Chicago Marathon 2006

Entries are now open on a first come first served basis.

Anyone else?


  • Done it b4 ? What's it like ? How does it compare to London / NYC ? Need to convince the Wi*e so what is the shopping like ?
  • Me and the wife have just signed up for this one. Staying at the Travelodge on the outskirts of Grant Park where the start and finish lines will be. Anyone else out there signed up?
  • quite fancy chicago. did NYC this year(came last) its very hilly. Chicago ia m told is flat. has its attractions!
  • I've signed up, got no travel plans as yet, but since the start is central so hotels should not be in short supply.

    I've not done the mara itself before but I ran a fair chunk of the route this spring and it's definitely flat and there has been a few world records set there over the years. It certainly doesn't contain anything like the queensboro bridge! Skyline is just as impressive as NY.

    Alex - shopping is good. The "Magnificent Mile" in the centre has most major shops all within er.... a mile of each other.

  • Toucan, Wi*e reckons she has "shopped-out" New York (how can that be ?) and is a very keen shopper. She has told me I am not entering the New York marathon again and has told me to find another winter marathon where the christmas shopping is good.
  • Any idea how quickly this sells out? I'm going to be in Chicago anyhow the previous week, so may stay on. Only problem is that I think its the kids' half term that week.
  • Already registered for 5th year 'running'.
    By far the best marathon around - organisation is amazing.
    Shopping also better than NY (its all close together) and the sales assistants, receptionists, waitresses, etc. are actually very pleasant to customers (by stark contrast to those in New York)
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    I did this in 2005, a great event, a flat and potentially fast course but if you are flying in from the UK in the couple of days before the race, which is early Sunday morning, then jet lag/residual tiredness could take the edge off and mean missing a PB. Worth it however for the atmosphere, crowds, really welcoming people etc. Enjoy. Nice to stay as close as poss to Grant Park too for ease of getting to & from start/finish.
  • Signed up yesterday.

    I've also a Travelodge booking for the Sat and Sunday (+ wife).

    Got some good info from Nick Baker from this thread

    His advice is to book the Hotels now to get a good price.

    I'm hoping to use priceline to bag a bargain nearer the time.
  • Nigel - you're only staying Saturday and Sunday? That will be a comfortable flight back home!
  • I'm planning on staying in Chicago for 4 nights. Booked the two nights at the TL early just to get a nearby 'hotel' for the Marathon.

    Hope to get a good PL bid for a better Hotel for the MonTues.

    The plan is then to go on to Vegas for a bit of R&R.

    Hope to see you in Chicago.
  • How quick does this fill up?

    Have friends near Chicago so have been considering it.
  • Hi H.

    It's open now so if you enter now then you'll be fine!

    How's the running going? I did a couple of toepath runs over xmas but didn't make it as far as lymm.
  • Last year it was full in about June, but I have a feeling it will be much earlier this year
  • Hi Toucs, am managing some good speedwork but distance has gone to pot. The problem with signing up for Chicago now is that I'm starting a new job at the end of Jan so I wanted to see how that goes/how much training time I have before signing up for another 'thon. Am guessing that'd make it too late for Chicago?? There's still Budapest I guess...? Or skating at Berlin?
  • Aaahh go on - you know you want to.

    jd says it filled up in June. I seem to remember looking at this race around april last year and there was still places then.
    Remember that autumn mara = plenty of late summer evenings for mid-week long 'uns. You'll have loads of time.
  • Hmmm am very tempted, esp having seen the marathon on 3 runs a week thing in RW.

    Anyone any thoughts on the 3 runs a week training?
  • It depends on where you are starting from. If you have a sound base of running fitness and ensure every run is purposeful and of good intensity, then I think you can.

    Is there a cutoff?

  • Thursday.
  • ??????

    Do you mean, date, entries (40,000), attire?, time? - last year we were at the post race party when the penultimate finisher came in - she was 9hrs 15mins - had a long chat to her (or more like her to us)- she is a bit of a local celebrity (an Eddie the Eagle type) and raises big sums for charity

  • I made that up. Totally.
  • Nigel

    Any room in your suitcase for me and the wife - vegas sounds like an ideal post race plan!

    Ive finally been given the green light by my consultant - ruptured my calf muscle training for Paris last year. Fingers crossed it doesn't go pear shaped this time around.
  • Just signed up for this.
    Did NY in 2004 - looking for something a little different this time.
    Anyone tried to get a 'preferred start'?
  • I've just signed up for this one as well! Looking forward to it already, I've just got to get London out the way first!
  • Champagne,

    I went for the "competitive start" - I don't know what proof they need, but I expect they'll come chasing when the time comes.

  • There we are, I've entered.
  • Toucan, I don't really know beause it says 'first come, first served' on the website. Does that mean 'first to get their proof in are first served'? It's not very clear at all!
  • OK Toucan. I've got it sussed. I was down in the 'Open' category in their database (when you check to see if your registration has been successful).
    I faxed them the certificate of a recent half-marathon I did and I'm now down in the 'Preferred Start I' corral.
    Check out

    The corrals look to be filling up pretty quick. Get something sent in if you want to be in the 'competitive start'.
  • Cheers champers - will e-mail them a link to my last couple of maras that should do it.

    Going back to an earlier comment aout number runs needed for a mara.

    Ahead of last years FLM I did a whopping 18 runs for March and April before the mara totalling massive 120 miles - including a 2-week run free period at the end of march. Not exactly textbook stuff and predictably I got a p.w. but... I did run the whole lot, beat quite a few clubmates, and I had a fun day out. Which is what it's about really!

    (oh I did A LOT of cycling!)

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