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  • Hello, can I join? I average an 11 minute mile on my longer runs (10-12km), but don't get much faster than that even when running much shorter distances.I sometimes get frustrated by how slow I am, but then realise that I really enjoy my long slow runs and hate speed training. But if I give up speed traing, I just seem to get slower and slower.

    I've heard it said plenty of times that your size and shape doesn't matter, but I'm short and pear-shaped too and can't help thinking it must make some difference.
  • Hi guys
    I think shape does have an effect. I used to "run" with 2 friends both of whom are slightly taller than me but about 3 - 4 stone lighter and probably 3 - 4 dress sizes smaller. Not only did they have much less weight to carry round but their legs were longer and so were their strides which meant they were always travelling faster for much less effort. We don't run together any more as although they never made me feel out of it I made myself feel out of it.
    btw - about 11 minute miling after 9 month lay off part due to injury, part to commitments and part to laziness! Am trying to get motivated again but find it so easy to find an excuse.
    good luck to all
  • Hi all
    I'm an averagely-built fairly tall runner, but my pb for a 10k is 63mins.

    I struggle to crack the 10 mm barrier on short runs and (oh dear) when i strap a hrm on and try to run at less than 70% max I do more than 12min miles. (and THAT'S better than I was doing a couple of months back when it was over 13min miles)

    By the way, in training, the best I've done for 10 miles is 1hr 54.

    I've been running for 6 months.

    Do I qualify for the official slow club?
  • Trinity

    I've met people who consider 8 minute miles to be slow!!!

    I think it's up to the individual to decide if he/she is slow.

    And off course, we can all post our stunning improvements (ha,ha!) on the thread over the coming months.

    Move over Paula Radcliffe, the Fifer's coming through!!!!
  • so slow i go backwards

    unless there is a folowing wind and last orders
  • I've already done my run for the day - 5 miles on the treadmill in the gym. I worry about my knees so generally do midweek plods on the treaddie, and long Sunday runs outdoors.

    My first half marathon is 7th March and I'm SCARED!
  • Hi trin
    I agree with you and FF - the not so slow ones won't be interested in our breakthroughs and will take themselves off to somewhere more appropriate.
    What is fast? Fast enough to catch my overweight labrador when next door's cat is teasing him would be nice. Not that the cat is in any danger!!
    Going out for a meal tonight so no training for me as will barely have time to get home from work, sort out dogs and then go.
    Fast other half coming back from Japan in couple of weeks (only been away a year) so looking forward to getting out during the week once he's back.
    Watch this space in March!
    Good luck with your training tonight. I think it's fine to up your weekend run and a mid week run as long as you don't overdue either of them. Many programmes (or whatever length / speed etc) advocate 3 weeks of increasing intensity and then 1 week stepping back intensity / distance etc etc. I'm trying to do this and so far so good.
  • I was brave enough (or daft enough) to join the local running club.

    The first night I went we did 4.2 miles, which was fine.

    Last week we did 8 miles. The first 3 were fine, then we hit the HILL. It felt like a cliff and went on for about a mile.(I have driven up it since to check, and it is pretty steep)

    Fortunately for me, some of the others stopped before the hill to say goodbye to some people who were heading back early.

    Even with a head start they had caught up with me by the top, and I struggled on behind them all for the final few miles back to the sports centre.

    So,in short, tonight will be another 8 miler, same route as last time, and I'm hoping that the fitness I must have miraculously acquired since last week will allow me to finish the run without my legs turning to jelly.

    By the way, last week we averaged 10min 40sec miles- and I was exhausted by the end.

    Here's hoping they all stop for a chat at the bottom of the hill again to give me a chance!
  • I'm gonna do a timed short run tonight which I do every now and again to make sure i'm not getting any slower. Last time I was much slower cos I didn't do any speed training over xmas. Done some half hearted little bits of speed training lately, so we'll see.

    I reckon we should judge each case individually Trinity?

    Puff, I was so slow I went backwards on Sunday - trying to get over a hill with gale force winds against me - it was comical.
  • Norma

    I've got a 10 mile race on 7 March, which will be the longest race I've done.

    I'm probably feeling much as you are about your half marathon.

    But if we both keep plugging away at it we'll be fine.

    For me, I just have to be careful and not start off too fast in the race. i did that in a 10k recently (5min 20 for the first 1k), and, by the time I'd passed the 2k mark everyone was overtaking me and I thought I was going to have to stop & have a rest.

    good luck for the race Norma
  • Going to do some "speedwork" tonight on the treadmill. Schedule says: warm up then 3x10 minutes at half marathon pace or faster with 4 min recoveries. So very very slow to start, slow then very slow (x3), return to very very slow for last 10 mins.
  • Thanks FF - good luck with your race too
  • I usually walk in my speedwork recoverieds

    oops, im not allowed to do speeedwork
    I mean , I USED to walk
  • Why aren' you allowed to do speedwork hippo?
  • Base training
    Musnt go anerobic

    probably should not even talk about it

    BTW, the fastest"speed" ive done is 11kph on the tready

    not for owt more than 400m

    thats some peoples normal speed!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hello - can I join in? Im a slow runner whose pb on a 10K is 61 minutes and am currently panicking slightly because ive just applied for a half marathon in March (first one) and i havent ran further than 7-8 miles in one go. I went on my running clubs Sunday long run but felt so slow as they are all training for the FLM so their pace is a lot faster than mine - I think im about 9.30 minutes per mile at the moment.

    Ive also entered the Dublin Marathon so need lots of help and motivation.
  • Hello All,
    I think that I can slot in here nicely. I am a beginner (only 3 weeks in) and can only just manage 1.5 miles in about 20minutes. I promise it is a slow jog and not a fast walk!

    I'm coming along very slowly but with great personal satisfaction!
  • Trinity

    I'm at the opposite end of the country. My 10 mile race is the Arbroath Smokies for women.Time for a bit of bracing north sea air!

    Good luck for the Wyndmondham 10.
  • Sorry-that didn't quite come out right-
    WYM-OND-HAM- there we go, that's better.
  • Since sticking to the treadmill I haven't had any aches or pains. Think I'll have to reduce my excess bulk by at least another stone before I go out again.

    Still at it and starting to get to the point where I actually enjoy it (all bar the last 2 minutes!).
  • Hi Trinity1, my events March 14th so not long to go - dont know where this year is going!

    I think you will surprise yourself when it gets to the day! I hope yours goes ok - what day is it on.

    Ten ton - you sound like you're doing great - keep at it - it does get easier!
  • Hippo

    Just a question out of nosiness.

    What is your base training pace like?

    Is it about the equivalent of 70% heart rate, or is it even slower?

    I find that I still have to walk quite a lot when I do my 70% recovery runs, so I hate to think what I'd be feeling like if all my running was at that pace.

    Good on you for sticking to the base training programme.

  • Looks like March is going to be a busy month for us sprinters.

    Good luck on the 14th, Tilly
  • Hi peeps

    Am about 13/14 min miling at the moment. For about a mile at a time.

    Was getting speeds up in the Summer, but came down with virus that knocked me flat on back, so just gradually building up tiem on feet again.

    Speed can darnwell wait :o)

    (it always had to in the past!)
  • Thanks Fifer - good luck to you too! Sprinters - that makes us sound really fast!!!!
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