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  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    Congrats to all involved with another successful Offy 10k!

    I survived the Cat & Fiddle Down & Up Relay on Wednesday night image
    great little event
    34 pairs of runners turned out
    at registration we were issued with a carrot to act as a baton
    I whizzed down the 1.6M in 12mins... but still only came 30th/34!
    my team-mate was 29th fastest going up (in 18 mins), so we were quite well matched, and finished 30th overall team
    really enjoyed it - unique atmosphere to it - more friendly chatting between runners than usual - hope it becomes a regular event in the calendar

    Wasdale tomorrow image image image

  • Quick check in from sunny kefalonia ran everyday so far,got to get up really early to avoid the heat.been on the look out for any exotic birds only come across a stuffed roster attached to a dash board on a lorry.
    Back on Tuesday
  • Sorry rooster
  • GBM - I am running 20ish on Sunday @ 7.30 Down MWW to the 8 mile mark then back along the canal. If That's not quite 20 I will head up the canal towards Disley and then come back maybe via Roman Lakes.
  • Mr S - I will see you at Rose Hill at 7.30 on Sunday.  I will probably drive and get there for just before 6.45 so I can do 6 beforehand and then drive home after the 22.
  • Daz--Well done and good luck with Wasdale! image

    PPP---Thanks for the offer but i fear you will be too quick for me. I will stick with the slower runners like Eric.

    Mr Simmons, Eric--7.30?!!!! FFS!!!!image

  • PPP, 20 miles is a bit long for me, and 08:30 is a bit early too.  So, assuming Alfalfa is me then I'll be giving it a miss.I will probably do about 14 mid morning if that is any good.

  • AM- yes, that could work, I can do a few miles either side or whatever, if I want, is 10 am at yours OK?
  • MWW runners - DB and I will join you in the morning, see you at 7:30.

    GBM - Maybe stay off the beers tonight eh?!

  • JS--Will do ! Wine and cider only! image
  • First ever Park run for me this morning.  That hill sure is tough second time round!  18.15 on tired legs after a heavy week so happy with that.  Master Seagull, despite only just being 9, managed a 22.49 and finished 23rd out of 91.  I think he just finished behind GBM. image
  • ES- good running! but young Master seagull WOW!!! taht is fantsastic.
  • PPP, that sounds fine - see you at 10am.
  • Managed 8th place overall and would have won my age group had a marshall not sent me the wrong way!!!!

    Swim was rubbish and came out in about 60th place, managed to make up around 30 places on the bike on what I thought was going to be flat course ended up with a rather long hill at 4 miles.

    As soon as I got running though on a flat out and back course, felt pretty reasonable and made up the rest of the places.

  • Eric - saw Bill Shone this weekend - he was telling us about your coaching and he's v impressed with Master Seagull, too!
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    SARQ - Well Done! always good to work your way through a field like that - just need to work on your swimming then? image

    if anybody remembers my list of Top Ten fave races, it has a new entry at number 1, namely:




    I'd recce'd it, but running it in anger showed the route for the genius it is

    just scraped the final cut-off at Great Gable, so my name will be in the results image


    struggling for words


  • SARQ- great result, well done, just need to get a carbon fiber wet-suit. (JOKE!). Be inteersting to know your position v the top 10 in each split?

    was it the marshall form the Offy 10?

    DTS- High praise, and well done.

    AM- thanks for the run, wasn't expecting to be rattling aslong in that heat. Must have drunk about 6 liters of fluid since, although the last .75 have been red.

    Another great run by Mo Farah tonight, superb.

  • SARQ - 8th place is a great result - well done! Maybe you could try a few swimming sessions down the mersey?

    Daz - well done to you as well.


    Thu 14 Jul - Sizzler - NI, mtbb, PPP, GBM, AM
    Sat 16 Jul - trig to track (1 mile downhill this year) - tst
    Wed 20 Jul - Shining Tor - GBM
    Wed 20 Jul - Sefton Park 5 - NI
    Thu 21 Jul - sheldon - tst
    Sat 23 Jul - Snowdon - Daz, RC?
    Sun 24 Jul - Boundry Breeze tri - SARQ
    Wed 27 Jul - Macc Forest 5 - GBM, mtbb, Daz
    Wed 27 Jul - Millbrook Moster - Kwaka
    Wed 03 Aug - Cracken Edge - GBM, MH
    Sat 06 Aug - Borrowdale - Daz
    Sat 06 Aug - teggs nose - tst
    Sun 21 Aug - Dorset Doddle - Daz, mort
    Sun 21 Aug - Leek Half - PPP
    Wed 24 Aug - Chunal - tst
    Wed 24 Aug - Tryfan Downhill Dash - Daz
    Sat 03 Sep - Bullock Smithy - NI
    Sun 04 Sep - Tameside 10K - Kwaka
    Sun 11 Sep - Lake Vyrnwy Half- GBM, PPP, Funk, Eric, FOAR
    Sat 17 Sep - High Peak 40 - UB, PPP
    Sat 24 Sep - JWUltra - clairster
    Sun 25 Sep - Berlin marathon- J8, Mr S
    Sun 25 Sep - Macclesfield Half - PPP
    Sat 01 Oct - causeway ultra - clairster
    Sun 02 Oct - Great Cumbrian Run HM - NI
    Sun 09 Oct - Chester Marathon - mtbb, GBM, RC, Funk, FOAR, Eric, PPP (probably)
    Sun 09 Oct - Reservoir Jogs - Kwaka

  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭

    Well done SARQ/Daz.

    Helped out Stu on leg 4 of his BGR yesterday. That guy is a machine. He clocked a 19:22hr round and looked ready to go round again when he finished. I knew I was out of my depth when he got to the top of Yewbarrow in just over 40mins. I took a short cut up through Black Sail Pass & he caught me up on the climb to Kirk Fell, I managed to keep pace with him until Brandreth but he was pulling away into Honister. He'd also dropped another of his pacer along the way but still had another guy in tow.

    Little Seagull looked good on Sat. He needs to get down more often and try & keep pace with young Katy. I think she's a little older but is managing 20mins for the course.

  • DTS - I came down of Scafell pike on Saturday and saw race signs, never twigged it was the one you were doing. My excuse was I had been up all night driving from Ben Nevis. Well done on making the cut off.
  • Well done DAZ. I think you enjoyed that me thinks.
    For some reason 2 extra people have appeared in the official results, so I've been demoted to 10th!!! image

    Still, my swim was 2 mins quicker than last year and my run 26 secs quicker.

  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    this guy's blog gives a good flavour of Wasdale:

    TST - Have you plugged the Coombs Tor race yet?
    either I've been ignoring you, or you're slacking! image

    Thinking I might do Sale Sizzler on Thursday
    can anybody who did it recently tell me if they've changed the route again, or whether it's still the same as this:

  • DAZ - sizzler map looks like the one I ran the other week, might do it myself.
    Coombs race is not one I am aware of, sorry enough to already, when and where please

  • Oh yes I remember now, Sarah Bull is doing this one. Should be good, everyone turn up and support the family who employ Isaac's Daisy as a babysitter. Profits going to New Mills school.

    Daz - is that enough, starts at little mill rowarth, Imagine MH, WITGB, Isaac and twad might turn up, but you know how this lot like to keep their shoes clean and run on tarmac.

  • Does anyone know what the session is tonight? I have to bring the girls to training so may join in. Or might just lollop through the woods.

    We were lucky enough to be in Bham for Diamond League on Sunday. Exciting evening of athletics topped by Mo's run. I'm almost inspired to run round the track ... mind you the javelin looked good too.

  • 5x1k [2mins]

  • Thanks Paula
  • GBM - is that you in disguise?
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