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  • Runner Bean and Jelly - it is a quality bit of kit, I just need to stop doing the typical man thing and actually unwrap the manual image

    It's great to see everyone getting excited, I'm sure those waiting on packs will get them either tomorrow or by the middle of next week - if not I'm sure there can be something done on the day.....

    So I've got 10 miles tomorrow and then a lovely 7 with a bit of quick stuff in the middle Sunday.

    I'm also going for a swimming lesson Sunday to finally work on my awful technique, I will swim more than 3 lengths as a time image

  • number arrived, im in.... now to figure out how the hell i get there?
  • Did a quick 6 miles last night ankles really sore this morning (first time since recovering from Achilles tendonistis about a year ago) I'm sure it's nerves getting to me!!!

    Was due to do my last long run tomorrow, but I'm petrified of damaging my achillies now, think I might just start my tapper early and hope I'm totally blowing the training plan.

    God if I'm this nervous / excited now what am I going to be like this time next week
  • I hope the weather will be like it is today down here, that would be fantastic!
  • Hey all! first time I'll be doing the GSR, hoping that it'll turn out to be a great event -- my old college lecturer has told me a few stories image

    I've been getting some major grief from my left knee lately, seems alright once I've finished my slow-paced warm up though (gotta love endorphins). I received my race pack yesterday, was getting a little worried for a second, also managed to squeeze in a 7.5-miler which was pretty comfortable, but cold image

    Take it easy all and good luck with the final week of training.
  • going to do a gentle 5 miles today. Had to clear our roof yesterday and I am aching in places I did't know I had muscles!!! lets hope a nice gentle one will sort all of that out.

    Just checked accuweather and the long range forecast for next Sunday is Showers, wind speed 25km/h temperature 17 with a real feel of 14!!!
  • How strange, the message I posted yesterday didnt go up?!

    Ran 10 miles yesterday, steady in 1:19, so all geared up for next week - the beech bit was tough as it was into the wind all the way........ hopefully next weekend will be a little less bluster - although I wont hold my breath!!

    Good to see everyone seems to be ticking over nicely. For those with injuries, the tough bit is done now, you'll not gain anything by breaking yourself this week, so lots of rest and ice/heat.

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    morning all, notlongto go now, hope you are all keeping well and rested now!

    chownsie well done on your 10 miler

    I hadnt even noticed that there are diff colour starts,I better check later!

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Great run Chownsie well done!

    Didn't do xc due to rain so decided not to risk it, but did go out for a run anyway (on road!)

    No race pack still today  ........can't get hold of anyone on phone - on hold all the time - no responses from FB message or normal email pleas! Response from one person just said to go and get another one on Sunday morning if mine doesn't arrive in time - not great prep for a run though! Perhaps by Friday it will arrive??????image

    Quite excited though being positive!

    Any thoghts on meeting up etc?

  • Greetings! New to the Forums here, and also running this years race, and really looking forward to it, so 'Hellooooo'!

    Hoping for a 1:25 time, but would be extremely happy with a 1:20 or just under.

    Jelly - did you get the right number for them? It's an 0844 number if I remember correctly as I had to call them last week for sending me 2 timing chips.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hey all - sorry for the delay.

    This past week have been really hard. I'm struggling with fatigue so trying to get out of bed in the morning is really hard. I've had some smaller runs of 5-6 miles in a very slow pace but hope to get back on track this week! My mum is nervous (she's going through the race drills in her head!).

    We've got our packs but not sure what colour we're in... i know that we're wearing bright pink tops though image

  • Hey SouthCoastPiper, recognise you from the US BF forum. Hows your Barefoot training been going?

    I've decided i'm going to have to take it easy for the run as my achilles is still pretty knackered. Hoping i can tape it up and use my Mum to pace me so i don't go too fast and do any damage to it. God damn injuries!
  • Ahhhh man! That sucks dude! Actually, I'm sat here at the moment with a cup of Lemsip as I got very ill last Wednesday and haven't managed to shake it. That said, I'm recovering now and ready to smash that road hard. The training has been pretty intense, as posted on the US Forums (which I shall leave after my final promised post). I ended with my 7 training runs done. All set....

    You running regardless ? I'll be over at the Wave 105 Cash for Kids stall if you wanna pop over and say hello.
  • Yeah i'm hoping to, going to go out for a couple of miles later this week and see if i can get through that. As i said i'm going to run with my mum as she's a fair bit slower so hopefully at a slower pace i might not aggrevate it too much.

    If i get a chance i'll pop over and see if i can find you, shouldn't be hard to find you being as you'll be shoeless! Hope the Lemsip does the job!
  • Hi there. Anyone got an unwanted women's number for the GSR? I've been offered a men's one but think that might be a bit obvious! Could you let me know asap as I really want to do the race. Thanks.

  • I'm sitting here with lemsips etc as well. However, cold only seems to be in head so I think I'll be fine.

    Any further thoughts from anyone as to how we might recognise eachother?
  • Jenny.

    May have one, will know tonight as friend pulled out shes injured ad a man friend may be running for her so could swap on the day if hes doing it

  • Good to see we have more people joining; I'm still not sure how we will recognise each other, I suggest we pick a meeting point, say 10am at the Alton Sports stand?

    Well, today I am feeling rather tired after two tough morning runs at 5:30am. I have 3 more to do before Sunday, but they will all be plodding ones!!

  • hi, i have a womans place for the run, if anyone is interested, i assume you can transfer? didnt get the training in and will end up walking most of it. looking for the flat cost of entry, around 30 squid i think. I live near portsmouth so could either post or meet you on the day.
  • plodalot, I know someone who might be interested, can you set up your messaging so I can send you a private message please?


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to give an "official" voice. There's no selling of places allowed... The GSR admin crew were definite about that when i asked (about possibly trading in my mum's place). If you cant run it - you're meant to sell/give it back to the officials and they'll reallocate the place out to people on a waiting list.

    I'm not sure if you recuperate the money or not.

    Dont want to dampen people that cant race - just wanted to mention.

    We're "on track". My mum's decided she wants to go down by train in the morning and is trying to implement a "good strategy" for getting round. This does include making me run around like a loon whilst she plods along through the course. I need to look at trains from Woking today so I can let everyone know when we'll get there.

  • chownsie it is on now. emma thanks for info but if i can't run and someone else can, i dont see the harm. its a great race.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I completely agree plodalot.... I dont seem the harm at all! I just wanted to put that word of caution!
  • Indeed - you'll get to defer but then they'll want the full fee again next year. PM on the way plodalot.
  • No race pack again today.......image   It may be a visit to the Information Centre is needed. Hopefully I can do this on Saturday rather than Sunday - don't really fancy the idea of getting there even earlier and then get cold etc waiting. 

    But going for my last run tomorrow after work and then a gym session onFriday!

    Hope all's well with everyone!!

  • Hi Jelly, I know some people who only got theirs packs today, so there is still hope for you.

    Hey plodalot, did you get that PM?

  • Ditto Jelleybaby - last run tomorrow then gentle gym session on Friday! Have faith on the race pack!

     Calves were achy again today - lots of foam rolling and sleeping with my calf guards tonight...

  • Hi all, looking forward to my first GSR this weekend image

    Has anyone tried the Nirvana park n ride option?  They have sent me instructions (IBM car park then coach) & wristband etc, but wonder whether it would be just as easy to park on the common after all...

    Had arthroscopy early summer, so this will be my first actual race since, but been OK with up to 8m in training lately so cross fingers will go well.  Won't be breaking any records, just happy to participate image

  • Hi All,

    Exciting times now!!!

    Welcome Miss Slow (I'm sure you're not image), sounds like you are well on track to complete the distance - its good to hear someone with a positive story.

    Hi Jelly - today is the day, I can feel it, your pack is in hand with the posty as I type.

    Hey RunnerBean - keep those calves wrapped in cotton wool image 

  • My pack has arrived!!!! Chownsie you were right! image Posty delivered it this afternoon whilst I was at work so a great surprise ane relief - phew!

    I'm in white wave number 9384 anyone else white??

    Good to hear from you Miss Slow - I'm sure you'll be fine!

    I'm sooo excited now!!! Must remember to charge phone, Garmin and ipod oh yes and pack plane tickets and ID etc etc....

    Can't wait now!!!

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