Brighton Marathon 2011



  • Thanks Tracey,

    I only started running last Xmas,determined to lose some weight and get fit before the big "4" "0"!image Have done a couple of 10ks and Bristol Half a few weeks ago, which I did in 2.13, am hoping to improve on that in Cardiff.

    I have been using the plans in Graham Hilditch's book, and have improved my 10k times well following these, so will probably stick with them, although I have recently joined a running club here in Swansea and I think a couple of them are also doing London/Brighton so will get some help from them too.

    I see you're planning both! Can't imagine thatimage!

  • Virago: Yeah, come and join in the chat.

    Ran the Isle of Wight Marathon yesterday and have to say it was one of the toughest I have done. It seemed there were a lot of hills to contend with and that for some reason the down hills never last a long as the up hills! It also rained heavy for the first 10 miles before clearing up, which added a bit more of a challenge. Was glad to cross the finish line in 3:38, with position of 30th, so considering it was my 3rd marathon in 3 weeks I am happy.

    Had a nightmare afterwards though. Thought I would treat myself to steak meal at Witherspoon's in Ryde, before catching the ferry home. However before I had even finished eating my meal I had to run to the toilet to throw the lot up! For some reason it did not go down well. Oh well, lesson learnt, never try and eat a heavy meal so soon after running a marathon.

    toby: sounds like your having second thoughts about Leicester. Hope you feel up to it.

  • "I just deferred my London marathon place,i could not do 2 marathons in a week.I salute anyone who attempts it."

    it's not difficult - I did it this year for the 1st and probably last time - last as I'm unlikely to be in a position again of having entered Brighton and then finding I got a VLM ballot slot as I won't do London again after 3x.

    the key is to race Brighton and treat VLM as a day out - you won't get a quick time at London unless you're at the pointy end of the race with the sub-3 guys so why bother? just enjoy the bimble around

    hello by the way - not posted for a while

    having retired from Ironman racing after finishing Outlaw this year, I find myself un-retired as I will be doing IM Wales next September!! trust them to announce a new venue on home turf so I just HAVE to do it. hey ho
  • I ran the half marathon distance in training again yesterday - 2.14, which as I aiming for 2.10 in my race at the end of the month is not too bad.  But goodness me it hurt.  I tried putting the cold shower on my legs afterwards but I could only bear it for a minute or two before turning on the hot water.  

     Hi Virago - I'm a first time marathoner so will be no use to you with the advice - but welcome anyway and hope you're training goes well.  As you can see I'm about the same pace as you over a half.  What time are you going to aim for at the marathon? 

  • Hi Beet,

    Well done for yesterday, the best I managed in training for my first half was 2.34, so I was very pleased with my performance on the day, but I'm still hoping to keep improving -you might be surprised how much the adrenaline and excitement of the race can help you.

    i'm aiming for 2 hrs for Cardiff, they have pace makers there for 1.55 so I'm aiming to keep him in sight as long as I can, and am planning to train and aim for 4 hrs for the Marathon, but anything can happen on the day.

    Yesterday I did 9 miles by myself in the pouring rain and lightening - actually paddled in  6" of floods for several hundred yards and loved every minute of it, but I hate running in the sun, so if the weather is anything like last years I won't be happy!

  • FB - I knew it! Pirates don't retire, and IMW is just too much for a Welshman to resist.
  • PeterPan wrote (see)
    RA - they sound yucky, hope they heal rapidly and you're back on the roads soon. Was supposed to run a 10k race this morning but last nights extra half of Guinness wreaked havoc with that plan! image Bournville 10k next week instead image

    A sad looking figure shuffles guiltily towards the RW confessional, knocks gently on the door and enters the sacred chamber.


    Composing himself for a moment he starts to mumble: Forgive me for I have been absent for a while and failed to post any news.  The regrettable truth is I have been a lazy runner who hasn’t worn his shoes since the Great North Run.  image  Having made promises to you that I would run the 10k at Bourneville this Sunday, I let you down.  I opened the curtains, looked out at driving rain and strong winds and thought “sod that” and retuned to my warm duvet.  I have eaten curry, drunk beer, ignored the clamour from the good carbs to be consumed, I have sat on my backside eating cheesy puffs and watched the golf - and for all of these sins I ask forgiveness. image


    As penance I have packed my shoes and kit and I promise to run when I am out in Portugal later in the week. The warm (please!) will help me sweat out the impurities and to cleanse my soul.  I’ll return fitter and ready for the Birmingham Half on the 24th - when it’ll probably be cold and wet; but that won’t stop me this time.  image


    fb - retire? No chance! IM is in your running soul.   image

  • Afternoon All

    Well got my fat a** out the door today did 10 miles just plodded around struggled a little but fell lot more confident now  

    Came back from the physio with a foam roller

    Viargo thats what i did this year used Bath as a traininig run

  • Did 18 miles today, should have been 20 but got really bad cramp.

  • WOO HOO just back from the IOW marathon, i did a PB by nearly 15 mins!!!!!!!!!!! So chuffed, very very hilly and windy, met SR too, nice to put a face to the name SR!

    and i wasn't last, i spent 17 miles at the back then managed to overtake 7 other runners and at least one dropped out.

    i'll read back tomorrow, knackered and achy now, night night image

  • Julia - Well done on your shinny new pb imageimage 
  • Morning all

     Heading over the gym for a swim or my do a little run on the treadmill i will see what i feel like when i get there

    Julia T well done what a great achievement 15 minutes of your Brighton time unbelievable

    P/P that will be 15 hail Marys and 1 act of contrition

    Tracy G hope the cramp didn’t last long

  • Morning all

    Toby - was still getting cramp an hour after I got home image Didn't sleep very well last night, neither did hubby.

  • Well done Julia T., what an achievement especially as IOW is rumoured to be quite a hard route.

    I went for a very short recovery jog last night with my dogs, after running  a slow 10km on Sunday, and my calf muscle is not complaining so I think it may really have healed now. It's taken longer to heal that torn muscle than any of my previous fractures! Still being cautious though, but I think I may be ready to start back into proper training now. That's the plan anyway. Have entered a 50km ultra for the last Saturday in January.

  • JuliaT - congrats on your time, roll on the next one to improve on it!!  image
  • juliaT - well done on your time you must be so chuffed, Brighton will be a stroll in the park next year as IOW was hilly.
  • JuliaT.........AWESOME time and great PB hunni!!!!!! Been waiting for your re-appearance. We are awaiting that blow by blow account when you can muster the energy.............but forgive you if it takes awhile after your studpendous achievement. Well Done you. Watch out Brighton.......This lady is going to be sooooooo much quicker than last year on the nice flater course.

    Still no running for me. Have booked a massage/physio appt for Wed. Having decided I will have to scrape the money together for it. Tired of battling this knee/ITB on my own. Still doing lots of swimming and back on diet in earnest to shake off the nearly a stone which has crept back on slealthly since Christmas/Summer Holidays. Less weight to carry can only help the knee and not to mention improve the speed when I do get back to it.

    Peter Pan.........your confession has been heard......and did make me get off your a**se and get out there!!! 

    Toby ....Well done on the 10 miles. Glad it was a confidence boost. Amazing how quickly this can be dented. I too feel in need of confidence building after giving up on the idea of even running Great Eatern....let alone trying to break my PB there!

  • aah thanks everyone! Not enough time for a full race report and read back as off to art class then work in a jiffy. But i promise to post properly asap

    Waves to everyone X

  • Woah, a lot to catch up on after spending a little over a week in Scotland. No running, but a lot of walking and a lot of scrambling. The Isle of Skye is beautiful and Cuillins are stunning. The exposure on the ridge is beyond anything else I've experienced in the UK. Next time I go back I'll have to attempt a traverse of the entire ridge. I look forward to that image

    Anyway, this is running forum so back on topic. I have a half this coming Sunday, where I was hoping to set a PB but I feel my running fitness has suffered over the past few weeks. I considered pulling out but its all good experience. Just have to make sure I don't set off too fast as that will ruin any chances of setting a PB. I'll be happy if I get around in under 1:40.

    No personal replies, but well done to everyone who have been racing, training or resting. Congratulations to anyone who got into London, I know three people who applied for their first time and two of them got places. Very lucky.

  • 2betiny i must admit i glad i finale got around to doing something about my hip

    Like you got so fed up with hurting when i ran

    had the same problem with the money had to wait till i had it and again can relate to the weight going on i have know crept back up to about 13st since the training got patchy

    and as you say the extra weight can’t be helping

  • just quickly as at work. Julia T!! Bloody well done girl!! We are all soooo proud of you, but alas, couldn't wait until you got back and stalked you for your results.. wasn't just me though! image

  • Julia T: Well done on IoW, It was indeed a very tough course and I found those last 6 miles a real struggle. I did wonder how you got on until I see you on the results page yesterday. At least the rain eased of after the first hour or so. But those hills! What did you think of the medal? I think I would have been happy to pay an extra pound or two on entrance fee and then at least had a ribbon put on.
  • Morning all

    Just went for a swim yesterday but will try a small 4 miler probable on the treadmill over the gym then a swim and again Thursday before resting up for Sunday

  • toby3 - you are up early again!

    Swimming for me too last night, tri club training. Will be cycling home tonight, 34km with 2 major hills. OH and I work about a mile apart so drive in together in the mornings, sometimes one or the other will bring their bike stuff and cycle back while the other drives the car home again. As marathon training kicks in again, I'll run part of the way home and get him to pick me up on the way, we have different work schedules so having him drop me off to run home doesn't work too well - I have to wait an hour and a half for him to finish work.

  • An hours swimming for me too last night, that was after a cross training session in the gym.
  • Quickly as at work image feels like I'm always here image Well done SR on IOW too!!!! image
  • Hi Ultra Iornwolf not so much a case of up early as just off to bed after getting home from work always takes me a while to wind down so tend to catch up on the posts before going to bed

  • TracyB - are you doing the Billericay 10K?
  • does anyone want to buy my place  in the brighton marathon ? im doing london now ! leave me a message.
  • Ok, here we go, race report as promised....

    The day dawned dark, wet and windy and that just made me even more terrified than ever. BUT there was no way I was not going to run, spent too long training not to give it a go so off we went to Ryde. I must say, all my pre race planning/tapering/nutrition/hydration and general bodily functions were spot on, I could not have arrived at the start line in better shape. (other than being lighter). Well, when i looked around it was as i supected, about 135 entrants and the majority were whippet like men wearing singlets and shorts.....

    Still, I spotted Solent Runner and said hello, nice to put a face to a nameimage

    So the start whistle went and i managed to stay in the penultimate place for about a mile, but i walked up a sharp incline and was overtaken by a gentleman and so held last place. It was windy and really wet but i tried to ignore it and to avoid all the puddles in the road. There were sponge stations every now and again offering me a wet sponge image which i politely turned down - as i pointed out, i was soaked to the skin already! A very nice man followed me on a bicycle and suggested that if i kept the gentleman ahead in my sights 'he would get me to the finish as he is great'. So i plodded along, keeping him in my sights and was able to reach the 15 mile point in just over 3 hours, 10 mins within the time allowed which really really pleased me.

    At mile 16 i really started to suffer but i had popped in 2 ibuprofens a mile earlier and i realised on monday (when we revisited the scene) that there was a snaeky 2 miles of incline, gradual so i hadn't been aware of it. When............up ahead i spotted 2 women who were walking and of course that spurred me on and i overtook then! The gentleman had gone on ahead by then and i didn't see him again until the finish.

    Gradually the pain eased a bit, the tablets were a master stroke ( not sure if i would have passed a drugs test????) and in the end i overtook 7 people to finish in 5.26.55. I seemed to get stronger and stronger towards the end, my last mile was my quickest! I walked up hills when my legs turned to mush and i have to say that downhills are not necessarily that great when your legs hurt, i was like a runaway train in the last mile, pretty steep downhill, and then i sobbed near the finish and couldn't breathe! But WOW, so pleased with myself image

    My aim for Brighton is to run the whole thing, and maybe try and do 12 min miles, can't wait now!

    Right, will read back now and see ehat you've all been doing.

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