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  • If you're moving house I think I'm busy that day, oh, and try not to lock yourself out on moving day, not that you would coz that's a really daft thing to do... image
  • I think you need to be telling my wife that, and not me image
  • Sounds interesting, in fact so interesting that it could be wearing a hat (the job, not the being locked out!)

    I have no idea why I got out of bed today; we have had sooooo many cancellations that I think I'm losing my touch!

  • I got some Olympics tickets, but none for the velodrome.
  • You just had the payments taken?

    Only going to the TT and road race don't need tickets for free events
  • I guess they took it last night? I've got a MTB event (dont know if its Men's or Women's) and team showjumping. Will probably go into London for road cycling, like you say, thats free, but am a little bit sad I didnt get velodrome tickets. I guess they were hideously oversubscribed though.
  • Mornign all (I meant to type 'morning', but it always comes out wrong, so I've decided I'm going to stick with the misspelling from now on)

    I didn't get any Olympic tickets. Mind you, I didn't apply for any. Might try and get along for some of the free stuff.

    I'm now down to just one unwanted bass that I'm currently winning on eBay - I got outbid on the one with the complicated story so that solves that.

  • Me neither SVT, so my disappointment is not justified!  image

    Sounds promising, GOM.

    I too am curious about the Free Prizes - in fact, I think I mentioned it somewhere ages ago. What does it mean? And I never win any anyway!

  • We didn't put in for any Olympic tickets either; might do the free stuff though!

    When my wife said she was leaving because of my obsession with The Monkees, I thought she was joking.

    And then I saw her face...

  • Ooooh, there's four strings waiting for me at the sorting office (hopefully with some wood attached as well). Mrs SVT questioned whether this means she'll be a guitar widow tonight, but I promised I'd be in the lounge watching telly with her (if there's room for both her and the bass...).
  • Won't you be playing it, though, SVT?
  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    afternoon all

    Back from Plymouth - good weekend, briefly saw Kwilter and Rattler (twice - once on the way out and once on theway back) Half completed in 1:58:34, so fairly happy with that.

    Sat opposite 2 women on the train coming back who knew each other but not very well. The one was  wearing a low cut  (but not plunging) top which showed off a large "Carpe Diem" tattoo on her decleage (sp?). Don't know what exactly they did for a living but they were going off for a photo shoot together somewhere in Devon which sounded interesting and one of them said she could earn £1000  per week!! (which she mostly spent on alcohol  and coke (a cola?)) The other one siad that she had had a boob job and allowed the the tattooed one to have a feel

    Went training last night - 5 x 5 mins with 2  mins recovery - quads are very tight this afternoon

    That Monkees joke sounds very Milton Jones to me.
  • Crikey, Musky!
  • Min - I'll be playing it very quietly, without amplification!

    Musky - good running. Were you not invited to have a feel?

  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭
    There was lot more discussed as well imageimage
  • Morning all

    Bright and sunny here, but was feeling too tired to run. I think I need thicker blinds in the bedroom - I woke up sometime around 5am (and promptly reset my alarm to 7).

  • Morning gentlefolk!

    Trip to the solicitor on the agenda for this morning; not much chance of being out in the lovely sunshine...

    ...but at least it's looking promising for a certain Symes' multiday-Ironman for Life event; good luck, mate!

  • I'm a bit behind on the facts, what with not frequenting the tri threads much - when does the I4L kick off?
  • Tomorrow, 6am sharp...
  • Morning..........

    Good Luck Symes......May the Force be with You...Or in your case........{{{{{Pirates}}}}image

    Ditto SVT.........image

    Morning Crashie...!!!

    Right best get bum off chair and head orf....important day for me.......image.

  • Morning all!

    Good luck Symes

  • Morning all!

    Nice riffing, SVT!

  • Morning Min!

    My B-I-L challenged me to play the bassline to 'Hysteria' by Muse by next time I see him. I thought I'd probably manage it, then listenend to it in the car this morning...


    But I will do it.

  • Of course you will!!
  • Afternoon all... hot out there on the bike today!
  • Yep, it's a lovely day!

     Lexers, why's that?

    SSTC is potentially 'go' for a friday in August; if you didn't get the email, send me an email or message on here and I'll make sure that you do...I sorted the list out while I was on teh phone, so probaby wasn't that precise...

  • Message received, replied, eaten to avoid falling into enemy hands.
  • SVT, stop faffing around and get that guitar out!
  • Barkels - they tend to frown on musical interludes in the office. But as soon as I get home, I'll comply.
  • musketeermusketeer ✭✭✭

    afternoon all

    Got my place in the Welsh Castles Relay team confirmed last night.  Leg 4, 9.5 miles, Maentwrog - Harlech -  on Saturday 11th.
    As I said in my runner's profile in  lthe last issue of  'Footnotes' (our club magazine), it is my favourite race

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