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  • So CC are you at the stage of thrashing out who has the kids and when? Are you definitely separating?  With acceptance now from Mr CC?  

  • Noooooo we are dropping down the page! 

    Hugs CC, boo to scan and  hope all ok Caro

    Massive well done Vixo and Lotte for their huge efforts today

    I did my 1st sportive today..... Ouch, puff, hill, eek, braking lots, hill, hill, oh another hill, repeat for 82 miles. Hubby fell off so binned his 126m and rode with me from about 40 miles. Everyone thought i was crazy when i oozed off my bike at the end but then swapped shoes for trainers and did a 20 minute run! 

    ALDI heads up. Cycling stuff in tomorrow! 

    Will read back tomorrow i promise! 

  • blimey 82 miles Camlo - that is seriously impressive well done!!! Looking forward to race reports from Vixo and Lotte bloomin well done the pair of you No spectacular running performances here but long run planned for the morning, heading out once up and leaving family to get on with it!!  30ish miles fingers crossed, wanted to go higher in the hills but snow forecast so sticking to tried and tested area a bit lower down including my favourite Black Loch section, don't think weather will be as lovely as last time I ran there. All rather calm here in a bizarre way ... trying to thrash out the where's and why's is proving something of a challenge and plenty of resisance, and heel digging ... so feeling rather worn out tbh, and occasionally wondering if I've lost the plot completely! ... but I need to 'woman up' and plough on up the hill, despite how intimidating it all seems!
  • Well done racers, Camlo well done on 82 miles and then a run - Wow!.  Cragchick I hope you get your 30 miles in - I am in awe of that.  Hope it gives you some head space too.  How did Kinsey go in her 10k?

    I did my 30km/18miles on Saturday.  Have irritated my it band on one side which is annoying as otherwise legs feel pretty good and not too tired.  I set off at 5.30am in the dark and was running for 3 hrs which is a first for me by a long way.  Not sure I want to do that too many times again. It was definitely a mental and physical struggle to keep going not least because I keep getting blisters under my toes.  I have treated myself to new running socks today (I confess my current ones are between 5 and 10 years old which considering how often they have been used in that time is probably at least part of the problem).   Does anyone have any tips for toughening up my feet and avoiding blisters on long runs?  Otherwise its lots of ice and ibuprofen and rolling for my ITB image.

    Thanks for the welcome Turbo Tid - good to hear I'm not the only one overseas.  We are headed back to the UK for a holiday late June which is racing around.  It will be our first trip back in over 2 years which I am both excited and apprehensive about.  Kids are super excited and will be good to get them together with their 2 year old cousin (my niece) who we haven't seen since she was 8 months old image.


  • Well done Camlo!!  Hope your 30 miles went well too CC and good running blossom possum.  Did you used to post on here under a different name, before moving to Oz?  We definitely had one mummy who moved to Oz but can't remember her name - it definitely wasn't blossom possum though!

  • Wow Blossom, thats an early start, was it to avoid weather? 

    Hope your run went ok CC, glad you stayed on the low ground where it was safer. Thrashing details must be difficult, do you think you'll both stay in the area you are? 

    Caro - nice pic on fb, your hair looks great and you look really well which is fab. 

    CM - good luck trogging around longleat with your huge supplies! 

    Looking for something to do with kids tomorrow but literally cant find any local events? Might go to Aberystwyth and jump in the sea as a last resort..... 

    Hope Lotte got home safely with her team, cant wait for the race reports from our fab racers. 


  • i love all the nice hair comments, esp as I genuinely do think it looks like a cross between a bog brush and a hedgehog.........I am waiting to see what happens with it a little bit longer so I can stick a clip in it or something.  Its growing like bloke's hair......straight up!!

  • Race report from me 

    Hubby and his friend B are seasoned turbo racers, both quick on hills and full of nervous excitement friday afternoon. We drove to race HQ where we were met by a lovely team and given numbers. Found out there was only around 50 entered so i assumed i would be last..... Not a bad prediction. 

    reasonable nights sleep, good bowl of porridge and put waterproof socks on before heading back to HQ for 7:30am in the drizzle. 2 other ladies out of 43 starters (the crap forecast had obviously scared the others off). only about 6 were down for the shortest distance with me (82miles) hubby and B were due to do 126 miles. 

    Feet were numb during race brief so swapped them for normal socks and added a base layer as it was cold just going from the car to the start. We had police escorts and a lead van leading us through Builth before we were left to our own devices at the start of climb 1. I got most of the way up but there is a vicious 25% kick near the top and i pushed up that bit. long climb up the epynt followed by steep descents and was alarmed to see a guy had fallen off on a hairpin which did nothing for my confidence. The rain was falling steadily and the spray made my socks waterlogged and freezing. i had mentally broken the race into 3 sections and was glad to reach Llanwrtyd and start the middle bit. I caught a load of riders at the 1st feed station and left with a group. Their pace was fine and i kept with them up a few nasty climbs but I was not confident about the Devils staircase ahead. They advised me to get into granny gear and just do it.... I got to the 1st switch back and bottled it. I was just too scared to carry on incase i could not unclip safely and the verges were deep gravel. A marshall told me i had done the hard bit but i couldnt get back on anyway on the steep slope so had to push about 50m. Hubby had put a new gear cog thingy on my bike this week and twice here my chain came off, jamming the 1st time! I knew there were a few riders behind me so knew a support car would come soon but thankfully i got it fixed and it only held me up for a few minutes. This meant the guys had long gone and i did not see them again until feedstation 2. 

    Pulled into the pub not really wanting to stop long but needing to stretch my legs and warm my feet and was slightly confused by the sight of my hubby eating a pork pie.... He had come a gutser on one of the steep sections, ripped his new jacket and skinned his thigh. He had decided to step down from the longer route and ride back with me (another fantastic decision as i would later rely on him heavily for moral support). 

  • There were lots of moans about the demands of the course along with the crap weather and several riders had decided to step down to the shorter route. My waterproof socks were in the support car and about a minute after we set off again the car pulled alongside offering them but i had just warmed up and foolishly waved her on (big mistake)..... 

    Heyho hubby was drafting me (albeit with masses of spray) and we reached Llandovery and in my head the start of section 3. Feeling good and the climb over the next few miles was on a decent road surface which gave a welcome break from the previous awful vibration and frequent cattle grids. Skipped the last feed station as we both had food with us and turned to cross the army range. OMG, OMG, OMG. There appeared to be road ascending vertically into the clouds..... Hubby groaned when i unclipped after a few hundred metres, expecting me to take an age walking it all, but i just took enough time for the pain to subside and got back on. Had to alternate sitting and standing to use different muscles and wanted to cry as it just went on and on and on. Even when we 'got to the top' there was more, more and then some more. The wind was gusting us sideways and we shared our dismay with others who were struggling. At one point my hands and feet started tingling like you get just before fainting and i feared the wall was approaching. Luckily a few squares of chia charge and a handful of haribo perked me a bit and we pushed on. 

    Huge relief to reach familiar roads and knowing that we only had 10 miles left. The rain actually stopped and although i was still freezing it was less windy. Kept eating as tingly feeling and shaking returned after any effort to climb but thankfully the last few miles were downhill and we held hands as we turned back into the showground. i was helped off my bike and handed a cup of hot soup which was nectar. After eating and swapping wet clothes for dry, i legged it around the showground for a 20min run which actually felt ok! 

    i think we took just under 7 hours, Lady 2 came in after maybe 30 mins but she had done the 95 mile route and lady 3 came in after maybe an hour having ridden the same route as me pretty much on her own which i thought was very brave! Hubbys friend B was 2nd rider back after conquering the whole double devil but his hands were so stiff and cold he failed to hold a spoon last night or this morning! 

    Not a sportive to undertake for fun..... 


  • Camlo.....That's nuts!  Well done you for sticking it out, and fab of your husband to ride with you.  You must be sore today............

    I have just returned from my 3rd ride of the wk end - have done 50 miles in the past 48 hrs.  Slightly more doable image

    Off to a family party now - cousin is 50 and his son is 17.  Should be fun.

  • Ouch Camlo - that sounds so painful - I'm pretty sure I couldn't stick at it - well done!!  We saw cyclists up on the Chilterns in miserable weather - some of the puddles were massive - I'd have stayed home (wimp!).

    Caro - think your hair looks good too, have you had it cut yet?

    BP - do you need new running shoes too?  Hope the blisters aren't too bad!

  • Camlo that sounded hideous. Great race report though and huge well done for doing it. As for going for a run afterwards.....just crazy!  I loved how you finished holding hands with your husband though. That's cute!

  • Once Kinsey.  

    Had a lovely day.  27 people for a family party, lots of kids, cousins, aunts, uncles etc. All my dad's side of the family.  They are fab!

  • Agree that sounds nuts!! Hardcore mum image ... Not done much reading back over the weekend but picked up the most important stuff off of Facebook, much reading to be done this week.

    I got my 30-miler done yesterday, pleased as I've never tackled that distance on my own, despite having dinner 24 & 25-milers. Weather was really cold and windy, but amazingly was dry. Was 2 degrees when I set off. Anyway, running time was 4:58 & included 600+m of climbing, but I probably need I add on about 10-15 mind of faffing time. Knees a bit grumpy today and legs a bit tired, but they coped with a family walk on the coastal path. Was wearing my 5-finger toe shoes, which were great but I can tell my big toe on right is a bit buggered as it's aching from me doing some bouldering on some of the sea walls!!

    Funny old weekend really, with Saturday evening being rather ranty and hard-going, Sunday very calm and more heavy discussion but me not changing my surrender. Back to normal weekday routine tomorrow I hope, but not sure exactly when hubby is departing!
  • Sounds tough CC. Good running though. Brrrr to 2 degrees. 

  • I just re-read Camlo's write-up ... OMG!!! I'd missed the 20 minute run at the end too image ... What an achievement image
  • wow camlo!

    we are also chatting over on the other place. not sure if we are here or there. don't want to try and keep up with both...

  • Yes we need to get cc sorted over on the other page.  C'mon CM service desk. Your skills are required!

  • Wow Camlo - your cycle/run effort is even more impressive in that weather.  Well done crag chick too doing 30 miles in 2 degrees.  We have been complaining about the weather here as we have had a LOT of rain and storms but it is still usually about 20 degrees.  A mum at school asked me what I did instead of running training when it was raining?  Um, I still run.  I pointed out that if you took that approach in the UK you would (almost) never run.  Mind you I struggle with running in the heat here and find the summer months really tough. 

    Exciting to hear about your hair Caro.  That must be such a big milestone.  My friend is still in the thick of her treatment.  6 out of 7 chemo sessions done but still surgery and radiotherapy to go image.  She has been doing so well so far but I think she is feeling very bleak now.  I am on a mission to deliver flowers and treats later this week.

  • happy to oblige as service desk but don't know what CC's issues are, so when she tells me i can help her image

  • I will try and get sorted tonight and if I STILL can't work it out CM I'll message you. Had very little chance to do much aside from fitting in training and keeping head above water!
  • Come on over to the dark side CC......(and Camlo)

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Yes, come on CC and Camlo! It's not right without you guys ...

    Brookie has yet to sign up too I think? What about Pip? (I know she's down under at the moment though) ...

    Is SO much easier to post from a phone/tablet too - this is always a mare!
  • Haha i have conquered it....i think. 

    Still love the forums here so will keep an eye on this though.

    Blossom - have you always lived in Oz? Good for you getting out there, i actually enjoy running or biking in the rain sometimes as it is quite energetic and rejuvinating! 

  • Blossom possum first buy your friend a card from this website and make a mental note never to say any of the things discussed on them (yes they are sort of tongue in cheek but actually very true, esp the one about things happening for a reason and people sending you weird ideas that they found online!) 

    then cook her whole family a meal that will freeze as well.  Having friends make food was very much appreciated, bland food coz spicy is not good!

  • Carovet thank you so much for the advice.  Its really kind of you as its so hard to know what is the right thing to do/say.  I have already taken a few meals round during her chemo weeks.  I just heard today that she is not having the last chemo but is instead having her surgery next week.  So I will mobilise the troops for more food runs over the coming weeks.  The cards are good - I can't believe people actually say some of those things - esp the things happen for a reason one.  It is hard to empathise with something so awful but I can definitely see that would not be helpful! 

    Camlo I have been in Oz coming up for 5 years.  We moved here when my eldest was nearly 2 as a lot of my husband's family is here.  I find it hard as I miss family and friends back in the UK but the quality of life is good, especially for my boys.  I agree I like running in the rain too.   Cycling in the rain is a different kettle of fish and I would normally avoid that, certainly 80 miles of it! 

    Kinsey I hope I don't need new shoes as the ones I'm running in were new in February and are the same make/model I have been wearing for a long time.  I probably could do with a gait assessment maybe just to check they are still the best ones for me. 

  • The best I had was from 2 women who I don't know very well. One is a grannie I see in playgroups from time to time and just at the time I saw her, minus hair, looking i'll, was the same time a famous british TV actress (tetley tea, can't remember her name) had just announced she was giving up cancer treatment and just wanted to enjoy her last few months. So said grannie started asking my opinion on that.....

    The other one was a mum at ballet who asked me about my hair and when I told her practically burst into tears coz one of her friends had died from breast cancer! Gee thanks.

    Fortunately the inappropriate comments were few and far between, and the e mails with weird ideas about what I should be eating could be ignored.
  • it's very hard to know what to say and i'm sure we've been guilty of saying things which were too trite. i know i would feel really akward and worried about saying the wrong thing and probably end up saying nothing, or something really bland. i feel like that with the guys at work who have dying mothers, dogs etc. i never quite know what to say and am always worried about offending...

  • You remember when you were a child CM and your parents taught you 'if you can't say anything nice.....don't say anything at all...'  the same appliesimage 

    I agree, if the shoe was on the other foot I have no idea if I would have been a good friend to someone.  I hope now I would be.  I only have 1 friend here who surprised me a bit as she is really local, a good friend but she pretty much kept her distance, whereas I had people I barely knew making me lasagne.....

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