried just going to the website to start over again, and the links for 2022 are broken.... 
  • OuchOuchOuchOuch ✭✭✭
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    Inspirational performances by Selbs, CD and Joe battling out good sub3 marathons with far from good build-ups.   Really helps put things in perspective for me for Newport and given me a lot of confidence (dangerous).  I was thinking of using it as a LSR but now am going to go for it.  With my 4m today and yesterday, I am possibly doing too much!  :D

    SJ - Great to see you moving again, matter of time.
    Wardi - Your right 21st Nov. 
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    Cheers sj. You too. Hopefully your referral gets sorted asap.
    selbs - good to (virtually) see you. Great result off what sounds like very constrained circumstances. Why not join a few of us at Manchester - 3rd April (so almost March; lol).
    JB - good to see you getting the bug back. Great result in trying circumstances too.
    Got myself out the door at 5:45 this morning for a jog to try to re-establish some routine (tricky as I'm not in the office and my wife's start time can vary by 3 hours so bed/wake-up times can vary). Very brrr at that time!
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    Links working for me Speedy. Have your tried logging in again since you say you had started the registration? There is a 15 minute cut-off during the registration process so maybe some confusion there? 
  • CC2 - Speedy GothCC2 - Speedy Goth ✭✭✭
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    Where do you log in? I just get error 403 forbidden when I click on the April 2022 Enter Event link.

    Actually I think it just decided it didn't like my browser any more (same one I used last time though!). I just registered on a different browser. Weird. Anyway, Manchester 2022 - I'm in!
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    That is odd Speedy. Glad you got in eventually.

    Look forward to saying "hi" after all these years, assuming I get going sufficiently. Nearer the tine if you want some tips on places to eat I can help. I'd stay in the city centre for best chance. Start line is a three stop tram ride away from city centre. 
  • Speaking of Manchester. Could be interesting this weekend as metrolink drivers are threatening to strike on the day of the race having turned down the latest pay offer. 
  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭
    Speedy/sj - clearing cookies would have allowed the same browser to be used, just fyi.
    sj - I'd best book my apartment near the start then. Any local advice on the best location to be near the start and near a shopping centre/shops?
    45mins steady to add to this morning's jog (4km before, 3km after). Bit breezy out but otherwise surprisingly pleasant.
  • saintjasonsaintjason ✭✭✭
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    If wanting to stay near the start TT I would say Salford Quays/Media City is ideal. 10 min (1km) walk to the Start which is in-between Old Trafford cricket ground and Man United's Old Trafford stadium. A couple of decent hotels at Media City plus I imagine apartments to rent. In terms of food/shops you have a Booth's and a decent selection of restaurants all in one place. 

    The city centre has more variety in all aspects of course but its 3km to Old Trafford. So ideally hop on a tram for the short trip on race morning. In fact the above might work better for you Speedy too in terms of a location. You could always pop into the city centre from Media City for food the night before if Wagamama's isn't for you.
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